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  1. Zem's Avatar
    Hahah. Deadmau5. Awesome.
  2. MaradoX-'s Avatar
    I just started reading the blogs, and I must admit, I really like the 'dev'-blogs

    Good job Carnage
  3. trebach's Avatar
    It also violates first normal form on the database if the keys are constant.
  4. LoseR's Avatar
  5. Van's Avatar
    I quit playing koc a long time ago but this is quite entertaining
  6. snoop's Avatar
    Here is a short list of the cancer that is killing the game:

    1. Online indicators have screwed up the game
    2. AAs have screwed up the game
    3. The 200 item unsabble thing ruined the game (you can't wipe someone out, or bring them much closer it)
    4. Spy casualties during attack
    5. The sab formulas blow donkey balls.
  7. Carnage's Avatar
    I've provided an update. Lacn arn't being very cooperative thou, perhaps i need to bring in some support from other sabbers to get my message across
  8. LoseR's Avatar
    I wish I could give you +rep for blog entires, but unfortunately I cannot =(
  9. snoop's Avatar
    This isn't a smart licensing scheme. If I were to use windows to produce a hit single, should my windows license cost some fraction of what I made with my record? No. It should be 90$ all the same. Either the software is free or it isn't; offering commercial and non-commercial editions is of course acceptable provided the two pieces of software have independent licenses.

    But if everyone adopted your licensing model every company whose software you have installed on your computer would be entitled to some of the profits if that computer produces something profitable. Microsoft for windows itself, for MS Word that you used to put together your CD jacket, adobe for the picture you photoshopped to make it, the camera company for the firmware on the camera you used to take the picture, and on down the line. Eventually you're paying for the jpeg library, the CD encoding library and everything. This sort of licensing mentality leads to a mafia style licensing nightmare for libraries, and is why the free software movement exists.
  10. Carnage's Avatar
    At the time i wrote it, there wasn't a forum for IRC.
  11. Neomackenzie's Avatar
    Very useful post. Now, what I do not understand is why you are putting this on the blog and not just post a thread and stick it or include it in a FAQ if necessary.
  12. Shards's Avatar
    That's funny. IFPI totally messed up and now they're going to suffer for it. It will be interesting to see if the IFPI can get their domain back when they take TPB to court.
  13. Carnage's Avatar
    still defeats the point of writing it yourself
  14. Chillz's Avatar
    i could find you a link to a full free version
  15. Carnage's Avatar
    i've used the trial version of that but the point was to write it myself (and not have to pay for something)
  16. Chillz's Avatar
    look up virtual dj's (i think its "cue" now) automixing thing...same idea of what you have and it works perfectly

    (and your right beatmatching isnt that hard)
  17. Stephen's Avatar
    Carnage, this is an awesome entry. I am off to read your others - I hope they are just as interesting.
  18. NightFire91's Avatar
    <3 Carnage o_o

    That's amazing.

    I never knew about the /mode #channel +b to show all the bans. I normally double click the channel window, which usually shows up a topic window and a list of bans, however that syntax is easier.

    I guess you learn something new everyday! : )

    However... I feel that banning a user from a channel should always be seen as a last resort.
  19. dr yyo's Avatar
    they're pretty good.

    i really want to try #5...
  20. Carnage's Avatar
    i did acctually make them up
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