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  1. No worries. I checked out a cool sushi place called SugarFish in downtown LA, it was crazy tasty!

    Things are good for the most part. Been working on running a larp and lots of disc golf. Holly's applying for residency now, so by March we should know where we'll be living for the three or four years.

    Sounds like things have been up and down on your end. I always run into that weird mix of rebellious american spirit and old world values myself. Moving away solved much of that, but it helped that my dad was a bit of a rebel himself.
  2. HEEEEY. Sorry we didn't get to hang when you came down to Cali for a bit. Hope everything's great with life and the wifey!
  3. Technical heebeejeebees for work, creating automated monitoring and such. Not sure yet what the night of the 20th is going to look like.
  4. sounds good to me what are you doing out here, anyway?
  5. Hey yourself!

    So, I'm going to be in LA for work July 20-21. Not sure what my schedule is that night, but maybe we should meet up when I get out and have a nosh?
  6. hey! :]
    just sayin'.
  7. Enh, my dad was perpetually late driving me places. "5 o'clock" meant anywhere from 4:55 to 5:30ish. Once I could get around on my own, to school/etc., I started being 15-30 minutes early.

    On the plus side, he once wrote me a "please excuse John from being late to class" note that implied I was on a Klingon battlecruiser trying to secure the Genesis device. On the minus side, that meant spending an hour in the principal's office as he accused me of forging a letter. On the plus side, it meant when he said "Would you like me to call your father?", I got to pick up the phone for him and start dialing as a response.
  8. nice. i think when i was 5 my dad drove me to school. sometimes.

  9. Yeah, he's pretty cool. When I was five, he built me a replica helicopter in our basement that I could play in, and did a lot of the typical outdoorsy dad things: taught me to hunt, fish, rappel, fly kites, all the good stuff.
  10. your dad sounds awesome, just sayin'. i think it's cute how he shows he cares and is all "YAY MY SON AND HIS WIFE "

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