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  1. irc 101: host masks & banning people.

    It has recently come to my attention that people are unable to place proper bans and ignores so end up complaining to opers when people continue to dodge their woefully lacking bans. So i'm writing a quick referance guide on how to place proper bans.

    First off, lets look at the irc hostmask. This is a string that identifies a user. the easiest way to see this string is the whois command. the first line of output will look something like this:

     Carnage  is

    Updated 11th April 2008 at 06:12 AM by Carnage

    /dev , /tutorials
  2. have pets i can't afford to keep? why i'd love to.

    i fecking HATE assholes who take in animals and dump them later on basis of their own stupidity. whether they can't afford to keep the pet, or have no room, or move, or whatever- why do these morons even bother? i don't care how soft your stupid heart is; if your wallet or your head is empty, don't take the animal in.

    this is what reading pet ads on craigslist, and volunteering at a pet shelter, does to you.

    it's so sad.
  3. Left 4 Dead glitches

    In the recent patch release with the emerging new mode, I have discovered glitches to escape from the confines of the designated areas. It's possible to spend hours upon hours without firing a single bullet to reach the top of the leaderboard.

    However, I have shown this trick to only three friends. These three friends will begin the snowball effect until everyone knows it.

    Due to low food rations, I had to kill Rouen to continue pushing through the never-ending, ...
  4. On XML parsing and how it should be done in PHP


    I recently saw a recruiter API that our good friend (who is not a big fan of my work) Shane wrote. This entry isn't a personal attack, but I am singling him out as he did write the only API that I know of, and he did it incorrectly. We all know how I feel about poor coding practices.


    I'm going to discuss the correct way of dealing with XML. In doing so I hope ...

    Updated 24th July 2009 at 09:46 AM by snoop

    Tags: programming
  5. Borderlands PEARL + Runner-up Weps

    Lately, my friends and I have been farming chests in New Haven for legendary weapons. Now why would we waste hours upon hours to obtain the best weapons in the game? Because most of us have at least two level 50s with at least four maxed out weapon proficiencies per char. Plus, dueling in the game just became more unbalanced. (Siren phasewalk now kills in one hit. So activate on duel, melee, win.)

    So far, this is my current collection:

    PEARL Weapons ...

    Updated 2nd November 2009 at 08:32 PM by seta

  6. Hey, you, put in a damn subject.

    one banana

    two bananna
    three bananana

    omfg i have a blog


    so time to share som interesting chillz time

    first off there are rules

    one of which is that you must press alt+f4 everythime you breath while reading this

    ...yes you it right now moron....
    much better

    ok now to some serious stuff
    my name is ...
  7. The lacn timeline according to me

    I start sabbing lacn, sending some poetry of forms along with it.

    Message 1:
    To: zelous
    My spies have entered your armory,
    They didn't cause too much harm, did they?
    Ensuring your shields
    break down in the field,
    I guess that is payback for your barbary.

    no reply

    Message 2: (a variation on the above)
    To: JHC_fs
    my spies have entered your armory
    intent on destroying your weaponry ...

    Updated 20th August 2009 at 04:15 PM by Carnage