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  1. in response to b(0) f8-e7,
    w(1) : b6-c5 b(1) : (bishop is pinned to the king, so it can't take), move is relatively unimportant.
    w(2) : d7 x e7 b(2
    w(3): e7-g7 mate.

    or e7-f6 in the event that black did g5-h4 and b moved king f7-g6
  2. 1... b: f8-e7
    2 w: e8-d6 b F7-F8
    3 d7-e8 b f8-g7
    4 e8-f7 b g7- h8 or h6
    ... he loses the bishop, but I don't have enough support downrange that I can clinch mate if he sacrifices his bishop. At least not that I see. Tell me I'm wrong.
  3. I'm looking at the chess game, and you said there was a way he could extend the game, I am reasonably sure that there is no way for him to avoid mate in 3 (like paradiso said). However, I could be mistaken. Could you please send me the move that you think might disrupt mate in 3?
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