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Hello, World!

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I'll try not to fill this blog with useless crap. Though I don't know what else to put in it. WTF is the target audience of this thing supposed to be anyway? Post here if you're reading this.

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  1. Carnage's Avatar
    your blog is kinda private atm, so only admins+ smods can see it
  2. Blitz's Avatar
    Thanks, fixed.
  3. I Am's Avatar
    O rly?
  4. Neomackenzie's Avatar
    Hey Blitz! Let's play chess!
  5. dr yöyo's Avatar
    Hi Flitz.
  6. Blitz's Avatar
    Hey Teen, Neo, yoyo.

    Neo: Sure, you want to start the thread, or should I?
  7. Neomackenzie's Avatar
    Go ahead.
  8. dr yöyo's Avatar
    somebody said my name.
  9. Kill3rSam's Avatar
    reading this ! only discoved yesterday gua had blogs lol, too bad most people aren't using this feature!
  10. One's Avatar
    randomly featured blog or whatever, so I just read this.
  11. Reynold Wrapped's Avatar
    hey blitz i am reading your blogt!!!!!!
  12. Zem's Avatar
    Hello blitz. So your an FF fan too eh? How many have you played?
  13. Blitz's Avatar
    I've played all of those released or re-released between FFVII and FFX-2. American versions 3/6, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10-2, and Tactics.
  14. lian2ike's Avatar
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