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Belgian Metal

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In which I will try to present you a Belgian metal band every week.

Dyscordia is the first band I'd like to talk about. Having stumbled upon them at Frostrock a couple years back where they were the opening act, they were thé band that convinced me to return the next year, and again they did not disappoint. A band forged from the remains of several bands from West-Flanders, it's very difficult if not impossible to categorize their style as of yet. The vocals and guitars may contain parts reminiscent of Power or Prog Metal while the ultra-precise drums wouldn't sound bad if pasted a Thrash song, and this mingled sound is set in a somewhat Gothic atmosphere provided by singer Piet Overstijns' soaring, etheric vocals, which are backed by the excellent rough vocals that are slightly reminiscent of Fear Factory at times and provide the band with a solid modern touch. Though it is a very vague term, I must say the band member's experience rubs off on them, as they sound very mature already and not as if they are still searching: these guys know exactly what they want!

Of course using such simple terms to describe Dyscordia's sound doesn't do them justice. At first the music may seem a little bit overwhelming, but it grows on the listener quickly. The band tends to go for rather unconventional, somewhat longer compositions and are full of smart hooks and catches while retaining a consistent tempo, but are no less memorable for it. I would describe them as heavy, but definitely quite accessible. The band plays really tight together, as you will notice from the first notes of the Empty Room (link below). It immediately struck me how well the guitars are attuned to the drums. Piet is one of the finest singers in Belgium I've heard. The band released their EP Reveries last year and is currently working on a full album. This is one of the bands I am very excited about because they really manage to bring an innovative sound that is not forced, and have the live capabilities to back it up, and I wonder where they'll take it. Hopefully the first full album with hit the shelves soon and we'll be able to enjoy this band for many years to come.

Dyscordia - The Empty Room - Official Website

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