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it's a retail life

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recently my friend, who finished college with a BA in bio-chem and spent one year in med school, acquired the title of "barista" and works at the starbucks in our local mall.

she gets things like this on a daily basis:

"i want a frappachino/mocha/mochalatte/etc." (starbucks has any number of DIFFERENT kinds of these)
"i want that" *vague pointing at menu, which hangs overhead in FRONT of the counter so that the cashier can't actually see the menu itself*
"i want that" *vague pointing at the pastry case, which clearly labels each and every kind of pastry*
"i want the... you know, the iced coffee thing... with the stuff on top..."
"but i thought you'd know i want it made with soy"

plus any amount of children who smush the cookies for sale in their packages at the cashier, people who change their minds about their order AFTER it's been made, people who vent about being healthy and trying to lose weight while ordering extra cream and caramel/chocolate syrup topping, etc.

college doesn't help, kids. SKIP IT.

(well, not really. but the inbetween time of finding your niche in the real world, and graduating college... is that dreaded time of INEEDAJOBUNTILIFINDWHATIMDOINGFORTHERESTOFMYLIFE.)

sylvan learning center and barnes & noble, here i come.

at least i like books, and kids.

also, not having WoW is kind of nice. i miss it, but there are better things to do.

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  1. Johnny2x4's Avatar
    she has a degree in bio chem? couldn't she just make drugs?