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7th September 2004, 08:20 PM
Father and Son (Continued)

An innkeeper was rubbing at his counter slowly, expecting nothing but a slow night in the Inn of the Angel’s Blessing. A cloaked elf came in, shrouded in the red robes of a mage, and clouded in a cloak of darkness and mystery. The innkeeper thought nothing of it, and when the elf asked for the biggest room in the inn, and showed the colour of his gold, the innkeeper was glad to be rid of this black presence in his common room. The innkeeper never doubted who this elf was and who would soon join him in the private dinning hall.

First came Ghogrond, a giant among men, with the strength of twelve and the appetite of thrity. His appearance was deceptive, for under that huge girth was an earth mage of no small power.

Second came Delita, resplendent in the armour of Parague. Few paladin’s could boast of such a strong sword arm, and such a powerful mastery of lightning. Few mages could even boast such powers as Delita held.

Then there was Ingold, ridding on the back of an elven steed, thundering through the countryside. There were very few who could boast of Ingold’s strength with Lightning and the magical elements of electricity, and there were few that could boast such a love for apples, and a hatred for fire.

Melanie followed closely, a twinkle in her eye, and not a worry in her heart. She held herself care free and proud, a true dragon lady. But behind those blue eyes, lay a burden too terrible to face, and hidden behind that happy smile was the strength of a DragonLady.

Zadok came next, brining with him the wisdom and patience only a priest could have. A man could easily mistake such peaceful mannered ness with fear, but such a foe would be quickly dispatched, for Zadok held chaos and destruction in his hand, and could unleash its fires mercilessly.

Then came Darius, the younger of the group, but by far the least powerful. A student of Zadok’s and a master of fire himself, Darius combined the passion of youth and the strength of fire magic to bring about explosive results.

Last came Tarcisus, a being high above mere man, follower of the path of light, the balance of good that would bring light even to the depths of evil.

The story that was told between the warriors in that room was a tale of pain and anguish, betrayal and death for such was the path Rakoth had trod his whole life. It was the only thing he knew, the one time he had felt true love had been slashed away from him the night he awakened to his power.

They had ridden out at dawn, with the sun’s first rays tracing there steps through the forest. But the lush greenery did not last, and quickly they found themselves in less hospitable grounds. Rakoth had chosen a small meadow, and there they had stopped.

After an uneasy conversation, about what to do with there first objective, the bandit camp to the north, Darius stalks off into the stony plains. Darius did not go far for he returned moments later, in the arms of Rakoth, after having passed out of an intense fever.

With Zadok’s intervention, the young mage’s temperature is dropped down to a normal level, and the conversation resumes:


"No need to wait for me guys. I'm perfectly allright again. As long as we're not fighting particulary strong enemies yet, I'll be just fine. A bunch of thugs won't do me any harm, none of us I think. I still say we fry them all and keep one alive, who then is so scared that he'll tell us everything we want to know, but that's just me. Go ahead as you guys want, you know my opinion. As long as you know that I'm ready again. Really, I feel a lot better already."

What Darius said was true. He did feel a lot better, his temperature had dropped to a normal degree again and he didn't feel hazy or confused anymore, and he knew that he was ready for the right. He simply felt it, as some people just feel a thing is wright or wrong. But enough of that nonsense, Darius just felt fit again.


Posted by Bad_Kharma on 09-02-2004 06:35 PM:
"A demonstration of power would do. I could simply take all their weapons away, a few magnetic fields and all is done. I don't think they will be foolish enough to attack us unarmed. Second, maybe Darius should have just stayed home, who knows, maybe he'll have another fit in hell and we can't afford to worry about him there."

Ingold just kept staring at the sky, not caring whether his words were heard or not. During the entire varing for Darius, Ingold had done the same thing, knowing he wouldn't be able to do anything anyway.


Posted by Rakoth on 09-02-2004 07:38 PM:
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Rakoth did not respond on Darius' behalf, he kept his position sitting, starring at the sky, basking in the sun light. His attention was fully focused on Darius' answer, he wanted to know if the young man could deal with it and even how he would deal with it. He wanted to know Darius, for this was a man who would one day try and take his own position in the armies. Rakoth held no ill will to the archmage, if he lost, he would be archmage, and the leader would be Darius. If he lost, Darius deserved the title more so then he did, it was for the best. Only the strong survived in this world.

How you used that strength was an entirely different story. For the good or for ill, if you were strong, you lived, if you were smart, you lived, if you were fast, you lived.

"Ingold, that is perfect, if we trap them, then we can get them to answer our questions. Darius, Zadok, and myself will create three firewalls, to seal off there exit. They won't have a choice to pass us if they want to go by, and we might get some info.


Posted by CUBErt on 09-02-2004 07:50 PM:
"Or I might create an actual wall on our path. But I think it would be the best to get Ingold take control over their armour, so they cannot retreat, but cannot approach us any further; with your plan you left them an option: attacking us. If we do as I said and as Ingold meant, I think, they cannot do that and will be forced to give us information."

[Out of Character: have you made a summary of the quest? It is starting to get urgent now.]


Posted by Paladin on 09-02-2004 07:54 PM:
"So what should Melly do? She is confused now. She needs answers, or she will have to suck on Raky's ear again, yes yes!"

Melenie laughed and clapped her hands, her Lance falling unheeded to the ground before her bare foot slid out, dextrous toes closing around the grip and flicking it back up into her grasp.


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Dude, ofcourse not! I would miss all the fun!

Darius had to wait for some others to reply to Ingold's first comment before being able to channel all his anger upon the Lightning Master.

"Look, Mister Ingold, I told you already, I'm okay now. I had a fit, yes, but that's over now! So don't you dare tell me to go home! I'm here to help Rakoth and am ready to give my life for his aid, something I don't think you would even think of doing. Since you're that little egoistic bastard, always thinking about just you, you and you. I was a bit surprised you even showed up here, in fact, now that we've started talking. I'd thought you would deem it more important to stay in your pretty Keep, instead of helping Rakoth. But somehow you came, but you don't seem to be much of a help. First you act like a madman in the Inn, then you disobey Rakoth by riding your horse anyways, although he tells you not to and then finally you insult me, thinking whatever. You really think you're quite something, don't you? Maybe even enough to insult me, because I would never dare to say anything back to you, the allmighty Master Ingold. Well, guess what, you were wrong and if you want to take this on, I'm ready!"

With these last words, Darius had gathered his Fire Energy and had pushed it into in his left-arm. As soon as the last word had left his lips, he had pushed the Fire Energy out, but had pulled it back in time again, so that his skin looked on fire. This state only stayed on for a split-second, for he started to pull back the Fire Energy and put it in different layers of his arm, until it finally reached his bone too, at which point his arm turned into Fire. (Fiery Touch).

Meanwhile he had quickly unsheated his huge sword, the sound of metal against metal screeching troughout their surroundings as the sword scratched against the sheat. Holding his sword in front of him, Darius looked at Ingold with a look that was so deeply insulted and angry that most people would probably fall on their knees, trembling and begging for their lives, if they saw it. He knew Ingold wouldn't do that but he didn't care.

'..If that bastard insults me one more time, I'll fry his ass!...How DARE he suggest that!...I'm taking this very, very, very personal and won't forget it!...How dare he!..'

Boy, I like this. Go ahaid BK, we could turn this into something fun


Posted by Bad_Kharma on 09-03-2004 03:25 PM:
"Yes, you are okay now, or so you claim, you were okay a few minutes ago as well before you collapsed. If you do that in hell, I'm not coming to your aid and neither should the others because we will have enough to do while down there. I won't stop you of coming, but do you even know what caused your fit? What's to guarantee it won't happen again and be your death indeed. Second, Rakoth is not my boss and he cannot order me around, no one can, I simply choose to do something or not. Thirdly, who's acting like the madman now, I'm just staring at the nice blue sky for it may be my last view of it while you insist on fighting the one who's magics will actually hurt the demons.

Now your behaviour here clearly shows you have not what it takes young one. What if a demon insults you? Are you just going to barge right at it, falling into his trap? Now I am here to help a friend and a fellow member of the armies, I am here because I want to be here. The keep is safe and I am here on clan business in some way, now I don't expect you to understand the burden of leadership Darius, after all, you are but a boy, but don't speak of things you can hardly understand. Some of my actions might seem selfish to you, but that's just because you are not able to see the bigger picture ... except of course when it comes to apples, I like apples, can't help it.

If you take my words as an insult, that's your fault, cause no where did I insult you, I just spoke my mind and worries as I'm sure the others are worried about this as well. Now you are right about one thing, I am a master, easily rivalling Delita, Blankwindow and maybe even Vincent, all the great ones. So be careful in your actions young one.

Now Rakoth, Ghorgrond is right, I meant to take the weapons away from the bandits if they might attack us. For one, it would render them helpless and two, it would be a demonstration of power. I think that after that, they might be more willing to comply with our demands, if not, I can always cut a few of them up a bit."

All the while, Ingold remained unmoved, keeping his eyes fixed on the sky, not caring about Darius and his drawn blade and simply enjoyed this beautiful day while it lasted.


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Rakoth was floored, he had expected some energy, no one could except such an insult and take it, he would need to crush all doubts. In hell there were no doubts, you could not trust your life to a man you didn't trust would come through for you. Rakoth had not expected this however. He did not see what was going on, but Darius’ tone set him on guard, and when he felt the outburst of fire energy Rakoth was up in a fraction of a second.

“Darius, you overstep yourself. Ingold is here isn’t he, I do not doubt his resolve, even if it is not for me, he recognizes the threat this army of demons represents. Ingold is the leader of the armies of the forbidden one; he has responsibilities, and he managed to find the time to come help one of the members of that army.”

“You have all been chosen, you have all been hand-picked by me, and there is not one here that I would not have with me in Hell. Darius put that away, and don’t you dare threaten one of the members of this party. Ingold was pointing out something out, clearly he does not trust you to hold up to the fires of hell, but this is not the way to convince him.”

Rakoth spun around to take in everyone in a sweeping movement.

“If there is anyone here that has any doubts about what we are going to do, I want it taken care of now. Once we reach that ridge, and traverse into the depths of hell, we are alone, and there is nowhere to go. The heat alone will kill you over time. That’s why I made sure we have three fire mages, because if all three of us fall, you won’t last more then a day in that heat. Now I want any doubts out in the open, so that we may address them now. If we don’t make it, the war could destroy a large part of this realm, and I doubt anyone wants that. Darius, Ingold, even the keep is in danger from the demons, my father will not have forgotten the humiliation you handed him Ingold.”

Rakoth face was calm, but his voice was raised, he would not let this group fall apart at the seams. He would not allow this to turn to fighting, not among these warriors.

"You are right Ingold, we should not harm them unless they choose that path. If they screw around with us, I will execute them, this is too important too be ruined by bandits"

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Delita stood up, slightly surprised by Ingold, but not so much by Darius' response.

Delita: "If it's all the same to you Ingold... I think it's my job to be the over-confident egotistical bastard of the party.... unles you wanna put me out of a job that is?"

Delita joked in an attempt to lighten the mood.

Delita: "But honestly, such arrogance is uncalled for Ingold, it's true I exhibit the same arrogance, but if you would please note, I've been killed for it and turned to stone for it once already, I would advise changing your selected path for fear of a similar fate."


Posted by Bad_Kharma on 09-03-2004 04:53 PM:
"What arrogance Delita? That I said that I was one of the most powerful lightning mages or the fact that I do not heed Darius' sword? I am one of the strongest mages and Darius' sword cannot harm me. If he strikes at me with his magic, he will make a fatal error for from the moment that fire touches my skin, Malakoth will be the lesser of your problems. I am simply enjoying what could very well be the last glimpse of nature I will have for I do not underestimate the place we are going and who we will be facing. That is why I need to be sure that no one is going to collapse in heel for we siply won't be able to afford it."


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Okay, I'll back it up this evening. Btw, BK, don't take this personal eh?

Darius saw the reason of Rakoth's words and turned his arm back to normal. He sheated his sword and gave Ingold one last foul look before turning his attention to Rakoth.

"I have one doubt. I don't know if I can continue this quest if Ingold keeps on insulting me like that. I might only be a boy, but I can do stuff a lot of others can't. And I want some respect for that! So if he continues on this path, I think I'll go home. I can take it from anyone, demons, scumbaggs, Dark Lords but from a friend... I thought him a friend, but the behavious he's showing right now, is making me doubt that."

Darius just hoped his words made any sense for he had spoken them quite fast, the frustration about the insult still hot and burning inside of him.

'..I will leave though...I can't continue like this, I won't be able to concentrate..'


Posted by Bad_Kharma on 09-03-2004 05:10 PM:
"What insults? You are a boy, a boy that can do a lot of things, but if you want my respect, you will be a responsible boy, thinking twice before he acts. Make no mistake, I am your friend and I am saying this because I do not want to see you dead. Go with us, prove me wrong and I will be glad, prove me right and I will have lost a comrade, another one. So if you come, you better prove me wrong."


Posted by wolve on 09-03-2004 05:21 PM:
"I prove you wrong? How 'bout you apologize to me, MISTER!?"

Darius felt his temperament (NOT temperature!) rising again and readied himself for whatever could come, be it a fight, an apology or a sudden leave.


Posted by Bad_Kharma on 09-03-2004 05:24 PM:
"Apologise for what?"


Posted by wolve on 09-03-2004 05:25 PM:

Darius felt it really hard to control himself now. First he was insulted by Ingold and then the Lightning mage was pretending nothing had happened!


Posted by Rakoth on 09-03-2004 05:26 PM:
"Darius, Ingold has a point, I do not think he means to demean you in any way when he speaks like this. I want to know more about you, you are a very interesting individual, and the fact that you are so young and have attained such strength is surprising to say the least.”

Rakoth took a deep breath, letting it out with a sigh, the crisis was blowing over, and things might even improve.

“Listen, Darius, you are the one I know the least here, yet, we are part of the same branch of the fire armies. I invited you at first as the leader of the Flames of Havoc, to test your strength and your skill. I see that I have no reason to doubt either. Now, you come because of your strength, you have earned my respect.“

“But you will need to learn to control yourself, your blood lust might get us killed, especially in a place such as hell. There will be a time when I will not be able to control the anger that gnaws at my soul. In hell, I seek my father, and nothing, I repeat nothing will be able to stop me from taking his head. I embrace that anger, it drives me now, but I keep it controlled, if not I will fall in my father’s trap. He has something prepared; he would not be the deamon overlord if he didn’t have contingencies. It is why we must control our emotions, we must never underestimate the cunning my father has…”

“Now Darius, stay with us. I know how you feel, I was much like that when I was younger, full or anger and hatred. I would kill first and ask questions later, I would delight in suffering. But if there is one thing I have learnt in my fire training, is that a cool head always prevails. It is a lesson newly learnt by me, and I do not consider myself in the least bit perfect yet. The point is we must try.”


Posted by pstr2blvia on 09-03-2004 05:33 PM:
**Zadok had watched the verbal battlings with mild concern. He realized that such conflicts within the groupd would be detrimental if carried over into the pits of hell.

Last thing we need is infighting within our very ranks.

**Slowly rising to his feet, the elven priest moved over to one of the trees and leaned up against the hardy wooden trunk. He tongue and watched Rakoth to see how he would handle the situation.

He is the leader of this group, it is placed upon his shoulders to maintain the peace. If things get out of hand I'll step in, but until that point, it is his responsibility.


Posted by Bad_Kharma on 09-03-2004 05:33 PM:
"What did I call you that was an insult?"

Posted by wolve on 09-03-2004 05:34 PM:
Darius snapped his head so he was looking at Rakoth. The Fey'ry had experience with this, Darius knew that by now, as did the others. After staring at the Fire mage for some seconds, he spoke. His voice was icecold, clearly showing the surpressed anger beneath it. Everyword was spoken with a emphasis, Darius taking his time.

"Look, Rakoth. I'm perfectly allright, as long as Ingold a-po-lo-gi-zes. Since he's the almighty one, I don't think that should be a problem to him, WOULD IT?"


Posted by Bad_Kharma on 09-03-2004 05:41 PM:
"I have nothing to apologise for, I never insulted you, it is you who percieved it as an insult. If you will only stay when I apologis, you can better go home because I have nothing to apologise for. You can act like a child all you want, it simply proves that you still are one and that a mission like this is not up your alley. So either shut up, act like someone who has your powers and prove me wrong in hell or go home."


Posted by Rakoth on 09-03-2004 05:52 PM:
Rakoth had been wrong... Things were not getting better. Both parties were used to there strengths, used to be the leading force behind any argument.

"Darius, I think you missed my point, Ingold did not insult you. I am afraid I did not hear the insult in his words if he did. I must admit, it is scary that you fall prone in the middle of a rocky plain. If such were to happen in Hell, it will be very hard to get you any immediate help, who knows what would have happened had I not followed you. I will trust you if you tell me that you are fine, but what Ingold means to impress on you is the fact that you need to be a hundred percent sure, because after this, it gets dangerous."

Rakoth looked to the sky, it almost looked time to leave. They weren't leaving before this was resolved thought.

"Ingold, that last comment was uncalled for, let him explain what he thinks, and then we can be on our way."

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7th September 2004, 08:54 PM
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Delita was quickly growing tired of the trivial bickering between Ingold and Darius, and though Ingold comanded respect from all around him, so did Delita, and his time as a general taught him that in-fighting led to death.


Delita said, obviously enraged as he glared at both Ingold and Darius, he wasn't entirly sure if Darius would make a rebuttle, but Delita was confident he could back up his words against Darius, it was Ingold he was truly concerned with, if Ingold took offense then there might be a problem, but again, Delita was not one to allow his country to fall into jepordy again.

Duke Manboy IV
8th September 2004, 05:44 AM
Ghorgrond had been listening to this pathetic conversation the entire time, while semi-focused upon the green grass and the pointy rocks surrounding them.
While people all around had been yelling, insulting and unleashing their anger upon each other, Ghorgrond had simply picked up a rock and started playing catch with it.
Finally, as Delita had given the others a piece of his mind, Ghorgrond stood up. With his arms crossed over his chest, his legs spread open and an annoyed expression upon his face, he placed himself behind Delita's right shoulder, covering the Lightning master in shadow, and he spoke.

"I concur. Instead of fighting each other, we should better leave to engage combat with the demon army. I know it might be a shocking suggestion, but I guess that's just who I am.
Ingold, yes... I know what you are thinking, you haven't fought yet and you haven't insulted Darius as he claims you did, but please drop this completely ridiculous issue and move on with the rest of us.
Darius, listen to your old friend and relax. You aren't being level-headed at the moment and the last thing we need is people freaking out for nothing.
This is aimed towards all of you... If we are acting like this against each other here on Earth, how would we treat each other down there in hell? I suppose I'll get killed by Rakoth right after I chopped off Tarcisus' head?
Shame on you and let us move on."

Ghorgrond had spoken like a father speaks to his little son when the boy has been bad, yet with the power of a king, a mentor or one of the ancient wise in his voice.

8th September 2004, 07:50 AM
Rofl, we ROXORS indeed! And don't you dare play big shot general all the time, Delita. Darius would prolly go mad!! (That is, if he isn't mad already.)

Oh yeah, guys, expect Darius to act like more and more from now on. (Just warning y'all).

Darius' temper suddenly dropped as Ghorgrond spoke. Though Delita had only enraged him some more, the giant viking had calmed him down. He didn't want to quit this quest so he decided to calm down and behave from now on.

'..Though I will not take it that someone doubts my powers!!..'

"Sure, I'm fine Rakoth.", Darius said speaking trough his teeth to prevent himself from shouting again. He was clearly still pissed but he kept himself in line this time.

"You can count on me. I'll pretend as if nothing has happened between me and Ingold, if he does so too, agreed?", Darius said sticking out his hand towards the Lightning Master.

8th September 2004, 08:32 AM
**Zadok remained rooted to his position against the tree trunk, his face showing a mixture of concern and impatience. Normally the priest would have tried to intervene in the situation and calm things a bit, but he decided to let the others do so. When Delita had spoken, Zadok realized that if Ingold so decided to resist Delita's command there would be a powerful fight. As if to punctuate Delita's words and to offer the warrior his support and backing, Zadok allowed a small wave of fire energy to radiate out from his body, the energy causing the temperature to spike for but a moment. Normally Zadok would not have done so, never liking to "flex his muscles," but the situation was beginning to get out of hand and Delita might need support.

How is it that we are supposed to challenge the gates of hell when he can barely maintain civility in our own ranks?

8th September 2004, 09:06 AM
Ic: Tarcisus stood up when he sensed the conversation escalating. There were others intervening already, but he wished he had been earlier and gotten in a word himself. He spoke under his breath to himself, not wishing to fuel the fires burning here.

"I have seen nations torn asunder for such trivial disagreements. I do not want to see my friends torn apart as well. Save your energy for hell, young squire Darius."

He didn't lay a hand on his weapon, or even a thought on it. He just stood there calmly, trying to allow them time to figure it out fo themselves. He wanted to give the mortals time to learn it rather than his butting in constantly. Plus, Rakoth needed to keep his troops calm anyway, it was his responsability. He heard Ghorgrond mediate with some wise words - or wise enough for his age, that is. being an immortal, Tarcisus had many many years to build up his wisdom; mortals didn't exactally have that luxury. In response to the viking, he only looked at him calmly, not even moving, just blinking. He turned then to look at the cave. He spoke loudly enough for them all to hear.

"Let us go. If anyone has a suggestion for how Zaddok and I shall conceal our natures, let them speak now. I, myself can only hide like some may have seen me do before, if no one is looking or waiting for me, so I would not be able to employ this against these bandits."

This mere cloak is not enough... Let us not waste a second more than we need to. We have a world to save.

Duke Manboy IV
8th September 2004, 09:21 AM
"Disguise won't work. First, we cannot hide my size. Secondary we cannot hide the fact Zadok is a priest, and we cannot mask the fact we are an extraordinary band of people at all.
We should try the technique with the Lightning masters in our presence I say, then they can know our true nature."

8th September 2004, 11:04 AM
"I agree with Ghorgrond, I think a show of force is the best solution. If Delita and Ingold would each take care of there weapons and armour, I believe we can convince them it is in there best interest to answer us truthfully."

Rakoth walked up to his horse, he was getting impatient, and Rakoth was too. They had waisted just enough time on the argument thought, and now they would ride until dusk.

"We ride now, until dusk, when we should leave our horses. The trail get harder and harder for them to follow. Now if Ghorgrond had that warg, he could ride it, but that is for later. Now Delita is right, we have a kingdom to save, and I want to get there as the scouts get there, so that they may know exactly were this rift between worlds is."

Rakoth mounted his horse, and waited for the others to do the same. He was still stunned at the strength in his beast, but he started to understand what had happened. Seems like lightning masters had skills Rakoth had not thought of. That or Tarcisus had used his healing magic, but Rakoth did not think the imortal would waist his magic so trivially. Ingold or Delita however, would think of such a small detail, and use it, to make there ride better.

"We ride!!"

/ooc Alright, Ingold is back tomorrow, so we won't face the bandits until then, for now we can just do what we are best at...

8th September 2004, 01:04 PM
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Darius was glad the argument with Ingold had finished. Though he had taken Ingold's doubts about his powers pretty bad, he was getting tired of wasting so much time with it. So, walking over to his own horse again, Darius slowly relaxed a bit. Slowly a slight rush of embarrasment rose in him but he quickly suppressed it with the thought that he had had a point, maybe not such big a point, but it had been a point.

'..And that's that...Now focus on the Quest again...You got some villains to slaughter and some friends to protect in hell, so let's get to it!..'

Dismissing all thoughts and feelings he'd had, he jumped on his horse and waited for Rakoth the lead the path. But before that happened, he wanted to be sure of something and he quickly made his horse walk over next to Rakoth's. Turning his head and slightly bending over towards the Fey'ri, he spoke in a soft voice only audible to Rakoth.

"Hey, I'm serious about being ready. Though I did have some sort of weird stroke or something, I do feel I'm ready now and I will be of the best service I can be in Hell. I am willing to give my life in this Quest, so please have confidence in me."

Hoping that Rakoth could atleast do as Darius had just asked, he sat up straigth again, not really caring if Rakoth would answer, only happy that he had said what he had wanted to say.

Duke Manboy IV
8th September 2004, 01:10 PM
"We have confidence in you Darius, believe me.
We trust you and your knowledge about your own body."

Ghorgrond spoke with a confident smile while going towards Rakoths horse again.
He needed all his focus for the mighty steed though, so he turned around and looked deeply in the beasts eyes. Obviously the horse had already accepted him as a rider and a friend, since it didn't hesistate to give Ghorgrond the chance to mount it at all.
As soon as the mighty Viking sat on top of the horse, he spoke once again.

"We have wasted enough time. Let us ride out and meet those bandits."

8th September 2004, 03:58 PM
"Do not worry Darius, if I had not the greatest confidence in all of you, you wouldn't be here. I trust you all to keep me each other, and myself alive down there. I also trust you will do whatever it takes to end this threat to this plane. That includes stopping me from doing anything too stupid... In that, I don't trust myself...To at last see my father, and have him in my grasp... That would be something I could never hope for... But with you, I believe we can stop him. But do stop me should I do anything stupid."

Rakoth started to ride, the pace wasn't too fast, but he wanted to clear the rockier part of the trail. They hit a smoother road within the hour, and they rode like the wind.

8th September 2004, 04:43 PM
Delita was relived that the argument had finally blown over, but he also knew that Darius hadn't taken his words as was intended, but that was besides the point now. The group had begun to move on and Delita was not going to be left behind. He took to the air again, levitating a few feet off the ground and flying along side the others.

Delita: "So a display of power it is then. If our ranks do not impres them, Ingold, then we'll just have to show them just how shockingly powerfull we are."

Delita said, chuckling at his own joke.

9th September 2004, 10:35 AM
Ic: Tarcisus knodded, agreeing with their descision.

"I for one, prefer stealth over brute strength, but so the leader has decided and so it shall be done."

He lept on the horse he bought, and petted its hair (mane). He turned it to face the direction they were going in. He waited for Rakoth for a signal to go, then he'd kick his horse with his ankles to send it off at a gallop. He wondered what the inner levels would be like, but he shook his thoughts off, not wanting to think of it more than he was forced to. His stomach growled. He wished he had brought more provisions.

No matter, I shall hunt something to eat later.

He wondered when he'd get in his daily sleep, since they would be riding untill dusk. He wished Christy could have come with him, but it could not be helped. He gazed at the horizon ahead of him, thinking about such things.

9th September 2004, 11:12 AM
Comforted by Rakoth's words, Darius relaxed some more. He gave his horse a kick in the side and it obediantly followed Rakoth's horse. They went slow for a while, the rocky path preventing them from a gallop, but after they cleared the rocky part of the path, they came to a wide grassland and the tempo raised quite a bit. For the first time in his life, Darius actually liked the wind blowing against his face, giving him some rest as if blowing away all aggression and anger that had just been hoping up inside of him. Though it might have been smart to give his weird stroke from just a minute ago some more thoughts, maybe thinking of a way to prevent it next time or to come up with an answer to what it was that had hit him, the wind prevented that, for Darius' mind was totally cleared from all worries, or even all feelings, but a quiet peacefull nothingness. Slowly he closed his eyes and faded away for a bit, completely trusting the horse to follow Rakoth's and stop whenever Rakoth's did.

'..Ahh, I love this..'

Let's get on with it. The filler posts are even beginning to bore ME, though I did like this one :D

9th September 2004, 11:59 AM
**Zadok chuckled to himself as the conflict was settled, though to the priest it still felt that the alliance was a shaky one at best. But Rakoth had spoken, and as leader of this band, his word was law. Walking back over to Tiph'Arah, Zadok took his water skin back from Rakoth and cupped his left hand in front of the mare's mouth, pouring water into his palm to let her drink and refresh herself. Shaking the excess water from his hand, Zadok gently patted her cheek and then ran his hand down her neck.

"Just a bit further, we're almost there."

**Leaping up onto her back, Zadok whispered something close to the mare's ear. With a soft shake, the mare began to follow behind the others, pulling up alongside Tarcisus. Suudenly there was a flash of heat and a weight fell upon Tarcisus' shoulders, the cloak that Zadok had been wearing now lay upon the man's shoulders.

"Though Rakoth deems force necessary, a bit of stealth never hurt anyone. That is my Cloak of Shades, the mask of the Rangers if you will. It should hide you from sight, making it a bit easier to sneak up on someone. Simply return it once we are done here."

10th September 2004, 04:35 PM
Rakoth smiled as Zadok thought of something for him. He had not been aware of the magical properties of the cape Zadok wore, he had probably seen its use before, but such trivial details had eluded him during there short conflict.

Those details are things I should remember, we need all the advantages we can get, especially in Hell.

Rakoth berated himself for that, but before long, he had stored away the cape’s property in his mind, ready to be brought up when they would need it. As for stealth, Rakoth was stealthy in his own way. After Zadok’s words, Rakoth thought about himself, the giant could not hide his height, but Rakoth could at least hide his heritage.

It took him a small moment of thought, and the light seemed to gather around him for a fraction of a second, twisting Rakoth’s image. The light faded, and there was Rakoth once more, still clad in his black battle armor, but now with the features of an elf. The ash gray skin had turned a peachy, more natural color, and the black leathery wings had disappeared.

He looked around, his black hair was still tied together under the black armor, and his pointy ears were still very visible. He inspected the rest of them, and smiled. He did not look too much out of place, not among this group, there were too many warriors, and they had the bearing of men who were always ready for everything. Expept Darius, who seemed to enjoy the ride more then anything, his eyes closed.

Rakoth brought his thoughts back to the road. They had already ridden for a few hours, and it was an easy ride, up to there. The terrain was changing slowly, it had kept an easy rise for three miles now, and the rise started to become more pronounced. Boulders were more common, and the grass less. Trees had all but disappeared, and they seemed to be entering into what was going to be a wasteland.

And they rode on, Rakoth keeping his eyes on the surroundings. An ambush here would be impossible, the terrain being more or less flat, a mountain started to show on the clear horizon. The day was coming to an end, and the sun was just beginning its decent. Soon it would be behind the mountain and shadow would cover this land.

It was another hour before the sun finally started to dip behind the mountain, dusk was settling over the land, and the mountain ranges stretched out to the right and the left of the path. The mountains were massive, stretching high up into the skies, and the terrain wasn’t getting much easier. Old lava flows had marked the landscape, and boulders blown in odd positions suggested this had been near an active volcano, and the way they were headed, and the boulders were strewn about, Rakoth had a gut feeling the rift was in an abandoned volcano…

And they rode on, into the mountains. The sun was casting its last light on the pink sky when the terrain became completely rough. It had been hard going for the horses, and his steed was starting to tire. He felt the beasts heat against his leg, and his neck was covered in a sheet of sweat. They could not go on, not on horseback.

To their left and right, cliffs of rock climbed high into the darkening sky. The passage itself was easily wide enough to pass through with there horses, but they could not ride anymore, this was a terrain more suited for pack mules, and their chargers would only slow them down.

“This is where we say goodbye to the horses, they will slow us down, and we have less trouble if ever we are ambushed. I think we are safe, but the man who had traveled this pass told me the bandits were getting fiercer, causing merchants to travel around the mountain range. The bandits even littered the path with boulders, making it impossible for an organized force to root them.”

Rakoth thought a few seconds.

“I think they will still attack us by the fork, it is the easiest place to strike, and the spies they have will most likely think we are too dangerous to take in closed spaces. “

/ooc Ingold, you better be back, and Darius post in our spar.

Duke Manboy IV
10th September 2004, 04:50 PM
Ghorgrond looked around and some kind of awe seemed to have his heart clenched in its fist.
A sudden change went trough the landscape as grey replaced green and trees were gone where rocks appeared.
They seemed to have ridden for hours while the ground had been flowing underneath their steeds feet, when finally the sun kissed the approaching mountains with its last rays and disappeared.
The fellowship was left in the darkness of the mountain, where every little sound was three times as creepy as it would have been in other circumstances.

Ghorgrond though, a full-blood Earth mage, had the time of his life.
Without letting any of the others notice he tried to use his magic upon these rare rocks and immediately he found out it was far more easy to manipulate those mountains then anything he had ever done.
Finally Rakoths horse slowed its pace and so did all others.
As the Fire mage told the others the trip would continue on their feet, Ghorgrond couldn't help but sighing in relief.

I thank you for what you have done for me, but I'm glad I can continue this little journey trough the mountains on my own legs. Thank you once again, for allowing me to ride your back.

With a short and quite grim nod Ghorgrond acknowledged he was ready to continue.

10th September 2004, 07:08 PM
Delita enjoyed the trip in silence for the most part, the mountains reminding him much of where Parague was built, though it snowed more and was more or less covered in white than gray, but it was still a peacful ride, not something Delita often enjoyed now, what with his new responsibilities. The sun had set and set the group in a dim shadow with only the moon's limited light to guide them. The horses pace slowed, and Rakoth issued the order to dismount. Delita landed lightly next to him and glanced around at the mountain trail they were now on.

Delita: "So... attack us at the fork will they? No matter, either way they will either fall or submit, unless they have the aide of powerful mages capable of matching our strengths, which is highly doubtful."

