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  • What's Sr Gregor Eating Now? - Pork cutlets with jalapeno gravy

    Cook it up in the kitchen, fry it up in a pan, Sr Gregor is pretty willing to try anything. Even gravy that has pickles in it.
    Hot pork-on-pork action.

    This recipe comes to me courtesy of Chef John over at FoodWishes.com. It has a gravy that features jalapeņos, so what's not to try? Here's the basic ingredients I used this time around:


    Pork cutlets cut from a loin to about an inch or two thick, pounded flat.
    Flour to dredge in.
    Egg to bind with.
    Italian bread crumbs.
    Vegetable oil for the cooking.

    Flour, butter, pickles (diced), jalepenos (diced), green onion (diced), milk, and a touch of olive oil.Sauce:

    A few spoonfuls of olive oil.
    1/2 cup of diced pickles.
    1/2 cup of seeded and diced jalapeņos.
    Two tablespoons of butter (unsalted).
    A few stalks of green onion, sliced thin.
    Cup of chilled milk.
    Teaspoon of salt

    Other accoutrements:

    Couple of good crusty rolls.

    The clever bit to this is in the sauce. The pork cutlets are easy enough: pound flat, dredge, egg, bread, and fry in a pan. Set them aside in a warm oven (275 degrees), while you do the tricky bits. It's pretty much my standard, at this point.

    The tricky bit here, imo, is the roux. A basic roux involves melting some butter, adding a touch of salt, slowly adding some flour so that it all melts together. For this variation, we're adding some diced pickles, some finely-chopped green onion, and some diced jalapeņos. I started with olive oil to get the veggies sizzling, then melted in the butter, and added the flour last. I wanted to make sure to work the whisk pretty rapidly to ensure I didn't end up with any big lumpy chunks of uncooked flour, but at the same time, I was going for a very light roux, so I didn't want it to cook for too long.

    I kept wanting to put in more peppers, but since this was my first time, I wanted to stick close to the original recipe.

    Once it comes to adding the milk, Chef John's note of adding it in cold seemed to do the trick. I wasn't too sure about the color, but if the Wikipedia picture is anything to judge by, I guess it came out pretty well.

    You'll want to cook it for a couplefew more minutes of a low flame, to let it really thicken up. It's also a good time to remove your cutlets from the stove to let them rest.

    Once it has a good consistency (how good? I dunno... gloopy?), you're ready to go. I served these on crusty rolls with some fresh veg... they just seemed to beg for being made into a sandwich.

    On the end of it, I think the sauce could have used more heat - taste-wise, not flame-wise. The sauce came out sweeter than I was hoping. My original instinct to go with more peppers was pretty spot on - next time around I suspect I'll leave more of the seeds in. But overall, a fun and tasty dish!