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Sailor Moon




    that is all. :]
    omega has to work most of the time, but that's okay.
    i get to explore the city and get lost on the train on my own.
    i may live there permanently in a few years, so why not start now?

    my mom went into screaming hysteria about it, but i could really care less. :]
    i'm actually doing something i want to do for once in my life. #*&$ what other ...
  2. it's almost oveeeeeeerrrr!

    my student teaching ends this week, praise the lord. allah. whatever.

    glad it's over, will miss the kids but honestly i've missed "me" time and sleeping in a lot more. and half the time i've wanted to choke them for not paying attention.

    very briefly, things as of late:
    - grandma ended up in and out of hospital again
    - crazy bitches are crazy (and need to stop projecting my life)
    - going to china with omega soon
    - my room is ...
  3. winter sig and av set

    a little late on this one, but it turned out okay. not COMPLETELY happy with the end result, because i had counted on animating a falling snowflake in the sig (not the little snow fluff that's going on right now) but got really frustrated with the smoothness and the speed for how it fell, so i just gave it up and left it as is. i decided the av was busy enough without any animation. it took me forever to choose a font, and even now i'm not really sure it fits, but i'm altogether too lazy now. ...
  4. hairy situations

    the scare of my grandma landing in the hospital is over, thank goodness. she's going to have a non-evasive procedure done tomorrow to determine the cause of her whole heart straining/stopping deal.

    the other hairy situation actually has to do with my hair. it is, again, at an ungodly long length. yes yes, i look better with longer hair, but my hair is both thick in strands and in number. it's hard as hell to manage and also freaking heavy. mali, my stylist, is going to see me friday ...
  5. the new avatar and signature

    for anyone who wants to point out to me that i'm quoting the wrong lyrics, i'm well aware "hurt" was originally done by nine inch nails. i liked the johnny cash cover of it better, thus why i went with the cash lyrics. his changes are very minimal anyway, and i think his voice matches perfectly to the song.
  6. still not good at math

    don't think i'll ever be good at math.

  7. current events

    uneasiness, busy-ness, procrastination, self-doubt, exhaustion, neediness, denial.
  8. blizzard


    i'm playing WoW again.

    *hides in shame*

    also, insanely jealous of acquaintance who went to blizzcon last weekend and got the goody bag. dammit i want a stuffed polar bear mount.

    however, i'll probably never end up going because i don't want to look like a loner dweebnerd going to blizzcon by myself.


    (because ...
  9. get down tonight

    i freaking love my new sig and av set.

    she's so cute i could almost puke.

    i found the set of nako dancing pics right as i was about to give up finding anything inspiring from google for a new set...

    also, "get down tonight" is one of the best disco dancing songs EVER.
  10. have pets i can't afford to keep? why i'd love to.

    i fecking HATE assholes who take in animals and dump them later on basis of their own stupidity. whether they can't afford to keep the pet, or have no room, or move, or whatever- why do these morons even bother? i don't care how soft your stupid heart is; if your wallet or your head is empty, don't take the animal in.

    this is what reading pet ads on craigslist, and volunteering at a pet shelter, does to you.

    it's so sad.
  11. the rukia haircut

    i haven't found the USB to connect my camera to computer yet, but i just realized what i got my hair cut into is vaguely similar to Rukia's hairstyle. that was what was nagging me every time i ran across the avatar.

    or rather, Kristen's avatar's look. and she's changed her name to Rukia. OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT.

    yes i know Rukia is from Bleach.

  12. olympics

    american commentators can shove it.

  13. slow people

    i can't believe i've waited over two months for a letter of proof of hours. the professor's usually a really reliable guy.

    UGH. HATE.

    i might not be able to go back to school in time, just for this. blargh blargh blargh.

    in other news, still no word from my job interview. they liked me :/ suppose they might not want me.
  14. it's a retail life

    recently my friend, who finished college with a BA in bio-chem and spent one year in med school, acquired the title of "barista" and works at the starbucks in our local mall.

    she gets things like this on a daily basis:

    "i want a frappachino/mocha/mochalatte/etc." (starbucks has any number of DIFFERENT kinds of these)
    "i want that" *vague pointing at menu, which hangs overhead in FRONT of the counter so that the cashier can't actually ...
  15. srslywtf

    i cannot find the USB that connects my camera and my computer.
    i cannot find the recharger adapter for my DS.
    i cannot find the recharger adapter for my camera.

    never have i seen the need to put things into their place as i have now.

    on a happier note, i did go shopping, i did get a free tote bag from VS, i did get a notebook that has "i <3 geeks" printed on the covers, and i did get new yoga pants and camis today when i went shopping. ...
  16. i never was good at math

  17. sigset

    yay, new one. gone is my creativity. haven't seriously photoshopped in over two years. *shake fist at WoW* i lost my animation program with the installation of photoshop CS, which made me sad. will have to yoink one sometime in the future.

    why is it that the USPS gets packages to places on time, even EARLY, when the package doesn't matter, but will get stuff there LATE when you really, really need it to get there on time? wtf?

    last two finals for the semester in less ...