11th September 2004, 07:04 AM
Uhm, BK told me he was going to give up RP'ing!! Yeah, I know it's shocking news and I tried to talk him out of it, but the farthest I could get was a vague half-promise that he would see if he would simply go easy on the RP'ing, thus staying in this Quest and this Quest only. Ofcourse he'll just do as he pleases, but it might just happen that he would be totally gone from the RP'ing in GUA (Cuz' he said that IF he was going to do anything, it would probably Modding, more then RP'ing... :()

Second, I loved your post Rakoth, really wonderfull, but for one little mistake which I, perfectionist as I am (I even better sentences my teachers speak, almost automatically) couldn't stand. You used there instead of their!! You meant something that was theirs, but you typed there as from a place!! I'm sorry to bother you with this, 'cause your post rocked, but I just can't stop myself from typing this!! (Maybe I should see a shrink :p)

Thirdly, I will post in the Spar, but I'm just having a writer's block on that one. I always have difficulties posting in a Spar, since I often find my posts too short, repeatative or just totally sucking, so it might take a while before I have a post that I find good enough. I will post though! I haven't forgotten our Spar!!

Okay, enough of this OOC crap, time for some IC-action, though it'll be a filler once again :p

Darius had opened his eyes once again as soon as the horses had slowed down in order to be able to climb the rocky path. He'd grabbed the horse's manes to keep himself seated, since the path wasn't an easy one, not for the horse nor for the rider of the horse. As soon as Rakoth's horse stopped, Darius' horse did so too. Rakoth told them that they would go on by foot from now on, so Darius jumped of his horse and whispered some words of gratitude in its ear. Letting it stride of with the rest of the horses, Darius took a good look around. Like any Fire Mage, he reckoned, he could feel a weird source. A heat source. He had seen the magma down the road and guessed that the place they were standing at, or atleast near, had been, or even worse: was, a vulcano.

'..And a very active one too, seeing the multitude of magma that has deployed itself around here..'

He didn't make much of a fuzz about it, for since there were supposed to be bandits around here, the vulcano had probably been non-active for quite some time now. Looking at their leader, atleast that was how Darius saw him right now, he wondered what would happen in Hell. Would it really be that hard? Or would Zadok, Rakoth and he himself be able to withstand Hell's preasure long enough?

'..Well, I know one thing: it's going to be one HELL of a trip!!..'

Chuckling about his own joke, he waited for anybody to start walking down the path, he not wanting to be first himself. While he waited he made a mental note to remember that joke, since he really liked it and was sure that it would be loved by the others.

12th September 2004, 05:11 AM
OOC: Ya gits could have told me this was back up. I was lost before the move, now I'm totally out of it . . . Ah well, now to reinsert the utterly insane Melenie in a suitably insane manner. Fun fun.

Melenie jigged from toe to toe, waiting for the horses to move on.Though she herself had no problem keeping up with a horse, even one at a full gallop, that didn't mean that she could do it forever, and no horse would bear her. After all, she smelled like a predator and the fact that she continued to stab herself in various places with the Lance of Longunious didn't really help either.

"Hell, here we come, yes yes? Hot, Melly willneed to cool everyone down with much water and a lil ice, maybe, yes?"

12th September 2004, 06:23 AM
Rofl, nice to have you back!! Btw, there's a Spar between you and me, waiting for you to post in! Check the AotFO thread, first page, or PM BK about it :p

Darius smiled at Melanie's remark.

"Haha, no need to cool us down, dear Melanie. Atleast, not me and I reckon Zadok and Rakoth neither. We're Fire Mages, remember? You know the saying: 'Some like it hot.', well... that's us! We like it hot! So, no need to cool me down, though I thank you for the offer."

A sudden joy fell over Darius as he saw Melanie. In her madness there was a lot of grief but even more innocence. Darius didn't know if Melanie knew what was awaiting her, but if she knew, she seemed not bothered at all.

'..Ah well, after all that has happened to her, Hell isn't that worse a place for her...How sad..'

12th September 2004, 07:07 AM
"As you say Dari, if you think so. Demons coming by the by. Can sense them now yes yes, like a chittering on the corner of my skull. Sorta hurts, but it knida tickles too. Gonna kill Demons. Make it go away. You all help, yes yes?"

Duke Manboy IV
12th September 2004, 07:14 AM
Ghorgrond spectated Melenie's hyper-activity and her childish, innocent attitude.
He was sort of stunned by the way she had suddenly started talking as if her life depended on it. He had the feeling that if one would address her she wouldn't even hear it and keep on chittering into the air.
Though the Earth master was very powerful and normally always knew how to handle certain situations, he didn't have any idea how to talk to Melenie or how to get her calmer, if needed.
He ran forward and walked next to Rakoth, whispering something in his ear.

Rakoth, did Melenie take enough of her medication, if any at all.

12th September 2004, 07:25 AM
The sad but honest smile stayed on Darius' face.

"Yes, ofcourse we are going to help you slay the demons. We're all here to help Rakoth in defeating his father, remember? But we won't let anything happen to you, you can be sure of that. We'll all be there for you, as long as you know that."

Darius sighed. What he feared about this trip wasn't necessarily the thought of going into Hell, though that was a scary thought all by itself, but the thought of how to keep this group together. Would they all survive. Could Hell drive them apart? Could Rakoth's father make them go insane and slaughter eachother? Could he make Hell such bad a place that if someone was suddenly striked down, they would leave that person, only wanting to save their own ass, like Ingold had just explained he would do if Darius would have another stroke.

'..I won't leave anybody behind, atleast, I don't plan to...But can I, or anybody in this group for that matter, keep up that promise?..'

12th September 2004, 08:07 AM
Melenie giggled and stabbed her foot with the Lance of Longinous, before looking up at Darius, her head on one side, her eyes focusing into lucidity

"You think me mad, don't you? All of you think me to be insane. I held off an entire tide of Demons on my own, whilst all around me, my friends where slaughtered one by one in the most horrifc manner imaginable. Why then, should I not take the Tiger Fish Venom, to drive myself into madness, where sanity leaves me haunted by their faces, their screams as they die? I may be mad, but sometimes, at the heights of my insanity, I'm happy again."

12th September 2004, 08:12 AM
"I don't think you're mad at all, Melanie. I do not really know you, so I do not yet judge you. You might think me a young foolish boy of fifteen, who does such things, but you are wrong if you do so. I believe you have great power, if you're capable of fending of tides of Demons on your own. Maybe the powerfull are always mad, I don't know. But I have confidence in you, Melanie. I believe you might even be one of the most powerfull members in this party. Do you believe me?"

Darius had frowned a little bit as Melanie had stabbed herself in her foot, but his face had quickly turned to normal again.

'..It's the Venom...But she's right, what else can she do?..'

Rakoth needs to post quick, before a whole page gets lost to this :p ;)

Duke Manboy IV
12th September 2004, 08:15 AM
"I think you have drowned in madness indeed, Melenie. But then again, I have met more insane people and have a very strong, confident relationship with some of them. Being mad isn't always bad indeed, and in your case I would even recommend it. Be as mad as you wish to be, please."

12th September 2004, 08:39 AM
/ooc You are right Darius, about the their and there… It’s my greatest flaw in the English language. I always make that mistake; I will try not to anymore 8P. I thought I had Pmed you Paladin,

"We are not in Hell yet, and we have other objectives first, you are right thought, I can sense the presence of demons already… This is not right, my senses for that are very weak, it’s a bit like a resonance, I feel them, but that means he, or they feel me coming. I believe this might be a little harder then we thought.”

It had not occurred to Rakoth that his father might have started to send out agents into the world, people that would corrupt some bands of men into unwillingly serving his designs.

“This adds a twist that I had not thought about, these bandits probably have a leader that isn’t quite human if you get my drift, it will make our task harder, but I don’t think one demon will be quite a threat, not physically at least. Act normal, we are getting closer to the fork, at least, I think I make it out in the darkness over there….”

Rakoth pointed to an outcropping of rock in the path. The mountain cliffs loomed ominously to their right and their left, making the darkness around that that much closer. The moon was out, and what a moon it was. Here in the mountains, it shone brightly in the sky, bathing everything in a silver glow. This allowed them to see quite well despite the dark walls that enclosed them.

Rakoth was able to see as well in the dark as in the daylight, and he didn’t doubt any of the others had that skill as well. But he had the point of the group, in front with Ghorgrond. They slowly approached the place Rakoth had pointed, and the fork started to be visible in the moonlight.

The path did indeed split off, one smaller path going upwards into the mountain, two gaping holes of black, the shadows of the mountain blocked all light from going any further, ensuring that an ambush could and probably would take place there. The darkness was heavier around those hills, but Rakoth knew it was just a trick of light. There was no dark magic in the air, no here. He did not know about the others, but the cool rocks messed with his fire sense, not allowing him to verify was really was beyond that ridge.

There could be fifty man, and I wouldn’t know…

He whispered to the rest of the group.

“Be on guard, and act normal. We want them to strike at us.”

Duke Manboy IV
12th September 2004, 08:47 AM
While the night grew even darker, Ghorgrond silently strode next to Rakoth, slowing his pace from time to time in order to give the others a chance to keep up with him.
Everywhere around him, Ghorgrond saw things not actually present and everywhere he looked, shadows had been deformed into dark, horrible creatures; this was what darkness did to the world: it corrupted it and made it its own realm where it reigned for ever, until light would come to chaos it away once again.

Indeed light came from behind the next high top. A mysterious, white silver like light covered the entire road while they kept on travelling on. This light was spread by the moon, and beautiful it was, mysterious and fragile.
Accept for Rakoth only few words were spoken, adding to the vigilant atmosphere, where every single sound was audible and every single breath was heard by all.
Ghorgrond, walking in front next to Rakoth, lightly unsheathed his sabre with a hidden, very subtle gesture. He did this to prevent the sword from being frozen into its scabbard, something not quite uncommon at this height.
Yet didn't take it in his hands in order not to scare away the bandits, and walked on trying to keep his size slightly hidden.

12th September 2004, 08:56 AM
Darius fell silent as Rakoth warned them. His sword, hanging over his left shoulder, pointing diagonally down towards his right hip, suddenly felt a lot heavier. Though he had gladly continued his conversation with Melanie, he knew that the time had come for them to be silent and on guard, so he surpressed his desire. Coming up towards the darker part of the upwards going path, Darius thought he heared something. Maybe it was a local animal, scurrying away in fear from the newcomers, but then maybe it was one of the bandits that was about to attack them.

"Sssh! Did you guys hear that too?", Dairus asked as soft, yet as clearly audible as he could, meanwhile slowly bringing up his right hand towards the hilt of his sword, ready to unsheat it and strike down an enemy within a fraction of a second.

12th September 2004, 11:42 AM
Ooc: I too shall be leaving the world of RP, but totally, not just posting. However I shall finish everything I started. Maybe like in a month and a half- more warning than SOME people, lol jk.

Ic: Tarcisus knodded as Zaddok offered the cloak. (ooc: you DID give him a cloak, didn't you?) He dismounted upon Rakoth's signal, pointed the horse in the direction home, and sent it galloping off.

I can't blame it, this place reeks of the stench of evil.

A drop trickled down his forehead, and he wiped it off. He just then realized that the horse wasn't the only one of them to be sweating. The celt could taste the salt of his persperation in the back of his nose as he breathed. The air was thin, yet seemingly heavy on the lungs. He slipped on the cloak that was draped over his left arm. He oddly felt more secure wearing it. He walked silently up near Darius, but keeping close to the mountain's face and down low. Barely a rock or pebble moved as he stepped. He quitely unsheathed his weapon, pointing the tip of the longsword out in front of him, as if some strange prod, looking for an invisible foe.

I too can sense the demons; they are close. They know we have arrived and I fear a trap. ...They are coming...

12th September 2004, 12:03 PM
Delita softly walked up next to Rakoth, his boots making a soft tapping sound against the rocky path, however the sound was not carried on the wind due to his soft steps. He stopped, taking up position next to Rakoth, opposite Ghorgrond, his right hand resting on the sword that was at his side. The yellow emrald on the hit glowing softly in the glow of the moonlight.

Delita: "Let them come, none, man or demon, will claim victory this day."

Delita said in a hushed yet stern tone, he gazed around, his limited fire abilities were near usless, and any use of his lightning abilities might give the group away, if theur presence wasn't already exposed.

12th September 2004, 02:55 PM
OOC: Sorry, but gotta do it.

Melenie sniffed the air, giggled and squealed aloud with delight. She bolted towards the shadows, her Lance held above her head, her lith body pounding at the ground as she ran, still laughing and squealing.

"Demons and men, yes yes! I come! I kill you all!"

12th September 2004, 04:48 PM
/ooc damn, is everyone leaving… Ohh well I am staying !!

Rakoth kept moving forward, his breath even, and his stance unchanged, it was critical that they get close enough to keep surprise on there side. As they drew closer, the darkness seemed almost too heavy to be real and it reeked. Something was going to go down here, Rakoth was sure of it.

They had walked barely twenty feet before the first sounds pierced through the night. Rakoth waved his hand quickly, and a wall of fire formed in front of him illuminating the battle scene. For a brief instant, the night erupted, before a sheet of pure fire blocked everyone’s sight. In the brief flash, dozens upon dozens of men of all shapes and sizes were running under the cover of night.

Wood crackling as the arrows aimed at the party were halted by the wall of flame. Rakoth waited for a few seconds, and the wall disappeared, letting the night invade the small vale once more. Rakoth crouched and unsheathed his sword, the cold ring was a subtle sound against the charging of the men they were facing.

“Now would be a good time to start doing something.”

12th September 2004, 05:51 PM
Ingold did not understand why people were overreacting in this way, especially not Delita and Zadok. He was just trying to enjoy what was left of this day, meanwhile pointing out a fear he had as well. After all, he did like Darius, the boy was one of his arch mages and he simply didn’t want him to pass out in hell and get killed in the process. Then again, Delita’s behaviour had been a bit more temperamental then usual, something that had been demonstrated on Tal’vorn and maybe Ingold was worrying about the wrong guy. To add to that, Zadok, normally the wisest and most calm among them suddenly decided to flew his muscles and ignited as if to remind Ingold about the fire that had consumed him so many years ago. The priest of the One should have known that such a thing is not a wise approach when he is to calm Ingold.

Why is everyone so agitated? For once I am the calm one and everyone insists on getting angry. Delita and Darius have suddenly become quite temperamental, their mood swings almost unpredictable. Zadok should know better then to unleash his fire against me, he has seen what I can do, but what can you expect, after all, he is but a fire mage, priest or no priest. The only ones remaining clam are Ghorgrond, Rakoth and me, seeing that one is a Viking, the other a half demon and I’m just me … that’s all quite strange. What has come over them? Has Malakoth already started to spread his influence? None the less, I do not need this shit.

“Who do you think you are Delita, my master and commander? Might I remind you that you are not the only one with a kingdom to protect? I go where I please out of my own free will and to follow the duties I have to the ones I protect. I was here out of my free will, but seeing all the hostility, I can see that I’m not wanted here. I merely wanted to enjoy the rest of this day or what was left of it before I would step into the underworld itself and risk my life. Instead, I got people yelling at me from all sides and threatening to attack me with the element I hate the most, an element that has put me through more pain and agony than hell itself can offer me. For what? Because I am not afraid to speak what you were all thinking? I bid you all a good day, for what is left of it anyway and I shall disturb you all no more. Have fun in hell, god knows that one day, I’ll meet you all there again.”

With these quite angry words, Ingold hopped on Asfaloth and rode off, back the way he had come. Few would be able to follow Ingold if they wished for now the white steed was allowed to go all the way, riding at his fastest and all Ingold could do was hold on and hope not to fall off. Even the horse of the apocalypse would have a hard time catching up. But Ingold didn’t think they’d follow him for they had bigger fish to fry and thus, that is not why he rode so fast. But when someone insults Ingold, Asfaloth can’t help it but being insulted as well as the two of them share a close bond, much like Seris and Rakoth. This said, the white steed opted to show his contempt by lifting his hooves and letting the others bite the dust, literally as the departure of Ingold and Asfaloth went combined with quite the cloud of dust.

It didn’t take long for the white horse and it’s black rider to disappear out of sight, soon lost within the thick vegetation of the nearby forest. As usual, the ride offered Ingold some peace of mind, for the first few seconds that is. As he clung to the horse’s neck, the troubles of the world slowly began seeping into his mind again and he realised he couldn’t just turn his back on the others. They didn’t seem themselves and there can only be one explanation for that, hell has already started to expand its influence. Even Asfaloth seemed infected for the steed had never run this fast before, the anger and rage with which it rode clearly felt by the rider as the breathing of the white steed became almost demonic. His loud neighing echoing through the lands, the air leaving through his nostrils turned into white flames by the cold air and it almost seemed like the horse had gone mad. After about twenty miles, Asfaloth began to slow down as instead of infusing the horse’s cells with energy, Ingold began to leach them, calming the horse down and soon bringing him to a halt.

“Well, now that I have calmed down and you have calmed down, we can both think straight again. Do you really think it is wise to leave the others behind my good friend? Didn’t you notice you were not yourself? I on the other hand am never myself so no one ever notices that I’m not myself except when I am acting like myself … never the less, I cannot leave my friends behind in their hour of need. Thus I shall go back, you on the other hand will warn the troops, just in case we fail. I don’t think the armies of Parague would object to a thousand extra men when facing the legions of hell. But troops need to be gathered and that takes time, so, I shall send the rangers of the forest ahead to scout and take down whatever they can in preparation for the army to arrive. No half measures this time, the entire army will head out, if it is not needed, all the better, it will only cost some money … a lot of money now that I think about it … argh, I got to use it for something.”

Thinking his plans out loud, Ingold quickly scrabbled down his orders on a small peace of paper and put it in one of the saddlebags. Stroking Asfaloth over the neck, Ingold said goodbye to his noble steed and sent it off to the keep of the Forbidden One so that preparations could be made. From what Ingold had seen so far, hell had already started to move its way into this realm and it had caused the group to split up, it had caused Ingold’s departure and that did not bode well for what was to come. Failure was a word that now haunted Ingold’s mind, this being the reason why he had called upon the full strength of the armies and together with the troops, the warlords, mages and commanders would make their appearance as well, representing the elements of this world in a final showdown against the troops of the underworld.

First however, he would get his shot, and taking to the air, Ingold quickly made his way back to where they had set up camp. Hovering but inches above the ground, Ingold travelled over the dirt road once again, dust flying up behind him as trees flashed by next to him, one curve in the road appearing after the other at high speed, moving beneath him as if the earth beaten path had become a live snake. It did not take Ingold long to arrive back at the small camp, but the others had already left and he could not blame them for it. After all, they had to think about the bigger picture. By now, night had fallen and the moon had made it’s appearance, slowly taking over the task of the sun as the last rays shot over the horizon, colouring it in a bloody red.

A bad omen of a warning of things to come? … Luckily I don’t believe in that stuff and I know that this is caused by the bending of light around the earth’s atmosphere … I bet Cedric could explain that better though. I am behind them though, these tracks are an hour old, I better make haste.

Staring upon the mountains, encircled in a red veil caused by the last sunrays, Ingold lifted himself up from the ground and followed the tracks as fast as he could. But as night fell, he could not follow the path the others had made any more and once he reached the mountains, he was completely lost as to where he, or the others were. Luckily for Ingold, a mountain does not pose a barrier for him for he can simply fly over it. Soon, he found himself upon a path leading further into the mountains, whether this was the right path or even the right mountain was another question. It was all he had to go on for now though so drawing his cloak tight around him, Ingold slowly hovered his way further on the path. He was virtually unseen despite the moonlight, the darkness present here was enough for the cloak to hide his bearer in the shadows. Suddenly, Ingold came to a halt though, realising he had just passed a fork and that Rakoth had spoken of such a thing. Looking around, Ingold tried to find some tracks of the passing group but instead, found several men, lying and waiting in the darkness, their eyes piercing the night and staring upon the path ahead. Ingold they had not seen though, nor had he seen them in the beginning.

Ow crap, just my luck, I’m in the middle of this sjit. Why did I have to leave? Cursed be my temper … wait a minute, if they are still here, the others have not passed yet which means I’m here before them. Huh, I must have cut off a piece of the road as I flew over the side of the mountain. This can only prove to be in our advantage … woe on thee you lowly bandits for Ingold is in thy midst mwhoehahahahaaaaa … why do I always come up with cool things to say when I can’t actually speak them?

But long Ingold did not have to contemplate his next move for down the road, hooves could be heard and five men now approached the fork, halting a few feet away from it. Silently hovering himself to behind the bandits, Ingold waited to see what would happen next. Yet, this could easily be guessed as now the men lying in cover became active, taking new positions while several archers knocked back their night arrows. The strain put on the bowstrings clearly heard by Ingold who was rather close to it all. Soon enough, the strings were released and the arrows were launched through the air and suddenly, a bright wall of flames illuminated the area and Ingold’s person.

For that short moment, a dark cloaked figure could now be clearly seen behind the band of bandits, standing in the middle of the road. Solemn and still, much like a Wright, his face unseen, his body as skinny as a skeleton, hovering a few inches above the ground. An undead who had descended from his burrow to feed on the souls of the damned and this night, there were many of them or so it seemed as the bandits crawled from their hiding spaces in front of him like ants. Yet, the bandits didn’t notice him for their attention was fixed on Rakoth and the others and as the fire died away, so was Ingold’s shape absorbed by the night once again.

I wonder if they saw me? If they don’t know it’s me, they shall know soon enough … let’s go to plan A, magnetic fields

Slightly raising his arms, Ingold flipped his wrists as he was going to shoot a bolt of lightning from them. Barely had he made this move, or the metal equipment of these robbers took to the air. Swords, shields, daggers, arrows, all left the hands of these simpletons and flew away from them, to that lonely unseen figure in the middle of the road behind them. Now that figure revealed himself though, for as the metal equipment circled around him in a deadly wall of blades, several sparks began to circle the lightning master who now slowly strode forwards. Bolts began to jump to the blades and other captured equipment to the point where so many bolts sparked within the globe of weapons, that the entire area was illuminated by it. Now the bandits had no escape, to their front stood Rakoth and the others, to their back stood Ingold, ready to slay them all if needed. The only option left was to surrender, after all, they had no more weapons.

“Give yourselves up and we might just spare your lives. We have demonstrated our power, do not force our hands in taking your lives. Make no mistake though, I have killed many people much like yourselves and have no problem in doing it again”

OOC: once again I wrote a post at 4am so if you don’t understand it, that’s completely normal, neither do I at this point.

And yes, before I forget -> Mwhoehahahaaaaaaaaa

12th September 2004, 10:11 PM
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Delita had sheilded his eyes slightly as Rakoth's wall of flames erupted before the group, incinerating the arrows before they could hit their marks. As Rakoth prepared to do battle, Delita could only stand there, chuckling, for only moments later Ingold had granted them an impressive display of stealth and power. Delita simply walked forward clapping his hands, stopping only feet from the band of men that had so recently sought to kill Rakoth and his entourage.

Delita: "Haha, I was wondering when you would decide to help, I hope you don't think you had me fooled, the energy you were expelling trying to find us was detectable for miles, and it's not exactly like you don't have the power to use, it'd be difficult to mask all the energy you give off when your angry, but aside from that, he's right, give up or you'll all be dead in a heartbeat, I promise."

Delita said, drawing Draconus from it's sheath. He held the blade in both hands, in front of his chest. He lowered his stance, shifting his weight to his leading left foot as if he were to charge the enemy, but instead he remaind still, gathering energy for an obvious attack should the bandits decide to fight on.

13th September 2004, 08:02 AM
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2) Wow. I'm actually describing his sneaking up on someone. I've never done that before, lol.

Ic: ____Earlier____
The trees rustled as Ingold and his horse zoomed by. The leaves spoke to each other with one voice. The woods knew he was there, and they did all they could to fight away the dark cloud of evil that spat out of hell and was prevailing on so many minds. Even the stronger ones. But the earth and nature could mysteriously counter it. There was no explaining it to simpletons. Only a few knew the true secret. The forest attempted to calm the rider and the ridden. Not even the lightning mage would really understand or perhaps even realise what was going on.

Just then, a wooden figure stepped from what appeared to be, the inside of a tree. A wood nymph in form and habbit, her figure was svelt and slender, like the tree she had come from. She had a distinct, protective, motherly spirit towards the trees. She felt it was her duty to protect them as well as those in it. She felt an enormous sense of pride and fulfillment at doing so; after-all, she was one of the many spirits and things who helped preserve the world of good. She had almost no "clothing" on, unless moss and leaves were considred clothes. Her figers were branches with green leaves, as was her hair. Her body was of the same wood as the tree she had left, and her feet had small roots. She looked calmly upon Ingold, silently strengthening his will against evil and calming him. He left very soon, and she smiled- that is, if nymphs smile. She spoke to the other trees, which formed a natural circle, as if statues of a council. Her voice was airy and light and echoed a little. She seemed to have the voice of the wind, and only an earth or Bio mage could hear anything. Whether they could understand it was another question.

"My sisters, friends. We must help them in this battle. For if they do not win, we shall perish as will everything good in this world. This is a final stand and we must make our alliance.

___Not Earlier___

Tarcisus covered his head with the hood as the wall of flames proivided cover from the enemy arrows. They seemed aimed at the main body of the group, and they must not have seen him. He slowly stood up more. As soon as he sensed a familiar aura, and saw the bandit's weapons and such being stolen away, he took immediate advantage of the situation. He fly over to the theives and went for the one who looked like their leader. The bad guy didn't see him coming, he was too focused on Ingold's presence. Tarcisus landed right next to him, at an arm's reach. He put the edge of his blade up to the man's neck. He was completely silent in doing so, and the man would most likely not see what was happening.

"Give it up, mortal."

Ooc: I've talked about doing it and finally put her into something. Oh and Kharma, you want people to critique your posting? Well, I happen to be a critic. Muahahaaa... Ahem. :D You're talking about Ingold flying around after calming down, but it's not clear what exactally happens to the horse. You emphaize it so much during the rest of the post and suddenly you abandon telling about it, contradicting yourself and making the writing less effective, though it is a great post otherwise. Not to mention it's unclear if your character is flying WITH the horse or not, even though I can tell he isn't; that isn't stated anywhere, so I can't be certain or not. Well there you go, haha. WHO'S NEXT? LoL, j/k. But seriously, I just want to help you make your writing better.

13th September 2004, 08:08 AM
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**After giving his cloak of Tarcisus, Zadok had ridden along in silence; his thoughts running a myriad of directions. From the scroll that was safely tucked away in his satchel to the destination of the band of warriors, to the previous encounter with the now missing Ingold. As if these thoughts were not enough to occupy the priest's fractured attentions, Melenie's conversation brought to mind the images Zadok had seen when he had helped her within the Tal'Vornian Magus Council. The images of demons and devastation crashed upon the priest's conscious like the thundering of waves upon rocky cliffs. And still Zadok's mind would not sit still, the usual calm and peaceful thoughts obliterated but the cascading memories and doubts.

What is this that would trouble my thoughts so? Why does it feel as if my mind is not my own, as if my thoughts are not in my control? Unless...

**Zadok closed his eyes in the darkness, letting Tiph'arah find her way behind Rakoth. The priest focused his thoughts and his mind upon the peace that should flow through him, the peace that even in the midst of great turmoil should abound from his thoughts. And as he focused upon the tranquility, his body slowly relaxed, his mind now coming to ease. (Jedi Fortitude) It was then that Zadok realized what it was that was causing the disturbances in his spirit.

Hell has become more active, more agitated than usual. That you explain the infighting that the flared tempers.

**As he thought this, Rakoth gave the order to dismount, the path narrowing too much to allow the safe passage of rider and mount. Sliding from the mare's back, Zadok tenderly patted Tiph'arah's side. Reaching into his satchel, Zadok removed the scroll he had been reading from the night before, securing it into the saddle bag upon the mare's back.

"Take care of yourself and of the cargo you carry. I will see you when this is finished."

**The mare reared up on her hind legs and turned to gallop back down the path, fading in to the shadows and disappearing from sight. Zadok watched her retreat with a smile before turning to face the others in the group and follow them down the path. As the darkness closed about the group, elongating shadows and obscuring views, Zadok began to rely upon his other senses, specifically Heat Sensing. In fact, the moment before Rakoth formed the wall of flames before him, Zadok had detected the band of men hiding in the shadows. He was about to raise the alarm when the wall of fire obliterated Zadok's Heat Sensing, the massive surge of thermal energy feeling like a bright light turned on in a dark room. When Zadok opened his eyes and the fiery wall receded, Zadok looked upon the now disarmed band of men with a smile. He could just make out Ingold's form beyond them.

That was rather fortuitous...

**Zadok approached carefully, his hand stretching out to allow the fire energy that encircled his body to gather and form into the priest's favorite weapon, his Staff of the Chosen. Twirling the seven foot staff about his body with expert precision, Zadok smiled as he looked at the bandits. Should any of them attempt a fool hardy attack, the priest would be ready.

15th September 2004, 03:42 PM
Rakoth had his blade out, and calmly walked forward into the group of men. He knew no one would attempt anything, not in the state they were in now. He smiled at the performance of the group, everyone had acted quickly, and had avoided any bloodshed.

Some men were bleeding, struck by the weapons they had carried, but Rakoth did not notice, or did not care, probably the latter. These men were terrified, never had they been confronted with any real resistance, and nothing of this scale. The merchant’s guards usually weren’t paid enough to risk their lives putting up a fight, and they had thought their numbers had insured a quick and decisive victory. They had not expected the powerful mages they had encountered, or even the being that held their leader.

Rakoth made his way to Tarcisus and the leader of the bandits. The men looked defiantly at Rakoth, no fear in his eyes, only the cold calculating mind of a man who would try to get his men out of this mess. Cold sweat ran down the man’s neck, and he smelt awful, hell the whole group smelt bad, very bad.

Rakoth stood close to the leader, staring at the man, reading his eyes, reading into his soul. This man was no threat, not know, he knew strength when he saw it, and this group were very strong.

Rakoth raised his voice, letting it echo along the walls.

”You are our prisoners, for now you will cooperate. I do not need to tell you the consequences of any misbehavior. Anything at all and you will die…”

Rakoth was interrupted by the scuttling of feet as one of the men close to the edge tried to dart away, Rakoth nodded towards Ingold, fully aware that the lightning mage would do what was needed to give an example. He had not intended to hurt them on purpose, such rabble was beneath his concern. But if one was allowed to leave, it would dampen the effect the heroes had upon these men. Rakoth waited until the man was taking care of before continuing.

15th September 2004, 04:32 PM
Immediately four blades shot from the mass circling around Ingold, catching up with the man within seconds. The first two blades slid at the man's knees, effectively immobilising him and delivering a great amount of pain. Yet, it was only meat that was hurt, the following two blades though went straight through the knees and the kneecaps. A terrifying cry of pain echoed through the mountain as this was a very painful and cruel was to make someone stop. If he lived, this man would never walk again and that was the faith Ingold had in mind for this man. He will not die this day, but he will forever remember it.

The bloodied swords now simply returned to Ingold, dripping blood all the way and assuming their role within the dome around the lighting master. In the distance, the wails of the coward could clearly be heard as he grasped for his knees, slowly bleeding to death if nothing was done. As said before, Ingold wanted to have this man live and regret this moment for the rest of his life as to set an example of course.

An opening as a door appeared within the wall of blades and Ingold simply stepped through, leaving the dome of twirling blades behind him, creating quite the nice lightshow in the moonlight, though terrifying to those it would be used against for many sparks jumped between the many blades as well. Soon after, Ingold arrived near the fallen bandit and blankly stared at his knees. Fear came to the man's eyes as nothing could be seen of Ingold's face, only a black void. To him, Ingold was a terrible wraith, here to feed on his soul. This was not only because Ingold was dressed entirely in black and because his face could not be seen ... he had the figure for it.

All those apples finally paid off

Slowly, Ingold moved his hand towards the bleeding legs, two bolts shooting from it shortly after cauterising the wound in an extremely painful manner. Now the man simply passed out, his body not able to tolerate the pain any longer. Taking the man by the collar, Ingold began dragging him back to the fork, yet he was satisfied with dragging him a little bit closer for his physical strength didn't allow him to haul this man all the way.

Once back among his comrades, Ingold simply stepped within his dome of blades again, closing the 'door' behind him. The blades shifting back into position.


15th September 2004, 05:51 PM
/ooc Thanks BK, just what I needed, thought I would have settled for a kill, but this is sooo much more fear inspiring.

Rakoth observed the leader as he stared at the wounded comrade, he could almost feel the rage building, and the tension of the man’s muscles straining to keep himself under control. He was not used to keeping himself under control, he was used to acting, and ruling through strength, and not cunning. Who knew how many men died by that single man’s sword, who knew how many games of cards these men had shared with the cripple. Here strength was the law, and under these circumstances, Ingold had done the man no favour letting him live. He had forced the man to a life of torment and despair, a worthless existence where he would starve.

Rakoth knew these thoughts; he could see them, echoed in the man’s face in front of him. He could read his eyes, the hatred the man bore to this group, this small group. He could even feel the man questioning themselves… Where had they gone wrong… The answer was simple, they had attacked the wrong party.

“Now that you all know what, we are capable of, I think you will be cooperative, yes?.”

Rakoth voice again boomed around the small passage through the rock. It held no contempt, but it held no warmth, he was merely stating fact.

“Now we are looking for your leader, and I know he is not here right now. We wish to speak with him. We do not want anything to do with you, unless it is to talk with your leader.”

Rakoth let the information sink in, looking at the rest of the men, they had not dared move since their friends death. This was going to plan, it was going very nicely.

“Now are you ready to talk”

The man before him opened his mouth to speak but only a gurgle came out. Rakoth’s eyes widened in shock as the man slumped over Tarcisus’s weapon a black arrow in sticking through his breast.

