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    What? I can't edit my entry? Oh well, just to clarify: the DigitalMusicNews numbers are most likely US based, although the article doesn't mention it.
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    too long didnt read
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  4. iNTERNET's Avatar
    Brian admitting BSS is pwning UW
    0114:34] <Animage> Dont worry, doin enough dmg to rest of your chain
    [14:34] <Brian> i know :/
    [14:35] <Brian> at least they are putting up a fight though
    01[14:35] <Animage>
    [14:35] <Brian> and they all havent run away
    [14:35] <Brian> honestly i expected many more to have left by now

    [21:00] <Brian> yes, peace is much needed
    01[21:00] <Animage> Why is that though? According to all the uw members you're dominating us lol
    [21:00] <Brian> this war is dividing UW up. And i know you love that but it is not good for us at all
    [21:00] <Brian> because we dont have many accounts that can sab
    [21:01] <Brian> so we are running out of weapons on a few people
    01[21:01] <Animage> hmm
    [21:02] <Brian> so they think we are dominating
    [21:03] <Brian> when in reality, we are taking lots of damage
    [21:03] <Brian> because accounts werent ready for the war so they are very juicy
    [21:04] <Brian> you guys live to war and dont care about damage
    01[21:04] <Animage>
    [21:05] <Brian> UW does not like to war and hates damage lol
    01[21:05] <Animage> its a losin war for you guys
    [21:05] <Brian> so it is a terrible combination
    [21:05] <Brian> exactly
    01[21:06] <Animage>
    [21:07] <Brian> and apologies are not going to happen lol
    When BSS was chaining UW earlier, brian was one of the only people not sabbing.
    [16:05] <Brian> but seriously
    [16:05] <Brian> i wont be sabbing you guys unless it turns into a war

    Your friendly Do-gooder,
  5. iNTERNET's Avatar
    Brian expressing joy when a UW member is sabbed, and insulting other members
    [17:52] <Animage> k
    [17:52] <Animage> whats BSS's prize
    [17:52] <Animage> someone just sabbed a ton from account.
    [17:52] <Brian> really?
    [17:52] <Animage> yeah
    [17:52] <Brian> i need proof
    [17:53] <Brian> dont need the name
    [17:53] <Brian> just the logs
    [17:53] <Animage> nah, you'll probably send it to him
    [17:53] <Animage>
    [17:53] <Brian> dude
    [17:53] <Brian> i cant stand him
    [17:53] <Brian> hes a bitch
    17:53] <Animage> [17:51] <@DeadEye> xxxxxxxxxxxxx from Account.
    [17:53] <Animage> that was without the captures.
    [17:53] <Brian> holy shit
    [17:53] <Brian> what do you guys want
    [17:53] <Brian> within reason

    [12:01] <Brian> haha quick pause
    [12:02] <Animage> ?
    [12:02] <Brian> dragonslayer is a fking idiot
    Brian giving UW Information to BSS
    [21:17] <Animage>
    [21:17] <Brian> well then that person is lying
    [21:18] <Brian> because i have the total right in front of me, and just told you it.
  6. Dargonlord's Avatar
    But everyone is fond of owls :3
  7. Brick Mullet's Avatar
    Fucking owls, how do they work?
  8. Sailor Moon's Avatar
    haha. i'm usually not around here dude, but PM sent :]
  9. Zem's Avatar
    Hahah. Deadmau5. Awesome.
  10. MaradoX-'s Avatar
    I just started reading the blogs, and I must admit, I really like the 'dev'-blogs

    Good job Carnage
  11. Sailor Moon's Avatar
    Haven't seen you in a while, but just want to say I'm glad things are looking up
  12. Someone's Avatar
    Why do you bother with those kids-series. Read Berserk.
  13. Elmdor's Avatar
    Thanks buddy. :D
  14. lenino's Avatar
  15. omega's Avatar
    you left out the electric armor from parasite infection cures!
  16. seta's Avatar
    I have a toggle to switch from FPS to 3rd-person but, tbh, having FPS constantly on would severely cripple you (90 fov as opposed to 360). I can see it useful for avoiding friendly fire since it's easier to see a massive blob/body in front of you rather than a laser beam.

    However, unless you're hosting or the host has sv_cheats set to 1, it's kind of pointless. I think they shouldn't consider it a cheat since it cripples you.
  17. John Basedow's Avatar
    Have you seen the first person shooter mode? It's pretty insane how detailed the levels are for an isometric game. And it's pretty scary for something that's meant to be played like D2. Funnily enough, it's easier to avoid friendly fire incidents in FPS mode.
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  19. trebach's Avatar
    It also violates first normal form on the database if the keys are constant.
  20. seta's Avatar
    It looked pretty much the same as L4D1 except they tinkered with the engine (HL2) to improve the performance.
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