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hairy situations

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the scare of my grandma landing in the hospital is over, thank goodness. she's going to have a non-evasive procedure done tomorrow to determine the cause of her whole heart straining/stopping deal.

the other hairy situation actually has to do with my hair. it is, again, at an ungodly long length. yes yes, i look better with longer hair, but my hair is both thick in strands and in number. it's hard as hell to manage and also freaking heavy. mali, my stylist, is going to see me friday about getting it cut shoulder length and layered with side-swept bangs again. i'm not bold enough to go shorter, not to mention that if i do my hair will most likely buff into an afro. -_-

i would like to highlight my hair, but what color? i am not going blonde, orange, green, bright purple, electric blue, or anything of the shocking variety. dark brown, possibly dark inky blue or deep violet... i've never highlighted my hair before!

suggestions welcome.

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  1. PAFFRATH's Avatar

    if you are thinking about dying hair just get one of those testing kits its so you can try different colors without damage.

    that being said. violet