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  1. you know the drill

  2. another week: more tracks

  3. Continuing my series of 'good' tracks i've been finding

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  5. Saving this for later

  6. How I fixed email (not totally yet) part 1

    This guide isn't how to set stuff up, its a general debugging guide plus a few reminders for me if it ever breaks.

    So, the setup is simple.


    Problem is they aren't playing nicely together.

    The first step was to get the dammed things working in isolation. I started with dovecot. Virtualmin's automatic installation/configuration didn't quite work and left a few configuration issues that ...
  7. Game Design: Making formulas make sense

    I was going to post this up in KOC as a suggestion on how to fix sabotage however, as some people mentioned that rocco may not be too receptive to suggestions of this nature (I'm guessing he gets a lot of them) I figured I'd take a slightly more generalised approach and go into how to design an algorithm for an online game using kings of chaos as an example where needed.

    So, how should you go about desiging an algorithm for sabotage (or any feature for that matter)?

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  8. The lacn timeline according to me

    I start sabbing lacn, sending some poetry of forms along with it.

    Message 1:
    To: zelous
    My spies have entered your armory,
    They didn't cause too much harm, did they?
    Ensuring your shields
    break down in the field,
    I guess that is payback for your barbary.

    no reply

    Message 2: (a variation on the above)
    To: JHC_fs
    my spies have entered your armory
    intent on destroying your weaponry ...

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  9. On licensing

    A recent conversation with someone about the election of members of the pirate party to the European parliament had them taking the stance that the only reason I thought it was a good thing was that I wanted to download music for free and that I wouldn't like it if people were depriving me of an income by 'pirating' software I had written.

    My response to this wasn't as coherent as it should have been but essentially boiled down to the fact that software I write falls into two categories; ...
  10. Infection

    A problem that plagues meny a game owner is that of how to detect multiple accounts and how to distinguish between players that are seperate and in the same house and those that are genuinely cheating.

    In foe, i've always kept good logs of practically every method of figuring out if an account is run by the same person - I'm not going into specifics, but i dont just rely on ip address information. The problem has always been - how to aggregate this information to create an automated ...
  11. PyDj: a project to write a better DJ in python than work in local clubs.

    A few recent nights out have been ruined by DJ's in clubs that fail really badly at beat matching tracks - it really grates when a new track is mixed in a quater of a beat early/late.

    I was convinced that this wasn't really a hard thing to do - with a bit of practice i was able to match stuff up however, being a programmer came to the better conclusion that it shouldn't be too hard to write a program to do it automatically.

    Dispite PHP being my usual language of choice, ...
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  12. PHP Basics: Using php as an extra html tag in dynamic webpages

    Using includes

    When writing a normal pure html page, you quite often have somethings which appear on every page in your site menus, header images etc. Now, what if you want to change one of these things, say you add a new page in and want to add a new link on the menu. In order to do so, you would have to edit every single page on your site to put the new link in. This is very time consuming, not to mention that fact that you may not quite get it the same on every page.

    Updated 15th April 2008 at 08:01 AM by Carnage

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  13. irc 101: host masks & banning people.

    It has recently come to my attention that people are unable to place proper bans and ignores so end up complaining to opers when people continue to dodge their woefully lacking bans. So i'm writing a quick referance guide on how to place proper bans.

    First off, lets look at the irc hostmask. This is a string that identifies a user. the easiest way to see this string is the whois command. the first line of output will look something like this:

     Carnage  is

    Updated 11th April 2008 at 06:12 AM by Carnage

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  14. Who stole the pig?

    To those who haven't already heard it will come as disapointing news that the private torrent site oink has been closed down. The raid took place a few days ago during which the servers were siezed by dutch police. Enough people have already bloged about how this is a waste of police time etc so i'm not going to bother with that angle, however no-one has yet thought about all the data about oinks users that could well be in the hands of the nefarious riaa.

    Oink, like meny other private ...
  15. The ifpi

    found something that amused me during my browsing of the internet. The pirate bay, well known digital fredom activists (i think they also do torrents or something like that) are in the process of setting up a website titled the International Federation of Pirates Interests. might be well worth a look when they are done. For now the site is at

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  16. Interviews

    Ok... week 2 of a new term should be about going out and drinking slightly less than you did in week 1 as you have some lectures and thisng to attend... this year however we have a bunch of important interviews for placements next year... As they are so important, i compiled an amusing list of things NOT to do during an interview.

    1. Inform the interviewer that you have just lost the game. (explain the game rules* if he gives you an odd look)

    2. Interview the interviewer. ...
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  17. Security much?

    Minor rant i've been meaning to post to the programming forum for a while but never got arround to it... The following example is based on some code i was asked to review for security a while back I still can't believe anyone would do something like this and cannot understand why they can't see the problem with it.

    PHP Code:

    foreach($_REQUEST as $key => $value)
    $str .= $key "=" $value "|";


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