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    No worries. I checked out a cool sushi place called SugarFish in downtown LA, it was crazy tasty!

    Things are good for the most part. Been working on running a larp and lots of disc golf. Holly's applying for residency now, so by March we should know where we'll be living for the three or four years.

    Sounds like things have been up and down on your end. I always run into that weird mix of rebellious american spirit and old world values myself. Moving away solved much of that, but it helped that my dad was a bit of a rebel himself.
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    Technical heebeejeebees for work, creating automated monitoring and such. Not sure yet what the night of the 20th is going to look like.
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    Hey yourself!

    So, I'm going to be in LA for work July 20-21. Not sure what my schedule is that night, but maybe we should meet up when I get out and have a nosh?
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    HEY! I am still around just randomly. I find my time decreasing steadily of late!
  8. I had it as "A Crying Stranger" back when I was arguing with rice, but I figure that crucifaggot could use the extra trolling more
    And thanks. I'm pretty proud of it.
  9. my god! the bloody system will always find a way to screw everyone out of their benefits. will you try enter into teaching full-time once this contract is up? what's it like teaching high school, socially awkward teenagers driving you insane? ^^ do you use any other sites, or is it just work work work?

    i'm gettin €188 a week for sitting on me arse doin nothing, so i've no incentive to go back to work now, haha, gonna try get back into college in september.

    ah the band! i only started it recently. it's hardcore punk, noisy, messy and smelly, just like me. perhaps we'll get a gig in LA?
  10. me too! it's great to see some familiar faces still on here. i'm absolutely brilliant, funemployed like the majority of this country, and loving the life of leisure. was moving around a bit (dublin, amsterdam, edinburgh, belfast) when i kinda vanished from these forums, but back in sleepy boring southern ireland for now. how's everything with your good self? i see your photoshop skills are still top notch!
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by Sailor Moon on 15th June 2011 at 12:59 AM


that is all. :]
omega has to work most of the time, but that's okay.
i get to explore the city and get lost on the train on my own.
i may live there permanently in a few years, so why not start now?

my mom went into screaming hysteria about it, but i could really care less. :]
i'm actually doing something i want to do for once in my life. #*&$ what other

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it's almost oveeeeeeerrrr!

by Sailor Moon on 12th May 2010 at 12:31 AM
my student teaching ends this week, praise the lord. allah. whatever.

glad it's over, will miss the kids but honestly i've missed "me" time and sleeping in a lot more. and half the time i've wanted to choke them for not paying attention.

very briefly, things as of late:
- grandma ended up in and out of hospital again
- crazy bitches are crazy (and need to stop projecting my life)
- going to china with omega soon
- my room is

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winter sig and av set

by Sailor Moon on 4th December 2009 at 06:36 PM
a little late on this one, but it turned out okay. not COMPLETELY happy with the end result, because i had counted on animating a falling snowflake in the sig (not the little snow fluff that's going on right now) but got really frustrated with the smoothness and the speed for how it fell, so i just gave it up and left it as is. i decided the av was busy enough without any animation. it took me forever to choose a font, and even now i'm not really sure it fits, but i'm altogether too lazy now.

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hairy situations

by Sailor Moon on 18th August 2009 at 02:35 PM
the scare of my grandma landing in the hospital is over, thank goodness. she's going to have a non-evasive procedure done tomorrow to determine the cause of her whole heart straining/stopping deal.

the other hairy situation actually has to do with my hair. it is, again, at an ungodly long length. yes yes, i look better with longer hair, but my hair is both thick in strands and in number. it's hard as hell to manage and also freaking heavy. mali, my stylist, is going to see me friday

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the new avatar and signature

by Sailor Moon on 23rd July 2009 at 11:32 PM
for anyone who wants to point out to me that i'm quoting the wrong lyrics, i'm well aware "hurt" was originally done by nine inch nails. i liked the johnny cash cover of it better, thus why i went with the cash lyrics. his changes are very minimal anyway, and i think his voice matches perfectly to the song.