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COD 4: High ranked players are good? Pfft.

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A few of my friends convinced me to break a vow I made to myself: PC is for FPS (PC vs PC) and consoles for everything else.

We hopped on a xbox live party and joined up in COD4. Let's talk about my friends: Friend 1 is maxed prestige, friend 2 is ninth prestige, and friend 3 is fourth prestige. It's almost comical looking at their ranks then looking at mine: rank 1 with no prestige. However, I beat half of COD4 and 100% WaW on veteran (Gotta count for something).

Our very first match ups were against a clan with 3 10-prestige players and a 3-prestige player . I was totally intimidated by the ranks because my rage quits are insane when I'm being demolished in a game. I didn't want to be a dick in front of my friends. I don't care about friends in a FPS on the PC. Typically, for pc, my friends are "friends" who I can replace with better shots to get into a higher skilled clan.

Let's get back to the game. We massacred the clan for two games. I was amazed these high ranked players were being knifed and pistol whipped so easily by a rank 1 with no prestige (me). It's like they never even played the game. Sad part is one of the 10-prestige players was using juggernaut -- COWARD. The highlight moment of both games was I knifed the coward in the face while he tried to mow me down. It went semi-downhill from there.

What was the reason? One reason alone: campers, campers, and more campers. We won all but the last game where the opposing team was camping ferociously to no end. If we sat in our spawn they wouldn't come after us, even if we were leading. Well, it's boring and we were having fun, so we decided to attack their "base." It's not like we were in a scrim or match.

My final scores:
Game 1: 11 - 5
Game 2: 26 - 4
Game 3: 14 - 7
Game 4: 6 - 14 (Camping fucks)

Not bad for someone who doesn't play FPS games on the console. If this was on the PC I would have had a rage quit from such pathetic k/d ratios.

My maxed friend's scores:
Game 1: 28 - 2
Game 2: 21 - 2
Game 3: 30 - 1
Game 4: 19 - 12

I guess high rank could also mean skill when one looks at my friend as an example. Then again we're all Ex-CAL/GGL/OGL/TWL/FGL/(What have you) players from various games (CS/S, DOD, RTCW, RTCW:ET, ET:QW, BF2/142, UT/2k4, Q3 Arena, TF2, Halo 2/3, and AA).

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Updated 19th May 2009 at 10:58 AM by seta