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7th October 1988 (31)
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Mountainbiking, MOHAAS, KoC
The Bomberman Army


Biggest KoC steal ever done by me! :weights:
300,000,000,000 Gold Stolen from TheGodFather_LaCN, October 9, 2005, two days after my birthday^^. A few minutes before the end of age4, resulting in LordStriker winning his first and last age, all because of me! The bastard didn't even say "thanks" for it.

Once again, it proves that the last minutes of an age are the most determinated for the end rankings, and those big 6 months are worth NOTHING in contributing your end rank.

Age4 ending stats:
bombermanneke #3 :weights: unk: > MaurinSlainAXE-RF #4

716,186 Dwarves
11,793,641,183 Gold (Show off ^^)

Cannons Hand of God
SA: 102,501,238,040 #2
DA: 104,356,527,255 #3
Spy: 20,474,880,000 #3
Sentry: 20,628,480,000 #4

Temporary owned PR at the end of the age, all thanks to my alliance, TBA. A small elite group of dedicated clickers, never ever before have i seen such addicted clickers. You guys are the KoC top! The 30 of us managed to do what a, probably 3000 big chain also could, dominating the top ranks. We have shown that you do not need a lot of officers or alliancemembers to get a high rank. You just need dedication, friendship and a good leader who teaches his apprentices the tricks of the job... If you have that, everything will be alright.


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