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Convos with UW people

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The following are conversations between myself and members of the RoC Alliance, Underworld.
Brian is "TheDownFallofUsAll"
Owner is "HowYouLikeMeNow"

Brian admitting to sabbing UW members during cyanide::
14:45] <Brian> can you try and do more damage to account please?
[14:46] <Animage> Tell him to sell some sentry.
[14:46] <Brian> lol
[14:46] <Animage> Maybe you can sab some of it for me
[14:46] <Brian> i will sab him during cyanide
[14:46] <Brian> because
[14:46] <Brian> if he cant finish in the top 10 he is going to sell to me
[14:46] <Brian> so i need to damage his account as much as possible

[14:49] <Brian> haha
[14:50] <Brian> i may sab everyone in my range tomorrow during cyanide
[14:50] <Brian> ally or otherwise
[14:50] <Brian> hmmm

Owner asking for damage to be done to an account:
[17:10] <Owner> keep sabbing that douchebag of account for me yeah?
[17:10] <Owner> he said he wasn't sabbing anymore
[17:10] <Animage> yep
[17:10] <Animage> he sent messages to us as well
[17:10] <Owner> bought like a trillion sentry with NJ's sale and now he wants to stop
[17:10] <Owner> fucking fag
[17:10] <Animage> o.o
[17:10] <Animage> kick him
[17:10] <Animage>
[17:11] <Owner> i would if it was up to me
[17:11] <Animage> brian wants us to sab him as well
[17:11] <Animage> well
[17:11] <Owner> so yeah, you are gonna keep sabbing him?

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  1. iNTERNET's Avatar
    Brian expressing joy when a UW member is sabbed, and insulting other members
    [17:52] <Animage> k
    [17:52] <Animage> whats BSS's prize
    [17:52] <Animage> someone just sabbed a ton from account.
    [17:52] <Brian> really?
    [17:52] <Animage> yeah
    [17:52] <Brian> i need proof
    [17:53] <Brian> dont need the name
    [17:53] <Brian> just the logs
    [17:53] <Animage> nah, you'll probably send it to him
    [17:53] <Animage>
    [17:53] <Brian> dude
    [17:53] <Brian> i cant stand him
    [17:53] <Brian> hes a bitch
    17:53] <Animage> [17:51] <@DeadEye> xxxxxxxxxxxxx from Account.
    [17:53] <Animage> that was without the captures.
    [17:53] <Brian> holy shit
    [17:53] <Brian> what do you guys want
    [17:53] <Brian> within reason

    [12:01] <Brian> haha quick pause
    [12:02] <Animage> ?
    [12:02] <Brian> dragonslayer is a fking idiot
    Brian giving UW Information to BSS
    [21:17] <Animage>
    [21:17] <Brian> well then that person is lying
    [21:18] <Brian> because i have the total right in front of me, and just told you it.
  2. iNTERNET's Avatar
    Brian admitting BSS is pwning UW
    0114:34] <Animage> Dont worry, doin enough dmg to rest of your chain
    [14:34] <Brian> i know :/
    [14:35] <Brian> at least they are putting up a fight though
    01[14:35] <Animage>
    [14:35] <Brian> and they all havent run away
    [14:35] <Brian> honestly i expected many more to have left by now

    [21:00] <Brian> yes, peace is much needed
    01[21:00] <Animage> Why is that though? According to all the uw members you're dominating us lol
    [21:00] <Brian> this war is dividing UW up. And i know you love that but it is not good for us at all
    [21:00] <Brian> because we dont have many accounts that can sab
    [21:01] <Brian> so we are running out of weapons on a few people
    01[21:01] <Animage> hmm
    [21:02] <Brian> so they think we are dominating
    [21:03] <Brian> when in reality, we are taking lots of damage
    [21:03] <Brian> because accounts werent ready for the war so they are very juicy
    [21:04] <Brian> you guys live to war and dont care about damage
    01[21:04] <Animage>
    [21:05] <Brian> UW does not like to war and hates damage lol
    01[21:05] <Animage> its a losin war for you guys
    [21:05] <Brian> so it is a terrible combination
    [21:05] <Brian> exactly
    01[21:06] <Animage>
    [21:07] <Brian> and apologies are not going to happen lol
    When BSS was chaining UW earlier, brian was one of the only people not sabbing.
    [16:05] <Brian> but seriously
    [16:05] <Brian> i wont be sabbing you guys unless it turns into a war

    Your friendly Do-gooder,
  3. dragonslayer's Avatar
  4. clinteastwood's Avatar
    too long didnt read