“It’s a trap!!!” Rakoth dove to the ground as arrows rained from above. A shaft imbedded itself into Rakoth’s shoulder. Rakoth twisted aside, tightening his teeth in pain, as he felt for the arrow. He put his hand to it, and gasped… It was freezing cold. He looked to the arrow wound, and the arrow was completely black, and had gone through his armour.

“Magic arrows… Damnit…”

Men were dying all around him, most of the men had been struck down, and those who hadn’t been killed were dragging themselves away, trying to find cover under the corpses of there friends. It was no use, the arrows seemed to ignore the dead, and went straight through any of the physical armour.

Rakoth got back up and weaved between the arrows, trying to get closer to the others in the group. He grasped his shoulder, the wound burned horribly but when he tried to pull the arrow out, it had dissolved…

15th September 2004, 07:54 PM
Delita's eyes widened when he saw the man slump over, and then Rakoth ger hit with an arrow. Magic arrows as far as he could tell, and it they were, magnetic manipulation would do no good, they would need to take evasive actions, but Rakoth didn't look too be in the best of shapes with that wound, and because the arrows were black, it was near impossible to discern where they were coming from so they could mount a counter-attack.

Delita: "Don't try to block the arrows, if you manage to see them coming, dodge them! Rakoth are you ok?"

Delita said, sheathing his sword and sprinting forward towords Rakoth, a few arrows hitting just shy of Delita, he made a diving lunge for Rakoth, hoping to grab him, and created a powerful magnetic feild below him, hoping that if he were succesful in grabbing Rakoth, he would be able to pull him into the air, and hopefully out of danger.

Duke Manboy IV
15th September 2004, 11:41 PM
"Delita, Rakoth... Don't be foolish, come here."

Slight panic could be heard in Ghorgronds tone, as he saw two of his friends isolated from the others, in the middle of the rain of magical arrows.
To the Viking they didn't even seem to move at all, and powerless he felt because of this, since he wasn't able to help them; a third man leaving the group would be the most retarded thing they could do.
Suddenly Ghorgrond heared the sound of an approaching arrow, and though he manage to duck away, he found out he was the perfect target with his size, as more arrows came.
For a moment he pondered joining Delita and Rakoth: he took a step towards them, then changed his mind and stepped back. Then he wanted to join them once again and moved closer to them for the second time.

This was his mistake; before he knew it, three of those arrows had burried himself in his skin. He had one in his right shoulder, one right above his knee and one in his right arm.
The pain was immense, yet Ghorgrond still had the common sense to crawl back to the group.
He managed to pull the arrow near his shoulder out, but right as he grabbed the one above his knee, it desintegrated, and so did the other one.
The pain slowly disappeared, but what was left was a strange tickling, as if something was still going on in there; the wound in the shoulder was a normal flesh wound though and probably wouldn't bother Ghorgrond in the future.

We cannot see them. This is where I show my little tricks to fool the enemy. I'll teach those invisible archers a lesson.

Ghorgrond rose his arms and clenched his hands to fists.
One could see him brace his muscles and the look on his face became more grim, as he jerked his arms down again and struck the ground with a huge strength.
The entire area started shaking, only for a moment. Yet Ghorgrond and several others fell, and obviously they weren't alone: the archers had fallen too and were brought out of their concentration.

"This is the moment to counter-attack them!"

16th September 2004, 08:32 AM
Rakoth braced himself for the volley of arrows that he knew would end his life. The arrows were coming from all sides; the first volley had come from the sky, but this time they flew straight at them. They could not see this new threat, but Rakoth knew they were surrounded. Rakoth was trapped, he held his sword, but his right arm was injured at the shoulder, and he could barely keep it up, let alone deflect the magical attacks.

His armor made it almost impossible to make the fey’ri out in the night, the enchanted steel concealed him, but not perfectly. Rakoth ducked under another arrow. The end was coming, and he was trapped. That was when he felt Delita’s hand on his back, pushing him to the ground. Suddenly he was propelled into the airs, with Delita holding onto him.

Without a moment of hesitation, Rakoth used this respite to concentrate on his own darkness. He weaved the spell perfectly, ordering the shadows he could hold in thrall, ordering the weak immaterial beings to follow his orders. Then Rakoth began to fade, slowly he was turning shadowy, wispy, and his form was blurred. He extended his hand and touched Delita. It took the spell barely a second to react to the new host, but Delita started to turn to shadows himself, a cold feeling prickling his insides in a moment of discomfort. Rakoth had not expected Living Shadows to work on Delita, but it had just saved his life. Two arrows had just passed straight through both of them, and had whistled on leaving them with a strange feeling where the arrows had passed, but otherwise unharmed.

Rakoth motioned to Delita to let go, and he started to plummet once more, landing in a crouch, he rolled on his right shoulder. The pain was excruciating and he collapsed, he tried to get up, but felt a tremor shake the battlefield. The arrows had stopped temporarily, and Rakoth looked over to where Ghorgrond had fallen, three stains of blood where he had been hit.

Rakoth lifted both his hands to the heaven’s his palms facing the sky. A brilliant flare exploded upwards as Rakoth channeled the fireball spell in a strange way. Instead of exploding, it floating thirty feet above the battlefield, emitting an orange glow that lit up the silver rocks.

They were now visible to the naked eye, there new attackers. He knew they were not men, since there figures seemed to blur and shift like a cloud. His eyes widened as he barely made out the vague humanoid figures and there large bows. One of them had the empty bowstring pulled back, pointing straight at him. Rakoth twisted aside, feeling the arrow peg into his arm. He dropped his sword as the arrow bit into his bone and flesh.

He was up in a moment, the useless arm hanging limp on his side. He raised his right hand towards a few of the shadowy figures, and the ground exploded beneath them. They disappeared, vaporized by the fey’ri’s magic. Rakoth looked around, there were still at least thirty of them, and those were the ones the flare allowed them to see.

“Use magic, un-enchanted steel will not harm the shadows demons!”

Rakoth gathered his fire energy once more, readying a spell of defense or attack, whichever he would need.

16th September 2004, 09:31 AM
Delita had let Rakoth go upon request, but after he landed Delita began to regret that descision. However the enemy was now revealed to them, and Delita was planning on paying them back in spades. He quickly jerked around in the air and began a dive towords the ground that gradually curved untill Delita was parallel to the ground, he landed before a group of six of the archers. The turned and readied a volley that was intended for Delita, however as they got ready to fire, Delita's form began to haze and blur, untill his form was no longer there, almost as if he had comletly dissapeared, however his energy signature was still there, and very high, indicating he was using an attack. Though it was ifficult to see, his form could be made out bouncing from one archer to the next, aiming a precise slash at their torso's. He stopped on the other sde of the archers, kneeling and breathing mildly heavy. After a moment a flash of lightning appeared in front of each archer, planning on shocking them out of existence it the slash had failed.

OOC: One of the newer moves I had created before my stats were deleted due to my absent-mindedness.

Flash Cut: The user moves almost to quick to be followed by normal sight, bouncing from one opponent to the next, slashing at them, followed by a powerful electrical shock. (I'm gonna work out damage and what not later.)

16th September 2004, 10:07 AM
Sorry, I was away with school... (Don't ask)

Darius' reflexes were fast. Real fast. As soon as the first arrow shot out towards them, his Fire Energy had been pushed into his arm, by himself, and he had pushed it outwards. Though it flew outwards with great speed, Darius' reflexes were fast enough once again. He pulled the Fire Energy back making it stick to his arm, which now appeared to be on Fire. He then started to pull back amounts of the Fire Energy and put them into different layers of his arm. No sooner had he put the last of the Fire Energy into his bone, or his whole arm turned into fire, pure fire. (Fiery Touch).

He'd been fast enough, but only just fast enough. Because only a fraction of a second after his arm had turned into fire, an arrow shot trough it. It burned to ashes, but did Darius no harm.

'..Phieuw, but there are more of those coming..'

Knowing that, Darius didn't stop acting. A bunch of arrows was aiming straight for his head, torso and legs, so he had to act fast. Closing his eyes, Darius seemed to concentrate hard for a while, but after a single second in which he wasn't hit, a thin dome of fire had suddenly appeared around Darius. (Fire Dome).

Normally the spell took some time, but this time it had been so fast that no one could've seen what had happened. The arrows crashed into the dome, but they couldn't pass trough, so Darius had free space to move. Seeing that the others were busy attack the archers, he quickly ran at one, doing no attempt at all to prepare an attack. The archers weren't normal humans, but Darius hoped they could be hit by something. Moving fast, he came up to an archer and jumped right at him. What he was hoping for was that his protective dome would crash into the archer, killing the thing, whatever it was.

'..Hey, I just found out that this spell can be used on the offens too...That is, if it works..'

18th September 2004, 11:33 AM
Ooc: I went to the hospital the other day... i've been sick a while, please excuse my non-postage. I don't know how much I'll be able to post...

Ic: Tarcisus was surpised as the leader slumped right into his blade, with an arrow stuck in the man's back, piercing through his chest. He cast shield, a magical barrier surrounding him in a second. But it wasn't fast enough. An arrow got through, hitting him in his left shoulder. He winced at the effects. It was a magical arrow, disipating deep within his body. He could feel the burn and his fingers go numb slowly. The rest of the arrows bounced off his shield. He fell to the ground, but stopped the fall with his right arm and ran off.

I knew it was a trap... It always is...

Just then, a strange wall of magic appeared above him and some of the party. It was only ten feet wide, but it was enough to stop one volley. Enough to give them time. He grinned, knowing who cast the thorn wall. It was Christy. She had come. He didn't know how. But she had, and it was a good thing too. He felt better as she healed him with her magic. his arm was usable again. he knodded, knowing what he had to do. he couldn't see where she was, but he needed to take advantage of the situation. He cast focus, and saw there were spirits in the sky, raining carnage on them. He pointed upwards, yelling,

"They are in the sky!"

He cast guardian. An angel appeared above the protective roof. It started attacking the invisible foes, one by one. Tarcisus flew up also, around the barrier, and also started attacking them. as he came past the shield, he deflected a few arrows with his sword, since his shield was not enough to block directly shot arrows. he killed one, then two, then three of them. They were fast and difficult to predict. his angel got two before leaving.

ooc: have to go... woozy, bad post i know.

18th September 2004, 02:40 PM
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At first Ingold didn’t realise what was going on. One moment they were on top of things, the next it was absolute chaos. The first arrows were well aimed, taking out the leader with ease, while the others were still trying to figure out what was going on. But soon after, volley after volley of arrows rained down upon the warriors, the silence replaced by the screaming of the wounded and the shouts of those that tried to defend themselves against these invisible foes. But the taunting soon died away as well as soon all the simple bandits had been whipped out and only the party still stood … or flew or lied on the ground bleeding.

Many clangs could be heard as the arrows penetrated Ingold’s blade of walls, the metal proving little hindrance for the magical weapons used in this attack. Yet, most arrows flew over Ingold and a whole lot of them flashed by next to him and it seemed that being skinny had many advantages … for once. But despite the fact that Ingold could hardly be seen and that he was probably one of the hardest targets to hit, the mere amount of arrows that rained down upon them made it almost impossible to not get hit.

The blades began to move chaotic, some of them brought out of balance by the sheer speed with which the arrows penetrated them and if the attackers didn’t know Ingold’s position yet, they sure did by now. Every time an arrow hit, a spark jumped from the charged metal, emitting a bright flash in the process, besides that, the moonlight was reflected from the blades as well, resulting in one shiny globe in the middle of the field. On first sight this isn’t such a bad thing, was it not that the globe was bright enough to counter the effect of Ingold’s cloak. The first few volleys had gone unnamed, but now, many arrows headed straight for the lightning mage and it was impossible to avoid them all. But of course, Ingold was going to try.

The dome of blades gave away his position, but also gave him a warning for the arrows would have to pierce the wall of circling blades before they could reach Ingold, letting the lightning master know from where the arrows would be coming. But Ingold’s ducking and dodging did not prove to be enough as soon enough, an arrow made it’s way through Ingold’s upper right leg, sending a surge of pain through the mage’s leg. Immediately, Ingold grasped for the wound, falling to the ground as he did, the blades collapsing as well as Ingold had lost his focus. The sound of raining metal dominated Ingold’s area for a few seconds, only to be replaced by the whistling sound of more incoming arrows.

Clinging to his leg, Ingold tried to find the arrow that was the source of his pain, but it had already disappeared in a puff of smoke, not that Ingold had the time to realise that though as he caught a shimmer in the corner of his eye. The dome of blades had begun to fall and many blades were heading down on Ingold as well. In a reflex, Ingold created a strong magnetic field around his body the same way he had done when controlling the globe of blades, only now, it was a short and powerful pulse as this was not a controlled reaction. The adrenaline coursed through Ingold’s veins, pushing away the pain in Ingold’s leg for a moment while his heartbeat increased dramatically.

Blades were sent flying into all directions, some landing in some already dead bandits, others harmlessly falling into the dirt. Luckily, none of Ingold’s companions had been hit, unfortunately, none of the attackers had been hit either, not that it would have made a difference for mere metal could not hurt these creatures. Yet Ingold did not realise that until Rakoth illuminated the area, allowing everyone to shed their first sight upon the attackers. Their arrows appeared out of thin air, as a black mist seemed to manifest itself in their hands as they pulled back the string of their bows. But a second later, Ingold’s thoughts were confirmed by Rakoth’s words, but now, the adrenaline subsided within Ingold’s body and the pain came back, worse then ever. This was no normal arrow wound as the wound now felt icy cold almost burning the skin.

Once more Ingold clung to his leg, his attention shifting away from his attackers and his allies. He did not notice the earthquake caused by Ghorgrond or see Delita moving in at incredible speed, nor did he sense the build up of power within his fellow lightning master, but in slaying that group of shadows, Delita had saved Ingold’s life. A few of those had shadows had chosen Ingold as their target and the lightning mage wasn’t exactly making it difficult as he just lay their on the ground. The interference of Christy wasn’t noticed either, although nor the attack made by Darius as he jumped at some of the archers with his burning dome. In doing so, they had successfully relived the pressure upon the field for a while, enough for Ingold to gather his thoughts, biting through the pain and slowly getting up, looking around to comprehend what was going on.

Everyone was fighting somewhere else, their forces were split up, but the element of surprise was no longer playing in the shadows their favour. Their numbers began to dwindle as the attacks made by the renowned warriors gathered here to aid Rakoth continued. Ingold saw the guardian summoned by Tarcisus take care of those above, while Delita hacked at those shadows that were foolish enough to have angered him. But not everyone was fighting as now Ghorgrond caught Ingold’s eyes, three arrows sticking out of him. Luckily, none were at vital areas, but if Ghorgrond was experiencing the pain Ingold had now felt, he could only imagine what the earth mage was going through.

As Ingold saw his friend lying there and feeling the pain biting at his leg, that well known anger began to rise within him again. That empowering, yet blinding anger, that foolish anger that made one focussed on only one goal, making the rest of the world seem insignificant. Pain no longer mattered as it was no longer felt, the brain now deeming the signals coming from those nerves unworthy of any attention. Ingold stood in the middle of the field once more, although this time but few arrows headed his way as darkness once more became one with the lightning mage’s cloak.

Slowly, the blades rose from the dirt again, circling Ingold once more for a few seconds. In a cry of anger, A great amount of energy was released from Ingold’s body into the blades as many bolts arched away from Ingold’s body, striking at the encircling metal. For a few seconds, Ingold could be made out quite well again, his body found in the centre of a very bright globe of bolts. But as soon as the bright white light had come, it died away again, only to be replaced by an amber shade. Every single blade encircling Ingold now pulsed an amber colour, signalling that the blades had been charged with enough energy to launch a multitude of spells.

Observing the area, Ingold located the shadows revealed by Rakoth’s illumination spell and of course, that were not slain by the others yet. With a mere though, Ingold would be able to send this dome of charged blades after the shadows and cutting them up, using the energy stored within the blades to destroy these attackers. It would have been the easiest way, but when Ingold is angered, insanity mostly gets the upper hand. This would be a demonstration of power as Ingold knew a great number of spells that could be launched from a charged blade and right now, he had a dome of those.

Suddenly, three spinning disks of energy were released towards a group of shadows as three blades within the dome sliced at the shady attackers as to gut them from a distance. The shape of the disks quickly began to change as they made their way through the air, growing broader and longer. Soon enough, the three disks had been changed into spinning cylinders of bolts, sucking up the wind as they progressed. It didn’t take long for three lightning tornadoes to form, ready to take revenge for Ingold’s pain and of course the pain of the others hit, though that was not the thought that controlled Ingold’s mind right now.


Influenced by each other, the three tornadoes began to circle around each other as well, creating a deadly turning triangle. The winds would pull easily pull one apart and the energy stored inside every tornado now began to come out, filling the air around the tornadoes with many bolts. The shadows tried to flee as they saw the attack coming, disappearing in the darkness. But the tornadoes were a source of light a well and soon the three spinning masses had caught up with the devious arches, sucking them up into the core and unleashing the lightning energy around and within upon the easy new found prisoners.

Soon after, the same scene repeated itself, this time heading to another group while the first found tornadoes ‘patrolled’ the area to Ingold’s left, the second threesome taking control over Ingold’s right side. None the less, many arrows still rained down upon Ingold and his dome, yet now, the arrows were deflected if not stopped as the lightning energy within the blades was now great enough to repel the attack, now doing more then simply giving off a bright flash and giving away the lightning master’s position.

As if the carnage he was wreaking with his six lightning tornadoes was not enough, Ingold decided to do a bit of walking as well, heading towards the nearest shadow and with a flick of his wrist, launching one of his blades at the creature’s gut. Upon impact, the energy stored within the sword was released delivering a static shock to the shadow and thus sending him back to hell and his master to answer for his failure. Several more shadows fell this way and the last thing they got to hear was Ingold’s insane babbling.

"Who’s next? … you are, yek, yek, yek, yek … DIEEEEE!"

Duke Manboy IV
18th September 2004, 02:54 PM
For a few moments everything in front of Ghorgronds eyes became a void of what had been the dark sky and the ever present moonlight.
The magic in the arrows had started working, whatever it was, and Ghorgrond knew he would need a cure sooner or later if he wanted to continue this quest and his life.
He crawled up and noticed several things: a raging Ingold, the angel guardian he had fought before and each one of his comrades fighting an opponent in their own magical way.
A sudden shame came over Ghorgrond and clenched his heart in its iron fist. How was it possible that all were fighting and only he, a Viking, was doing nothing.

He immediately crawled back up; with his Zanbatou in his left hand and his entire body balancing upon his right leg and his hurt left knee.
He dragged himself forward until he had finally reached an enemy.
Before the ghost could do something, Ghorgrond simply hacked upon it with his mighty Zanbatou. This was a magical weapon and therefore was able to hurt the ghost.
For a mere heartbeat only a deep cut in the middle of the ghosts "body" was visible, but immediately after the foul being disintegrated to go back where it belonged.

"Come on, you cowards. Fight like a real man, in melee combat. Your futile arrows have hit me and I have survived, now fight me!"

23rd September 2004, 03:54 AM
Delita had stopped and turned to survey the carnage of the ensuing battle. It was obvious that Ingold had lost it, and that might come back to bite them in the asses, but now wasn't the time. Delita quickly moved away from the outskirts of the battle and towords Ghorgrond, coming up behind the giant, grinning.

Delita: "How are you doing? We'll have a look at those wounds after we've finished off these wretches ok? Can't have you falling on us here."

Delita said, his smile fading, replaced by a grim frown as he charged another group of Shadows, his form blurring again as he raced past the group of shadows, slicing into each of them, the slash accompanied with a powerfull electric shock meant to end their existence on this world.

25th September 2004, 09:55 AM
Ic: _____Earlier_____
Christy could sense where Tarcisus was, his aura was getting stronger as she drew nearer to him. Just as she was coming over the crest of the hill, she saw an ambush unfolding on her fellow warriors. She didn't know why all of them where there, but that was unimportant. She grimiced upon seeing Tarcisus be struck by strange arrows from above. She planted her feet in the ground as she cast her two spells. Instead of seeing a human on the hill, all anyone would see from far off was a tree. But if they were close enough and observant enough, they could see that it was, in fact, a tree nymph. Her wooden body stood firm on the hill-top. She summoned her staff with a flash-spell from her hand. One moment, nothing in her left hand, the second moment, a gnarled staff. She took in the air slowly, through her leaves, breathing in the air around her.

26th September 2004, 10:08 AM
/ooc Sorry for my inactivity, I haven't been able to jump back onto GUA for more then 5 minutes at a time, and that's not long enough to write something good enough for this party. I have a ton of work, and I will most likely have time for maybe one or two posts on this quest before the end of the week. As of the 30th of September I am pretty free, so I will be posting more again.

Rakoth unleashed the flaming energy he held in his grasp. The shadowy beings were getting cut to pieces around him now that they had lost there greatest advantage. Rakoth let his fire spells create the most damage, his limp arm did not allow him to use a sword properly.

He looked strange thought with one arm hanging weakly, and the other unleashing fiery chaos on the archers. The archers were not even running, they had not time, the party was too good at what they did. Quickly the shadow demons were disappearing into the void they had been spawned from, there existence on this plane destroyed by the magic. Even thought the party had not traveled much together, this was a first even for Rakoth, they had dealt swiftly with the threat. Rakoth let himself relax, his left hand on his shoulder as his body fought the corruption. Rakoth was himself lucky, being of darker heritage then most, his body had dealt with the corruption the arrows brought with them. Instead the slow throb of pain remained, pulsing in time with his heart.

He did not feel drained, the battle had gone too quickly, and the adrenaline flowed when he realized this was an ambush. Rakoth surveyed the scene around him, the bodies of the men they had caught in there own ambush strewn out around them.

How ironic, the ambushers are ambushed themselves.

They were dealing with a powerful enemy, who would stop at nothing to invade their homelands.

My father…

Rakoth bent down to the body of the closest dead man. The corruption the arrows had caused was spreading, even in death, like a poison in the man’s halted bloodstream. They would have to burn these men. Rakoth would not have a host of undead rise from this battlefield, and he remembered seeing somewhere that the arrows of shadow demons could spawn the undead. He had made demon lore a big part of his studies lately, but this had come from somewhere deeper.

He knew demons, he was only part of one himself, but he felt the black blood in his own red blood course through his veins. The taint that had made him different so long ago was know teaching him what he had to know. The body was instructing the mind, until one day, they would be one. Rakoth knew that time was soon to come. His father was the key to liberating the true force this body could create. That is why he was created, that is why Malakoth had rapped his mother. Soon the questions would be answered, for now, there lay more important things.

“Burn the bodies. If they are not taken care of, every single one of them will rise again, and they will follow us. I won’t have a host of undead to deal with as well as a host of demons. Oh… and can anyone do anything about my arm… I seem to have injured myself in the fighting.”

Rakoth managed a smile, and looked to the companions. They had been struck, but they stood proud, he knew it would take more then that to cripple this party.

Duke Manboy IV
26th September 2004, 10:22 AM
"I'm fine Delita, though I can feel the darkness flowing trough my veins. Not a pleasant feeling at all. I think we have won this insignificant fight."

Ghorgrond looked around once more, turned his head and glared down upon the dead bodies, before striding towards Rakoth.
Striding, as much as his wounds allowed it; three arrows had fully hit him and he could feel the cold inside his blood spreading itself quickly. He needed help and he needed it as soon as possible.
Every time the warrior heard a sound he rapidly took his Zanbatou and held it ready to fight, but every time it seemed to have been one of his comrades looking at his own status. Ghorgrond felt so stupid. He had killed but one foe and he had been severely wounded because of his own foolishness and fieriness.

This place thought us one thing. We didn't fight as a group, we all fought alone and were caring about ourselves only. We should work on that if we want to survive in hell.

"Could someone take a look at my wounds too. Not to be blunt, Rakoth, but I think I need more help then you do. I got hit three times and I have difficulties moving already.
How long before I turn into a demon, or whatever this magic does to me?"

26th September 2004, 10:36 AM
Melenie giggled and dropped onto Ghorgrond's neck, swinging lightly from his frame, her Lance of Longuinious held loosely in one hand, her face split with a massive smile, drenched from head to foot in black ooze and red blood, entrails and the occsionial finger caught up in her hair as she laughed and dropped a seven eyed head at Rakoth's feet.

"Many many many monster thingys feel the bite of Lance today. Not real demons most. Dunno what they where, but not real demons. Not Daemons either or we all still be fighting. Don't know. But there's a head anyhow."

She reamed off into another fit of giggles, clinging to the back of Ghorgronds head, her well toned legs cling about his chest.

26th September 2004, 10:37 AM
Rakoth looked up at the giant and almost burst out laughing. Rakoth felt the darkness in the three wounds spreading slowly in the vikings body, but the man was right, Rakoth limp arm was nothing compared to what he huge target had taken.

"Seems your size has gotten you in quite a mess. Do not worry, the corruption caused by the arrows won't have any lasting effects on a live body. It will cause a lot of damage, killing off the cells it tries to infect, but your body will fight it. I cannot heal you, but I can ease the pain. Here let me try."

Rakoth placed his hands on the first wound, letting himself feel for the darkness that was trying to attack the body. He drew the darkness from the wound easily, taking it into himself, transforming it into the dark energies he used to cast spells. That was the easy part, the pain was another story. He had been taught this little trick by LadyScorpion, a great teacher, and a mistress of the dark path. Had she not abandoned her teaching dojo, he would have fully invested his energies in the dark spells, and the training of the serpent blade. Coincidence had it that she was also a user of the powerful but hard to use serpent blades. Hers was one of great power.

A Shadow mage was adept at using feelings and pain to harm opponents. The crippling of one's mind as fear raced through a feeble mortal was an easy enough trick for Rakoth, and the inflicting of pain even easier. The real challenge lay in drawing out the pain. He applied this skill as he had seen LadyScorpion use it on Delita so long ago.
He made the pain part of himself, and drew a deep breath. Ghorgrond was not lying, he was surprised at the big man's hardiness, and why he hadn't fallen to his knee's yet.

The process of extracting the pain was brief, but Rakoth felt it stretch out over the seconds, turning them into centuries. He was used to this, and he quickly used his own strength to fight off his own pain. He lay his hands on the other two wounds, he had drawn the pain out from Ghorgrond's body, but the corruption was too local, he couldn't take it all in at once.

When he was done he stood up, breathing harder then after the fight.

"Your wounds are not healed, you need them tended, but the pain won't return for another hour. I suggest some healing so that it doesn't return at all."

Duke Manboy IV
26th September 2004, 10:45 AM
Ghorgrond wanted to shout in pain and anger when Melenie climbed him as if he was a tree, but he surpressed this urge to insult her, knowing she was not quite sane at all.
He couldn't handle her weight, no matter she felt like a feather to him; he braced and tried not to fall down like a bag of flour, yet blood was drawn to his face because of the labour.
Not to think about the pain he turned towards Rakoth.
Though he didn't really know what the Fire mage was doing, he trusted Rakoth and didn't complain in the least while his friend was "healing" him.
He first felt how his body was filled by a sudden heat again, and only moments later he felt his body being drained from all pain.
He could now easily carry Melenie and she even felt as if she wasn't there, so he simply ignored her and spoke to Rakoth.

"Yes, I understand.
We should better travel quickly then, to be at a place where I can be healed soon enough.
Delita, can't you have a healer of your kingdom join the group of scouts that are going to meet us?"

26th September 2004, 10:49 AM
OOC: Ignoring her . . .. ooooo bad idea ole boy . . .

Melenie laughed again and leaned down, clamping her lips around Ghorgrond's ear and beginning to suckle and nibble on it playfully, muttering all the while as she did so.

"Mmm, ear, nice, tasty ear for me to eat, eat your ear I will yes yes, lick and suck and nibble it to death I will until it's all gone and I'll have to find another to eat yes yes but yech, demon thingy blood on my lips and on your ear now, sorry I am, let me clean us both yes yes, clean water, cleansing water yes yes."

With a giggle water rushed out of the ground under foot, crystal clear and cold as ice, washing over both their forms and sluiceing away all the blood and grime, before leaving them as dry as a bone and clean as snow.

Duke Manboy IV
26th September 2004, 01:31 PM
Ghorgrond quite enjoyed the attention and only now he realized what kind of beautiful woman it was sitting upon his shoulders.
He started enjoying the heat her body emitted as she was chewing on his ear, yet before he could get really excited, he suddenly was flooded by a river of freezing water.
He shivered, shrugged and tried to ignore the girl once again, seeing the water as a punishment for his "sin."

"We should move on, I need this to be healed. Delita, ponder getting me a healer please."

I could have put in more porn, but I decided to stop here and not to talk about Ghorgronds giant penis (it must be huge.) out of respect for Rakoths quest.

26th September 2004, 01:35 PM
Melenie collapsed forwards again, her breasts pressing against Ghorgronds ears, her long tresses of blond hair dangling into his face, her chin resting on the top of his head. She fished in a pouch for a moment, before pulling out a small red potion.

"Tal'Vornian Healing Draught. Very potent, very rare, very yucky. But work very well yes yes. Drink drink and you heal quick quick."

26th September 2004, 05:25 PM
Ic: "I can heal your wounds, though it will take time and much concentration. I suggest we find a place of refuge and sanctuary, weary fighters."

An airy, unfamiliar voice said. The wood-nymph halted near the others, looking at them with her strange eyes. Deep within each of her eye sockets, was an eye-shape of magical energy, glowing yellow. She looked as if she bore no expression whatsoever, but a very practiced earth mage could tell emotions of a nymph; she was worried, but dwelled not on it, nor brooded upon it, so that even a dark mage would not know what she was feeling. For wood nymphs were highly resistant to dark magics, but extremely susceptable to fire. She looked at Ghorgrond in particular, seeming to be reading his tatoos. She spoke to him through the voices of the earth.

You have a power that you do not realize fully yet. I can awaken your senses and teach you what they are if you wish it. Your friends will have need of your strength. Carry their worries well, and this venture shall not prove pointless; this is your part in this story. Choose how it will be told.

She looked to Rakoth and also spoke to him, but openly,

"I see a darkness clouding your mind. If you were but to remove it, all would be clear, and you would not need fear anything. Lead your friends well, but do not falter, lest this quest will fail. The path laid before you is not straight, but you must not tred off of it. Find the light of everlasting day, and it will reveal the darkness."

She didn't dig her roots into the ground, since it was poisonous to all plant life. It was strange that a wood nymph would be so close to the fiery gates, and at least some were bound to ask why she was there. Suddenly, a body slumped to the ground. It was Tarcisus. He stood up and dusted himself off. His left arm was limp and waved about freely.

"I'm okay! Just took a tumble. I think we should find sanctuary soon though, before we go in. These arrows are more than you fear, Rakoth. I have seen a part of your thoughts, and these will do more damage the longer we leave them be. I know there is a grotto nearby; I have heard there are spirits there that can heal even the darkest of wounds. I hope my fear is incorrect, for our sake."

Duke Manboy IV
27th September 2004, 11:11 AM
Ghorgrond gladly accepted the tiny bottle filled with the bloodred substance.
He trusted Melenie well enough not to think about the risks of accepting a rare, possibly dangerous potion, but broke the neck of the bottle and drank all of it at once.
It tasted more like poison then it did like a potion, but while Ghorgrond turned green and wanted to shout it out once again, he felt his wounds getting better.
Soon he didn't even feel them anymore and could see them healing at a rate a mere mortal could spot it.

Then Christy arived, the beautiful, mysterious and sincere wood nymph.
She first spoke to Ghorgrond, confidentially and in a way he liked talking the most, using the Earth as their connection.
A friendly smile crossed his face and he nodded, while answering her.

I allow you to cause this latent power within me to be awoken.
But not yet... It wouldn't be wise not to keep it a secret. We mustn't let our foes know.

"Thank you Melenie, thank you Christy. Everyone all right and ready to move on? Rakoth... you're the leader, lead us."

27th September 2004, 12:04 PM
OOC - This is a massive catch-up post on my part.

**Zadok had watched the interaction between Rakoth and the bandits, a bit surprised to see the commanding presence that the hybrid elf could exude if he tried. Perhaps it was the fact that Zadok still looked at Rakoth as his student that made such a display impressive, like a teacher watching a student graduate or receive an award much later in life. Though Zadok knew that he had not taught Rakoth the powers of leading, it was still impressive to see, giving the priest a small taste of pride.

**But the pride quickly subsided as he watched the cruel torture that Ingold meted out upon the cowardly bandit. Though the priest knew that the bandit could not be released to run as he pleased, the action still made the priest grimace and shake his head. There was something about Ingold's manner and demeanor that seemed to echo the fact the man enjoyed inflicting pain like that upon others, a sensation that turned the priest's stomach.

**But the feeling and the emotions had little time to rest before the new sense of danger struck Zadok. As he was not completely focused upon Rakoth or the others, Zadok's Jedi Master Sensing going beserk as the arrows began to rain down upon the group. Instinctively Zadok's entire body transitioned from flesh and blood to flame and fire, the Staff of the Chosen exploding into flames before vanishing out of sight. The move could not have occurred at a more perfect timing as three arrows passed directly through the flames and only moments before had been Zadok's chest.

That would have definitely hurt.

