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  1. Game Design: Making formulas make sense

    I was going to post this up in KOC as a suggestion on how to fix sabotage however, as some people mentioned that rocco may not be too receptive to suggestions of this nature (I'm guessing he gets a lot of them) I figured I'd take a slightly more generalised approach and go into how to design an algorithm for an online game using kings of chaos as an example where needed.

    So, how should you go about desiging an algorithm for sabotage (or any feature for that matter)?

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  2. PHP Basics: Using php as an extra html tag in dynamic webpages

    Using includes

    When writing a normal pure html page, you quite often have somethings which appear on every page in your site menus, header images etc. Now, what if you want to change one of these things, say you add a new page in and want to add a new link on the menu. In order to do so, you would have to edit every single page on your site to put the new link in. This is very time consuming, not to mention that fact that you may not quite get it the same on every page.

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  3. Security much?

    Minor rant i've been meaning to post to the programming forum for a while but never got arround to it... The following example is based on some code i was asked to review for security a while back I still can't believe anyone would do something like this and cannot understand why they can't see the problem with it.

    PHP Code:

    foreach($_REQUEST as $key => $value)
    $str .= $key "=" $value "|";


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