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  1. Dr. Teddy's Christmas Blog

    Hi there.

    On the 23rd of december, my sister and I went to our moms house. The visit was fun, and we met their new dog, Bella. Yes, as in Bella Swan Cullen.

    Anyway, we did something that I wasn't expecting that day. Gift exchange. I didn't expect it, well, because I really wasn't expecting anything for christmas, and my want list was very short.

    My sister recieved a stocking with candy; pop rocks, a kitkat chunky and a flake, Candy from india, ...
  2. Eternity

    The abyss in my
    Heart is never ending
    Engulfing all which falls in

    Retruning, nevermore to the
    Outer reaches of my
    Inconsoleable heart,
    Denying my soul the release of its bonds,
    Sealing away my sorrow.

    Harm. All i cause is harm,
    Undermining myself, wishing for her to
    Return my feelings, I end
    The pain with a red fountain.

    (Posted for blog like an emo day. I know ...