**Closing his eyes, Zadok tried to use his heat sensing to find the hidden archers, but their movements and their shapes were distorted, a fact that was reinforced as Rakoth called out to the group the identity of the attackers. Now with a clear identity and the ability to see his opponent, Zadok quickly went to work, the flames blinking out of existance only to reappear directly to the left of a line of archers. Before the archers could react, the massive ball of flame and fire had passed directly through them, searing them with a heat that was only comparable to the very flames of hell. (Force of Flame)

**Zadok had never really used the skill and so the results rather shocked the priest, surprised by the sheer power of the spell that Alexis had gifted to him. But that surprise was short lived as instantly a searing pain shot through Zadok's right shoulder, curling up from just below his shoulder blade and engulfing his entire right arm in fiery pain, an arrow having found its mark directly in the priest's back. Without even thinking, Zadok turned completely 180 degrees and unleashed yet another fire ball much like the first, but this one had but one target, the archer that had struck Zadok. The ball orbitted the being, passing through the archer multiple times, each time searing a hole directly through him.

**A smile spread over Zadok's lips as he saw the strength of the attack once more. But the smile faded as suddenly his entire right side went numb. Before the priest could scream or even whisper a word he collapsed to the ground, the arrow in his back dissolving and leaving but a black hole in the priest's white robes. But it was not the arrow that was so dangerous to Zadok. Unbeknownest to the elven priest, the archer's arrow was extremely deadly to Zadok, not as an elf or a man...but as an Alpha. Though still unrealized and unknown, the Alpha power within Zadok was still quite strong, making him even more susceptible to Omega attacks such as the arrow that had embedded itself into his back. Zadok looked to the others which were beginning to gather and check their wounds, the priest breathed in and tried to speak, but the pain was too great and his mind passed into darkness, the struggle of the latent Alpha and the intrusive Omega too much for the elf to bear.

28th September 2004, 01:27 PM
Ic: Christy smiled- if her nymph form could smile- in response to Ghorgrond. Her smile faded and she looked over at Zaddok.

"Priest, allow the healing arm of mother earth to enfold your wound! I fear a mere healing spell will not suffice, and you my have to wait until later to receive a full restoration. Perhaps this spell will at least slow the poison."

He waved her left hand, holding her staff in her right. It was surrounded by pink and purple colors as she cast poision draw, also called antidote. It would slow most poisons, and cure simple, or less lethal ones.

"We should go to a nearby clearing."

She said simply.

"There, we can summon a power to restore ourselves, unless your leader has objections or a better idea?"

He inquired, looking over at Rakoth, with her left "eyebrow" raised inquisitively. Her intentions where not to deviate or slow them, but she knew there was enough power in the glen to heal them totally. If she had to, she could heal most of them partially, but it would not be enough. The poison was darker than many people knew, and its effects were ill indeed. The arrows should be more feared than the archers themselves, and she was aware of this.

28th September 2004, 02:39 PM
"Whoever you are, we appreciate your efforts, but please, stay away from us, you could be an insidious part of this trap. Unless someone here recognizes you, I will not lower my guard.”

Rakoth had heard of her kind, but had never met a dryad, they tended to avoid fire mages. The earth creatures were a vague part of the lore he had been taught as an elf, and they were highly revered by elves. He knew he should trust her, but his father could corrupt more then just mortal men. His influence was spread wide, very wide. This very ambush was a sign that he was still around, even wounded.

Rakoth cast a worried glance at Zadok, the fire mage had just collapsed, but Rakoth had not moved, he was too wary of the dryad.

“You offer to heal our wounds, and yet you did not even introduce yourself. I am sorry if I lack respect, but I have never met your kind, and I find it very strange that you would just appear here, out of nowhere, willing to give us a hand once the battle has stopped.”

An edge had appeared in Rakoth’s voice. The spell she had cast on Zadok had not directly harmed the master, but he was worried.

“Don’t do anything to him, unless someone here can vouch for you, I will ask you to leave. Where would we find a clearing anyway, unless you have one hidden somewhere around here, we are at least an hour away from major vegetation, and our horses are gone.”

Rakoth did not take his eyes off the newcomer, she did not appear to speak, but he was konwledgeable in dryads, and would not be able to read the sign. The heat around him rose considerably, as he gathered his fire energy.

“I warn you one last time. Explain yourself, or you will burn up like dry twigs.”

29th September 2004, 03:23 AM
Melenie giggled at Rakoths words, before her face became serious and she lifted a slender fingered hand, a swirling in the air sounding on the edge of their hearing as the vapour of the air condensed rapidly to form a long, razor edged lance of jagged ice floating just above Melenie's hand.

She giggled again and looked over at Rakoth, waiting for him to decide what should happen further, before she did anything. After all, she might be mad but she didn't want anyone else to get hurt of the group.

"Raky, raky, want me to show her power of ice and pin her to ground yes yes?"

29th September 2004, 06:33 AM
The creatures were soon defeated, not able to withstand the power of this small but immensely strong group. Yet, it would be foolish to think that the aim<of these creatures was to defeat them, no, they were most likely there to test them and weaken them as much as possible. Now, the dark lord Malakoth has seen some<of the true power of those that were coming after him, but he has now also seen their weaknesses. How he will use them still remains to be seen, yet he his a cocky man and this could very well be his doom, for Ingold is a man that knows his strengths very well, but also his weaknesses. After all, knowing one-self is the beginning of the path to wisdom.

As the last creatures were defeated, Ingold slipped out of his rage, his mind returning to sanity. Yet, his tornadoes kept patrolling the surroundings, ready to strike at any other surprise that might come their way. The blades circling Ingold fell to the ground though, the energy they contained being absorbed by Ingold once more, at least what was left of them. But with the sanity, the pain returned as well and now it was much worse then it had been before. The dark magic had done its work well and now almost the whole leg felt cold and numb. But this was not a normal cold, a cold one would feel when running around naked in temperatures far below zero, there was no painful burning sensation. This cold was only cold, a chill taking over the leg, taking away all other sensations but the cold, which made it in Ingold's mind much worse then the normal freezing sensation. This magic did not cause pain but fear, at least it did to Ingold.

The worst of thoughts came to Ingold's mind. The fear of this eerie feeling spreading throughout his entire body, the fear of death, the fear of a permanent handicap. Slowly, the magic kept spreading through Ingold’s body, seemingly having a bigger effect on him then on the others, besides Zadok that is on which this magic had a most deadly effect. But Zadok’s symptoms were physical, Ingold’s were emotional for although the wound hurt like hell, it was something that could be quickly repaired. It was the emotional effect that weighed the most heavy on Ingold and with that burden on his shoulder, he didn’t have the willpower to do something about his wound, or the dark magic that slowly made its way through the lightning master’s body.

Yet, slowly the magic began to diminish, the effects of the darkness fading away as Ingold’s body began to react to this intrusions, the energy of life, which can be found within every living creature, fighting against the death magic that had invaded this lightning master’s body. Ingold’s thoughts returned to him, the fear that had overcome him ebbing away. As he took in his surroundings again, he found himself kneeling to the ground and breathing quite heavily. The feeling in his leg returned, yet the frightening cold only made way for another sort of cold. The cold one felt when not enough blood coursed through one’s veins. Soon after, a sharp pulsing pain joined that cold feeling, a pain that came from that same leg, a pain much worse then ever before as it had been dampened a bit by the dark magic. With every heartbeat, Ingold’s nerves sent back a sharp signal to the brain, signalling that something was very wrong. A small pool of blood had formed beneath Ingold’s leg as with every surge of pain, some extra blood left the body, spewing out of the open wound. To Ingold’s misfortune, a main vein had been hit and it could be considered a miracle that he hadn’t bled to death just yet.

Ingold quickly took action though, using his magic to heal the wound and stop the bleeding. Infusing the cells with lightning energy, forcing the healthy cells to duplicate and the damaged or dead cells to destroy themselves. It was a tricky thing, something only true masters could do without causing even more harm to the body in the process. But, a lot of blood had been lost and a normal person would be out for at least a week due to a shortage of blood, yet Ingold, not any of the others present could be considered a normal person, not by far. Ingold now turned to the other side of his magics, stimulating the spleen, the liver, and various other glands together with the bone marrow (?) to produce more blood at an increased tempo. Of course it would still take some time before Ingold would be back to his old self, but at least it wouldn’t take a week or two, more like a day.

Slowly, the lightning master got up again, walking over to the rest, seeing Christy and recognising the girl quite quickly as she too was a member of the armies, although she did not hold a high position and was considered to be nothing more then a warrior, although her capabilities obviously suggested otherwise. Ignoring Melanies words, although they had their childish and to a certain extent, naïve and innocent charm, Ingold spoke up for the girl that had helped thel in this fight.

"I know her Rakoth as does Tarcisus and so should you, she is a member of the armies of the Forbidden One, that should say enough."

Now Zadok caught Ingold’s full attention though for it was not normal that the priest of the one would have such a reaction to one arrow. Even Ingold had overcome the effects in the end and physically, he was the weakest of them all. Yet, there was nothing Ingold could do for the priest for this poison was magic, dark magic and since it was not of the natural kind, Ingold could not draw it from the fire mage’s body.

"Euhm … shouldn’t someone help Zadok over there? I don’t think we want to loose one of our companions this early in the game."

29th September 2004, 08:14 AM
**The creatures spell would probably have aided Zadok and restored his strength had the poison within Zadok's body been natural. But the darkness that seeped through Zadok's veins with each passing moment was not natural in any sense of the word. The powerful Omega energy that surged through Zadok's body would not be so easily removed or defeated.

**Zadok felt his body falling through a fog of utter darkness, an unterminable never-ending fall reserved for nightmares of the most abhorrent kind. Utter abandonment, no one around and not a soul to be heard or seen. Simply the darkness closing in to Zadok's very soul. Even Zadok brief trip into the Pathach Mishpat to save Teta could not begin to compare with the feeling this darkness brought to the priest. He prayed, he cried out, he shouted at the top of his lungs and yet the darkness would not be dispelled. And worst of all, the feeling of being completely alone would not abate. Throughout his life, even in the most dire of situations and the most lonely of nights Zadok could sense that he was not completely alone, the priest taking comfort in knowing that the One was still there when no one else was. But in the darkness, in the unending fall, the priest felt for the first time as if the One Himself had left him, and that he was completely alone. And that is when Zadok realized the truth.

This isn't real. It can't be real. He would not leave me like this.

**For the first time since beginning the fall, Zadok heard something other than his own screams and prayers. A voice most sinister and astucious spoke to the priest, its words causing Zadok's skin to crawl.

Are you so sure, priest?

**As the words were spoken, Zadok found that his falling was slowing until he was completely stopped. And once more the voice spoke.

Are you so sure that He wouldn't abandon you?

**The darkness around Zadok was instantly dispelled as the priest found himself standing in the middle of a massive spotlight, the light illuminating a 10 foot circle around the priest. Zadok's elven ears could also detect a faint shifting sound...apparently the voice had a body and the body was moving just outside the ring of light. Whether it was to actually answer the question or simply to encourage himself, Zadok spoke forth to the darkness.

"Echad 'elohiym rachuwm 'el; raphah shachath..."

**Suddenly the voice responded, picking up and speaking the words in unison with Zadok. But where Zadok spoke with confidence and surety, the voice carried a powerful sense of disgust, as if mocking the priest's recitation.

"...shakach bariyth 'ab shaba'. Yes, yes. The One thy God is a merciful God, He will not forsake thee; neither destroy thee; nor forget the covenant of thy fathers which He swore unto them. I've heard that over and over, don't you ever get tired of such statements?"

**The voice, which had continued to circle around the outside of the light stopped moving. And then into the light a form stepped. At first the form's features were obscured by shadow, but slowly the light revealed the frame and size of a man similar in build and stature as Zadok. The man wore robes as black as midnight, his face hidden within the folds of his hood. Standing still as if sizing up Zadok, the man chuckled.

"What? Don't you know who I am? I'm surprised you didn't recognize my voice..."

**Reaching up, the man pulled back his hood, allowing the light to finally cascade down upon his face, revealing to Zadok the countenance of his antagonizer. But what Zadok saw nearly took his breath from him, his eyes widening with surprise and his mouth nearly dropping open with amazement. The man the stood before Zadok was a direct copy of the elven priest. The same facial structure, same eye color, nearly an exact clone. But the man's eyes were different, a brilliant shade of red that echoed the same menacing contempt that the man's voice carried. The man's lips curled into a sinister smile as he chuckled and spoke once more.

"Let me introduce myself, my name is Zadok...Zadok Ben Misgab..."

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Duke Manboy IV
29th September 2004, 09:18 AM
"Yes, Rakoth. You can trust her, I can vouch for her too. She knows the Earth magic, therefore she cannot be an enemy, for I have talked to her already. The Earth has told me she is an ally without any foul intentions at all.
Now, someone should help Zadok. He seems to be getting corrupted by those arrows more then any other of us.
He needs help we cannot give him. Where do we go?"

Ghorgrond took another look at Zadok.
The poor priest wasn't even able to stand up properly, someone needed to deal with this situation immediately, and Ghorgrond knew what he had to do.
He simply grabbed Zadok and lifted the Elven priest of the ground, carrying him as if he was a mere feather.
He shouted again, though he was addressing his comrades who all stood close enough to hear him anyhow, and an undertone of panic could be heard.

"We should go somewhere they can heal him now!!!"

He realised the urgence of the situation and the importance of the speed they would handle with now, so he would not even ponder staying here longer.
He walked on and turned around one last time, telling his companions to follow him.
He wasn't thinking now, and his heart was the only factor in the decision in his actions. Perhaps what he did to the priest might have been perfect, but be it foolish, then Ghorgrond would be the one responsible for Zadoks death. All he knew though, was that what he did was better then waiting and not trusting latent allies.

29th September 2004, 01:22 PM
"Put the priest down Ghorgrond, there is nothing we can do for him, like you said. The wound has clearly affected him in another way then it has affected us, even I survived the black poison that the projectiles carried. Simply lay him on the earth you love so much. The only thing we can do is keeping his body healthy, whether his mind or soul - depending on which is under attack - survives, is up to him."

Ingold could see but one wound on the priest’s body and one arrow could not have done such damage. If three would have hit him, the coldness that might have overtaken Ingold but moments ago might have proven a problem, but for a priest as skilled as Zadok, it would have been an inconvenience quickly overcome. No, this was something else and somehow Ingold realised this, this was something much worse.

"The wound can be healed, maybe Rakoth can draw as much of the magic out of Zadok's body or maybe Tarcisus can even lighten the pain, aiding the spirit to fight whatever foul magics that have overcome Zadok. Although I could heal him, I am still weak and I am sure other can healed wound better than I can with less energy. Instead, I will patrol the area, we wouldn't like to have something like this repeated now would we?"

Putting on his best possible act to look as if he was strong enough to continue the journey already, Ingold went into the darkness of the night, hoping that the earth mage would realise that this was a fight that Zadok had to fight. Meanwhile, Ingold went off and found himself a nice flat rock to sit on. There, he concentrated on the area around him, turning to his inner eye to see the world in a much clearer way. Unfortunately, shadows were a thing he couldn't see.

None the less, Ingold had his ways, also seeing the air around him. If arrows were to make their way to the party once more, Ingold would see it, if troops would approach, Ingold would see it, only if a shadow or spirit would come to Ingold, armed with nothing more then its bare hands, would the lightning master be ignorant to its prescience. But, Ingold was not ignorant to this fact and kept his lightning tornadoes close, splitting them up into six different wind tunnels, several meters apart, circling the 'encampment'. To get through, one would have to be good, for although Ingold kept some level of control over his own spells, he did allow them some freedom, making them move very erratic.

This had advantages and disadvantages of course. It allowed Ingold to conserve some more energy as he would otherwise, but if he would nod off just for a little while, there is no telling what would happen.

I feel so tired, must be the blood loss, I have my organs running 110% to make up for all of this and I feel my energy level falling fast. If I could only sleep or meditate ... that would be nice ... very ... nice

29th September 2004, 01:46 PM
Melenie looked down at Zadok and blinked, before her Ice Lance shattered into pieces and she scrambled down to the floor off Ghorgrond's back, plucking the priest from his grasp and setting him gently on the floor. She blinked, looking down at his face, before pressing her forehead to his and relaxing.

She twitched slightly, before beginning to mutter under her breath, an ancient prayer in the Draconic Tongue, a spell of great power. Slowly her vision faded, replaced with a tumbling blackness and a great light as she drifted into existance beside Zadok, looking up at him and his twin, a look of confusion drifting across her features, before she blinked and shrugged.

"Zadok, come on. Snap out of it. There is nothing in your mind that you are not stronger than. Remember, you helped me before, to regain my sanity. I have it now, inside my mind, a little core of me once more. Let me help you, Blood Brother. Let me help you fight off your demons this time."

29th September 2004, 01:53 PM
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Darius was disappointed. Though he was one of the few without any wounds, he had only killed one of the ghosts. He sighed and let his head down.

'..Though I proved my reflexes are fast enough, I didn't prove what I'm worth in offense...Hmpf, only good thing about that is that Rakoth kinda' called on me for the defense, so this is what I'm supposed to do...But still..'

While the others were obviously wounded and were trying to heal eachother. He didn't really mind, knowing that he had no healing powers whatsoever, so he just thought over the fight until, all of a sudden, Zadok collapsed. Darius' heart leapt over, the fellings he had for his Master and friend too big not to be shocked by the sudden collapse of the priest. Running over to the priest, he sent out a weak and small portion of his Fire Energy, checking the priest's body temperature. He knew he couldn't do anything, unless it was burning close the wound, but knowing his temperature seemed like a good thing to Darius.

'..Oh God, oh God!...We can't lose him!...He's the strongest of this party!!...We cannot lose him!!...Oh God, oh God!...Please, let the One save him!..'

While others carried the poor Fire Master around, Darius simply stood near them, his face twitched in fear. He didn't know anything to say or do, and even if he had known anything, he still wouldn't've done it, stunned as he was. The collapse of the person he had always considerd as unbeatable and the strongest had made a big impression on Darius. In his head he slowly turned to his own little prayer to the One. He did not know any real prayers, but he hoped that this small prayer would be that little extra Zadok seemed to need right now.

'..Oh God, the One of Zadok, please save him!...Please, please, save him!..'

Duke Manboy IV
29th September 2004, 02:23 PM
Ghorgrond realized he had been foolish; he had been carried away by his own emotions, in his case this was a quite dangerous thing, but at least he had done something.
He started walking around in circles in order not to shout, curse or hurt someone. He needed to control his bloody emotions, god damn it!
Who knows what might happen if he could no longer manage to keep himself calm. It would be a total outburst of anger and such a thing was the last one they needed now.
His face obviously showed his malcontent and his desire for speed in the following actions.

29th September 2004, 02:26 PM
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Ic: Christy's expression did not change as she listened to what Raktoh said.

"Indeed, but you have not the time to doubt my purpose here... I am N'haid Jrotu. These here know me as Christy. I am a member of the Forbidden One's armies."


29th September 2004, 02:33 PM
**Zadok remained limp, his body still refusing to move or respond as his mind and his soul were too engage in other matters to order the muscles and tendons to flex or relax. It was the most vulnerable Zadok had ever been in his entire life, his body completely defenseless as the attack within his mind raged on.


**The twins looked each other over, sizing each other up. Zadok looked upon his doppelganger with slight confusion, but as he continued to observe, he suddenly realized what was going on and what must be done.

He is who I could be, if I did not walk the path I have chosen. He is me without restraints and regard for others. He is me without concern for righteousness and holiness.

**The doppelganger smiled as Zadok's revelation came.

"Ah, so you can learn. See I am you, and you are me. We are two in the same, two sides of the eternal conflict that occur within everyone. You have simply been so pious..."

**The doppelganger shuddered, as if speaking the word was even such a foul and disgusting thought to him.

"...and pure that I was never even an issue. Well guess, what? I am now, and I kind of like this situation. So if you don't mind..."

**The doppelganger held out his hand and instantly a shaft of deep red flames erupted into existance, a 7 foot staff forming in his right hand. It looked in size and appearance to be just like the Staff of the Chosen that Zadok used, but this staff was charred black and instead of a red Sapphire had a deep green emerald set into the wood. The doppelganger spun the staff about his body with both a speed and a skill that Zadok himself was surprised by. Smiling at Zadok's surprise, the doppelganger slammed the staff into the ground.

"...I think I will pick up where you have left off. I don't even think your friends will notice until it is too late. Perhaps even Teta won't notice, that should be quite a challenge to pull off, don't you think?"

**The doppelganger snickered as Zadok flenched at Teta's name, the implications of the evil twin's comment striking home in a terrifying manner. Zadok could feel his muscles tensing and his teeth clenching, without Zadok even realizing it his body was preparing to kill this abomination bare-handed if necessary.

No, I can't let him get to me. That is what he wants me to do. If I loose my calm and do not fight with the peace I normally hold, he will have the upper hand and the battle will be over before it even begins.

**Zadok took a deep cleansing breath, his muscles relaxing and his mind clearing slightly with even that simple choice being made. Holding out his right hand, Zadok appeared to mimic the doppelganger, his Staff of the Chosen appearing in much the same manner. But rather than spin the staff about his body as the doppelganger had done, Zadok simply lowered the staff until it rested upon the surface at his feet, the red sapphire directly in front of his eyes. Staring into the beautiful gem, Zadok took another deep breath and closed his eyes, letting a sense of peace and calm wash over his mind and clear it of all distractions. At that moment, he could sense another presence suddenly manifest itself and he heard a voice.

There is nothing in your mind that you are not stronger than...Let me help you fight off your demons this time."

**A smile curled over Zadok's lips as he nodded his head with agreement. Though he did not speak, Melenie could clearly hear Zadok's voice.

"Thank you. Your presence here is help enough, though I may need you if he becomes too strong for me to handle."

**The doppelganger looked to Melenie with disgust, the faintest of hissing could be heard escaping his lips.

"What's the matter, Zadok? Am I too much for you that you would send this wench after me first? Or perhaps you are simply too afraid to fight me and will let this freak fight me instead?"

**The doppelganger turned his attention back to Zadok and flinched, bringing up his staff to intercept the swiftly approaching end of Zadok's staff. Just barely able to block the attack, the doppelganger steps back and smiles.

"So that is how it is, eh? Then let's dance!"

**The scene that unfolded before Melenie is one so unusual and amazing that it is difficult to truly explain. The twins battle appeared more an expression of art or dance than a battle. Attack was met with counter, counter with parry, parry with attack. If the contest were not so deadly and the consequences so overwhelming, one might easily have thought they were observing a choreographed dance staged by profesisonal actors. The battle raged on for some time, with neither side showing signs of tiring or relenting; neither side gaining an edge, neither opponent obtaining the upper-hand. And then, just as quickly as it began, it stopped. Both warriors stepped back from each other, taking deep breaths with eyes locked.

"Well, **pant** you still appear to be a formidable opponent.**pant pant** It is small wonder **pant** you have held sway for so long."

**Zadok also appeared winded, though he showed a bit more fatigue, whether from the poison of the arrow or simply exhaustion from the battle at hand.

"It is not I **pant** but He that lives **pant pant** within me. **pant pant**"

**The doppelganger sneered and spit on the ground.

"Don't you ever get tired **pant** of quoting those stupid adages**pant**."

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29th September 2004, 02:49 PM
Melenie smiled and watched, secure in the knowladge of just how powerful and determined Zadok really was, the Priest of the One a great and pious man, for whom no obstacle had ever been to great to overcome. She watched in fascination, her hands resting on her hips, as the two seemed to dance about each other rather then truly fight.

It was almost like watching Alexis and Drake fight, the two so utterly similar in their styles that they knew what the other was going to do almost before they did themselves, each attack met with a counter followed by a counter to the counter and so on, only ending when one tired or made a mistake.

Melenie noted how Zadok's twin so reveiled the One's name, a slightly evil smile creeping across the young woman's lips, before she began to speak quietly, repeating every preayer she knew, just loud enough for them both to hear but not to drown out their words to each other.

"By My Lady In Darkness, for She who is my Guiding Light, In Shaltar the AllFather's Name, For the Glory of Killar Lord Of Murder, Echad 'elohiym rachuwm 'el raphah shachath shakach bariyth 'ab shaba', Heavr imotep larrsyu sjjlii larsii Lathrandar, draxxk kk jsillkuuxx sjrrycc kraxs Terra, helroios illarii lalorrola helosoosl Solar, kkkkk'ddjklluuddh hhjjdiikskkkk kuuos'sssjjjssufguff Timius."

OOC: How many of Tal'Vorn's langauages you want lad? lol. Elvish, Dwarvish, Angelic and Etheran.

30th September 2004, 09:09 AM
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Ic: Tarcisus ran in front of Christy as soon as he recognized who she was. He was panting heavily, his eyebrows raised and his face tight and desperate. His eyes darted back and forth from her to Rakoth.

"I beseach you, Rakoth! Do not harm her! She is all that is left of the spirit of my loved one!"

His words were quick, and he had to take a breath at the end of his talking. He made a gasping sound as he did so, but he took no notice of this. He looked over at Zaddok. His head moved back and forth from looking at him, to looking at Rakoth. He couldn't decide if he should protect her or run to him. He his face reddened in frustration and he bagan to breath heavily through his nose, like a bull ready to charge. With Christy being threatened by Rakoth, and what with the arrow's poisonous effects, he became consumed in a near frenzy. He looked angrily at the priest and began to yell at him. By now, he was disillusioned from the arrow. He clenched his fists and bared his teeth at Zaddok. He looked ready to attack him.

"Die! Kill it! Don't let it escape!"

He was actually telling the dark Zaddok to die, but he did not fully understand this, nor perhaps would his friends. The others certainly would think him mad or at least in a crazed, violent state. The toxic effects also effected Tarcisus emotionally and mentally, not just Ingold. Christy did not have any change in expression whatsoever, in response to Rakoth's threat.

"Let us not stand around, you have no time to waste with such trivialities. Your priest friend needs your help, but no magic can restore him at this point, I fear. You need help too, Tarcisus."

He relaxed his muscles and stood up straight. He no longer clenched his teeth and his breathing began to slow down to a normal rate. His face became one of shame and disappointment. He realized that he did allow the effects to get to him. However, it was a potent magic; more potent than most of them knew, even Tarcisus. The nymph continued calmly,

"I can tell you are the leader of this group. Perhaps you will better recognize me in my human form? Alas, I shall not be able to help Aplha, as I will be weakened."

Tarcisus' face changed to a strange expression, looking grimly at her. His tone was serious.

"No, do not..."

He was interrupted as the dryad's entire body shimmered. He stopped his sentance, knowing he was too late. Her "skin" was cracked and dark, as an oak tree's. It looked taught, stretched out in many places as is seen in the folds of trees. It began to smooth out these folds and change color, going from a dark brownish towards tan, towards the peachness of skin. Her "hair" was wrinkled and made of green moss. It began to relax and become natural, red, and curly hair. Her face no longer had any minor wrinkles in it, but was now back to her regular, peach face, covered in many freckles. Her magical eyes flickered deep within their sockets temporarily, but remained the same longer than the rest of her transforming body. The branches coming from her arms shrunk, with the leaves disappearing, until they formed her human fingers once more. She collapsed on the ground, her morph almost complete. Tarcisus immiediately throw over his own cloak over her before she even hit the ground. It mysteriously wrapped around her as if she herself had put it on, but it was still loose. Her womanly form could be seen clearly through the non-translucent material. Her skin was her own, feminate skin again. She seemed a bit smaller in this form, but just barely noticable. She shook as she slowly got up. Tarcisus helped her up with his right hand and put her left arm over his shoulder. They seemed to be relying on the other's help to walk instead of one simply helping the other. She opened her eyes. They were her green, Christy eyes now.

She looked about confused and lost. She saw it was Tarcisus who helped her get up. She smiled.

"Where... why are you all here? Why am I..."

Her facial expression changed to a brightened one.

"Well? Don't stand around waitin' for me! You have to get out of here fast! I do appologise, dryads have a different conception of time than even immortals. I'll explain myself as we go on our way, if you don't mind. Please just let me stick around long enough for that, and if you cannot bring yourself to trust me, than I shall leave you for good. All I ask is that you hear me out first."

The strange couple began walking a bit faster than normal down the path, to catch up with the rest of them. As they walked, she suddenly became very self-conscious and tightened the cloak around her chest. When she was done, she looked at Ghorgrond while still facing in the same direction. Her cheeks were redder than her hair. She moved her free hand through her hair, pulling it from in her face to behind her right ear. She only looked at him a second, but looked back to the task of walking very quickly.

Thank-you for standing up for me. I shall not forget your kindness.

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30th September 2004, 11:12 AM
**Zadok smiled as he heard Melenie's words. Though he did not recognize all of them, he knew what she was doing and was very thankful for it, the distraction might prove itself useful in opening an entry of another attack. The doppelganger glared at Melenie, growling. His words came as venomous hissing through clenched teeth.

"Silence bitch! This isn't your fight!"

**The doppelganger extended his left hand towards Melenie, his fingers and entire hand tensing as if clasping a large sphere. Suddenly a brilliant red aura radiated out of his hand, engulfing his entire arm in its malicious glow. And then Melenie heard the doppelganger again, but this time his words did not come as hissed insults carried through the air, but as a cocky diatribe that radiated throughout her mind. Using the same Mind Trick that Zadok had used earlier to convey his thanks, the doppelganger mocked Melenie from within the confines of her own mind.

"You know, for one so vulernable to dillusions and fits of insanity, you are quite bold to use mental attacks against a Jedi Master."

**With the connection still open into Melenie's mind, the doppelganger opened a veritable floodgate of mental images and memories within her conscious mind. Using the powerful Dark Side of the Force, the doppelganger was able to unlock and unleash upon Melenie's mind a powerful wave of Force Insanity, allowing her mind do the damage to itself.

"Zadok, making friends with the insane and mentally unstable? You should know better, they can so easily be turned into pawns by the most sadistic and depraved minds."

**Turning to face Zadok with a smirk of arrogant satisfaction, the doppelganger's eyes widened as he looked in pure terror upon Zadok, the priest's arms held high over his head, his face shining with a smile of understanding and humor. To Zadok's right, a massive 25' column of brilliant fire energy stretched forth from the ground into the air above the priest's head. To Zadok's left, the twin column of 25' wide pulsating lightning clawed into the air as well, arcing inward towards the fiery column about 50' above Zadok's head. As the doppelganger's eyes followed the column upwards, his eyes widened even further as he watched the columns braid together to form a deadly 50' wide braided column of both fearful fire and lethal lightning. A slight movement at the base of the column pulled the doppelganger's eyes away from the column to look at Zadok. With a final smirk, Zadok whispered but two words.

" 'Ammud Echad..."

**Zadok then dropped to one knee, slamming his outstretched arms to the ground in front of him. As if mimicking the movements of its creator, the powerful combined attack of fire and lightning lurched forward and arced directly towards the doppelganger.


**The doppelganger's statement was cut off as the 50' column generated by the elven priest smashed into the ground on top of the doppelganger, engulfing the evil twin in a swirling maelstrom of fire and lightning.

30th September 2004, 12:41 PM
Dude, this are one of the bests posts I ever saw from you man. I normally let good posts pass with a smile but this time I just HAVE to complement you. I really look forward to your posts cuz' they're a pleasure to read!! Have you ever considered writing a book? Seriously, you blow me away...

Darius was getting frustrated and more scared at the same time. While Christy reveleaed herself in her true form, Darius could do nothing more than stare at Zadok. The man had taking him under his wing when he had needed someone to do that. The man had protected him whenever he'd been disabled to do so himself. The man had thought him almost everything he needed and could know, in fact, he had thought him so much that almost eighty percent of what Darius knew was once taught to him by Zadok. This man could not die. It was simply impossible for this man to die. If Zadok would die, if the One would not get him out of this mess, this situation, Darius would probably sink in such a deep depression that he would be of no use anymore. Ever.

Still sending his own prayers towards the One, in normal human language for he did not know any words of the language Zadok always said the real prayers in, Darius had joined his hands together. This was the first time ever that he prayed to a God, for had never believed in God. Up till now no answer had come nor had anything happened, as far as Darius could see or hear, to Zadok, so Darius didn't know what to think of himself: a fool or a friend.

'..The fact that nothing has happened to Zadok yet, as far as I can see, doesn't necessarily mean he's in more danger then before...It could well mean that he's fighting of the bad guy...Oh boy, I just hope my prayer to thee, oh almighty One, help Zadok...Even if it was the tiniest (sp?) bit of help a person could give to anothing, I still hope it's that tiny bit of help...Please, let him survive..'

Still standing close to Zadok, leaving enough room for anyone who would want to try and heal Zadok, Darius bowed his head and closed his eyes, his hands still joined together in prayer. Slowly his lips moved, no sound coming out of his mouth. He was saying his prayers without making a sound.

All together, it gave quite a comical view. The normally fiery, young, brave, strong, noisy and temperamented Darius, a typical Fire and Lightning Mage, was now praying silently, his head bowed, his eyes closed and his hands joined together. Slowly he fell to his knees, the fear for Zadok having taken the strenght out of his legs so they couldn't carry the young boy anymore. He was close to crying but kept himself under control, knowing that Rakoth's father was always looking for weakness and that he shouldn't let that weakness possess him. Slowly the seconds passed. They seemed like ages to Darius. Ages of agony. If the party was to move on, they would not only have to carry Zadok, they would also have to carry Darius, for the young boy had fallen down to a mere human, not possessing any power at the moment.

'..Please, oh please, let him wake up now..'

30th September 2004, 02:44 PM
Melenie smiled, and then giggled, a genuine laugh of delight, rather then the mad fits of hysteria that normally passed her lips, the young woman's cheeks red with mirth as she clutched her sides. The twins words, his insults rolling over her like water off a cliff.

"Hah, you think that'll upset me? I've heard worse from my own brothers!"

Before she could speak again, she stopped smiling, her laughter cut short, looking about her self as the twin unleashed the power of his force insanity. Melenie staggered back, clutching at her head, befoe she screamed in rage, summoning up the latent might within her.

