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KOC Stories

Stories taken from the *characters* whom make up our most loved and most hated KOCers

  1. My best written rp story *Realm of Dralnor *

    this was written by me and another person Maverick
    my Rp character is
    Name; Sardonia
    about 30 (so she says)
    she is a human descendant of Amazons
    she is about 5 feet 11 inches slim and trim
    she has long black hair, with red tips, green piercing eyes
    she has a tribal tattoo on her upper back from the Amazon tribe
    loves hand to hand combat ...
  2. Yes Pr there is a Santa *diary of a suspended KOCer* early age 7

    [COLOR="Black"][B]DAY 1[/B][/COLOR]

    i woke up around 4 am....looked over to comp, smiled, went back to sleep this may not be so bad

    [COLOR="DarkOrange"]6 am[/COLOR]

    dazed, i went to the bathroom, half asleep my ass hits the toilet, fucking A, someone peed and didnt wipe the seat off, men...
    Disgruntled, i stumbled to the kitchen, turne don the coffee pot, and went to the computer, opened up my auto login and was rudely reminded ...
  3. A Brain Fart *KOC Admins, the age that wouldnt end*

    4 men..
    a room

    Rocco walks over to the window, his breath clouds the cold pane of glass
    his fist pounds on the windowsill
    his head swings around

    "we MUST end this age"

    a high pitched squeeky voice awnsers in a casual manner
    "ehhhhhhhhhhh i dont know Rocco, i like to watch them all wonder, and tweak the game play of the top 5"
    Aman exclaims as he
  4. A Clicking Matrix *Henrys Plight* ~Age 7~

    An empty room
    a lamp sits on the floor, no lamp shade,
    click click click
    the wind blows through the one open window in the room, cars honking, life moves on

    click click click

    center of room, table, old wrappers, plates with week old food, feeding the fly
    that has befriended the lonely being

    click click click

    He pushes back his chair, puts his hands behind his head and breathes a sigh of relief,..