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  • Drawing Fantasy Characters

    This tutorial will teach you to draw a fantasy character.

    For this particular tutorial, I used a Wacom Tablet but you can use pencil and paper, with colour pencils, paint, charcoal, you name it - you can use it.

    Note: The character being drawn is known as Honuse Relaiyent and was created by Shadowed, a long-time member of this forum. The focus of this tutorial is purely on representational drawing.

    For starters...

    Recognise the characters:

    - height and build

    Tall, short. Stocky, thin, fat. For this particular character, the heavy build will be emphasized using plenty of light and shadow.

    - Personality and character traits

    This will determine the kind of expression and stance the character will have. For this particular character, the stance will be aggressive and stand-off-ish.

    - Clothing, Armour and Weapons

    Armour, swords, a robe, bandanna - whatever. It needs to be designed to work in with the characters physique and personality. For this character he will show off his weapons as if to say 'do not come any closer.'

    First do a sketch of the character.

    Start painting up the head.

    Use the brush tool [b] and select an airbrush. Since this will be a greyscale drawing, use blacks for shadow, lighter grey to white for highlight and shades of grey to create the impression of volume. For details use a thin 1-2px white brush.

    For the shoulder armour, the rounded metal would need highlights in the middle.

    See how I use a lighter layer of grey next to a darker layer of grey. I then lower the opacity so it blend in a bit more.

    This is a process of addition. Add more and more layers of grey to smooth it all out.

    I am starting to add some thin highlights. Reduce the size of the brush to 1-2px to do small details.

    Cover the rest of the body. Do a wash of grey over the body with a large airbrush and start to build up the black for areas away from the light source.

    Oh you have no idea how much that hand was bugging me! Gone it goes with black. Paint over it. Remember, you are allowed to make mistakes when it comes to digital provided you use lots of layers. Might as well draw in the sword too.

    Sword done. Hand redrawn. Remember to use a 1-2px white brush for details.

    Add the sword on the leg and we are done.

    Finishing touches? Well it could be worked on more but this is only a concept sketch. Use a 1-2px blue brush for the lightning on hand and face. Really easy to draw, just make the lines jagged.

    There you have it, a fantasy warrior!

    It helps if you have drawn a lot but the same techniques will always apply. Large airbrushing to begin with. Layers and layers of similar shades to modulate between light and shadow. Thin brushes (1-2px) in white to make highlights for detailed areas of your drawing.

    Now what are you waiting for? Apply your new knowledge and create something to be proud of.
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