Every DragonLord born has a fraction of the power of all those that came before them. Thus, as the DragonLord's lived and died, their race became stronger as the generations went on. Melenie was only three years older then Alexis, and Alexis a year older then Arwen. Arwen had the potential to be the single most powerful DragonLady to ever walk the earth.

In response to the Evil Zadok's (lol) Force Insanity, Melenie sent the combined rage and power of five thousand years of a warrior race, the fury and anger unfathomable in it's greatness. In the midst of this malestrom, in the core of this tide of fury,Melenie straightened up, smiling just as Zadok's attacks hit home on his twin. She lifted her hands and blinked, just the once before whispering a Tal'Vorn spell, the energy of it mingling in with Zadok's spells.

"Winter's Kiss."

The air about the twin cracked and hissed as it turned to ice, the teperature plumetting for an instant before Zadok's attacks washed through it. Now the evil creature had been assaulted by both Ice, Lightning and Fire.

30th September 2004, 03:23 PM
/ooc Yes, you are all doing very well, I am surprised I can bring myself to post… I should be stunned at the quality of posts that I see here. Instead, I try to do better, and wow. This is getting very interesting.

Rakoth listened carefully to every word that was said, taking it as it came, and not reacting. You needed to have your wits about to lead people, and in hell, there would be no time think, only to react. Rakoth needed to know how every member would react. He had to know that when they faced adversity, they would all come together, in the tight nit group that would be invincible.

But now they stood apart, fragments, each powerful in there own way, but their sum could be infinitely stronger. He felt helpless to what befell Zadok, but betrayed nothing, he could not betray anything, this was not the moment too loose the calm he had so long sought to acquire.

The words of Christy sunk in to Rakoth mind, and he smiled, almost looking relieved that she was exactly what she said. He know recognized the beautiful women he had seen in the armies keep. He had only just returned to the keep from his exile, and so would easily have lost her face in the events that had transpired before and after his exile.

“I recognize you know, and I welcome you here. I will trust you, I trust everyone here implicitly and they have expressed their belief that you are who you are. You are right, the magic slipping through those arrow wounds are not what they should be… There is something very wrong with this. Trust my father to do something like this.”

“Tarcisus, you have spoken of a spirit cave, please, if you would lead the way, I fear we may need to carry Zadok. I will not have him left behind. No man gets left behind, and that is the only order I will ever give. We will speak more when while we are resting, for now we need shelter and healing. Most of us are weakened, and I need to find out what this magic is. Zadok will live, if there is anyone I believe in, it will be him and his unwavering faith.”

Rakoth motioned for Ghorgrond to take up Zadok’s prone body once more. He walked forward to Darius, and placed his hand on the mage’s shoulder.

“He will survive, and we will get our revenge for this. I am afraid the battle is his for now.”

Rakoth looked around for Ingold. He could not see the lightning mage, but he assumed that the man had gone was scouting around. This was no time to get lost in the dark.

“Ingold, we are moving, Tarcisus, Ingold and I will scout out the area. My left arm is still good, and the magic isn’t affecting me so badly. Where do you think this cave is?”

Rakoth knew that they would stick together, Melanie and Darius were hovering around Zadok, one of them battling with him, and the other praying to the One god. Ghorgrond held the battered body of the priest, and Tarcisus and Christy stood before them. Rakoth would scout out the pass with Ingold as Delita covered the rear.

Rakoth waited for Taricisus to describe the place he had seen, before disappearing into the shadows with the lightning mage.

1st October 2004, 04:34 PM
By now, Ingold had nodded off, the sleep in his eyes getting the better of him. Knowing that he would loose the fight against his fatigue, Ingold had dispelled his tornadoes, now falling into a deep slumber. He had used a lot of his powers in this battle and even more to heal that one simple wound that had been inflicted upon him. These might not have been the most powerful creatures that had been sent upon them, but they sure as hell had done a lot of damage. Luckily, Ingold had only been hit by one arrow, two would have most likely been fatal to the lightning mage. Quite ironic actually, Ingold has fought against the five most powerful creatures on Tal'vorn and survived, either by his skill, by luck or simply because his opponent didn't deem him worthy of fighting and now he would have been slain by a simple arrow. It would have been quite the anticlimactic ending in the glorious tale of Ingold's life.

But like a wounded animal, Ingold had separated himself from his group, not willing to show his weakness, a stupid and foolish characteristic the mage had, yet it was one he would not easily be willing to give up. He has never shown himself weak in front of others and he wasn't going to start now. His enemies feared him because of this and if word would get out that a single arrow could have killed him, Ingold's opponents might just get cocky enough to attack him. But, lucky for the lightning master, the darkness shrouded Ingold, his cloak - as usual - wrapped tightly around the lightning mage's body. Sitting in the standard meditating position, Ingold had nodded off, his soul slowly regenerating the energy spent that night.

In the night, it would be a near impossible task to find Ingold, his cloak covered his heat signature and his body temperature was quite low to begin with, seeing that a lot of blood had been lost. His breathing was slow and only once every 12 seconds or so did the heart push several gallons of blood through the mage's body. There he just sat, one with the shadows until they would come, or if some fool would drag Ingold from his stone and would be prepared to face the wrath of a bad tempered lightning mage for if one must know, Ingold is not a morning person.

3rd October 2004, 07:54 AM
Ic: Tarcisus turned his head so that he could talk to Rakoth.

"If I remember correctly, from Christy's description, I believe it was..."

She cut him off,

'At the second bend in the path, keep going straight until you hit the cliff. Go along it to the north until you reach a clearing surrounded by a circle of trees with a fairy's ring (ooc: a circle of mushrooms on the ground). There is a hallow in the cliff. In that area, you will find your sanctuary, for it is protected by my sisters.'

4th October 2004, 04:36 PM
**The combined forces of Ice, Fire, and Lightning bore down upon the doppelganger with unrelenting force. The three elements combined generated such a powerful focal point of energy that they created a massive concussive sound wave that radiated outward in all directions. The powerful wave flooded over the entire mental world, drowning out all sound and for but the briefest of moments rendered the entire plane to utter silence. But the silence was immediately followed by an earth shattering explosion, chaos in its purest sense flooding over every sensory input the body contained.

**The wave slammed into Zadok and sent the elven priest sprawling to the ground, his senses overloaded by the sheer volume of input that was being forced upon it. The sensation lasted for but a moment, and when Zadok slowly lifted his head and looked to where the doppelganger stood, he saw but a massive crater formed by the powerful explosion. Taking a deep breath, Zadok looked to see where Melenie was and how she had fared against the blast.

I pray she is ok...

5th October 2004, 10:39 AM
As soon as Rakoth placed a hand on his shoulder, Darius came back out of his own world. A bit disturbed at first, the thought he was under attack again only short but strong and worrying, Darius looked up at the Fire Mage. Since Rakoth had only spoken one sentences and had moved his attention elsewhere immediatly after that, Darius had no chance of starting a conversation right now, which was both a bad and a good thing. Sure, he needed a conversation right now, wanting to empty his heart and his head by throwing it all out, but if he would have one he was sure he would make a complete fool of himself and would maybe even bring himself in disgrace.

He sighed. Totally out of his concentration he didn't return to praying anymore. He didn't know if his prayers had worked, though he had a strange feeling that Zadok was somehow doing better then a few seconds ago. Slowly he rose to his feet, never taking his look off Zadok's body, which still lay in total tranquility in the middle of the road. He tried to speak but found his voice incapable of making any sound at all because of a huge lump in his throat, one which almost made him cry whenever he tried to speak. Fighting back his tears, Darius decided not to say anything but to simply walk over to Zadok and try to lift him up. Though he wasn't tremendously strong, like Ghorgrond for example, he somehow managed to get the unconscious body over his shoulder, an unknown power making sure he got that last centimeter in height.

He nodded, a sign that he was ready to follow everybody to whatever the place was they would go.

Duke Manboy IV
5th October 2004, 11:05 AM
Ghorgrond sighed and mentioned Darius to let him carry Zadoks weight.
He spread his arms forward, an open invitation to the young fire mage to place his mentor in them and to allow Ghorgrond to take care of the priest during this hopefully short trip.

He looked at Darius in a way that showed everything he wanted to say; his blue eyes were full of emotion once more, a book where everyone could read each single dream he wished to reveal. This time they begged Darius to share the burden he carried upon his shoulders, being Zadok and the love for this priest, the pain when seeing him and the hope they wouldn't be too late to help him.

"Darius. I know you care about your friend and want to help him as soon as possible. I care about him as well, but I care about you even more.
You would sacrifice yourself for him, it is written on your face, but you shouldn't exhaust yourself when I can carry him without tiring my body.
We shall be in time to help him, do not worry. Give him to me now, yet you can walk next to me and nurse him whenever needed."

Ghorgrond bowed his arms and stretched them again, this gesture renewing the invitation to hand over the elven priests body.

"In the meanwhile, we can talk. Both you and I need to talk. So... talk."

Yeah. You never said you wanted to talk, but dude, in such cases, your body language tells enough. Talk dude, talk =)

5th October 2004, 12:32 PM
I'll talk! Please don't kill me :p

Darius' eyes widened. Though he still recognized Ghorgrond as his friend and knew that he had nothing to fear from the giant viking, his reaction was overdramatic and protective. Suddenly having found back his voice, he shouted out at Ghorgrond.


Darius stopped. His voice sounded so twisted and broken that even he stopped for a second and frowned his eyebrows, wondering what had happened to him.

'..Never mind!...Protect Zadok!..'

"I...I know you think I can't carry him and that I'll drop him and...and that something bad will happen but no!! I can carry him and as long as I can carry him I will carry him!! Don't you take him away from me! I...I will not leave him!!...No!! No!!"

Speaking very rapid, nearly to fast for it to be understandable, and taking several steps away from Ghorgond, Darius looked around like a vox that had been hunted down and was now trapped between several dogs who were willing to tear him apart any second.

"Don't take him from me! I can and will carry him!! No!!"

Not being able to control himself anymore, tears starting to roll down Darius' face. He tried to speak again but his voice had left him once again. Sobbing heavily he still managed to stay on his feet and carry the body of the priest, though it was beginning to feel a lot heavier all of a sudden.

'..No!!...They won't take him from me!!...Must protect him!..'

Standing there sobbing, Darius couldn't do or say anything anymore. Atleast, not until someone might try and approach him with the meaning to take away Zadok. Even if that was only the case in Darius' eyes, he would still try to run away and protect Zadok. The boy had obviously crashed.

5th October 2004, 04:07 PM
Merryn groaned and rocked upright, a long slash of black blood oozing down her cheek from where a flying shard of stone from the newly formed crater had sliced her flesh clean to the bone. She blinked and lifted her hand, touching the wound and sniffing the blood, before looking over at Zadok and cocking her head to one side, an eyebrow raised.

"Did we win? Is he gone?"

As she spoke, the wound slowly closed, leaving no scar behind, just the blood as a reminder of the injury. It was almost impossible for a DragonLady to die directly from wounds, but it was very possible for them to collapse with blood loss if many wounds where taken in a short period of time. Their regenerative systems also held a deep seated flaw. They required a nerve connection to the brain. No connection, no regeneration.

It was for this reason, amongst others, that a DragonLord's nerves where different to a normal humans, fraying out at mulitiple points along the nerve thread, rather then at just one end. To protect their otherwise vulnerable spinal column, the bones of their back and spine where up to triple the thickness and close set reinforced, giving superior strength and allowing thicker muscles to be linked to the bone, thus increasing the DragonLady's overall muscle capacity.

All of these combined together to allow the pretty young woman to heal a cut on her cheek within a few heartbeats.

5th October 2004, 05:06 PM
**As if to answer Melenie's question, the light overhead that had spotlighted the battle and the combatants suddenly blinked out of existence. Melenie and Zadok were once more surrounded by the same utter darkness from before, once more moving through the endless void. But where as Zadok was falling deeper into the darkness, Melenie felt herself being thrown upwards, as if carried by a hand away from Zadok and the mental battlefield she was only moments ago in which she was embroiled. Suddenly a new light shown down upon Melenie, though this light was much softer, carrying shades of light red and faint yellow. As she drew closer to the light, she heard a voice speak to her. But unlike Zadok or his doppelganger, this voice did not speak to her mind or to her...but to her heart.

"Melenie WaveRider…the DaemonsBane, your sacrifice and kindness towards Zadok is admirable, your devotion bordering upon the divine. For this you are to be commended above all your kind and you will surely receive Zadok’s undying gratitude. However, this is a fight that he must face alone; a battle he must wage by himself. Therefore, go and tell the others what you have seen that they might pray for him and know what it is that plagues him. GO!"

**The moment the voice spoke the last word, Melenie found herself once more within the confines of her own body, her mind had been forcibly ejected from Zadok even though the battle continued to rage within the priest's mind.


**Zadok was not sure how long it had been since the light was extinguished, nor was he even sure how long this entire episode would endure. The darkness had a strange way of completely disorienting the priest, making time itself seem immeasurable. But unlike before, as Zadok fell through the void he was accompanied by the voice of his doppelganger, the malicious words of the vile twin carrying out into the darkness of the void and echoing back to the priest to form an aural bombardment upon Zadok’s already frayed mind.

"FOOL! Did you really think that you would be rid of me so easily? Did you really think that a simple attack from you and that wench would destroy me? More than twenty years of isolation and depravation, and you think that I would let go of my one chance at freedom that easily? MORON! Over two decades of isolation and darkness have fashioned and wrought me into a powerful warrior of vice and destruction, and you think that a single move on your pious part will stop me now? IDIOT!”

**Suddenly the voice changed, no longer crying out over the vast chasm of the infinite void, no longer assaulting Zadok from all sides and angles, but rather coming as a still venomous whisper that tickled at the back of Zadok’s neck and sent chills down the elf’s back.

“I have not even begun to unleash upon you the torment and destruction that I have for so many years dreamed. Prepare to feel the taste of Hell’s Sword!

**Zadok turned instinctively and faced the voice, expecting to see his doppelganger standing behind him. But instead of finding an opponent or even a physical being, Zadok looked upon the deep red eyes that glowed out of the darkness at the elven priest. Before Zadok could even respond or set up a first defense against any unseen attacks, he felt his entire body engulfed in a tremendous blaze, the powerful combined blast of fire and lightning ravaging Zadok’s body and sending Zadok’s mind to a new level of pain that the priest had until know thought only existed in his own imagination. And as Zadok’s cries of pain radiated outward into the void, it was combined with the maniacal laughter of the priest’s doppelganger.

OOC – Yeah, a bit of godmodding there, but I needed to isolate Zadok for this to really work.

Duke Manboy IV
5th October 2004, 11:27 PM
Wolve, want to act like an insane, misunderstood teenager again? I'll solve this situation really easy ;)

Ghorgrond shrugged, looking up in surprise.
He tried to say something a few times, but always the words died on his tongue. He closed his eyes, breathed in, and spoke again.
His voice was calm, friendly and persuasive.

"All right then Darius. You can carry our friend. It was just an offer of mine.
If you are tired, you could still hand him over. You shouldn't be so upset about it!"

Ghorgrond lowered his arms and walked on, trying to catch up with the others.
They needed to be fast. Though the others didn't know it, neither did Ghorgrond, it was obvious Zadok would have more chance to survive against his doppelganger in the spirit cave, where his friends were closer to him and the support was bigger.

6th October 2004, 05:11 AM
Hey, don't you start buddy :p

Darius weariness didn't go away just yet. Though Ghorgrond had accepted Darius crazy proposition that he and he alone woud carry the elven priest and had turned his back on Darius, ready to move on, Darius still didn't trust the situation. His overprotectiveness, both for himself and for Zadok, made him so anxious for anything to happen that even walking seemed like a dangerous plan. Still, his basic level of thinking still worked and he knew that he had to follow his companions.

'..Or otherwise me and Zadok will be left alone here!!..'

Very, very slow and careful, Darius lifted one foot and moved it forwards a bit. Cautious of everything around him he placed it on the rocky surface of the earth they were standing on right now. Though he was as careful as he could be, his other foot suddenly slipped away a bit before grinding to a standstill again. Slightly off balance, Darius had to put his uplifted foot down quick or otherwise he would've fallen down and might've hurt Zadok, something he wanted to prevent at all costs. His foot came down with such a sudden tremendous speed that the sound echoed around, bouncing off the stone walls that surrounded the path to immense heights. Hearing back his own footstep everywhere around him, he turned his head around and back again, following the sound from wherever he thought to hear it and wherever it went in his opinion. His breath had suddenly increased a lot and he was also breathing heavier. Slowly taking the next step he waited for the sound, which had now echoed away again, to come back. But he had put his foot down slow and careful enough this time. Confused about what the sound could've possibly been, the thought of an echo didn't come up in his mind. Suddenly he shrugged his shoulders and exhaled heavily. Slowly picking up tempo, he walked after the rest of the group, following them to wherever they needed to go.

6th October 2004, 01:29 PM
**Darkness. Utter and complete darkness was what greeted Zadok's eyes when he opened them once more. His breath came as a rattled gurgle that struggled to reach his lungs and bare its life-giving oxygen to Zadok's battered system. He was not sure how long he had been out, but the moment he moved Zadok was reminded what had transposed up until the moment he blacked out. Every cell in his body ached, every inch of his flesh screamed out in agony. Though the fire had extinguished and the electrical charge had dissipated the burning remained and the muscled refused to relax, continual remaining in a state of complete tension from the volume of electrical energy that had passed through his body. Another heavy sigh followed by a series of hacking coughs reminded Zadok that he was indeed alive, barely.

**The falling never ceased, Zadok's body continually remained in a perpetual state of free-fall, which was probably beneficial considering his muscles refused to respond to any signals that the priest's brain might send to them. It was a strange sensation to feel, one that could not have been duplicated if Zadok tried. The body, unmoving and irresponsive to all mental stimulation and yet completely and totally aware of every nerve ending, of every ounce of pain that continually bombarded Zadok's mind, making focus completely impossible.

**Another breath spikes of pain surging up Zadok's back, into his neck, finally stopping at the base of his skull. The priest winced in pain but uttered not a sound, closing his eyes as a reflex, though the action did little to change Zadok's perception of the world. But then again, in this vacuous world of darkness, without direction or reference points, perhaps closing one's eyes returned the illusion of control and direction to one's senses.

**But rather than seeing more darkness, Zadok's eyes beheld something completely foreign to his mind at this point...light. From the moment the spotlight disappeared until now, the priest had nearly forgotten what the light even looked like. And with the light came yet another sensation...sound. But this was not the sound of Zadok's screams and cries of torment, nor the mocking vocal timbre of the omnipresent doppelganger. Singing! That's what it was, Zadok was hearing the sounds of a voice singing. Focusing his mind passed the strain and torture of upon his body, Zadok zeroed in upon the light and upon the song. The voice was familiar deep baritone, the words muffled by the pain, but with each passing moment the light drew closer and the voice became clearer.

"Kumi, Ori, ki va oriyech,
'Owr bow' kabowd Echad zarach..."

**The voice was now crystal clear, and the light had engulfed Zadok, unveiling to the the priests tattered mind a scene that the darkness had done its best to keep hidden from Zadok in this place of torment. Kneeling at the very foot of an altar was a young boy wearing tattered white robes, smeared in mud and soot.

"Choshek kacah 'erets...'araphel laom..."

**The voice broke off, the words drowned in the tears that now choked the song from the boy's lips. Bent completely over at the waist, the boy's head touched the hard marble floors of the temple. And the boy wept, his cries echoing off the walls of the inner sanctum and reverberating back to him as a chorus of wailing. It was as if the very walls of the temple mourned with the young man, weeping alongside him. As Zadok circled about the young boy, he suddenly noticed a groud of older men standing about 10 yards behind the young man, just inside the entrance to the room. As Zadok looked at the men closely, he began to recognize many of them from his childhood. And then one of the men stepped out from the rest, much older and more ornately adorned than the rest. And when Zadok's eyes locked onto the man's face, Zadok's breath caught as he recognized the man to be Reash, his former High Priest. Looking down at his feet, Zadok suddenly recognized the boy to be none other than himself, at the age of thirteen. This was not just a random scene, but a memory from Zadok's past. As Zadok watched, Reash walked up to the young boy, knelt beside him, and placed a loving arm around the boy's shoulders. The boy simply continued to weep as Reash whispered the last words of the song, tears streaming down his aged face as he looked down upon the weeping child.


**Tears streamed down Zadok's own face as looked upon the scene. But they were not tears of pain or loss, but tears of hope. For though the memory of the day his parents were murdered was still vivid within Zadok's mind, clearer still was the sense of peace and hope that flooded his mind when Reash embraced him that day. It was that day Zadok chose the path we would walk throughout his life. Before that moment, Zadok was a priest by birth and pure because his parents instructed him to be so. But that day, when everything in Zadok's life had come crashing down around his feet, when everything he loved in this world was destroyed in a moment; that day Zadok chose to return to the temple, he chose to kneel at the altar, he chose the path he would walk.

**Suddenly the memory vanished; the light and sound suddenly were engulfed and evaporated as a new surge of fire and electricity encompassed Zadok's body, once more pulling the priest back into the present and returning his focus to the situation at hand. But this time, as the fire and electricity raged around him and sought its best to destroy him Zadok uttered not a sound. Still frozen upon his lips was a smile and tears continued to course down his peaceful face as the roars and screams of the doppelganger raged about him.

6th October 2004, 05:04 PM
Rakoth gave a loud sigh as he rematerialized with the group. He had shrouded himself in a cloak of darkness, letting himself turn invisible in the silvery light, but he dropped the dark magic in front of Darius and Ghorgrond.

A fireball appeared above the fey’ry’s hand, floating lazily around, casting an orange glow to his face and armor. It replaced the soft silvery light and cast eerie shadows around the party. Rakoth dropped his hand, but the fireball stayed where it was, held there almost subconsciously by Rakoth’s magic.

“I can’t find Ingold, but I have taken the time to search the surrounding area, and we are free from harm, at least for now. The cave isn’t very far, and I think we should get Zadok there as soon as possible. Other’s also need healing, but that can wait. I think Zadok is the worst of us all.”

Damn that lightning mage… he was supposed to stay where he was… I don’t know how wounded he is… Stubborn like an ass if you ask me…

Rakoth cast away those thoughts as his eyes feel upon the weary Darius and his prone charge. Zadok looked bad, but Darius wasn’t much better, and Rakoth wondered what kept him afoot. A single look at the giant standing next to him letting the young mage carry his master let Rakoth know that Darius was standing there by his own choice, no letting the master out of his sight for a second.

“Has anything happened since I left, I know I haven’t been gone for long, but maybe something will let us know what is going on in that mind of his.”

Rakoth felt for his right arm witch hung limp from his side. It was still there, but it could have been severed as far as the he was concerned, and that worried Rakoth most… He could not feel his arm.

“This is not dark magic… I would have recovered quicker then that if it was… My body is tuned to dark magic, and it wouldn’t have taken long for it to assimilate the invading spell. I fear it may be much more then that, we must get to cover as soon as possible. Darius, we won’t take Zadok from you, but we need to move”

Rakoth kept his eyes on the mage, impressing the urgency in his voice. He hoped he was not too late, it would not do to loose so early.

I will go alone if I have too, but my father must be stopped…

Rakoth turned and followed the directions Tarcisus had given him, letting the fireball light the rocky path ahead.

7th October 2004, 12:04 PM
**The torture and assault upon Zadok continued with renewed vigor, the doppleganger pouring out upon Zadok all of his fury and every ounce of his wrath. Torrents of fire and waves of electricity were mingled with cursings and insults in every language known to man, elves, dwarves, and demons. Psychological attacks were combined with Jedi Mind Tricks, woven together to form an atrocious tapestry of deception and mailce.

**And yet, no matter how intense the flames grew, no matter how many volts each lightning strike carried, nothing appeared to affect the elven priest who remained at the epicenter of all the attacks. True, his body would flinch and his muscles would spasm, but these were not the reactions of pain or of a mind struggling against the torrent of violence. These were but the natural physical impulses of a body undergoing the physical torturings of a madman. As the doppelganger looked upon Zadok's face, he roared in absolutely primal frustration. The same peaceful smile remained fixated upon the priest's face. The psychological and Jedi Mind attacks were not penetrating passed the impenatrable wall of peace that know surrounded Zadok's mind.

**The attacks ceased with a sheer abruptness and once more silence filled the void and darkness overtook Zadok's body. Suddenly he was no longer falling, but rather suspended in space by unseen chains that stretched out his arms and legs to full extension. Zadok's muscles cried out in fiery pain as they were forced to relax and stretch, a now foreign feeling having undergone the tremendous electrical surges only moments before.

**And then the darkness was shattered by a single ray of light that penetrated the void and alighted upon Zadok's body. Into the light stepped the doppelganger, seething with rage that forced his breathes out as monstrous gasps. Stepping up to the suspended Zadok, the doppelganger grabbed Zadok's face and forced Zadok to look into the doppelganger's enraged eyes. Zadok continued to smiled, the priest's eyes focusing upon something that was not there, looking passed the doppelganger as if the evil manifestation did not even exist.

**The doppelganger roared out once more, his voice cascading out into the void and reverberating back to form a monstrous chorus that rivaled even some of the most powerful dragon's alive. Rearing back with all of his might, the doppelganger swung his clenched fist at Zadok and connected with devastating results. A loud crack and the priest's limp jaw testifying to the sheer power of the punch. But even with such a violent physical assault, Zadok remained still, the only movement being the occasional faint rise of the priest's chest as his lung labored to breath once more.

**The doppelganger roared once more and turned his back to Zadok, stepping away from the battered priest and stopping just at the edge of the light. Turning once more, the doppelganger faced the defenseless man that he held at his command. It was an image that he had dreamed about for years, hoping beyond hope that sometime somewhere he would be given the opportunity to unleash his full fury upon the priest. But now, as he looked upon his prey, all of the relishing and all of the sadistic pleasure was gone, erased by a single blissful smile upon Zadok's lips.


**The doppelganger dropped his face into the palm of his hands, shaking his head from side to side from the sheer frustration of the moment. Suddenly a new sound entered the void. It was faint and nearly inaudible, but it caught the doppelganger's attention, causing him to jerk his head upright and looked to Zadok. Then it came again, muffled and distorted, but clearly originating from Zadok. The priest, battered and beaten, burned and electrocuted to nearly beyond recognition, with his jaw shattered and broken in multiple places; the priest was trying to speak.

**In a single stride the doppelganger was upon Zadok, clutching the priest by the collar and screaming into the man's face. Glaring into the priest's unfocused eyes with complete and total hysteria the doppelganger screamed at Zadok a single word, demanding an answer to the question that now was the complete focus of his deranged mind.


**The moment the word left the doppelganger's mouth, something changed in Zadok's appearance. Subtle in alteration and nearly innocuous in nature, staring into the elven priest's eyes as intently as he was, the doppelganger instantly noticed the change...the eyes were suddenly focused. And then he heard it, as clearly as if the words came from the priests own lips, the voice of Zadok boomed into the doppelganger's mind two words that were the reason for the doppelganger's failure.

"Echad Zarach!"

7th October 2004, 12:16 PM
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Ic: Christy let go of Tarcisus as she came into the cave. He slumped over a bolder near the opening of the grotto. He could feel the cool water trickle near the side of the cave. He realised it there must be a waterfall nearby, as his left hand was wet. He lay limp there with his eyes still open. The light from outside was gentle, as it must have been approaching dusk. Christy walked back into the clearing to an empty spot where should have been a tree, as all the trees surrounding the area where almost equidistant from each other, as if they were holding some sort of meeting. She faced the inside of the circle and seemed to plant her feet in the ground.

My friends... come. It is time to rest and tend your wounds.

She began doing something unexpected; she put out her arms, with her hands extended out and upwards, towards the other trees. The clearing was simple, surrounded by trees, and more than large enough for the Armies of the Forbidden One to all lay down in, with pleanty of room to spare. Near the middle was a fairy's circle on the ground. The mushrooms were healthy and only grass grew in the rest of that area. There were three main trees, each larger than the others in the forest, one to Christy's left, one to her right.
Near the mushrooms, but far enough not to be a bother, was a large boulder that looked like a platform for someone to stand on. Past the boulder in the clearing, was a grotto, in which Tarcisus lay. He struggled to remain conscious, propping himself up with his good arm. Then, mysteriously, a foreign sound began to eminate from that area. Tarcisus was not sure what it was, and it was as if he had never heard such a sound before. But he had, he just didn't realise it. It seemed both familiar, yet also strange to his senses. He didn't just experiance it with his ears, nah, every one of his senses were keen to this, and were each experiancing it in a different way. his very soul seemed to fill with this sound. It was one of the mysterious songs of the Dryad. Never had he heard it song by human tongue before. He began to tear, he was so overwhelmed with its beauty, healing, and relaxation. It was Christy, chanting. She had sung it before, but never like this. This was at a level which not only other trees could appreaciate. Her voice was her own, not airy, as her previous form's voice was. It sounded like she wasn't singing anything, and it was questionable if it even came from her lips. Yet it was she, though it sounded as if she were everywhere.

"Aa, ahhh aaaa.... Ahh aaa Aah..."

Her diaphram moved her chest up and down as she sung. It was different using lungs to sing this song, but she was used to singing in her human form. Slowly, she exhaled her air in the chant. She went on with this song, waiting for the others to come into the clearing. Spheres of light, half the size of a base-ball, came from under the mushrooms. They were fairies. One floated out with her orange butterfly wings, and sat on the top of her "home" mushroom. Another, with dragon-fly wings, began to circle around the ring. Most others followed her, numbering at least seven total. One, with wings like a monarch butterfly's, flitted over to Christy, hovering about her face. The creature's body looked like a tiny woman's, yet it looked to be made completely of pure light. This was, of course, a trick they liked to play, just in case a curious traveller were near-by, they would not be able to look at them directly too long. The fairy wore clothing made from flower pettels, silk threads, and leaves. Each Fairy had its own clothing style.

The fairy, whos name is unimportant, looked like she was listening to something Christy had to say. It stopped, flew back to the others and talked to them in an inaudible voice. A couple of them flew about the ohter two main trees, trying to "wake them up." The rest flew about their circle happily and in no particular fashion or did as they pleased in near their homes. The two "sleeping" trees were indeed sleeping, as shapes were visible on their trunks, and half-way stepping out. More dryads, yet one had yellow lichen-colored, short hair. The other had red moss for her shoulder-length hair. They opened their eyes and sunk their roots deeper. They began gathering magical and other energies.

Meanwhile, Tarcisus felt strangely relaxed and his whole body went limjp, but not numb. He was soon asleep on the cave floor, with his back against the slanted wall. He let himself completely drown in this beautiful river of music and magic. He felt himself being immersed in the waters of the chant, and he saw himself floating on his back down a large, deep river. His muscles were loose and his mind was free from all worries. No thought but of the river. He felt himself sink in its loving waters, but felt no suffocation. Rather, these waters refreshed him. Physically, he breathed in the cleansed air around him. Mentally and emotionally, he breathed in the waters inwards. Inwards.

It's... so... beautiful...

He thought as he fell completely asleep. This was no ordinary slumber. No, this was a far deeper, far calmer sleep than he had ever had before. No nightmares, just visions of the trees, Christy, and the grotto area. It all swirled around him slowly, until he was totally under the effects of her spell.

11th October 2004, 10:11 AM
Ingold did not rest easy that night by far and as usual, his sleep went accompanied by horrid nightmares. Ingold could hardly remember the last time he had had a peaceful dreamless sleep, not bothered by visions of the past, but by now he had accepted them and in a way, he had learned to live with them. Like any normal human being though, he did not enjoy waking up every night bathing in sweat, having relived those terrible visions of death and destruction yet again. Wanting to avoid these ‘experiences’ at all costs, Ingold had opted for meditation instead of sleep and regenerated his body that way, for he knew what awaited him in that dark realm of his unconscious mind. But, unfortunately for Ingold, dreaming is the brains way of releasing some cooped up emotions and going without it is disastrous to the human mind. This of course explains Ingold’s erratic behaviour and his frequent crossings into the land of insanity. This night though, the dream was far worse and far more real to the mind then usual. Whether this was due the influence of Malakoth spreading into this realm or whether it was caused by the dark energy that still lingered within Ingold’s body could not be told ...

It was a sunny day outside, the blue sky was ridden with some small white fluffy clouds, a soft warm breeze swept over the high grass from time to time and butterflies joyfully fluttered from flower to flower. In short, it was one of these idyllic spring days, the likes of those we only appreciate after they have passed by and take for granted when they are upon us. That day, a lone gorgeous butterfly floated through the air, its wings a mixture of many colours and patterns, mimicking the evil stare of a dangerous predator. To any birds and other insects present, the mere sight of this butterfly would be both scaring and confusing, but to the human eyes, it was a wonder of Mother Nature and a beautiful one at that. Yet here too, few would take the time to fully appreciate the grandeur offered by the earth and as the butterfly settled itself on a lone flower, it was promptly forced to fly off again as it’s eyes caught a danger approaching dangerously fast. Soon after, a bare foot stomped the flower on which the butterfly had descended, the laughter of a fifteen-year young girl following soon after. Yet, she didn’t laugh because she just squished a flower of course. No, far from it, she was laughing at the boy who tried to keep up with her as she ran through the high grass. The young lad, doing his best to beat the girl in this little running contest, had to settle for being able to follow and even in that he failed miserably as he managed to stumble over his own feet. The boy landed flat on his belly, but had the fortunate reflexes to put his hands down first, breaking the fall. Rolling over, pushing aside the long green blades of grass, the boy spread open his arms and just lay there, staring at the sky, trying to catch his breath. The white spots in the blue sky were nice to behold, the light of the sun casting a warm glow on his face, but a far more beautiful vision soon entered the boy’s sight as the girl he had been following now leaned over him.

