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  • Office Ninja: Episode #74 "An element of risk"

    'cause everyone has man-traps in their desk drawers, right?

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    Right, confession time. For anyone who still reads these things, this will be the last one I'll be posting for the foreseeable future. Since the end of the last year/beginning of this year my comic output has dropped considerably. I generally lack motivation and/or ideas. When you're sitting at a computer screen trying to force out the funnehz, you know it's time to move on.

    My focus has shifted to my Photography and more "serious" photo-manipulation work. There are a few more of the Office Ninja series, which you can check out here: http://theevilgenius.deviantart.com/.../#Office-Ninja if you're interested, but tbh it's not something I see myself returning to with anything approaching regularity any time soon.

    When I informed Carnage of this a while ago, he asked that I leave the series open for the possibility of further work, should the muse take me. This strip seemed like a good choice for that.

    Just wanted to say thanks for the support. It's been a useful experience. So, yeah, cheers.

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    1. LittleMonster's Avatar
      LittleMonster -
      This hurts man...
    1. Sr Gregor's Avatar
      Sr Gregor -
    1. Starnerf's Avatar
      Starnerf -
      You can't stop now! WHAT'S IN THE DESK!?
    1. Shards's Avatar
      Shards -
      Great webcomic series EG, interested to see what you come up with next !
    1. TheEvilGenius's Avatar
      TheEvilGenius -
      Thanks for the comments people I appreciate it
    1. Sailor Moon's Avatar
      Sailor Moon -
      awww EG, i grew quite fond of your comic as it progressed. but i can totally understand lacking motivation, when you burn out and try churning out stuff, it always comes off as something you yourself are not satisfied with.

      looking forward to you possibly continuing this in the future.
    1. TheEvilGenius's Avatar
      TheEvilGenius -
      Thanks nakoruru