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  • Movie Review: The Last Mimzy

    The Last Mimzy
    Rated: PG
    DVD Release Date: July 10, 2007
    Run Time: 97 Minutes
    Available at: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Last-Mimzy-D...7095983&sr=1-1

    Product Description:
    When Noah and Emma Wilder discover a special box on the beach, they open it and unlock an exciting adventure beyond imagination. Inside they find Mimzy, a magical stuffed rabbit, along with other mystical toys. These give the children exceptional powers of their own. Able to move objects with their minds and to solve complex equations, these new wonder kids begin to attract the attention of their parents, teachers ... and even the FBI. Surrounding the phenomenon of Mimzy is an awesome secret, one that holds the key to saving the future of all mankind.

    Teen's Review
    Teen's Rating: 5/10 Stars

    This film is geared toward the whole family, packaged and repackaged for the safe, whole family. In today's world, that's great. But when a film is packaged to be completely safe, it becomes bland and cheesy. To be honest, there's not a whole lot to say about this movie, but I'll try.

    First starters, I grade the musical score a D average. I literally just finished watching this movie (like I do with all the reviews I do) and I cannot recall any music in the film, and if there was music it so slick that it slipped right outta my ears and my memory. That's not a good sign. A good film is always accompanied by great music, and this film lacks that (films with great music make me wanna look it up on youtube right away).

    The film set was average. Nothing about it stuck out in my mind. The parts that were interesting was when the narrator switched the story to talk about the brilliant scientist in the future, working in his futuristic science lab.

    The plot was cheesy. The future of the world is in danger, so a future scientist sends a stuffed bunny into the past, in order to save the future world. The bunny must find a "pure" human being, and must get back to the future accompanied by a tear-drop from this pure human being. If the bunny doesn't get this tear-drop in time, it'll die (as if the stuffed bunnies were ever alive in the first place), and all future humans will die.

    There are funny cute moments in the film though. For instance, when Noah and Emma are running away from the FBI, they steal a truck. Noah (around 8 years old in the film) drives the truck, and Emma exclaims "Please drive safely, Noah!"

    The film is fit for the whole family, and is completely safe and sterilized ... and cheesy down to a T. I recommend it only if you have young kids (5-10 year old range), or if you're just completely bored and have a few hours to spare.

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    1. Zem's Avatar
      Zem -
      Heh. I remember watching this. It was quite cheesy. Turned out to be worse that I'd expected it to be.