A broad smile decorated her face, accompanied by a faint chuckle as she saw the sight of this exhausted teenager. Her long red hairs dangled down along her face, waving slightly in the wind while the sun that shone behind her created an aura like shine around her. As she smiled, a few cute wrinkles appeared in the corner of her eyes, only adding to the effect, indicating that she was a joyful girl that liked to laugh. The boy happily returned her smile of course, as he stared back up at her, almost drawing in the emerald-green sea that were her eyes. Her peachy skin had gone untouched by puberty, unlike the face of the boy, which showed a few ‘red spots’. She wore a long beige robe, intricate patterns decorated the sleeves and the shoulders and this was obvious not the every day clothing, especially not meant to be running through the meadow with. The fabric rustled loosely around her body, though every man could see that this was a beautiful body, even for a fifteen-year-old girl. There was no question about it, this was a truly beautiful girl that would grow into an even more beautiful woman, if she had been given the chance that is. For she was Rachel and the boy was of course Ingold.

This was the last good memory the lighting master had and it was one of the few. Whenever he was with her, he forgot about his problems, about the constant bullying he had to go through at that wretched school, how his brother and sometimes even his sister picked on him for being the weakest, how his parents often looked at him, wondering what would come of this boy. How the neighbours shunned him for being different for already he had shown he had some skill in the lightning element. Yet, none of this mattered to Rachel for she knew Ingold for who he was, after all, they had known each other since childhood. She knew that in that frail shell of a body, lived a kind and warm person who would give the world to help other people, despite what other people did to him. But soon, everything would change, the fairy tale would end and that Ingold would be no more.

"C’mon you, are you going to allow yourself to be beaten by a girl?"
"Aaah, but you are no girl, you are a dryad that has put the earth against me, making me trip and fall."
"Hah, yes indeed, I called upon the fairies to draw the roots up from the earth, unfortunately, they did not have to interfere as you did their work for them on your own. Stumbling over those little legs all by yourself before you could even walk into my little trap. C’mon lazy."

With this, Rachel grabbed Ingold’s hand and pulled the boy up again. Once more did they run through the meadow, this time hand in hand, Ingold trying to stay upright for once while Rachel dragged him behind her, not holding back in the least. Soon after, they both arrived in the barn where Ingold immediately let himself fall into the dry hay, utterly and completely exhausted from the run. This time, Rachel too was breathing a little bit heavy, but she obviously had a better condition then Ingold, none the less, she allowed Ingold to pull her down into the hay as well where for a few moments, they just stared at the sealing, both trying to catch their breaths. It was silent for a while, but neither of them found it awkward and just treasured this moment. Yet, Rachel had quickly regained her breath while Ingold still tried to catch his and not having the patience to just sit around, she threw herself on Ingold, holding down his arms by the wrist, intent on wrestling a little bit. Ingold did not have any strength left though and didn’t even put up the least of a struggle, instead, he just stared into those green eyes again, drowning once more. Her long and soft red hairs caressed Ingold’s skin as their faces slowly came closer and closer together.

"Where are your parents?"
"In town and yours?"
"To the festival as well."
"Think they will be upset if we don’t show up?"
"Right now, I could care less"

After this short exchange of whispers, they closed their eyes, their lips coming closer and closer together, Ingold lifting his head from the hay despite the fact he was still held down by Rachel. As their lips touched though, a great tremble went through the earth, shaking the entire barn on its foundations. Dust from the haystacks above dwindled down through the narrow openings between the wood planks, covering both children in a thin layer of dirt. Their eyes shot open and their faces simultaneously turned to the door opening, wondering what was going on. Soon after, a great gust of wind rushed through the opening, pushing both Ingold and Rachel back in the hay, a low rumbling sound much like a distant thunder came travelling over the landscape at the same time. The barn cracked under the pressure, doing it’s best to hold against this sudden attack of the elements, but after a few seconds, everything went calm again and it seemed that whatever had caused these phenomena’s had passed by. The sky was still blue, the sun was still shining and butterflies were still making their way from flower to flower.

A dark cloud slowly began creeping into sight and the smell of burnt wood began to fill the air. Immediately, Ingold sped to the doorway, Rachel following immediately after him to see what had happened. Scanning the area, they soon found the source of all this and where once a great farm could have been seen, a scorched black circle of earth now decorated the landscape, a dark plume of smoke rising from its centre as a small fire continued burning on the tattered and small remains of what was once a great mansion. Small smouldering pieces of debris littered the area and wild fires began to spring up all around the landscape. But this was the least of their worries as now black clad riders appeared on the scene, hunting down the few peasants still found in the farmlands, driving them on before them, mercilessly hacking and slashing down upon the unarmed villagers. The banner of the black flame that they wore was well knows to these parts and the name ‘Rishlak’ sprang from both their mouths, a name that could only be spoken with a feeling of fear and contempt. For Rishlak was the scourge of these lands and many times he had slipped through the fingers of the High King before, only to return with a murderous bands a few weeks later. Now he descended upon these lands once more, not seeking power or wealth, no, instead he was intent on causing pain and suffering. He left the plunder to his men while he and his entourage walked the lands, searching for some easy pray.

Ingold realised that running away would have been no option for the riders would have cut them down on sight, afterwards though, this might have been a better faith for the both of them. Instead, Ingold opted to hide, hoping and praying that the plunderers would just pass by and leave this barn for what it was, a place to stack the hay. Dragging Rachel behind him, Ingold made his way to the middle of the barn where he just laid as still as possible, Rachel besides him, both squeezing each other’s hand rather tightly. At first, everything seemed to work, the mercenaries had little interest in the wooden building and the few that stepped inside, just quickly scanned it and left again. But then, Rishlak appeared, having just finished crucifying Rylon’s parents and setting them on fire before the boy’s eyes, the fire mage was searching for some new targets. Standing on a slight hill, he began over viewing the area. He smirked at the carnage his men were wreaking, but his smile became even bigger and more sadistic as he found his new victims. Concentrating on the heat signature a body emitted, he had pinpointed two new bodies to torture and maim. In a steady pace, he began descending his little hill towards the barn, slowly approaching the structure.

A chill went down Ingold’s spine as he heard the heavy footsteps approaching, still hoping not to be found, yet knowing it was inevitable. Suddenly, the haystack hiding them from sight was thrown aside and made way for the vision of Rishlak, an evil grin on his face stretching from one check to the other. He enjoyed the fear he saw in the eyes of these two children and relished in it. Promptly after, he grabbed Rachel by the arm and held her up in the air, not a word coming from his corrupt mouth. Immediately, Ingold reacted, fed by anger and rage, he launched a blast of lightning energy at the mage, but the only thing he managed to do was to draw the attention of that wretched fire conjurer, who was irritated by the attack at the most. A swift blow to the face threw Ingold back in the hay, his cheek split open by the pins found on the fire mage’s glove and his jaw broken due to the mere force put behind the strike. There Ingold now lay bleeding, paralysed by fear, staring into Rachel’s green eyes, seeing the despair and fear in them. Unable to move, Ingold could do nothing more but stare, nothing more but witness the death of his first love. Smoke began to rise from Rishlak’s hand as he began to work his fire magics upon the girl. Rachel screamed out her pain, a scream so terrifying and sharp, it would be engraved into Ingold’s memories for eternity. Slowly, the fire began to spread, consuming her entire body, travelling through the entire body. The very veins that once transported the life-giving blood were now the path through which the destroying fire travelled. Tears began to flow from Ingold’s eyes as he saw the begging look on Rachel’s face, now unable to scream any more, a look that demanded help, demanded release from this pain, something Ingold could not give although he wanted to with all his heart.

Meanwhile, the fire mage just laughed, enjoying the screams and tears, relishing the feeling of his fire rushing through the veins of this girl and consuming her. The smell of burning flesh had filled the barn within seconds as small drops of fire began falling from Rachel’s still live body, setting the same deadly flame into the dry hay below the girl’s body. Soon, nothing but a black scorched skeleton was left, small flames still consuming the remainders of the bones. Seeing his task done, Rishlak just dropped the black remains and turned around, leaving Ingold alone with his thoughts, knowing well what the effect would be on the boy. He treasured that knowledge, knowing he had destroyed yet another human life, even though it might just last for another few seconds as the fire that had consumed Rachel, now began spreading through the rest of the barn, the dry hay proving to be the perfect fuel for the flames. Yet Ingold could care less for he wanted to join Rachel in death, life had no meaning any more for without her, there were only the bullies. He could still see her eyes, begging or aid, begging HIM for aid, while the flames began eating away at his skin. His skin began to burn, his hairs were scorched from his head and the heat dried his eyes, the pain was not bearable yet no screams came from Ingold’s mouth as he could only see those green eyes, his mind now plummeting into a big black hole, not to emerge for nine months. Around him, the fire continued wreaking havoc, eating away at the barn, reducing it to a heap of crumbled wood, piece by piece. The support beams were among the first things to go and under a loud roar, they were slain by the fire and the entire building crumbled upon the young Ingold, one of the fallen beams crushing the boy’s legs.


A voice, to which the darkness would not reveal the identity of its origin, echoed through the shadow-covered mountains. A scream that would strike fear into the hearts of peasants, especially when it came at night. A scream of despair, a scream launched in the hope of fighting off the demons that attacked its owner, be it in vain. Ingold’s skin felt like it was on fire, he could smell the burnt flesh and even taste it as his mind had made the dream real to the body. The reliving of this traumatic experience made Ingold’s stomach contract and the lunch of last day was forced up again. Spitting out the stomach acids, Ingold landed on all fours, sweat dripping from his face and arms, mingling with the tears that welled from his eyes. Slowly, the echo of his voice died out, only to be replaced by soft whispers, only to be heard by the whisperer himself.

"No, not again, not again … the eyes … I’m sorry … I abandoned you … not again, I can’t, I couldn’t … I wouldn’t, no, no, not again, not again."

Turning around, Ingold fell on his back, now just staring into the darkness above as tears continued flowing from his eyes. At the horizon, a small border of light could be seen, announcing the coming of the day, yet Ingold didn’t care for he could only see the eyes once more as his heart relived that painful moment, breaking all over again.

"I’m sorry …."

12th October 2004, 09:30 PM
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The urge to sleep took hold of Rakoth as soon as he entered the cave. He watched with riveted eyes and a deep fascination the lull the dryads created. He did not move though; he did not go forward into the sweet embrace that was promised to him, instead he watched, feeling the sweet magic enfolding him.

Rakoth was a child of darkness, born of rape and violence on the night the stars screamed their darkest call. A night where demons had seen there power strengthen, and a night where one demon had decided to create the ultimate weapon. His body allowed him no rest this night, his mind would not give in to the dreamless state, he would dream this night.

He watched as the others fell to the succour that the night would provide, falling to the healing sleep the dryads offered. He felt her song wrap itself around him like a warm embrace, seeking to calm him, seeking to soothe the wound to his soul and body.

But the wound to his soul was deeper then any that had ever broken through his flesh. The wound to his mind still fresh from his father’s assault, would not allow him rest this night. The others would be safe here, but one was missing, one had gone alone, disappearing into the cold night.

Rakoth did not know why Ingold had left, he did not know where the lightning mage had gone, but he had brought them here, and he wouldn’t let one of his own fall. It was too early for the final fight; it was too early for Ingold to leave this plane.

And so, Rakoth left the warm soothing promise the cave held and stepped back into his element, the night. He feared the dark magic still seeped through his veins, and once he stepped from the cavern a cool chill ran along his spine. He did not look back, he knew his friends were in good hands, he did not know where Ingold would be.

The night was not so dark, the moon bathed everything in its silvery light, and yet with Rakoth’s darkvision, he knew it would not be easy to find the lightning master. Ingold was well practiced at sneaking about, and he showed that in the keep everyday, moving through the shadows to surprise a new recruit.

Rakoth had started to know what the mage thought in that mind of his, he knew that demons haunted him, and that he dreamt. But Rakoth did not know his leader that well, and he did not know the history that had brought his mind to the edge of sanity. Rakoth knew that Ingold took that leap into insanity, he had felt the deep set rage Ingold had of fire, and all who commanded it.

Rakoth suspected their reasons were very similar, and yet so very different. The loss of his only true love had torn him apart, putting him on the path he was so recently returned from. Even now, he was taken with bouts of cruelty, wishing death to mortals around him, wishing pain to the living.

With training, and friendship he had taken a turn away from that road, but the reality of it was there, it would not take much to send him back down that path. He might even go willingly. This mission meant so much for that, this quest they had all gone on would bring Rakoth to the brink, and he would save his soul, die, or loose himself forever.

Rakoth searched for Ingold through the remainder of the night, listening to the whisper of the wind as it came down from the mountain tops. Rakoth armour was no help against the cold, and Rakoth magic barely kept him warm. He concentrated most of his energy on locating the heat signature of Ingold, but if the lightning master had been out so long, it would be hard to detect anything.

Light had started to take its hold against the night, and dawn was coming rapidly, Rakoth was weary of the search, and the wound was taking its toll on the hybrid, he would not give up, and the coming of the sun meant it would only get easier to find the missing mage.

Suddenly a cry tore through the night, despair filling the morning air. Rakoth had finally found the missing one. Rakoth crept up to the prone mage, stopping far enough to respect his pain. Clearly, Ingold had had a rough night, and Rakoth was not one to intrude on those moments that were so private. Instead he waited in the open, not moving, but not hiding either, he waited for the lightning master to find his way through the haze of memory and into the dawn.

13th October 2004, 07:52 AM
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Darius staggered on. He did not know where the rest of the group was leading him nor what they were to do when arrived at their pre-destined destination. His mind still liable, Darius' head hung down, the sweat blurring his vision of the ground as it dripped into his eyes, his eyebrows apparently having given up their function. Seeing the rocks that covered the path and made it a rough going pass by, his mind slowly wandered off into another world, another state of being. At first, there was a void. His body still seemed to function, seeing that he somehow managed to walk right on, without tripping or swaying off the path, but his mind, though apparently working on some basic level, was somewhere else.

The recent events had had a big impact on the young Fire Mage. Though his mental wellbeing was usually strong enough to withstand most horrors or even some weak psychic attacks, it had somehow broken almost immediately this time. This was a weird occurrence and one could probably, no, most certainly call it a piece of unpleasantness. A big piece of unpleasantness. But Darius was in no state to judge that and if he had been, the occurrence would probably not have happened in the first place, so the boy didn't try to get himself back together again, simply because he couldn't. A never-ending paradox, a deadly controversy and a vicious circle for someone that was in a situation similar to the one Darius was in right now.

But before we go on and keep on describing the horrors of insanity, or near-insanity in this particular instance, let us return to our dear friend, the near-insane teenager, dealing with the problems of puberty, insanity, hell, a close-to-death friend and even more things that I won't name right now, Darius. As said, his mind slowly wandered of into another dimension, while his body was still following the rest of his companions.

So, Darius mind went through all the events of the past few hours, adding things as he remembered, or imagined, them and forgetting things that might be crucial, who knows. Fact was, be it Malakoth or just he himself, he didn't have a clear view of what had just happened. Everything from the moment he saw Zadok fall, an image that he had held for impossible up 'till now and which he actually didn't believe yet, even though the unconscious body of the Elven priest was dangling over his right shoulder, was a mixed blur of tragedy, hope, fear and weirdness.

Let me tell you what was going on in his mind more closely. Let us delve into this mind, pieces of a broken glass that had once made sense but now only reflected all memories, partially or totally, right or wrong, real or imagined, forming a blinding mixture of thoughts and a sickening mix of everything, forming new images along the way. Let us slowly, very carefully, enter this mind and see what is happening. Is it truly only Darius that makes things up or are there other evil beings, the name of Malakoth easily comes to mind, that play tricks on this kid? And if so, with what purpose do they do it?

No, no more questions now. Let us search for answers.

'..How could Zadok ever fall?...Sure, being struck by a horde of demons isn't nice but surely he will survive?...No, not demons, arrows!...Arrows...Anyways, I need to get him safe and heal him...Tarcisus needs to get him safe and heal him...Christy needs to get him safe and heal him...Get him safe and heal him, we all need to get him safe and heal him!!...Echad Zarach!...What?...What did I just think?...Echal Macach?...No wait, I...I forgot again...God, am I going crazy?...Am I?...Weird, I just hope my prayers to this god of Zadok's have helped him a bit...Of course they haven't!...Not only do you not believe in any god, or at least you didn't up 'till now, but you also don't know any of the prayers, let alone the language they are spoken in!!...Yeah, you're right...I'm right, you're right, we're right...I am you and you are me, we are we and them is them...How simple life is when you look at it some closer....It's all about the money...Just like dad, all for about money...Dad didn't do it for the money!...Dad didn't do it for the money?...Nor did Zadok...Wait, where was I about Zadok?...Oh yes, we need to get him safe...How? What? Who?...Wait, what did Rishlak used to say again?...Who? What? When?...Rishlak?...What on earth am I talking about?...Am I talking?...Who is Rishlak? Echad Zarach!!...This is weird..'

As Darius came to the conclusion we had already made previously, his body entered the clearing, the place where the others had gone before him. The sudden change of surroundings must've caught Darius' eye for his mind came back from wandering and suddenly he lifted up his head, a wave of sweat flying from his hair and face as he did so. Looking around he saw an idyllic place. A beautiful green oasis in the middle of a land that could best be described by two words: grey and lifeless. Of course, people lived here, but the life meant was the life of animals. Little squirrels, small birds, anything you can name. They were, or are I should say, one of the cornerstones of every piece of nature. And, admit it, the whole world is nature, so they should be everywhere. But not here. Not in this forsaken place. This place of death, so close to a volcano, so close to hell.


Was it Malakoth that had entered those words into Darius' mind? Echad Zarach, Rishlak. Could Malakoth be that deceptive? That tricky? Or had the One, the god that Zadok had followed for all his life, done this? Does he have a plan and needs Darius for that? Other options are unavailable, each other theory one could make up here not strong enough. Weird, as Darius' mind had just thought, was indeed the word that suits best here.

Knowing that he had finally reached their destination, though he didn't know where or what it was, just that it was where they needed to be, his body gave up. Until now it had somehow managed to bring up the strength needed to carry the weight of an unconscious man, the feeling Darius had for this man probably one of the most important reasons for this...miracle, if I may name it as such, but now, now that all seemed to be safe and the haven seemed to have been reached, now it gave up. Dropping to his knees Darius was able to gently lay Zadok down on the mossy ground and caress him a bit before falling down himself, the body of a young Fire Mage next to the body of a great Fire Master. It was an ironical sight at this moment, yet inspiring.

'..Peace...But what...What are these lights?..'

No, my friends, Darius was not hallucinating again. These lights he thought of were real, they did exist and had not been born inside Darius' broken mind. They were small fairys, who had just come out from underneath their hiding places, the mushrooms that, together, formed a fairy's ring. A fitting name as it turned out to be. Christy had taken place in the middle of the circle and though Darius was beginning to like the dancing lights around his head, he had to be disappointed as they floated off to twirl around the circle when Christy began singing. Whether they sung with her or not, Darius did not know. His hearing not trained enough and his body too tired to make out different voices, if there were any. And besides, the song was so beautiful, it almost immediately took away all of Darius' thoughts, thus taking away his sorrows and fears.

'..Ah, such lovely music...Just what I needed..'

Slowly Darius' mind slipped away into a void again. But not an evil void, no Sir. This time it entered an empty void, a void where he could get to his senses again,a void where he could get some rest. Yes, you are right, he simply drifted off into a dreamless, peaceful and restoring sleep.

"Huh? What?"

The voice came cracking, mumbled out of a dry mouth. Darius turned and twisted a bit on his soft bed of moisture, a bed the fairies had laid him on as soon as he had faded away.

"Who shouted no? Wait a minute...SOMEONE'S IN DANGER!!"

Darius' body shot right up, his shout of warning still echoing through the cave. Looking around he wasn't able to see anything, his eyes still having to get used to the dark, though the sun was slowly rising. He saw no-one, not to his right, not to his left, not in any direction he looked.

"Anybody there? How is Zadok? Where is everybody? Who shouted? We need to help...that person! Come on!"

With a hastiness that was exceptional for Darius in the early morning, he stumbled upright and looked around.

'..What the...Where is everybody?..Echad Zarach!! Rashkin! Echad Zarach!!...What?...Where is everybody!?..'

He whispered, not knowing what he said nor why he said it, his voice almost immediately dying away into the darkness of the cave.

"Echad Zarach?"

OOC;- Ah, I liked that. Hope you like it too ;) Tried a kinda' new style of RP'ing. Now I suggest we get this quest moving again since this delay at Talathier's oasis is getting a bit boring. So come on Rakoth. Get us where we want to be and let's, finally, start this adventure :p

Duke Manboy IV
13th October 2004, 08:01 AM
Wolve, doesn't the amount of casualties give you any idea about our adventures up to now? We've had quite some, you know.
Oh, and I'm not in the mood, but want to keep up with this quest. You all can know the reason I'm not in the mood, so you will forgive me my weak role-playing.
A close friend of mine, only 15 years old, just found out she had cancer. She has to go trough an agressive therapy anyhow, but if they discover more tumors, it'll only get worse. Mourn with me please... She isn't dead, but she's going trough a difficult period.

Ghorgrond had followed towards the cave, where he had fallen asleep.
It had been a healing sleep, even giving him more latent power, but he hadn't been calm as had the others. His dreams had been full of demons and darkness, darkness that should not be. He had dreamed about his own death, and those of his close friends, he had seen it... he had seen.
As he had woken up, he had been silent and he hadn't even reacted when Darius had shouted in panic. He needed to calm down and think, but for the moment he was still sitting with his head in his hands, sweating and trying to relax, trying to force out the demons.

13th October 2004, 08:54 AM
Ooc: Punk/Hedmund, Your plea is heard my friend. I shall pray for her and you. Oh Wolve, sheesh. Not all the best of rping has action/battle scenes in it. Would it be fun to rp your character dying in hell from ARROW wounds? I don't think so, than you very much, lol.

Ic: Christy was still in her human form as Darius woke up. The trio of dryads had finished their incantation as Darius cried for help. Magic went through the air and the ground. A deeper healing than any of the army's members had ever known was now upon them. The three strange ladies had combined their power for a very potent healing.

Have faith in your friends, master Darius. He is not alone, and help is already on the way. Evil comes soon and you will need your strength. Stay a bit a rest, unless you really want to see for yourself. He is in the shadows, find your team leader and you will find him.

Tarcisus' body was totally renewed, as was his mental scars. They were still there, but now they were healed over. His body was in peak condition, like a perfect sleep. His mind poured out its worries and thoughts of the day in one, pleasant-dreaming sleep. He woke up a bit later, well rested indeed and ready to take on just about anything. He stood up, stretching himself and looked around him, ready to go. He then sat on a rock and enjoyed the music.

13th October 2004, 09:31 AM
Jeezs, I am sorry Heddie. My thoughts will be with your friend and you...

And Trog, please don't take offense, huh? :p I just meant I would like to see this Quest get a little bit more active somehow ;) Nothing wrong with the way things are going right now :D

Darius gave a troublesome look at the three beings. He didn't know who they were, not even what they were, but somehow, when he looked at them, the thought that they had healed him entered his mind.

'..Healed me?..'

All of a sudden, now that he gave it some attention, something he had simply forgotten in the blind panic that had got to him after he'd woken up from that shout, he noticed that he felt a lot better. His body felt normal again, he didn't sweat all over anymore nor did his head feel as paranoia as it did yesterday, though the weird words had already returned once.

Startled by the wisdom of these three creatures, for they seemed to know exactly where the man who had shouted was and who he was and who he was with, which left Darius wondering why they didn't simply gave him instructions as for how to get there, he didn't exactly know what to say.

"Well..Err, I don't know how you know what needs to be known but...thanks. If you say he's okay I'll simply have to...trust you?"

The words sounded weird to him as they left his lips.

'..Why do I trust them?...Who knows what has happened?...Do they?...Do I?...Do we?...Shouldn't I go and check, instead of trust them blindly without even knowing who or what they are?...Echad Zarach!!...What?..'

Confused only a minute after he'd woken up again he sat down, pulled up his knees and wrapped his arms around them, his back leaning against the dark wall of the cave as the first rays of sunlight slowly shed their light into the cave.

"Since you guys seem to know everything, could you also tell me where the rest of the people are then? Like Zadok and Ghorgrond?"

13th October 2004, 04:17 PM
OOC: My thoughts go out to her Qbirt ...

Ingold just lay there for quite a while, seemingly unconscious, just staring into the dark empty space above, the moonlight casting a dim light over the landscape while at the horizon, the rim of light only grew larger. Yet all of this went unnoticed by Ingold who only saw those green eyes, begging him for help, blaming him for being unable to save her. Inside the lightning master, guilt tore away at him and nothing he could ever do would change the past. He had failed her, he had just stood by and watched, frozen by fear, how his loved one had died. How could he not blame himself, he is only to look at himself now and see the power he holds, if only he had been brave enough to summon it, she could have still been alive, if only ...

After a half an hour though, the first real sunrays pierced over the horizon, casting a dim red glow on the mage's face. Slowly, the visions faded away and reality shot back to the mage's mind, yet, it was a troubled mind right now. Many questions flooded his mind, one being if it would be the smart thing to go. He had blamed Darius for being weak and unreliable, yet shouldn't he have looked to himself first? A singly arrow had almost killed him and now, visions of the past haunted him worse then before. If it is this bad now, what would it be like in hell? True, there would be little room for sleep, but still, isn't it plausible that Malakoth knows what haunts Ingold, after all, Rishlak most likely resides in hell now. Ingold had seen the fire mage fall, be it not by his hand as he had vowed to do. What if Malakoth decided to use this knowledge against the lightning mage and the rest of the group, the results could be disastrous.

Slowly, Ingold crawled to his feet, the burning pain that had haunted his body now gone together with the taste and smell of burnt flesh. The screams of Rachel and the laughter of Rishlak had now ebbed away and could now no longer be heard, although they all lived on in Ingold's mind, ready to surface again during the next dream, ever stalking the lightning mage. But for now, Ingold was safe again, the light of day returning him to reality. Walking over to the edge of the path, Ingold sat himself down on a large stone, facing the rising sun, basking in its warm glow. He had not seen Rakoth yet, not even when the day of light was upon the mountain for his mind pondered his prescience within this band of warriors. He was a liability, whether he liked it or not and the last think that was needed was yet another variable.

But for a moment, he decided just not to think about it, why he didn’t know, maybe he was just fed up with it all, but for just a moment, he decided to just close his eyes, let the sun warm his face and think about the happy times. It was a good moment, short as it may have been, yet to Ingold it felt like an eternity. He thought back to his childhood before that dreadful moment, how he had crossed wooden swords with his best friend, Rylon. The snowball fights he had held in the winter with his brother and sister, how his parents had tucked him into bed when he was little. How Rachel had taken care of his bleeding knee when he had fallen once … . For a moment, everything was good again.

But then reality rushed back to Ingold once more and he realised he wasn’t sitting in the most secure regions right now, after all, a great battle had been fought here but a few hours ago. Turning to his inner eye, the mage scanned the environment and quickly caught the image of the fey’ry, obviously watching him. Ingold shuddered at the thought of what Rakoth might have seen, for the last thing he wanted, was to seem weak, even to the half-demon. Yet, as Ingold knew all too well, the past cannot be changed and he should know for he has already tried to undo his own past.

"You can come now Rakoth"

Ingold yelled out just loud enough for Rakoth to hear, while he brought up an apple from one of his pockets. He smiled at the red fruit, for all knew Ingold had a thing for apples, they did not know where his passion for them came from. For some strange reason though, Ingold felt like sharing that morning, maybe to get some things off his chest for a part of him wanted to spill his guts, to share his pain. The other part though, obviously didn’t, knowing that he should not burden others with this knowledge, especially not Rakoth who had his own demons to face, literally as figuratively speaking. but for a brief moment, the part that wanted to speak won the battle, even though it would be doubtful though that the Fey’ry would even understand what Ingold was talking about.

"You know, she loved apples, always told me to eat at least one a day, I never listened to her then. Now, it is all I eat for it remembers me of her during better times. Sometimes I wonder why though, why do I torture myself by clinging on to her memory, it have been ten long years now and still, I cannot forget, I cannot forgive."

13th October 2004, 06:22 PM
/ooc my deepest sympathies, I am sure things will get better

Rakoth walked out of the shadows at Ingold’s bidding. He had left the lightning mage alone, and had only descended into his own thoughts as he waited. His mind weaved its own web around him, and he descended into the world that was there, between waking and sleeping.

The thoughts that assaulted his mind were always there, waiting to come out, as soon as Rakoth lowered his guard. But this night, he let himself fall into the darkness of his own soul. These were his nightmares, and he would need to face them.

Yet again Rakoth faced his nightmares, and once again the cold sweat dripped down his face. Rakoth tried to face his nightmares, as he had tried so many times before, but once again, as the dawn broke through the night, he lost.

Rakoth’s eyes opened almost painfully, and he reeled in shock. The dreams had been stronger here, more horrible then he had ever seen them.

Its this blasted place… its getting to me…

Rakoth rubbed his numb arm again, wishing for some feeling to return to it. His eyes focused on the grey rock around him, as the vision cleared away. The last vestige of the night faded on the horizon, but still the last cursed image stayed with him. He always saw her at the end, he always saw the blood of the elder splattered across her room, and he always heard her last breath whispering his name…

“I will never forget…”

Rakoth’s summons snapped him fully out of the reverie, allowing him at last to step forward and sit by the lightning master. Rakoth let his guard down this morning, he knew nothing lurked in the hills, they had had ample time to slay both the masters while theu revisited their painful memories.

Rakoth let Ingold’s words fill the morning air, he knew he wasn’t required to answer anything, yet something in him compelled him. Slowly he spoke.

“That is our faith… Too never forget… Where would we be if we could… Why would we even be here if we had…"

Rakoth paused

"It’s what keeps us awake at night, and yet, its what drives us to wake in the morning… knowing we do not deserve to die…It would be too easy…”

Rakoth did not look at Ingold, instead, he stared straight forward, into emptiness. After a moment he turned to Ingold.

”We need to get back, the others should be waking any moment. You missed quite a night, I just hope the others are in better shape then we are.”

13th October 2004, 09:06 PM
Melenie blinked, grunted and rolled over, rubbing her eyes in confusion, looking around the dark clearing what Zadok had fallen. Apparently the others HAD MOVED ON AND LEFT HER THERE. (gits) She shrugged and heafted her lance, before padding off alone into the woods.

14th October 2004, 10:30 AM
Ic: This time Christy spoke aloud, without the aid of her sister trees.

"We do not know everything, fire mage. Yet we know what the earth tells us. I do not know who these members are that you speak of, but the wind told me of this one your leader seeks."

She was, afterall, an advanced earthmage, a dryad, in tone with her surroundings and the earth even in her human form. It was not certain if she could not, in truth, tell where those two were, or if she simply did not wish to do so. She put her arms down and walked over to the boulder in the center of the clearing. She proceeded to sit on it. Tarcisus joined her and sat next to her. Neither of them looked at each other, but somehow, they seemed comfortable and accustomed enough to know that the other one was there, without having to receive visual confirmation. They then stood up, after resting a few seconds. This time, Tarcisus spoke.

"Let us return to the path."

Christy interjected,

'Should we not look for the others before heading off?'

"They are more than capable of handling themselves."

'Tarcisus, do not be so stubborn. Please do this. For me.'

"I see no reason to waste our time on an unnecessary task. You said yourself, we have little time..."

Christy said something in Gaelic, sounding surprised. It sounded like she was reprimanding him or saying something in anger. Whatever she said, Tarcisus looked at the ground, a bit ashamed. He spotted a pebble and rolled it around in a circle with his left foot. He answered in Gaelic, a minute later, with an appoligetic tone.

"Very well... let's go look for them. Darius, Christy will stay with Zaddok until he awakes. If the others come, Christy or wake up, wait for them and tell them to remain with you. You and I will go search for Rakoth and whoever else is out there. No one left behind."

The dryads continued their watch, looking over those there, and keeping the powers of darkness at bay. Christy remained on the boulder. They had already finished their healing song, and it was sure to take effect, with the three's combined, mysterious magics.

Duke Manboy IV
14th October 2004, 10:49 AM
"Well Christy. I had assumed the Earth would tell en experienced Earth mage where its most loyal servant is. But I guess not; perhaps you aren't as experienced as you think you are, no offense."

Ghorgrond stumbled out of the cave, still shaking but not willing to show.
They had enough difficulties to deal with, even if he would be completely fine, so he didn't want to bother the others with some bad dreams.
He whiped away the beads of sweat dripping into his eyes, and spoke.

"So. We should take Zadok with us now and go and look for the others. Rakoth, Ingold, Melenie,... that's it. Or have I forgotten someone?"

I thank you all for your positive response; you have given me hope, be it idle. I feel drained anyhow, and mentally exhausted. But meh, enough self-pity. Fuck self-pity... I'll try to post better again, from now on. I need to put my mind to something anyway, it might make me feel better. If not, you'll notice it.

14th October 2004, 11:01 AM
Ic: Christy looked at Ghorgrond, her forehead a bit tense.

"I am experianced enough to do that... but the spell of healing I have just made is so much more than you realize. Even with the help of my sisters, it is much more draining than I remember. It is also a spell of sanctuary. Plus, not being in dryad form has proven to weaken me."

