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  1. omega's Avatar
    you left out the electric armor from parasite infection cures!
  2. seta's Avatar
    I have a toggle to switch from FPS to 3rd-person but, tbh, having FPS constantly on would severely cripple you (90 fov as opposed to 360). I can see it useful for avoiding friendly fire since it's easier to see a massive blob/body in front of you rather than a laser beam.

    However, unless you're hosting or the host has sv_cheats set to 1, it's kind of pointless. I think they shouldn't consider it a cheat since it cripples you.
  3. John Basedow's Avatar
    Have you seen the first person shooter mode? It's pretty insane how detailed the levels are for an isometric game. And it's pretty scary for something that's meant to be played like D2. Funnily enough, it's easier to avoid friendly fire incidents in FPS mode.
  4. seta's Avatar
    It looked pretty much the same as L4D1 except they tinkered with the engine (HL2) to improve the performance.
  5. John Basedow's Avatar
    btw are the system requirements similar to L4D 1? Were the graphics improved at all?
  6. John Basedow's Avatar
    that's what you get for sucking so bad at wolfenstein
  7. seta's Avatar
    Static, I lied about not going prestige. My friends pressured me into prestige. I forgot how long it takes to reach 70. At least I'm lv48 with an ACR Silencer, now. I can finally play wasteland again without hating the map.

    Quote Originally Posted by MaradoX-
    Could you explain meh the blitzkrieg strategy?
    Rush, rush, rush, and never stop. Run the sides of the map to flank the enemy and you're usually guaranteed 25+ kills every single game. This works especially well if you split up with another friend to attack from two sides. For a few rounds, we were the team.

    Recently, I discovered the use of Heartbeat sensor ("bleep" noise), so campers as a problem have been eliminated. You don't have to worry about the ninja perk users since they typically rush.
  8. MaradoX-'s Avatar
    Could you explain meh the blitzkrieg strategy?
  9. *->Static<-*'s Avatar
    Currently, I'm lv63 and have no plans going prestige. I don't play this game enough to redo all that hard work for bragging rights
    Haha, me too. I've been lv70 for ages now :-)
  10. Legion's Avatar
    K/d = kills per death?
  11. snoop's Avatar
    Nice, I am going to start doing that when I get time to play my character to 50.
  12. snoop's Avatar
    Lol yeah I use my 22" Syncmaster to play RoC too.
  13. seta's Avatar
    Everyone uses the same builds which are predictably easy to manipulate to your advantage. The only true build set that you can't defeat easily is the Balanced Way for GvG. The only way to defeat a truly skilled guild with that set is with another Balanced Way and hope your pressure crushes their monks' ability to cope with the damage.
  14. Nox's Avatar
    It's not that they like to use cookie cutter builds, rather it's just if you don't use cookie cutter builds you're pretty much gimped. Builds never start out as cookie cutter, by the way.
  15. lenino's Avatar
    setur your blog is like the best blog EVER on GUA.