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How I fixed email (not totally yet) part 1

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This guide isn't how to set stuff up, its a general debugging guide plus a few reminders for me if it ever breaks.

So, the setup is simple.


Problem is they aren't playing nicely together.

The first step was to get the dammed things working in isolation. I started with dovecot. Virtualmin's automatic installation/configuration didn't quite work and left a few configuration issues that caused dovecot to crash whenever it was connected to. Fortunatly they were simple to resolve. Redirecting its logfile from /dev/null to a file i could read revealed (one at a time) the 4 or 5 problems with the setup which I googled for correct values for and fixed the server. Eventually it worked.

Recieving email was another issue. The fix was slightly more complex; but involved reading the /var/log/maillog (A big log file) fixing the issue (a missing aliases file fixed with postmap /etc/aliases no idea why virtualmin didn't do this itself as it runs the postmap command on all the OTHER mapping files it uses) At this stage to fix another issue (part 2) I also recompiled postfix to include mysql support (on bsd the port to use is postfix-current not postfix)

After the servers were running without complaining I had to add an aditional mapping into the virtual map file to allow an email to recieve emails.

This setup works however only for virtualmin insists on adding a system user for each mail account this is a huge issue on freebsd. After some research the answer was to use mysql and instead of using virtual_alias_maps to use virtual_MAILBOX_maps. Virtualmin dosn't support this, but i'm hoping to use some clever trickery to have it write emails to a different place than it thinks its doing. More on this in part 2 when i have it working.

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