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    Only if you let them.
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    It's because they only sell the crap to the Japanese
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    Do not despair Del, they make women for 20 yen a piece in China.
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    I haven't gotten the degree yet, and the problems are more 'my parents are old and worry I can't take care of myself when they're gone' than money-related. Our student financing system used to be pretty good, compared to the US system (which I don't know anything about so I might be wrong in that aspect).

    While I do believe the vast majority of the US population are good (or at least as good as the situation lets them be), SOPA and related crap have shown me that they do not seem to wield enough power to prevent complete abuse of goverment power. Especially if they do not know about it. Besides, there are more important things to solve before making Captain America a possibility.

    Well, congratulations on taking a big step and good luck finding a wife.
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    Well, I don't know if I told you (thought I did tell some people, just can't remember who), but I did have to step down from university (there were a couple of classes I just couldn't pass for some reason and the number of years I was behind were building up a bit) and take an easier course to get a degree (any degree). I still prefer and want to go back to university, but getting any degree right now so I can get a job is preferable. I might still seem a mad to doctor to most through what I've learned from university, but I don't feel like one right now.

    No no no, sorry, I really can't trust you US people with such formulae. You already act too much like you are the police force of the world, I'm keeping this one for the Netherlands.

    You're planning on getting married? o.O Or are you talking about mobile internet? If it's the first, that's a big step, congratulations! But wouldn't it be easier to get a girlfriend first instead of direcitly jumping to finding a wife?
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    Sorry for the delay. I've been working in the lab lately and not paying much attention to my visitor messages.

    Things are relatively good. I have just been working my butt of in an experiment of my own devision which may not even end up functioning. I want to go draw stuff, but I've got a lot of work to do. -3- How are things on your end?

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    You go ahead and do that! I, on the other hand, prefer pain to humiliation.
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    You guys have hilarious conversations.
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    It was, until I posted. Then it became yours.
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