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Borderlands PEARL + Runner-up Weps

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Lately, my friends and I have been farming chests in New Haven for legendary weapons. Now why would we waste hours upon hours to obtain the best weapons in the game? Because most of us have at least two level 50s with at least four maxed out weapon proficiencies per char. Plus, dueling in the game just became more unbalanced. (Siren phasewalk now kills in one hit. So activate on duel, melee, win.)

So far, this is my current collection:

PEARL Weapons

Atlas Titan GGN Pearl Cyclops
Level Requirement: 48
Type: Sniper
Damage: 615
Accuracy: 98.7
Fire Rate: 0.6
Clip Size: 6
Elemental Damage: N/A
  • I have you in my eye, sir. (Extremely Accurate)
  • 3.2x Weapon Zoom
  • +33% Recoil Reduction
  • +26% Damage

S&S Perfect TMP88 Incendiary Thanatos
Level Requirement: 48
Type: Repeater Pistol
Damage: 81
Accuracy: 80.0
Fire Rate: 9.3
Clip Size: 64
Elemental Damage: x2 Fire
  • Big Tony says "Hi." (Large Clip)
  • +48 Magazine Size

PEARL Weapons disguised as other colors (But still badass)

Atlas Titan DL300 Pearl Chimera
Level Requirement: 40
Type: Revolver
Damage: 476
Accuracy: 89.3
Fire Rate: 1.3
Clip Size: 6
Elemental Damage: x3 Explosion
  • A beast of many forms - Fire, Lightning, and Poison (Random elemental damage)
  • +46% Damage
  • -20% Recoil Reduction

Runner-Up Weapons (Still rock)

S&S Perfect LB580 Vicious Orion
Level Requirement: 46
Type: Sniper
Damage: 612
Accuracy: 97.8
Fire Rate: 1.4
Clip Size: 15
Elemental Damage: x4 Shock
  • A hunter lives among the Stars (Shoots ricochet and have chance to shock)
  • Highly effect vs Shields
  • Chance to electrocute enemies
  • 2.4x Weapon Zoom

Dahl Soldier BLR Hornet
Level Requirement: 17
Type: Repeater Pistol
Damage: 63
Accuracy: 87.2
Fire Rate: 8.7
Clip Size: 12
Elemental Damage: x3 Corrosive
  • Feel the Sting (Fires two bullets each shot)
  • Highly effect vs Armor
  • Chance to Corrode enemies
  • +200% Burst First Count
  • Never reload / Infinite Ammo

Hyperion Optimus PP7.G Crimson Invader
Level Requirement: 48
Type: Sniper
Damage: 343
Accuracy: 97.5
Fire Rate: 2.1
Clip Size: 15
Elemental Damage: N/A
  • BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM! (Fires 5-round bursts while scoped)
  • +50% Recoil Reduction
  • +50% Accuracy
  • +44% Reload Speed

S&S Perfect ZPR43 Fatal Crux
Level Requirement: 45
Type: Shotgun
Damage: 172 x 7
Accuracy: 86.4
Fire Rate: 1.9
Clip Size: 16
Elemental Damage: x2 Explosion
  • Cross their heart, hope they die. (Shoots a cross pattern)
  • 4.0x Weapon Zoom
  • +11 Magazine Size

Maliwan Pure VRR5 C Cobalt Volcano
Level Requirement: 48
Type: Sniper
Damage: 535
Accuracy: 96.6
Fire Rate: 1.1
Clip Size: 6
Elemental Damage: x4 Fire
  • Pele demands a sacrifice! (Large, fiery splash damage)
  • Highly effect vs Flesh
  • Chance to light enemies on fire
  • Very high Elemental Effect chance

S&S Perfect TMP8 Cold Torment
Level Requirement: 40
Type: Repeater Pistol
Damage: 266
Accuracy: 87.2
Fire Rate: 11.3
Clip Size: 39
Elemental Damage: N/A
  • +23 Magazine Size
  • 4.7x Weapon Zoom
  • +116% Damage
  • +32% Recoil Reduction

Black color in stats means a glitch in the weapon

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  1. snoop's Avatar
    Nice, I am going to start doing that when I get time to play my character to 50.