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  • Building and drinking a spirits collection (part 4): Chambord

    This week, I'm going to introduce Chambord. Chambord is a raspberry liqueur which is dark red in colour, it comes in a very distinctive bottle, round with golden trim. This is the most expensive spirit so far coming in at about 15 for a 0.7l bottle. As with the Midori, it can sometimes be bought from supermarkets but depending on your local supermarkets stocks you may have to get it from a specialist shop. If you don't want to spend as much on a bottle, all of this week's cocktails will also work with other raspberry liqueurs, some of which are cheaper, but this will obviously affect the taste.

    The first cocktail I will mention is the Raspberry daiquiri; the method is very similar to last week's cocktail, the Melon daiquiri. The only changes you need to make is to switch the melon for a few raspberries and the Midori for Chambord.

    Zulu Warrior
    Approximate cost per glass: 1.50

    • 25ml (1 shot) Chambord
    • 25ml (1 shot) Vodka
    • 25ml (1 shot) Midori
    • Fresh raspberries
    • Fresh melon

    Zulu Warrior is a name given to many different cocktails and shots, which vary massively, this is my version.

    Begin by combining the spirits in a glass over ice, next pulp the fruit in a blender or by using the back of a fork. Leave the spirits to chill for a couple of minutes and add to the fruit mixture without the ice. Stir the two together and serve in a short glass.

    Raspberry Martini
    Approximate cost per glass: 1.50

    • 25ml (1 shot) Chambord
    • 50ml (2 shot) Vodka
    • Pineapple juice to taste

    This cocktail is best served in a Martini glass, but a wine glass will work just as well, which ever you use you need to chill it first. To do this, fill the glass with ice cubes and water and leave to one side. In a shaker, add the spirits, pineapple juice and some ice then give it a good shake. Empty the ice and water from the glass and pour in the mixture from the shaker.

    Pink Lemonade
    Approximate cost per glass: 1.75

    • 25ml (1 shot) Chambord
    • 50ml (2 shot) Vodka
    • 25ml (1 shot) Lemon juice
    • 12.5ml (1/2 shot) Sugar syrup
    • Soda water to taste

    A simple cocktail, perfect for a summer afternoon, which I adapted from a local bar. Combine the spirits, lemon juice and sugar syrup in a tall glass with ice, stir or shake this mixture. Top up with soda water. If you don't have any sugar syrup, you can make some by dissolving half a teaspoon of sugar in a shot of water