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Art School

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I'll be heading to art school at the end of the month, and will be starting classes on October the 8th. I'm going to be training to be an executive chef with the promise of externships by the school and internships by people in the business that my family knows. I'll have a lot less time to raid than previously, but that is fine as I no longer wish to pursue that avenue of entertainment within World of Warcraft. The guild I'm currently in raids from 9 PM to 1 AM, and I don't want to deal with joining a newer guild. It will just be easier to do the fun little things and not worry about anything else when I'm busy working on knife skills and the like.

I hope that I make many new friends with the move and that my roommate is a good person. City life will be new for me, and I also hope that I do well in the near future and onwards.

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    Thanks buddy. :D