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A Clicking Matrix *Henrys Plight* ~Age 7~

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An empty room
a lamp sits on the floor, no lamp shade,
click click click
the wind blows through the one open window in the room, cars honking, life moves on

click click click

center of room, table, old wrappers, plates with week old food, feeding the fly
that has befriended the lonely being

click click click

He pushes back his chair, puts his hands behind his head and breathes a sigh of relief,..

mummbling under his breath, * I got you TGF, I got you*
a smile spills from his dry cotton mouthy face, unshaven, a bit of leftover coffee in the corner of his smile

he runs his hand through his greasy over grown hair
and gets up from the chair
walking into the kitchen he grabs himself a soda, cracks it open, the bubbles tickled his nose as he sips it..
he canters to the bathroom to relive himself, self gratification wraps around him at the thought of beating the almighty TGF for good
*He will fall from greatness* He thinks as he shakes and zips

grabbing his soda off the sink he turns off the light and walks back to the computer
pulls the chair back and looks at the monitor..
a few minutes before the turn...
brushing some garbage from the table he sets his soda down, his hand gently carresses the mouse as he rubs his other hand on his pant leg


he banks..knowing he is ahead of TGF, and the fact TGF wont be gettin any sells soon, he can move that much more ahead of him

he grins again..banking, the hollowed figure of a man sits back and smiles again...i have this
i do
this age is MINE

rank update....

he smiles again, looking at his intel , stupid n00bs he thinks to himself, trying to attack me to kill mercs
he laughs again, feeling a bit of relief at his gain on TGF

he sips his soda, refreshes his page
his heart beats a bit faster... his eyes grow wide, a trickle of sweat runs down his brow


TheGodFather_LaCN 1,086,427 Elves ??? Gold 1
HENRY-TDO 996,283 Elves ??? Gold 2


his eye starts to twitch, he takes his soda and throws it across the room, it hits the wall with a crash, and its contents spray out and over the wall
the can falls to the floor
the cars stopped beeping, the doves fly off the roost in a panic of flight
you could hear the children outside skipping rope and laughing

his eye is wide, the sweat beads up on his brow, hands clenched, he goes over it in his mind, over and over and over
*i had a plan*
he pushes his chair back
he can hear his heartbeat in his chest, its a deafening sound
loud and intrusive
he paces frantically across the floor, back and forth..back and forth

he runs his sweaty hands down his pants


he goes back to the computer he looks, stes..stes...
click click click
he aint there


he pics up his wireless mouse and chucks it across the room, CRASH it hits the floor and slides into the baseboard
ive got grim
sell value...
his mind starts working figures
click, i need to click
YEs, click thats what ill do
he walks and pics up his mouse
stitting he wipes his brow, he inhales

the phone echos in the room, loudly, rings rings...the machine pics up..
*henry, you there, dude pic up your phone, we havnt seen you in months...henry?...*click*

he opens DDL
the fly buzzes around the week old food left on plates, the wind gently lifts the curtains with its breeze
click click click
a man, the sweat drips down his face, another sleepless night
click click click
a mouse, an unshaven, hollowed soul
click click click
and DDL....


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