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  1. Hey Blitz! , long time no see.
    how things going?
  2. Hey Blitz
    I need your help. I know that you helped in November 2008 and I liked the help. That's quite a long long time ago and your the only one I know , has a mod , that can help me.
    I'd like to post a topic about a general comment of Kings Of chaos game Age 11 , I don't know where I should create the topic that it be in a nice place.
    Can you help me please ?
    This will be greatly appreciated. =D
    P.S. : I should know more nicely mods like you Blitz =p.
  3. Thanks Blitz =)
  4. Sure, looks fine there.
  5. Hi Blitz =D
    I need your help.
    Can you see my thread and see if it is placed correctly in a good place in GUA ?
    Thank you very much.
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