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Ok... week 2 of a new term should be about going out and drinking slightly less than you did in week 1 as you have some lectures and thisng to attend... this year however we have a bunch of important interviews for placements next year... As they are so important, i compiled an amusing list of things NOT to do during an interview.

1. Inform the interviewer that you have just lost the game. (explain the game rules* if he gives you an odd look)

2. Interview the interviewer. (turn questions like 'why do you think you are right for this job?' arround on to them 'why do you think i'm right for this job?')

3. Wear all you clothes inside out. For a bonus, wear shoes on your hands. For a bigger bonus walk into the room on your hands.

4. Do not answer any questions unless the interviewer can beat your highest space invaders score.

5. Ask for a lawyer.

6. Show off your none existant website; when the server appears to be down, spend at least 10 mins on the phone with tech support in india to try and resolve the issue. Bonus points for each swear word you use during the conversation; raising your voice or making bery graphical threats.

7. Reply to all questions in :yoda: speak.

8. Attempt to charm, curse or hex the interviewer.

9. Give name rank and serial number. Answer any other questions with 'im sorry i cant answer that question'

10. Relate all of your best band camp stories in an over excited manner, start them all with 'this one time, at band camp...'

* game rules:
1. You are playing the game.
2. if you think about the game, you loose the game.
3. When you loose the game you must tell everyone else nearby that you have just lost the game.

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  1. dr yöyo's Avatar
    "5. Ask for a lawyer." ha.

    so are these seriously yours or did you find them somewhere?
  2. Carnage's Avatar
    i did acctually make them up
  3. dr yöyo's Avatar
    they're pretty good.

    i really want to try #5...