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  1. Continuing my series of 'good' tracks i've been finding

  2. PyDj: a project to write a better DJ in python than work in local clubs.

    A few recent nights out have been ruined by DJ's in clubs that fail really badly at beat matching tracks - it really grates when a new track is mixed in a quater of a beat early/late.

    I was convinced that this wasn't really a hard thing to do - with a bit of practice i was able to match stuff up however, being a programmer came to the better conclusion that it shouldn't be too hard to write a program to do it automatically.

    Dispite PHP being my usual language of choice, ...
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  3. The ifpi

    found something that amused me during my browsing of the internet. The pirate bay, well known digital fredom activists (i think they also do torrents or something like that) are in the process of setting up a website titled the International Federation of Pirates Interests. might be well worth a look when they are done. For now the site is at

    Updated 11th April 2008 at 06:10 AM by Carnage

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  4. Interviews

    Ok... week 2 of a new term should be about going out and drinking slightly less than you did in week 1 as you have some lectures and thisng to attend... this year however we have a bunch of important interviews for placements next year... As they are so important, i compiled an amusing list of things NOT to do during an interview.

    1. Inform the interviewer that you have just lost the game. (explain the game rules* if he gives you an odd look)

    2. Interview the interviewer. ...
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