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  1. you know the drill

  2. another week: more tracks

  3. another good track

  4. Saving this for later

  5. How I fixed email (not totally yet) part 1

    This guide isn't how to set stuff up, its a general debugging guide plus a few reminders for me if it ever breaks.

    So, the setup is simple.


    Problem is they aren't playing nicely together.

    The first step was to get the dammed things working in isolation. I started with dovecot. Virtualmin's automatic installation/configuration didn't quite work and left a few configuration issues that ...
  6. The lacn timeline according to me

    I start sabbing lacn, sending some poetry of forms along with it.

    Message 1:
    To: zelous
    My spies have entered your armory,
    They didn't cause too much harm, did they?
    Ensuring your shields
    break down in the field,
    I guess that is payback for your barbary.

    no reply

    Message 2: (a variation on the above)
    To: JHC_fs
    my spies have entered your armory
    intent on destroying your weaponry ...

    Updated 20th August 2009 at 04:15 PM by Carnage