There are many things of which you do not know of. Do not criticise before you know the whole.

She said through the earth. She lay her head down on her crossed arms, resting. Her face was not angry, but very sad. Some unknown sorrow haunted her. She dared not speak to the others about this, let alone the curse be forever sealed, though the pain it caused her was apparent. She closed her eyes, not wanting them to see what was on her soul. A fairy flew up to her face and stood on the rock, far enough to be seen, but close enough to be heard. The creature began comforting her. She knodded her head and remained still as she could manage. She did her best not to cry.

14th October 2004, 12:10 PM
**Zadok's body passed the night with little change in sight, his prone figure still refusing to respond to any outside stimulation; even the powerful magic of the fairies had no effect upon his outlook. It was as if Zadok was not there, his body being but a hollow shell of the once powerful priest, his face but a mask that remained expressionless and unchanged.


**The moment the doppelganger heard Zadok's voice he realized his mistake; but it was too late to retract the massive error in judgement. Before the doppelganger could respond or even react, the void was suddenly pierced by another light. But unlike the spotlight overhead that was used to illuminate the small area around Zadok, this light actually originated from Zadok's chest and radiated outward in all directions. Looking down at Zadok's chest, the doppelganger's mouth opened wide to scream out a protest, but it was instantly silenced as the light erupted forth from Zadok's chest with renewed strength and the explosive force with which it came forth threw the doppelganger backwards through the air and into the darkness of the void. But the light would not allow him to hide for long as it pierced through the darkness and found his darkened form cowering upon the ground. Looking into the encroaching light like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car, the doppelganger screamed out his question once more though more out of frustration than a desire to understand.


**As the light once more engulfed the doppelganger and completely displaced the light, he looked to where Zadok had been hanging. The priest was lying upon the ground, his chest heaving from exertion but the invisible chains were now gone and he was free once more. And as the doppelganger looked upon the fallen form of the priest, he could once more hear Zadok's voice in his mind.

"Chanan Echad 'umlal,
Echad Rapha' 'etsem bahal.
Shuwb Echad chalats nephesh yasha' checed.
Meveth zeker, shaowl yadah."(Prayer of Echad Rapha)

**The doppelganger's eyes widened as he heard the first two lines of the prayer, instantly recognizing it for what it was and realizing what Zadok was intending to do. Leaping to his feet, the doppelganger charged towards the weakened priest with all of his strength, hoping to reach Zadok before the elf was able to finish the prayer. But just as the doppelganger reached out to strike Zadok, the last words were spoken and instantly a new wave of light erupted into existance around Zadok, tossing the doppelganger backwards once more. Crashing to the ground, the doppelganger could only watch in horror as Zadok's beaten and bloodied body was lifted off the ground by some unseen force. Limbs stretched out in all directions and the light continued to pour into and out of Zadok's body. For a moment, the body remained floating in the air, suspended there in a peaceful state of rest. And then the light surged once more, blocking Zadok's body from view, and blinding the doppelganger temporarily. When the brilliant light receded once more and the doppelganger was able to look upon Zadok's form, the priest was now standing upon the ground, his head bowed to the ground but his breathing was now more regular and the scars, bruises, and burns were gone. The doppelganger's mouth hung open in disbelief as he examined Zadok's body and found that not a single sign of damage or wounding was visible at all. When he finally looked at Zadok's face, Zadok lifted his head and glared upon the doppelganger, brilliant white light radiating as two brilliant beams directly at the doppelganger. Skittering backwards away from Zadok, the doppelganger tried to retreat and rise to his feet at the same time, neither move proving successful at the moment.

**And then, as if the image was not already terrifying enough for the doppelganger to behold, Zadok spoke, his voice booming throughout the void and carrying with it an authority and power that made even the most powerful cries of the doippelganger appear powerless and lame.

"Echad 'elohiym sabaoth' shama' taphillah;
'Azan 'elohiym Ya'aqob.
Ra'ah 'elohiym magen, nabat paniym mashiyach.
Echad tsaba' 'esher 'adam batach"(Prayer of Echad Sabaoth)

**As Zadok spoke the last word of the prayer, four pinpoints of light formed next to Zadok, slowly manifesting and morphing into powerful angelic beings that each looked to Zadok for guidance and direction. Zadok's eyes never lifted from the doppelganger as he extended his hand to point accusingly at the doppelganger.


**The moment the word left Zadok's mouth, the angels turned to face the doppelganger in unison, each pointing towards the doppelganger with a blade of pure white lighte. As the angels rushed towards him as a solid wall of light, the doppelganger opened his mouth wide once more, his terrified scream echoing through the emptiness as the angelic beings overtook him.

14th October 2004, 01:32 PM
Just...really...doubting between making a long post with me searching for them or make a short post and give you some room to search with me...Or...just...make a long post in which there's little searching and a lot of psichological talk!...Muahaha!! I got it!...I hope :eek13:

Btw, Garth, did I mention your post was sublime yet? :thumbsup:

Darius hope, for all his hope had been focused on those three dryads for a second, of finding the rest of his friends, his trustees, his comrades on this mission, this quest for hope, this quest to save someone, and with him the whole world, once again, to find them again without moving a muscle..

'..What a luxury that would've been..'

But this time, Darius did not have that luxury. It being withheld from him by a simply cause of events.

"Ah well, I might as well go with you. I know I can trust you..."

'..Echad Zarach!!...What the?...Why do these words keep on showing up whenever I say or think the word 'trust'?...Echad Zarach!!..Argh!..'

A short of time has made me choose the first :D Please go ahead and search/find them, I will follow later on with another big post (I hope)...

14th October 2004, 04:50 PM
"I can only imagine what my life would have been like is I could have saved her. I would still be as powerful I think, I would have hated Rishlak either way for he is the reason I wanted to become strong. Yet, I would have been a happier, not troubled by the past, not bothered by the constant fear that I might attack my friends when I go insane yet again.

Where would I be if I had just forgotten? I would probably be following in my father's footsteps and I’d be running his farm. But make no mistake, I would trade it for this life any day. But I know I can't, only a god has the power to do that and I already pissed them off. This is my life and I have to live it, till the end. But then we come to death …

You say we don't deserve to die? What made you think that? How many innocents have been slaughtered by our hands, I know I have the blood of a few thousand on mine. Do you believe that all the future 'good' you'll do will save you from going to the place your father now rules? I hope it does, I really do, but what I did will follow me beyond the grave, of that I am certain … I have long sought for death Rakoth and I still do, in my search, I try to do some good as well, trying to avoid the worst of faiths by doing so. I would be happy if I ended up in purgatory, but mainly, I just want it all to end. Maybe I do not deserve to die, but I do wish for death.

I have gotten to know death a little bit better in my search for him though and he's a sadistic little bastard. He will not come for me as long as I have nothing to loose. On my travels, I have seen many people die, all fighting the grim reaper with all their might for they wished to stay in this world, they wished to be with their wives and mothers and children. They wished to live, to see so much more of the world, to do all those things they had promised themselves to do and had never gotten around to it. Yet, death took them and let me alive to watch them die. I am sure thought, that from the moment that I will truly want to live again, that he’ll come for me and then, I’ll fight him with all my strength and I will loose the battle. But maybe I don’t have to, maybe, this quest will force him to come to me …

Yet, there is only one being in this world that prevents me from ending it all myself and the fun part about it is that he’s not even a human. No Rakoth, it is not you either … . If it weren’t for him, you would be going on this quest without me, though I doubt it would have been a big loss. “

Sighing, Ingold now looked over to Rakoth, realising that what h just told the Fey’ry must have been quite troubling, seeing that they were on the verge of entering hell.

“Don’t worry, I won’t do anything that might get you or the others in danger deliberately. I may wish for death, but I’m not planning on taking any of you down with me. Now, I do know that this place has a rather darkening effect on people, I have noticed that in my dream, but do not dismiss it as that Rakoth, I have been thinking this way for some time now. I am sorry to have burdened you with this for I know all too well the weight of what you carry, but you deserved to know. If you feel that I am a liability, say so and I just sit right here, enjoying the sunrise for a little while longer before leaving for I do not wish to endanger the others. If not, I shall follow you back to the others and will fight the good fight. But in each case, I trust that was has been said remains between us … hey, isn’t that Melanie over there running into the woods?”

OOC: Ingold was not that far away :tongue: and no need to reply and wait for an answer, just rp Ingold coming or sitting …

14th October 2004, 08:41 PM
Rakoth turned when Ingold pointed Melanie out. He vaguely saw the outlines of the dragon lady disappear as he turned thought, and she had vanished. Pushing himself up to his feet in a slow fashion, Rakoth thought about what Ingold had just told him.

“I do not have any presumption as to where I am going when I die. It will probably be to hell, where my father now rules, no matter the good I do. My hands are soiled, forever soiled with what happened, and I could have prevented it all, had I been stronger. Stronger willed, stronger minded, stronger in my magic, and stronger in my body. To die would be the final release from all these dreams, but I do not deserve to die…”

“Had my life been the same, I would have learnt to shoot with a bow, I would have learned the properties of plants and animals, and I would have probably become strong in light magic, for I have always been good at magic. Would I trade this for that, certainly, but in that we are the same. I was destined to become the next demon overlord. I was destined to be the leader in the Hell we are about to enter, maybe even take on the angels above. But I live now to defy my father’s will, to follow a path that I wish to follow. This first quest we make is my first step to release. Release I will probably never get, but it will make me feel a little better knowing I will not kill my friends at a moments notice.”

Rakoth had started to walk towards the cave, he looked back to make sure Ingold was following.

“Do not worry; if I had ever thought you were a liability, I would have left you behind. I am starting to feel the emotions you carry around with you, remember, I am somewhat of a dark mage. The cloud around you is easy to make out, thought I would never probe to see truly what you feel. What we have said will stay between us, there is no danger of that, your story is yours to tell. Thank you for sharing it with me, it will help me understand you, and better fight with you.”

Rakoth kept his silence as he spotted the others coming from the cave. He wondered where Zadok was, the magic woven in the cavern should have been enough to heal anyone. Rakoth rubbed his arm slowly, the feeling was returning slightly, but it felt cold, so very cold. His body was finally neutralising the dark magic that had paralyzed his arm at the shoulder.

Rakoth called up to the group.
“I think I saw Melanie disappear, is she with you? And where is Zadok, has he gotten better?”

15th October 2004, 08:59 AM
Ic: Tarcisus knodded at Darius as he stepped through the boarder in the woods. his figure disappearing in the shadows. (ooc: did i already say that?) He reappeared in the sunlight a distance off, walking in the same direction. He turned around, wary of himself,

"You coming? Do you think you can keep up with an immortal like myself?"

He winked at him and chuckled at his own joke. He made himself disappear like that out of jest. He then continued on his way, waiting just long enough for the fire mage to see him.

"That sanctuary spell should have been enough to heal almost anyone..."

He thought aloud to himself as he walked. He enjoyed the warm sun against his face. In here, the air was far cleaner than outside the forest. This was no ordinary woods. No, something was deep and magical about this area. He felt cool even in the heat of evil and he wanted to enjoy it a bit longer, for he knew what the horrors of the underworld held. They would all need their full strength or they would all die.

15th October 2004, 10:49 AM
D'oh, I should hurry if I want this post to be a long one...And, btw, thx for the adding of the Rep BK. I liked 'me new style' too ;)

Darius, who had had just forced his legs up again, followed Tarcisus as if in trance. The words that kept on showing up in his head were a confusing factor in the already chaotic situation they were in right now. Somehow, as soon as Tarcisus had gone out of sight for only a fraction of a second, Darius got paniced right away. Even though he was still in the clearing and the three dryads still lay only a few meters behind him, as did Ghorgrond whom Darius had not noticed for some weird reason which we won't delve into right now, he immediatly felt insecure as soon as the one he was following for now had left the picture. Opening his mouth for a desperate shout of fear, lonelyness and the feeling of being lost forever, he shut it almost immediatly again, for there Tarcisus returned to his sight again. The immortal Spirit Mage giving him a feeling of warmth, like he was home again and all was well again. Darius' heart immediatly went calm again. No more fear, no more lonelyness, no more being lost forever. No more.

'..Phieuw, I was afraid I'd lost him...See! I knew I could trust him...Echad Zarach!!...There we go again! Argh!...I'm beginning to hate this...Rishlak!...What?...Aaah! I'm going mad!!..'

Immediatly the feeling of fear crept up his spine again. But as soon as he saw Tarcisus' warm smile, it disappeared again. It came again, it went again, it came again, it went again. Naturally, Darius was getting a bit dizzy of all this emotional twisting and changing. Furthermore there were the dazzling effects this place had on everybody, not just the poor teenager, which added to that. So all in all, if one thought about it, it should be considered a normal thing that Darius suddenly stopped in his tracks, looking around anxiously and then the next moment one would see him walking on again, full of convidence that all should and would be well.

So following Tarcisus, they entered the forest. Walking straight on and on, not knowing where they went, atleast Darius didn't, not knowing who or what they would encounter. After a short peroid of time, let's say five minutes, Darius was worried once again. With a worried look he shouted out to Tarcisus, his voice such a mixture of different feelings that it was too hard to make out how the Fire Mage felt exactly.

"Are you sure we're going the right way?"

Shortness of time has, yet again, held me from posting longer. Plz forgive me.

15th October 2004, 05:06 PM
**Coughing...Blood...searing pain that radiated throughout his body with every move and every heartbeat. Breathing in deeply a raspy breath, his throat hoarse and weakened from the sheer volume of his scream. His eyes opened and winced at the sight of the light, squinting to see a figure that stood before him. ZADOK! Instantly the doppelganger's entire body flinched and the signals of pain bombarded his mind causing his vision to blur. As the pain subsided, the doppelganger slowly rose to his feet, wobbling and unsteady as his mind struggled to maintain focus despite the pain. His eyes locked with Zadok's and instantly the pain was gone, replaced with the primal rage that coursed from through his concious mind and consumed his body with every moment. This was the man that had caused all of the problems; this was the man that had locked him into his dark isolated cell of existance; this was the man that was the very bane of the doppelganger's very existance. This...priest, who stood there so piously. The Staff of the Chosen in his left hand, the flowing white robes, the peaceful smile upon his face, the image was absolutely disgusting to the doppelganger.

**Ignoring the pain and the overwhelming urge to collapse to the ground in agony, the doppelganger screamed a hoarse warcry as he ran towards Zadok. The doppelganger raised his hands up over his head, his blackened staff forming in his clenched hands, he was going to finish this once and for all. But just as the staff would have connected with Zadok's temple and eliminated all resistance to the doppelganger's ascension to control, just as the doppelganger could taste the sweet savor of victory his staff stopped in midair. Raising his eyes up to look at the source of the hindrance, the doppelganger's eyes widened as he looked upon a blade of pure gleeming steel. The blade, clearly the upper portion of the Staff of the Chosen, was held aloft by Zadok's right hand which only a fraction of a second before had been calmly hanging by his side. The priest's movements had been so quick, so fluid, and so effortless that the doppelganger did not even see them. Bringing his eyes down to look at Zadok in bewilderment, the doppelganger began to open his mouth to ask the same question he had asked over and over again since the tide of the battle had shifted. But before the words could form upon the doppelganger's lips, Zadok spoke the answer to the unasked question.

"Echad Yamiyn"

**The words struck the doppelganger like a sledgehammer, shattering his hopes of a quick victory into a billion pieces. Echad Yamiyn...the One my Right Hand. The doppelganger knew the effects of such a prayer quite well and realized now oh too late the foolishness of his headlong charge. But having committed this far, the doppelganger had little choice in the matter and so he pressed his attack.

**With the faint flick of his wrist, the doppelganger disengaged his own blade from his staff and began once more the deadly dance. Even more impressive than before, the two combatants launched a hail of attacks and counters at each other using the two portions of their respective weapons. But something was different compared to the last dance, Zadok did not show signs of weakening or tiring; in fact, with each parry and each attack, the priest appeared to grow in strength and speed, his torrent of attacks increasing with each passing moment. It was clear that the battle was becoming one sided as the doppelganger was forced it further and further defensive maneuvers, unable to launch his offensive attack as his blade and staff were nearly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of attacks that Zadok unleashed.

**And to make matters worse, Zadok began to speak with every fall of his blade and every crash of his staff. But the words were not taunts and they were not degradations, but rathers words to yet another prayer.

"Rowmah Echad garown,
Piyphiyah chereb yad;
'Asah naqamah goy towkechah laom;
'Acar melek ziyqah kabad kebel barzel;
'Asah mishpat kathab. Cumi Echad Chereb."(Prayer to Echad Chereb)

**As the words cascaded forth from Zadok's mouth, the doppelganger unleashed a frenzied attack, hoping against hope that he would be able to break Zadok's concentration and prevent the words from being spoken. But as the last word issued forth from the priest's lips, Zadok's steel blade was suddenly engulfed in brilliant white light. Roaring out in primal protest, the doppelganger swung both his blade and his staff at the radiant blade, hoping to knock it from Zadok's hand. But rather than knocking the blade from the priest's hand, the doppelganger only succeeded in shattering both his blade and his staff into hundreds of pieces, the sheer power of the now enchanted blade overwhelming and destroying the doppelganger's only weapons. As the pieces of the broken blade and staff dropped to the ground, the doppelganger collapsed to his knees weeping from utter frustration as his dreams and visions of nearly twenty years came crashing down around him. The priest would not be beaten, the doppelganger's reign of terror was ended before it ever really began, and now the dark twin knelt defenseless before the very one who only moments before was at the doppelganger's very mercy. How cruel was fate to deal such judgement out upon him?

**Taking a deep breath to try and control the frustration, the doppelganger lifted his head and looked up at Zadok's face, the priest looking down upon his tormentor not with satisfaction, not with a gloating grin, but simply a contented smile of peace. As he looked deep into the priest's eyes, the doppelganger asked once more the question that still plagued his mind. He knew the answer already, but he could not understand the reasoning. And so with a raspy voice choked with the shame of defeat and frustration, the doppelganger asked.


**Suddenly a brilliant light began to flood the mental battleground, radiating out in every direction and blindingly obliterating every shadow from sight. And as his vision faded into pure whiteness, the doppelganger clearly heard Zadok's voice speak to him in a calm and peaceful whisper.

"Echad zarach..."


**Lying still in the cave, the priests body remained still unchanged from the night before. But suddenly the elven facial features changed and the expression altered ever so slightly. No longer an expressionless void or a blank countenance, the priest was smiling.

18th October 2004, 03:09 PM
Well, lets get this quest going again shall we

Rakoth looked back at Ingold with a concerned frown. He had just called out to the others, and yet they had not heard him. Quickly he realized sound played strangely in between the two stone giants this valley was lodged in. They seemed to be following Melanie into the woods, moving down from the cavern. Darius's arms were empty and Rakoth’s enhanced eyesight managed to see that the fire mage was looking better, but his master was missing.

Did they leave Zadok at the cave.

“They didn’t hear me. They all look healed and rested, except Zadok who I can't even see. Come, we must hurry; I can’t begin to guess what lies in the forest, and I intend to find out where they left Zadok."

Rakoth sped up his step, checking behind him to see if Ingold would follow. They had both spent the night awake, but Rakoth was had demonic blood, he could go much longer without sleep then a human. Ingold was still standing, something Rakoth found to be quite surprising.

Mind over matter…

They arrived at the cave quickly, only to find Zadok still laying on the ground. His body still lay still, slowly breathing out, the healing had not done anything for the fire mage. Yet Rakoth had hope, instead of the expression of pain, Zadok was smilling. Rakoth walked over to his fire maser, and spoke quietly.

"I am sorry friend, but I must carry you, I will be careful but forgive me."

With that he picked the prone priest and carried him over his shoulder. He was worried about hurting Zadok, but his right arm still lay motionless against his hip.

"We will make a litter for him when we get to the woods."

Rakoth made his way trying to hold Zadok in the akward position he already was. Carefully, he chose his way among the rocks, stepping down the to face the forest.

Rakoth stopped in front of the forest, looking into the abruptly starting woods. It seemed strange that anything could grow in this barren landscape, but here it was, a thick lush pine forest. The light of dawn had just crested the ridge above there heads, and mid-morning was settling in. The woods remained dark, the morning sun did not have much space to peek through the branches. A dark green light could be seen through the trees where the sun did manage to break through.

The forest seemed inviting enough, or at least not dangerous, and his party had just walked into it. Releasing a sigh, Rakoth entered the forest, checking if Ingold was following.

He pulled a few bigger branches down and tied his cloak between the two biggest ones. This was hard since he could only use a single hand. He set Zadok down on the makeshift litter.

He quickly spotted a trail to there left and, judging by the steps and branches broken when Ghorgrond had come through, the rest had follow the same path. Rakoth signaled to Ingold that everything was clear, and made his way to the path.

The well-worn path stretched through the trees as far as Rakoth could make out. He could not see his friends, but guessed they were ahead, and even further Melanie made her way through the woods.

“I wish they had waited, this is ideal terrain for an ambush. Ingold, keep your guard up, we never know…”

Alright, let me know what you guys are doing, I need to know where you are at so I can RP the two different groups (well three if Paladin posts)

18th October 2004, 04:52 PM
Ic: Christy had been keeping watch sitting on the rock. By now, the dryads were long back into their dwellings, except for her. She still sat on the rock, keeping an eye on Zaddok. Her sisters and the fairies helped, but this was not immediately apparent to everyone. That was the reason this lush forest was able to grow in this accursed land in the first place. She got off the rock, seeing Rakoth make a litter for the priest.

"Rakoth, wait for me."

She waited a second.

"You did not think he was left alone did you? Tarcisus has enough foresight to avoid that. In fact, I talked him into looking for the others whilest I remained here."

Ooc: She has been there the whole time and has not left, trust me (Rped it earlier). She's not one to randomly appear or disappear like Tarc is, lol. just unnoticed sometimes, that's all. Tarcisus is looking for Melanie, btw.

18th October 2004, 05:58 PM
Ingold thanked Rakoth for keeping the secret and for understanding. He felt bad to trust the weight of his own problems on Rakoth's shoulders as well, but it was for the best. So, when Rakoth followed after Melanie, so did Ingold, knowing that he was still welcome in the group. Yet, after the first ten meters, Ingold's muscles already felt fatigued, the shortage of blood still weighing heavy on Ingold's body. But as normal, Ingold would never allow himself to look weak and thus used his magic to keep him upright and able. Right now, Ingold's movements did cost him a lot of effort, both physically as mentally, although it went mostly unnoticed. Lightning energy filled his body, making the muscles contract even though when they normally couldn't do so any longer, this is where Ingold's bio energy came into play, feeding the cells the necessary nutrition to be able to function.

Ingold's body was on a high alert so to speak as his magical energy was now constantly present in every cell, bio and lightning working together to keep Ingold walking. But as said, this takes a lot of concentration and began draining Ingold mentally. Add to that his lack of a good night's rest and one would consider it a wonder the lightning mage hadn't fainted just yet. But, Ingold was a stubborn man and would not allow himself to fail, following Rakoth at all costs. He was grateful though for the short stop at the cave, allowing him to sit for a very short while when Rakoth picked up Zadok. This was the first time Ingold saw the cave and he began to regret that he hadn't come with the rest, then again, it was for the best, otherwise they would have witnessed his nightmares and this was something Ingold didn't want.

"We meet again Christy, but no time for a chat, we must get moving again."

So, I'm not the only one badly affected by this region. Even the great Zadok has fallen

Getting op from his resting place as Rakoth took off again, Ingold followed, snapping out of his thoughts and focussing his magical energy to his muscles once more. Seeing that Ingold had already spread his energy throughout his entire body, he had no problem in keeping up his guard, after all, pushing the energy out was but a small step from here. But if Ingold would be forced to perform such a move, it would be a one time deal only for after that, he would just collapse, his muscles no longer able to function correctly. So instead, Ingold drew his blade and opted to face his enemy in this way.

"No problem Rakoth, just keep going."

Argh, so tired, when is he going to stop for crying out loud.

Duke Manboy IV
18th October 2004, 11:22 PM
Ghorgrond has been seated near the entrance as you went to the cave; thank for ignoring him ;)

Ghorgrond stood up as Rakoth walked out of the cave, bearing the priest with an obvious exhaustness.
Ghorgrond rose an eyebrow; this group was really silly. They had a man among them, who was one mass of huge muscles, yet they all wanted to carry the burden one by one, exhausting themselves unnecessary.

"Let me take Zadok, Rakoth. You are the leader; you should focus on other things."

19th October 2004, 09:09 AM
**Zadok found himself floating through the brilliant white light, carried along by some unseen force. But unlike before when he was in constant free-fall through the darkness of the void, this time Zadok was being pulled upwards, as if he was returning once more from whence he fell. And unlike before when the priest felt the pang of utter abandonment, Zadok felt a complete and total peace flooding through his mind, as if he were wrapped in the comforting arms of an old friend. It was a strange dichotomy, as if having experienced the very flames of Hell, Zadok was finally being blessed with the unfathomable bliss of heaven. It was a feeling that Zadok never wanted to leave, a place where Zadok wished to spend the rest of eternity. But just as the priest felt comfortable basking in the glow of the pleasant light, Zadok heard a voice he instantly recognized from his years as a priest.


**Zadok turned around in all directions, trying to figure out which direction the voice came from, but it appeared to come from all directions.

"Zadok Ben Misgab..."

"Lord? Here am I, what is thy bidding?"

"Go, my son. Return to your friends for they are in need of you, and you time has not come yet."

"But Lord, I don't want to leave...I..."

**Zadok suddenly felt the force that was lifting him ever upwards stop, the priest no held in a stationary position.


**Zadok suddenly felt his entire body lurch downward, as if beginning the fall once more. But no sooner had the fall begun than it was over, and with the sudden stop came a stabbing pain in his shoulder blade.




**Zadok voice came as a hoarse whisper, a struggled wimper that issued forth from his lips the moment his body fell upon the makeshift litter. Faintly opening his eyes, Zadok looked up to see trees overhead and the faint lights of the new day dawning. After spending the extended time in mental battling, trying to move was a strange sensation for the priest. Lifting his head up, Zadok tried to rise up to a sitting position, but the searing pain from his shoulderblade returned and he dropped once more upon the litter, his face grimacing from the shockwaves of pain that radiated through his entire back.

**Tenderly reaching with his left hand, Zadok felt over his shoulder to the source of the pain. The moment Zadok touched the source of the pain, it sent fiery surges of heat through his entire body. Pulling back his hand as if from a fire, Zadok found an inky black residue upon his fingertips. The residue was forming an enlarging black spot upon the priest's robe and Rakoth's cloak, growing ever larger with each passing minute. But as the spot grew in size, Zadok found that his pain lessened by degrees and so he did nothing save sit still.

19th October 2004, 10:01 AM
Ic: Christy was kinda emotional right now and is concentrated on getting out of there and getting away from the source of her pain. Hence, she has noticed Ghorgrond, but only wishes to get on with the action, to get things out of her mind. Speaking to him about why she cannot do things as a normal earth mage could had only brought back memories.

"Welcome back, Zaddok. I am glad it is not your time yet. Rest a bit; let us move soon, my friends. My sisters and I cannot hold the forces of darkness at bay forever, regretfully."

Sisters... it is time to go to war. We must join them somehow or perish.

20th October 2004, 09:11 AM
..Back and ready to go..

Darius, who'd innocently been follow Tarcisus up 'till now without much of a word of protest, the battered and twisted state his mind was in preventing him from doing such a thing, suddenly stood erect, his eyes wide open and a short deep breath swooping itself down his airway to his lungs. The lamentable situation he had just been in, a situation emphasized brilliantly by the flamboyant, and blatantly displayed, dishevelledness of his appearance, almost being able to be called the exact opposite of the magnificent uplift he had just undergone, both spiritual and emotional as physical. His reasoning again resonated clearly through his head. His body had undergone a metamorphosis of such magnitude, his mind suddenly filled with an such an eminecent magnanimity, such a refreshing newness, one of a kind that was rarely seen nowadays, now rushed through his body, that Darius could, in one word, be called renewed. It almost was as if he had just reincarnated in his own body, so great was the new strength he felt running through his veins again, the new life filling every nerve of him, the new will leaving no corner of his body untouched.

Only one thought filled his head now, the words echoing through the catacombs of his head like the sound of the rolling thunder through a cave, filling Darius with a hope and strength he had never felt before.

'..He's back..'

Turning himself a hundred-and-eighty degrees, his feet sliding over the ground as feathers slide through the air, a huge difference with the way Darius' movements had just been, he began to run back, down the path they had just come. Leaving Tarcisus without a moments hesitation, the poor Spirit Mage now all alone in the luminous and lustrously grown clearing they had just entered but which Darius had, as we just read, left almost immediately upon entering it.

Running down the path with such vividness that it was almost impossible to hold Darius for the same boy that had only a few hours ago been in such a broken state of mind, the young Fire Mage came upon his followers, the loyal group consisting of Rakoth, Ingold and Ghorgrond. Contradicting to what we had seen earlier on from our young hero, though this could be expected as Darius was now almost like another being, Darius did not oppose to Rakoth carrying Zadok, the elven priest and Darius' mentor for so long.

You see, for all of you that might be wondering what is going on right now, Darius had sensed something. Though he might not have been in a completely normal state, a fact that stands as steady as a rock, so to say, his senses had still been working on a basic level, as explained much earlier on. So, when he and Tarcisus had entered the forest he had, almost automatically and nearly insensible, spread out the tiniest amount of Fire Energy, keeping himself mentally connected to it all of the time. Everything the Fire Energy touched was channeled back to Darius' mind, showing him a picture of his surrouding far more detailed than any human eye could ever perceive. Thus he had been able to sense Zadok, and though the others had been there he had had no concern about them (A weird occurence but an understandable one seeing how Darius had felt at that time being), and sense how the priest's body heat had been constantly low. But as soon as the priest had waken up his heart had started to beat a little faster and the priest's body heat had shot up a little. And though it had truly only been a little bit, it had been enough for Darius, who noticed it immediately but had, strangely enough, somehow not noticed Rakoth picking up the priest's body. That had all changed as soon as Zadok had woken up though. As told Darius had almost been born anew and so we meet our friend again, rushing straight up to Rakoth and Zadok.

"Is he okay? He's woken up, hasn't he? Please, can I talk to him? No, wait, he needs rest...Zadok? Can you hear me? Are you there?"

Darius ran around Rakoth, coming up the Fey'ri's back and Zadok's head. The priest looked normal at first sight but Darius, overprotective as he was, was wise enough to check the rest of the priest's body too. At first he didn't notice anything until, after checking the priest for the second time, he suddenly saw some sort of black substance dripping out of the Fire Master's body. At first Darius did not think of it as being blood, since he had always known blood to be red, but as he let sometime drip on his fingers and smelled it a frightening shock ripped itself through his body.


..Sorry, it ends a bit weak...I like the beginning though..

20th October 2004, 03:27 PM
Ic: "Do not worry too much, Darius. It is not bad."

A comforting voice said a meter or so behind him. It was Tarcisus. He had randomly popped up, unseen by those there.

"Take this cloth... perhaps it will help slow the flow. Has anyone seen Melanie anywhere? Ghrogrond, I did not see you were here."

He placed the cloth on the litter over Zaddok and went to walk next to Christy. They began conversing quietly in Gaelic to each other.

21st October 2004, 08:25 AM
**Zadok chuckled as he heard Darius' over-anxious questions bombarding him, a bit over-zealous and over-protective, but Zadok could understand. The priest was unsure how long he had been out, but he was quite sure that it was long enough to give the others a good fright. As Darius noticed the wound, Zadok tried to calm his fears, but he found his voice was still a bit weak.

"It isn't...blood. Don't...don't worry. I'm...I'm ok."

**The flow of the black inky liquid had slowed and the spot of Zadok's robe was not expanding as fast, but it still hurt. Zadok realized that he needed to conserve his energy, and maybe even restore some.

"Darius...do me a favor...burn...burn a pinch...burn a pinch of this for me please."

**Zadok shifted a bit and winced as he felt the pain shoot through his back again. Returning to his reclined position, Zadok held out a small pouch to Darius which the priest had retrieved from one of the many pockets of his robe. Anyone that had fought with Zadok would instantly recognize the pouches contents to be the life-giving Incense of the One.

21st October 2004, 10:51 AM
Darius was about to give Taricus a lecture on how on earth he could already know that it wasn't serious, and even if it wasn't then why they shouldn't worry, as a faint sound came from Zadok. As soon as Darius had the idea that the priest spoke he bent forward, holding his ear close to the man's mouth in order to hear what he was trying to say.

'..Thank god it isn't blood...Guess Tarcisus was right when he said it wasn't that bad..'

Taking the pouch with a delicateness that Darius hadn't ever seen himself, nor anyone else for that matter, handling anything, he opened it and with a quick grab inside he found it was some sort of powder. Not questioning the elven priest's knowledge of what to do, even though it might be logical to do so with Zadok in the state he was in right now, Darius held up a little pinch right under Zadok's face, but far away enough for the Fire Master not to be hurt by the flames. Yes, a Fire Master being hurt by the flames, for Zadok was in no state to protect himself in any way right now.

"Here ya' go.", Darius softly said as he let the little amount of powder on his hand be burned. It sizzled for a second before dispersing in the wind totally. "There now, does that make you feel better?"

21st October 2004, 08:18 PM
So sorry for forgetting where everyone was, I will assume we are all at the same place, even you Ghorgrond.

Rakoth lay the mage down at the first sign of life. It had been hours since they had last seen any change in Zadok, except for the strange smile that had spread across his face. He watched as Darius burned the magical incense, himself feeling better slightly as the fumes passed him by.

