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  1. hey there.
    I've been reading rules about name change, as I've got a problem.

    "Once you have registered your username, it becomes yours for life. In extreme circumstances, you may request that the administrator change your username, but he or she will require a very good reason to do so."

    Not sure who I need to pm (been here for like 3 years now and still don't know who are all the admins on this board haha).

    Anyway, I've got to change my name to Clam-, because some idiot was doing some crap in one of mmorpgs I used to play. Since I quit, he somehow got my name and used it for cheating purposes, fighting with admins etc.. .So now I have bad reputation amongst those players and they all think it was me, but it wasn't :S I'd like to avoid problems like this in future and would like to use the name I'm using now, everywhere, so people wouldn't confuse me with idiots like that... thanks for your time! looking forward to your reply,
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