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  1. Top 10 Cool IRC Commands! :)


    I thought I would show you the top 10 cool IRC commands that you might not have seen before. I am not going to go through every single command there is on IRC, just some of the useful stuff that you might find interesting.

    1) How to give/remove status to users

    /cs sop #channel add nick
    /cs sop #channel del nick

    ~ = fop & = sop @ = aop % = hop + = voice

    2) Make a channel secure

    /cs set #channel ...
  2. No Fear! NightFire91 is here!

    ... Yes, I am the one, the only, the sexy, wait for it... wait for it... NightFire91!!!

    That's the introduction over with, hallelujah praise the lord.

    I thought I would check out this new blog section. I am not sure if I will use it much. Anyways, peace out.