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Top 10 Cool IRC Commands! :)

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I thought I would show you the top 10 cool IRC commands that you might not have seen before. I am not going to go through every single command there is on IRC, just some of the useful stuff that you might find interesting.

1) How to give/remove status to users

/cs sop #channel add nick
/cs sop #channel del nick

~ = fop & = sop @ = aop % = hop + = voice

2) Make a channel secure

/cs set #channel secureops off

This means that you must have an op status in the channel to join. Otherwise ChanServ will kick/and or ban your nick from the channel.

3) How to stop users typing certain words in your channel

/mode #channel +b ~T:block:*whatwordyouwanttoblock*

Replace whatwordyouwanttoblock, with a word you don't want to show in the channel. You must have op status in the channel, to set this.

4) How to make certain words, become censored

/mode #channel +G

If a user types a swear word, it will be shown as [censored] within the channel.

5) How to use the akick features

/cs akick #channel add <nick> <reason>

This will make ChanServ kick/ban the user, if they join the channel. It's better than having a blacklist.

6) Notice certain users in the channel

/notice +#channel does this sorta

That will notice only the voice users in your channel. It's really useful, for sending messages quickly.

7) Mark yourself as a bot

//mode $me +B

This will show you as a bot, whenever other people look at your whois.

8) Ban certain channels

/mode # +b ~c:#chan

This will stop certain users from joining your channel, if they are in the banned channel.

9) Stops users from kicking each other

/mode #channel +Q

If you have some idiots in your channel, who enjoy kicking each other, set the channel mode +Q, and it will make it impossible for them to kick again.

10) Get a secure connection >> This will make your connection secure, and will make it possible to join #lobby-secure. You must join port +9000 to do this.

Thanks for reading, and I'll try and add more stuff later.


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