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How do I move my piece?

You can move a piece in two ways. Firstly, if you have javascript enabled in your browser you can click on the piece and click on the square you want to go to. This will then fill the correct move text into the quick reply box, you can then post to make a move. The second method is for if you do not have javascript enabled, to make the move enter into the quick reply box the coordinate of the piece you wish to move and the coordinate of its destination in brackets seperated by a comma. For example (a2,a4) note that the exact syntax is required, letters should be lowercase.

How do I promote a piece?

To promote a piece again there are two ways. If you have javascript enabled you can click on it and click the pannel to the side of the board to choose the piece to promote it to. This will fill out the correct command into the quick reply box. If you dont have javascript you need to type the correct command into the box yourself. This is done by first typing the coordinate you wish to replace followed by the piece you wish to replace it with. The pieces colour is defined first by either a w for white or a b for black followed by the pieces initial Q - Queen, B - bishop, N - Knight, R - Rook. For example: (h4,bQ) again the syntax needs to be exact and is case sensitive.

Help! I took my own piece!!!

Suicidal much? The game currently dosn't enforce any of the chess rules so it is possible to break them. It is upto the players to ensure that they stick to the rules of the game.

How do I play chess?

If you are unsure about how to play chess, take a look at [url=]this wikipedia article[/url].

How can I choose my opponent?

To ensure that you are playing against the user of your choice you can specify the players names in the first post of the thread this is done using a player command and the number of the player you wish to set. eg:

player(1,username) player(2,username2) starts a game between username and username2
player(1,username) on its own will give the first turn to username
player(2,username) on its own will set your opponant to username

How do I "castle"?

Castling is a two move procedure and needs to be done in the same post. Perform the move in the same way you would on a normal chess board. Move the rook up next to the king then as a separate move hop the king over the rook.

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