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yay, new one. gone is my creativity. haven't seriously photoshopped in over two years. *shake fist at WoW* i lost my animation program with the installation of photoshop CS, which made me sad. will have to yoink one sometime in the future.

why is it that the USPS gets packages to places on time, even EARLY, when the package doesn't matter, but will get stuff there LATE when you really, really need it to get there on time? wtf?

last two finals for the semester in less than 2 hours. not worried about passing. should've had an A in all classes, except thanks to a university screwup i have to take an incomplete rather than an A in the one that i worked the hardest in. eff you, riverside, and your incompetent faculty.

bekah has her 25th this weekend, but i'm going to miss it *sadface*. she's throwing an 80's themed birthday bash, which i would have loved to go to just for the laugh factor, and the onetime in my life to put my hair up in a side ponytail, but alas. starts at 7, drive out to her house is like 2 hours, and it could end anytime between 12 am - 4 am, really.

still, i'm hoping liberty comes by the end of this year. we're in talks of getting an apartment/house out in LB with shine. the three of us get along pretty well. they're both adorably cute and funny. and who names their kid shine? seriously? that's an awesome name.

and i hope they're not allergic to my cat.

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  1. GekkoPixie's Avatar
    Did you install CS3? If so, the animation controls are included in the Photoshop part, making Imageready obsolete. I hope you get creative again; your stuff was always awesome.