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  • ChaosLight Makes Chainmail 7: Various weaves

    I'm experimenting with the CMS, because I'm an attention whore.

    So, today being labor day and a very slow day on the phones, so I decided to switch it up and knock together some Japanese-weave. So I did this pattern. It's a pattern that's a lot lighter than the European weaves, but also worse in every way as armor. It as less give, and it's a lot more open. For instance, I can stab myself right int the shoulder through the e4-1 and it doesn't matter.


    The Japanese weave is called hana-gusari, apparently, and one of the nice things about it is this: that particular pattern is naturally curved, which makes it a decent pattern to start a cowl. It conforms rather better to the head than a flat pattern.

    Look it's a soda helmet.

    I'd like to do as little hana-gusari as possible. It's a pain in the ass to put together, it doesn't lie flat on my desk because the rings are in theory perpendicular to each other. And it's not as good as the euromail. I mean, it's still good against blades, but it's terrible against stabbing, so I wouldn't make a shirt out of it, even though less metal goes a longer way. Because the gaps between the rings are larger than the rings themselves, a lucky shot is so very, very much worse.

    This is someone getting lucky when they stab you with a screwdriver through e4-1 weave.

    This is someone getting lucky when they stab you with a screwdriver through hana-gusari weave.

    Next update may go into more detail regarding the shirt.