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So what are the stats for?

The stats are used in the Battle Arena forum. You invent a character and can fight them against other members' characters, either as just a spar or a modded battle. This is where the stats come in. A moderator will adjust stats with each attack (or series of attacks) until a victor is found.

HP represents your Health Power. This reduces as you get injured.

MP represents Magic Power. This gets used as you use spells.

PP represents Physical Power. This is used for Physical Attacks.

Exp shows how close you are to the next level and Commitment can be used by other posters to reward you for good roleplaying, or punish you for poor roleplaying or abandoning quests and duels before their completion.

How do I get my stats filled up or updated?

Firstly you need to have at least one post on the forum. The stats are calculated from a combination of time spent online on the forum, post count, average post length and other factors.

Clicking the "Update Stats" link found in the Quick Links option on the navigation bar will update the maximum values of your stats. You need to do this each time [b]before[/b] asking for a refill, which is done by clicking the "Request Refill" link in the same place.

Once you have asked for a refill a post will appear in a thread where a moderator will then refill your stats at an available opportunity. This may take a little while so just be patient.

I've made one post, yet I'm level 6??

The Experience is calculated from multiple factors, including post count , length of time spent on the boards and average post length. Obviously with a very low number of posts the average post length factor is very volatile as each post can significantly alter the average. This also leads to such things as large jumps in Experience when first setting out posting.

How do I get an element?

You can select elements via the User Control Panel, and then from the Edit Options pane.

Some elements are restricted and can be 'earned' in various ways depending on the exact element, so if you see an unusual element that isn't available to you that is most likely the reason why.

Which element is best?

No element is "best". They are all different, and have their own way of being used.

Some of them apply different modifiers to the stats, perhaps increasing Health Power at the expense of reducing Magic Power, but the major use of elements is to provide a discipline for spells and other attacks. Bio element spells are vastly different to Lightning spells for example. It all depends on what you want your character to be like.

How does commitment work?

Commitment can be used by thread starters in the Battle Arena to reward or punish those members posting in their threads.

A link will appear for them to raise or lower your commitment rating, which can be done once per thread.

If you post well, with good descriptive posts you may find your commitment is raised. If you post poorly, constantly doing closed attacks (aka godmoding) or abandon quests and spars you are in before their completion you may find your commitment is lowered.

High commitment ratings will help out your other stats, low commitment ratings will reduce them.

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