“That is a neat trick there Zadok, but how do you feel?”

Rakoth looked up at the rest of them, and smiled. They were all here; they had all survived the night. They even had a new addition, the dryad that Tarcisus spoke so highly of. Even Zadok who lay at his feet was going to be fine, and yet Rakoth could not help but wonder…

That was only a single ambush, what will happen when we reach the legions of fiends that await us down in the depths of hell.

“We shall take a little time to rest here, I see a small river trickling through the trees, it must feed the water supply the city uses. I think if we follow that river, we might be able to find the city we were so close to finding last night. They may be bandits, but I fear the worst for them, if my father has spread his influence for enough to reach us even here, then the mortals in that city or surely already caught in his web.”

Rakoth sat down, his back to a tree and waited for the other’s opinion. He held his arm with his left hand, reminding himself of the pain that still coursed through his shoulder.

My body should have healed this already

22nd October 2004, 09:05 AM
Ic: Christy knodded.

"I myself, could use some rest too."

She curled up next to the boulder and closed her eyes. The fairies had gone by now, ending their notcurnal dance. They always loved a chance to listen to music and dance to it. Tarcisus sat on the large rock, letting Christy lean her head and shoulder against his legs. She fell asleep almost instantly, like a log- more like a treestump. Tarcisus shook his head with a slight smile, and rested a bit.

"The sooner we leave, the better... the forest's strength is begining to weaken. It will have to leave or perish."

He almost thought to himself, speaking to no one in particular.

22nd October 2004, 10:29 AM
"Then let it leave, I can survive without it"

Having said this, Ingold just sat himself down and started to meditate for he could use the time-out, although he would never admit this to anyone. He allowed his muscles to relax and started to replenish his own energy, bio and lightning. Ingold's muscles were exhasuted, yet, with enough time, they would soon be alright once more, this was actually just the thing Ingold needed.

crap, but I have to go and I don't know what else to say...

25th October 2004, 12:09 PM
Rakoth heard Tarcisus’s words, and yet, he let himself settle into the reverie he needed to heal himself, and let his body take care of the dark toxin that had at least stopped in his veins. As the poison drained, the feeling returned to his arm, first there was pain, but that was also quickly dealt with as Rakoth plunged deeper into his own mind.

The nightmares that usually waited for him in his own dreams were not there for once, and he was surprised but relieved. Still he drifted, happy for once to be able to give himself up fully to the sweet embrace of sleep. It was a full four hours before Rakoth’s eyes opened again, and he stood up quickly, surprised that the sun had reached such a high point.

It was now mid-day and the full strength of the sun was warming the rocks where they all lay on the verge of the forest. Rakoth felt restored, this had been the first real sleep he had had in many years, and he was grateful for it. It had something to do with the lingering effects of the dryads magic, but he didn’t seek an answer.

“Time to rise, I wish to strike out for that village before long, so we don’t need to make our way in the dark. I do not know where it is, but I believe following the river will give us our village. We will need to cross these woods, but please be careful, an ambush could be disastrous in such tight quarters. We are lucky to be living after last night’s attack, I don’t want to die before we get to Hell… That would be quite anticlimactic don’t you think?”

Rakoth waited to see if they would get up, his main concern lay with Zadok and Ingold, the rest having felt the full effects of the dryads magic.

Duke Manboy IV
25th October 2004, 12:19 PM
Ghorgrond shrugged and rocked to his feet, pulled the strings of his musing and making them snap immediately. He look around and spoke.

"Yes. I'm ready to go; we should move quickly, as we have lost enough time already. Zadok, do you think you can walk?"

Again, I'm in a foul mood. The first one to complain gets a nice, god-mod kill.

28th October 2004, 08:37 AM
**Zadok took a deep breath of the burning incense, the life-giving aroma filling his lungs and immediately restoring a large portion of his strength that the arrow and ensuing mental battle had robbed of him. Nodding his head in silent agreement, Zadok continued to rest upon the makeshift litter, his wound still oozing the foreign, foul-smelling, black puss. Zadok remained that way for about an hour, the oozing slowling gradually to a stop as the last bit of the omega poison was drained from the priest's system. Slowly rising to his feet, Zadok took a deep breath and pushed away from the litter, standing for the first time sense he was felled by the arrow. Though a bit wobbly, the priest was standing and smiling.

"Yeah, I should be good. Give me a minute and then some time to take a quick dip in the stream to rid myself of his black...whatever it is."

**Shifting a bit to test his leg's strength, Zadok nodded his head and padded off towards the stream. Zadok stepped in and instantly regretted it as the icy could mountain stream instantly numbed his entire foot. But that was only a minor inconvenience to the fire mage as instantly his fire energy responded by powering throughout his entire body, nullifying the icy touch of the stream water. Moving out to the middle of the stream, Zadok gently lowered his body into the water, the fresh stream washing over his robes and removing the black stain from his robes. Closing his eyes as the refreshing water flowed over his body, Zadok did not notice that the black ooze was effecting whatever it contacted. Several fish and a few plants further down the stream withered and died the moment they contacted the dark taint. But such things were too small for the priest to notice right now. Free of the stain and the foul-stench associated with the stain, Zadok rose from the stream and threaded his way back towards the ground, gradually pouring more and more fire energy into his robes until they were completely dry. By the time he reached the group, they might have thought the priest had not stepped into the stream except for the fact the stain was gone.

"Ok, I'm ready."

28th October 2004, 09:34 AM
..At first I was going to PM you, Pstr, and you, BK, about this post, since it involves two of your NPC's (the One and Rishlak) but then I decided to show some guts and simply post it right away...Hope you like it, if something's seriously wrong, please PM me and I'll edit it, but I do hope you both'll like it so much that you'll let it pass ;)...Lettin' y'all know I still love this Quest and definitely want to finish it, even though it might take ages and will go slow..

Darius sighed and nodded towards Rakoth. Now that Zadok was safe and sound again, a thought that tranquillized Darius for a bit, maybe he would get a real, natural and peaceful sleep. Not some enchanted one to keep away a bad dream, which he was sure he would've had if the dryads wouldn't've sung. Seeing as the other members made themselves comfortable and prepared for a rest, though no-one apparently took the time and will to stay on guard, whether it was to prevent an ambush or to wake the others if the time was there, or both, fact was that no-one did so. Darius shrugged. He didn't want to do it and if nobody else did, he didn't care. The thought that something might happen to them while they were asleep was indeed frightening, but not frightening enough for Darius to deny his will to sleep and stay awake.

Walking over to an old, fallen trunk, Darius sat down and gently placed his back against the, probably ages old, soft and slightly wet wood. It was dented a bit by the Fire Mage's weight but didn't collapse, nor break, since it was to wet for the latter. Pulling up his knees, Darius placed his arms around them and let his head hang down. He didn't know why (hadn't he just slept incredibly well and enchanted?), but somehow the sleep almost immediately came to him. He wasn't able to fight it and within a minute after everybody had settled down a bit, Darius was sound asleep.

Normally the young boy didn't have any dreams, or he just didn't remember them, in which case he still wouldn't know he had them, thus making it look like he didn't have any dreams to him. And if he had dreams, it did happen on some rare occasions, they were mostly happy, serene dreams, giving him the rest he needed and making him wake up with a smile. This time however, Darius' dream was...weird, to say the least. Not necessarily bad or a nightmare, though it might be interpreted that way, but not necessarily good and happy either.

A void. An empty space of blackness. An everlasting, or should I say never ending boundlessness. Falling. Darius was falling through an empty space of blackness, an immense darkness, a depressing surrounding, indeed, but Darius did not yet know what was going on or where he was going so any thoughts to such a matter had not yet occurred to him. Down and down and down, the blackness so black that nothing could be seen but yet, because of that blackness, it seemed as if the world around Darius was flying by in a never ending process it seemed. Darius felt dizzy, even though it was truly impossible to say if he was twirling down like a dead leaf from an oak or not.

'..Not again...Wait, did I have this dream before?...Not that I remember, which doesn't necessarily mean everything, but if I don't remember then why did I think: “Not again.”??...This is weird, no wait, it's awkward...Is there a difference in this context?...Why am I thinking all this?...This dream really must have some special meaning for..'

WHAM! With a huge impact, Darius hit the floor without being able to finish his thought. Was it the floor he had just hit? It wasn't to be seen anywhere, maybe it was just...something else. But what? It sure felt like a floor. Hard, maybe marble, but Darius hadn't been able to hear in the brief moment that the sound of his broken fall had resonated through the endless void.

'..Y'know what?...Floor'll do for now...I hope..'

Looking around, Darius literally saw nothing at all. And with nothing I mean totally, absolutely nothing. Sticking out his hand, Darius walked around a bit. Might he bump into something, he would always have his hand to protect him, might he fall down, again, he didn't know what to do. The thought of a spell had entered his mind already, but when he had tried to light the place with a simple fireball, nothing had happened. Somehow Darius did not care in his dream and now walked on. Half being the Darius in the dream, half being the Darius that watched himself, as far as possible, walk around in the pitch-black emptiness, it was to be expected that a slight confusion entered his mind. His mind had already undergone severe moments of weirdness and confusion, so its resistance against another complicated situation on the psychological area was naturally low and would he now be attacked in any non-physical way, it might give Darius a complex and hard time to somehow manage to get out of that in an acceptable way.

'..I hope...ECHAD ZARACH!!...Wait, not again, right?...Let me test...Hope...ECHAD ZARACH!!...Yes, it's echaf marbachl, or whatever, time ladies and gentlemen...D'oh, this better be a good dream or else...Else nothing cuz' this is your own dream you freak...ARGH!!..'

Suddenly, a bright light flashed on, blinding Darius for several seconds. Since it came from straight in front of him, apparently he had somehow managed to walk right at the source without noticing, which actually wasn't that strange since, like said before, it was pitchblack, Darius had to put his arms in front of his eyes to let his pupils slowly react and adjust to the amount of light now present in the before neverending dark and empty void

After a minute or so, in which the world around still remained silent though there must've been someone, or something, a thing you never knew certain in your dreams, present to make the light, he was finally able to lower his arms though he still had to squint his eyes against the hellishly bright light.

“Wh...Who's there?”, he softly mumbled, his lips somehow dried out all of a sudden (It was as if he was suddenly longing for something, or someone as we will soon metaphorically see...).

Silence. No answer, no sound, nothing came. The void remained empty and silent.

“Hey, if someone's there, answer me! I know this is a dream, at least I think so, and I know nothing's going to happen, unless it is some sort of weird dream, in which case you would have something to do with it...ANYWAYS! I was saying, SPEAK UP STRANGER!”, Darius now said with some more courage. After all, this was his dream.

For some few more seconds the silence remained. Darius was ready to storm at the light barehanded, his sword was another thing that was missing as he had just noticed when he tried to slowly reach for it might the light-maker be a foe, when finally something spoke.


Unsure whether this voice had been in his head only, which would give him the opportunity to answer mentally, or if it had been spoken aloud, he decided to play safe and answered normally, by using his vocal qualities.

“Err, yes. Who's asking?”

”There is little time for explanations as I have come to warn you of an evil man that seeks to destroy your soul. He is...”

“What? Who? Again? I mean, sure, duh, there's a lot of bad guys angry at me. I can name you a few if you like...Depends on who you are and who you mean.”

The voice continued to speak as if Darius had not spoken, the tone unchanging and the message still the same.


“Rishlak? Are you sure? The word, or name as it turns out to be, sounds familiar. It has turned up several times already.”

”He is attempting to infect your mind...”

“What? Infect my mind? What? What is he up to then? Who is he? What's going on? Come on! TELL ME!”

”Rishlak is an evil that goes back many years. A long time ago he was one of the greatest Fire Masters around, his reign of terror long and far-reaching. Many brave knights and mages gave their lives attempting to destroy him, but most failed. He finally was defeated, and was cast into Hell as judgement for his vile acts in life. However his story does not end there was when he was cast into Hell, there was already someone there waiting for him.”

'..Malakoth..', it immediately shot through Darius' head. And as if the stranger had read his mind, immediately he answered with his booming, low and commanding voice that obviously wasn't used to someone speaking against him in a manner as Darius had just done. But then again, the stranger was on strange soil here, not Darius, even though he had no clue as to where he was.

”Malakoth. And now that Rakoth has come to destroy his father, Malakoth has tried to reincarnate Rishlak by unleashing him upon your soul! But truly the design is not against you, but actually against Rakoth and his father seeks to destroy the group from the inside out...”

“WHAT!? This is ridiculous! Who are you and how do YOU know about all this? Better even: how do I know you're not one of them? How do I know you're not making all this up?”

”I am Echad…I am the One.”

Darius' mouth dropped open. The One? The one and only the One? Zadok's the One? Before he could ask all these questions, the One answered him already.

”There is little time for further explanation as Malakoth has already successfully unleashed Rishlak. The thoughts and struggles to maintain focus on your part is not an accident. Rishlak is here and seeks to destroy and conquer you. I have come to protect you Darius. Rishlak cannot take your soul unless you relinquish control to him. Just remember, no matter what happens, Echad Zarach…”

“Wai...”, Darius tried to say, but it was too late. The white light started to dim, or more move away, and slowly Darius was able to open his eyes fully again, but all he saw was darkness again. He sighed looked around. Now that the light had become nothing more than a small light, only illuminating a small circle of blackness around it, Darius could look around again quickly to see if he could spot anything. Nothing left, nothing right, that is until he turned around.

“AAAAHH!!” he shouted out loud as a huge wave of Fire made its way to Darius. Within a moment the flames engulfed Darius with a sound of streaming death.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH...” Darius shouted, his voice filling the void with an agonizing sound one last time. Or did it?

Opening his eyes slowly, the pulling open, or should I say the tearing open of his eyebrows went incredibly hard, they seemed to be burned together, and went with an helluva' lot of pain.

“Argh!! Auch, that hurt!”, Darius groaned as some blood started to drip down his face. Looking around with his newly re-opened eyes once more, he noticed himself lying in a sea of flames. That was all there was to it. He didn't have to do anything to keep himself floating, or standing, or whatever, no, he simply found himself in the middle of a sea of flames, his body severely burned but nothing hurting.

“This sure is the weirdest dream I ever had...”, the young boy mumbled to himself with an angry undertone. But before he could go on ranting about his stupid dream, another booming voice, just as the one of the One only some lower and deeper, echoed over the sea.

”Muahahaha! You're mine now!!"

“What? Not again an omnipresent voice! Who are you? You're not the One again, just playing some trick on me, are you? If so, I wonder why Zadok still believes in you!”

”Haha! No, be calm my slave. I am not that terrible nuisance. Oh how I would like to crush him already!”

Darius frowned. This new sadistic voice that had arrived in his dream had a stunning effect on the boy, who simply didn't know what to answer. After a short period of time, the other omnipresent being coughed and continued.

”But I stray from my point. The point is that you are now under my control! I'm reborn the moment you wake up! No one can stop this from occurring now...”

“Oh no! Not again!! Come on, this is just a dream! Please, sod off out of my head and let me sleep goddamit!!”

”A dream yes, but a normal dream, no! And unfortunately, for you, I can't go away anymore!! I'm reborn in you!! Now I can simply destroy your pathetic group from the inside, through you, and then Malakoth will set me free out of Hell!!”

Suddenly Darius remembered the words the first voice had spoken, the parting words he was told not to forget. Without thinking about it Darius spoke the words aloud, as surprised by the words as anyone was.

“Echad Zarach!”

”WHAT? What did you say, fool? Are you trying to mock m...”

But Rishlak couldn't finish his sentence. Because only an instant after Darius had spoken of the words, the blinding white light was back again, all over the place.

”NO! NO! NOOOOO!!!!!”

”RUN Darius, RUN!!”

“How?”, Darius shouted back, but it didn't matter anymore. Without any further ado he suddenly saw everything fade away and with a big shock... he woke up.

“Huh? What?”, Darius mumbled while shooting up from his sitting position against the old oaken tree-trunk.

Immediately checking his body for any signs of damage, or anything else that could tell him he had really been hurt just now, he came up with nothing and let out a relieved sigh. Seeing as to the rest of the group apparently was ready to go, Zadok back to normal again, he quickly jumped up and beat the dust off his clothes. Glad to be released of that weird dream, which Darius didn't know what to think of as explained earlier on, he looked at everybody for a second and then spoke up.

“Yeah, sure, ready to go. Whenever you are, Rakoth. Lead the way!”

Even though he perfectly pretended to have had a lovely sleep, the dream kept on repeating itself inside his head. Every singly word and movement and action printed inside of him as if he had really been there. But where was there? And had he really been there?

'..I should really ask Zadok about this, maybe he knows who Rishlak is and maybe he knows what 'Echad Zarach' means..'

Without noticing he had remembered the words perfectly for the first time, and without noticing that the base for his believe in this complot-theory had been layed, he waited for the group to depart. The time to ask would come later on.

..Ludacris post, I know...Worked on it for several days...Hope y'all like it...Enjoy! :D..

28th October 2004, 12:34 PM
Almost looks like the One was written by pstr2blvia :icon_blus

Ingold was regaining some of his strength rather quickly thanks to his meditation, but to be completely rejuvenated, he still had a long way to go. Meditation was now a technique he had mastered quite well and the rejuvenation of lightning energy was almost like a second nature to Ingold since this technique was the first thing Blankwindow taught to him. No one had, however, taught Ingold how to replenish his spent bio energy and it was that source that was now lacking in strength. Most of it had been spent on making Ingold’s liver and spleen wok overtime as to quickly replenish the blood lost during last night’s attack. Another chunk of it was directed to the cells of Ingold’s muscles, as few as they may be in number, to ensure that these cells had received the necessary nutrients during the long run Ingold and Rakoth had taken through the woods. The only thing he remembered was that his master had told him not to draw the needed energy from the living organisms themselves for it would surely kill them. Although Ingold held little respect for most intelligent forms of life, he did not want to do anything to bring harm to the plant life around him, after all, his powers did come from nature.

Needing all the time he could get, Ingold just continued with his meditation, not caring whether the others were ready or not. Not that he would know for once, he had not bothered on keeping an eye on his surroundings since he had gathered that the others present would have that covered. Sunken deep within his own mind, Ingold had shut out all outside impulses and just viewed himself sitting in the lotus position, surrounded by a calm sea of lightning. His weakened muscles were steadily regenerating and the wound in his leg, despite that it was a resistant little buggar, was healing quite well now. None the less, Ingold still had a long way to go, but it could be worse. A great deal of the blood lost had now been replenished and his lightning energy was almost if not entirely back at its previous level, if only the same could be said about his bio magic. Yet, lightning meditation had a small effect on Ingold’s bio energy as well or so Ingold believed for in this state, he could keep track of all the energies present in his body, lightning or bio and of course, the bio energy grew steadily as well, just not as fast as the lightning energy. That this growth might be caused by natural regeneration Ingold didn’t even consider and instead just clung to his beliefs and thus stayed in his meditative state. A soft nudge might be enough to bring him out of it though.

I’m here, I’m here, just nudge Ingold and get moving … do give him a little nudge please

28th October 2004, 01:43 PM
Well I think its safe to say that we have lost Delita

Rakoth nodded his head once, he was full of energy and his metabolism had managed to absorb the strange substance the arrows had been made of. He surveyed the rest of the party, and prodded Ingold. The lightning master was in his meditative state, and he knew that a simple nudge would be enough to pull him back to reality.

He had been quite sure that no one would bother them, they had removed themselves from the main path to where he supposed the village was. The mid-day sun was starting to set, and they would have light for the next five or six hours. Rakoth wanted to get the most out of that time, and yet he did not know what to expect. The forest seemed to be green enough, but he felt the shadow falling over it. His eyes found Ghorgrond and Christy, they would feel it as soon as they entered the wood, and darkness was reaching out, strangling the life from this place.

The process had just begun the darkness had not even started to corrupt the trees, it simply floated in the air. Rakoth was slightly surprised he could feel it, thought a practiced dark mage, he was very far from the powers some other dark mages had. He used it to complement his fire magic, and reluctantly, it reminded him too much about his heritage and his own fallings.

“We will follow the river, it should lead us upwards to the village. The source of this river will most likely be the best place for them to get there water. I wish we had a water mage among our numbers, he would be able to tell us if this water has come in contact with anything human.”

Rakoth started to make his way to the river. The trees were not crowded, and next to the river there was space to move up in single line. Rakoth would take lead, and he looked back, he hoped the others were following.

“Ghorgrond, please take the rear, I don’t want anyone sneaking up on us, and you are the strongest here. Christy, I need you up here behind me, I want you to be able to tell me if anything mean is trying to sneak up on us. Ingold you come next, then Zadok, then Darius and finally Tarcisus and Ghorgrond. Is everone alright with that?”

They had better be, in case of ambush Rakoth did not want chaos all over again, and had place all of them in strategically sound positions. Being the strongest, Ghorgrond could hold the back, and Tarcisus had a knack for speed, so they were an obvious match. As for Ingold, Rakoth wanted the lightning mage to complement his own swordskill with potent magic. Darius and Zadok were there way out, if anything should overwhelm them, well… This forest was doomed anyway.

28th October 2004, 02:33 PM
A slender, lith figure dropped out of the trees above Rakoth's head as he finished speaking, long fingers closing about his neck, toned, shapely thighs clamping around his middle and a set of perly white, razor sharp teeth closing about his ear. An immense pair of blue eyes blinked up at him, before a smile rippled across the shapes features, tumbling blond locks curling coyly about a tanned, heart shaped face, unscarred and nigh perfect.

"'ello Raky. Mel Mel got lot, yes yes, but back now is she. She stay her with you know, yes yes."

Wanna bet? lol. Sorry, been busy with Absolution. You know how it is. . . .o.O'

28th October 2004, 04:51 PM
Delita went to serve his country right?

Barely had Rakoth touched Ingold or the lightning master shot back to reality, his sense fearing an attack as he was violently torn away from the peaceful environment he was sitting in but a moment ago. His eyes flashed open and a few sparks spontaneously sprang from his body, but as Ingold realised that they were just going to leave, he relaxed realising he had just been woken up. It doesn't matter how gentle you wake up Ingold from deep meditation, he will always come out in a shock, not expecting to be brought back unless by himself.

"Yes, what? Oh, we're leaving, fine"

Of course, Ingold was his normal cheery self and one might conclude that he had a bad morning temper or post-meditation temper, whatever you'd like to call it. But in truth, he just didn't like not being at his best before venturing into unknown places and although he could take on anyone just using his lightning energy, he had become quite accustomed to is bio energy and without it, he felt a bit handicapped. He would cope with it of course, relying open the great power lightning held as he has done so many times before. But of course, he wouldn't show his weakness to the group, not that they would even notice for Ingold doubted that they had ever seen him using his bio energies in public.

Taking his position behind Rakoth and Chrysty, Ingold drew his cloak closely around him and his hood a bit further over his head as to block out the sunlight. Since his cloak was black, it didn't fight off the warmth not was that the idea, it was the light that had become bothersome to Ingold. Nothing strange of course since it was just past noon and the sun was still shining rather intense. Then, suddenly out of nowhere, Melanie joined the group again. Ingold and Rakoth had followed her into the forest yet they both had lost her track pretty soon - not that Ingold was looking for he was too tired - but now she just showed up from nowhere, proving her skill once more.

"Another warrior in front it seems."

1st November 2004, 04:12 AM
Correc, I am serving my country.... sorry for the delay... problems came up if you catch my drift... hopefully things'll calm down enough to maybe have some fun, but don't count on it, there's a good chance I'll dissapear again, I'll post as often as I can, again I'm sorry for the inconvienience (If it's spelled wrong I don't give a crap)

Delita came stumbling out of the treeline towords the group, several wounds protruding from his right arm and left leg, obviously made by their ambushers after he had been separated from the group, through the warrior was still on his feet and showed no sign of stopping for anything. He looked over to Rakoth and smiled at him before slouching down against a tree.

Delita: "Damn cowards....... can't fight head on.... *gasp* they'll think twice.... before pulling that... again..."

After uttering the last word Delita passed out from exhaustion from the trek to find the others and the extensive battle that was fought.

Duke Manboy IV
1st November 2004, 06:42 AM
Two old friends had joined the fellowship again and so the party was complete.
Ghorgrond did as he was told to do and took the position of rearguard, looking back and forward and ever vigilant; he was the last one, he was supposed to let them all know if they were ambushed from behind.
Nothing could be spotted though, unless... Yes, he obviously heard a sound.

Right as he wanted to give Tarcisus a sign, he saw the figure and he recognized Delita. The Paladin seemed exhausted, confused and wounded.
He stumbled right past Ghorgrond and collapsed on front of the Fey'Ri, after mumbling several ill words.
Ghorgrond didn't leave his spot, for this forest was full of danger, but he spoke towards Rakoth.

"We have lost enough time already. I can carry him, yet be on my guard. We should move, but you should decide how we will transport our comrade."

1st November 2004, 07:35 AM
"How about a quick fix? Lightning mages take care of one another, it's a thing we have."

Ingold stepped forwards and laid his hand on the fallen Delita, slowly pouring his lightning energy into the body of the fallen warrior. He had done this many times before and a few times on Delita himself. It was a spell that demanded a lot from a lightning mage, but since Ingold had no real shortage of lightning energy at the moment, it was something that could be afforded. Slowly the energy Ingold had released was pushed into Delita's cells, putting a great strain on them and forcing them to duplicate. The damaged or dead cells however, were destroyed by that same energy as they too could not withstand the strain, but they broke unlike the other cells. Soon healthy flesh replaced the battle wounds the lightning master wore and every flesh wound Delita might have gained was now something of the past.

"There we go, a few minutes of meditation and he'll be as good as new ... we do have a few minutes right? I could use it as well ... no more then five should do for me. Unless those five minutes will be our doom, in that case, I'm ready to go and Ghorgrond can carry Delita of he wishes, I can meditate while walking ... although its not that comfortable or effective."

22nd November 2004, 09:53 AM
Ic: Christy looked over at Ingold in response to his wishing to remain here to rest. She shook her head,

'I doubt the forest can hold off the darkness effectively for much longer. Your rest would not be what you needed, nor would it be a long one. My sisters will soon be moving out of here along with the rest of the forest, if they can take the journey. Our spell, though powerful, is not strong enough to withstand the constantly growing power that is awakening. There is a force here at work that few of us understand the potency of. I think it best we continue moving... I am sorry to deprive you of your meditation, though.'

Tarcisus knodded.

"Agreed. My senses can no longer see their forces moving, which means someone very powerful is takign no chances. That can only mean one thing: the forces are planning to move soon. We must not dally any longer."

He regretted taking Ingold's and everyone else's rest from them, but he did not want to wake up with demons tearing his body apart. He was sure everyone else did not want that either.

22nd November 2004, 08:05 PM
Ingold however had already closed his eyes, having gone to that river of lightning which flowed so abundantly through him. The words spoken were not unheard though, yet Ingold dismissed them rapidly, deeming five minutes hardly worth any real trouble. How Delita would fair however was up to him and one could wonder if it would be a smart choice to take a weakened man into the depths of hell. If needed, Ingold would stand by his former master though, gladly sharing the energy they might both need, even sharing the amulet of Aeros’ power cause in hell, one best learns to play nicely with the other children.

But a few minutes later, Ingold opened his eyes, again, a shy smile on his face as he could only imagine how Tarcisus or Christy would feel after he had just so boldly ignored their advice. Yet those five minutes allowed Ingold to cast much more powerful spells that he could have otherwise, maybe even a healing or two, although Ingold's power tend to perform better when it comes to destroying things.

"I am sorry Tarcisus, Christy, but five minutes will not be the difference between our life and death here. But now however we indeed must get moving, cause many a five minute soon make a day."

With those 'wise' words, Ingold assumed his position in the line again, motioning to Ghorgrond to pick up the still unconscious Delita. Taking him into the depths of hell was a risky business, but they couldn't leave him behind now could they, they had already done that once now.

29th November 2004, 03:49 PM
The silence of the woods was fascinating to Rakoth, he could not help but feel the dark that had seeped into this once alive place. Tarcisus was right, the dryads would move out soon, leaving only a husk of the ancient woods that had survived in this mountain, it was a shame to see this all dying away, an empty husk of the former forest. Worst would be the corruption. If his father had his way, the trees would soon become black and evil, and new angrier creatures would start to live in the forest. That would be a sad thing indeed, all this goodness turned to evil.

This was what the travelers sought to stop, they were beyond the fight for a kingdom, or even a parcel of land. They had passed that threshold when those men had been murdered by the shadow demons. This was the battle between good and evil, the eternal battle for balance. Yet the party that was traveling towards that end was not devoid of its flaws, or its evil.

Melany was a rogue, completely neutral, following her own instincts above all else, and sometimes the drugs she took led to a certain deviation of those instincts, she was the embodiment of neutrality within this party.

Ghorgrond lived for battle, as all Vikings did. He had a code and values witch he adhered to, but he lived for the thrill of the fight. He fought for his values, and those values had always been the values of good. Even if they sometimes seemed strange, those customs were based on honour and caring for the weak.

Ingold was on the opposite side of the spectrum, he fought for himself, and most of the time, he did not care if he lived or died. If one could not care if he died, how could he ever care about others, no Ingold was here for Rakoth, and maybe his own selfish reasons.

Delita was a paladin of Parague, the holy order of that country, he was here to see justice done, and to make sure that the threat of evil did not harm his country. His reasons were pure, and the knight was good.

Zadok was the embodiment of goodness, a priest of the One, he stood for everything that was good and bright in the world, he fought for the weak, and brought justice to the oppressed, and yet he was powerful. Zadok was the exact opposite of Malakoth.

Tarcisus and Christy were both good as well, but in a more tempered way then Zadok. Tarcisus was more detached when it came to mortal affairs, but he cared for mortals, no matter how he wished to hide it. Christy was here for the survival of all things she represented, the trees, the birds, and furry little critters. She was what they needed to defend; she was what they were fighting for. She would not live long if she came to hell. She had to be talked to.

Darius was good in his own way, trying to find his way around this world, he was somewhat misguided, and innocent. He did not have the years that all of the others had, and he was desperately trying to do what was right. He just needed to find his way. They were here to make sure there was such a world.

And then there was Rakoth himself, the leader of this expedition. He was the worst of them all, bred for evil, the product of rape, the darkest of actions. He was here for himself, to free his mind from his father. He was here for his friends, so he would not be a threat to them as he was now. He was here for the world. It was a world that did not understand him, it was a world that sought to kill him every time he entered a village. His appearance was enough to earn him a heavy bounty in many lands.

And so Rakoth had bred a deep mistrust of the world, and self-doubt always entered his mind. Was this world worth saving, maybe not, but he wanted to live, he wanted to be with his friends. They were worth saving, and if they wished the world to be the same as it always was, well he would fight by their side.

Thus the group filling through the forest covered the spectrum of balance, from the darkness that lived within Rakoth, to the light that was embodied in Zadok, they were all here by choice. They represented the restoration of the balance that was threatened once more.

Rakoth focused on the group once more as Delita collapsed to the ground. He had been wounded and would require a bit of aid. Ingold was not doing well either. Tarcisus raised an objection but Rakoth waved it off, Ingold pressing the point home with his own words.

“He is right, five minutes won’t change a thing if we can’t even battle once we get there. Wherever there is, I still believe if we follow the river, there should be a human encampment further up. There we can ask questions, but I doubt we will receive a very good welcome. I think they will blame us for the death of there militia.”

Rakoth took a deep breath and relaxed, his gaze taking in the party that was following. They were more or less fatigued, and the battle had not even begun, they still had to enter the chasm. He could only imagine what awaited them inside the burning inferno. It would take constant concentration from all three fire mages just to make sure they didn’t die from the superheated air. They would also be fighting and killing to be done. The way was far from a simple walk in the park.

Rakoth stretched out his wings slightly, they unfurled like pieces of stretched cloth to the both sides of him. This was a tight place, and between the wide ageless trunks a battle would be almost impossible. At least they weren’t any elves around; they would have been almost impossible to deal with if they had half a mind to stop them. Rakoth worried, except for the slow trickle of the woods, the silence was almost too heavy. He had a strange feeling they would get ambushed; this was the best place to do it. He only hoped his father did not know they were coming. The scouts had not survived, the group had made sure of that, and they were only a scouting party, meant to kill a small group of adventurers.

The fact they had almost done so was not encouraging. They were still recovering, Rakoth’s arm still paining him slightly from the wound. Rakoth saw Ingold stir once more, and Delita was feeling slightly better, they could move on.

“Watch out for anything that might be suspicious, this is the best to get attacked, they will know we must follow the river to find them, so the bandits will have set up some sort of trap. I just hope I am wrong.”

Rakoth smiled.

“The exercise will do us some good anyway, I could do with some blood on my blade.”

Something told him that he had said too much, but he ignored the small voice and turned around, moving towards the river. If they needed to fight, at least they would do so with space to battle. Rakoth put a hand in the water, testing the temperature and the current. It was not a very strong river, but the cold would numb the feet in minutes. It could be crossed and even held if they needed it.

Rakoth kept moving up the bank, making sure that the others still followed. He used his fire magic to sense if anything was afoot, but the woods managed to isolate him to no more then ten feet around him. They would be sightless, unless Ghorgrond could sense anything. The woodland creatures were already gone, the spirits having fled before the oncoming darkness.

“Ghorgrond if you should sense anything around us moving, then warn us, thought I doubt they will be in movement, they might not have time to anticipate our approach, we might catch them in there set up. If they are ready for us, then they will be in trees.”

Having relayed this information to the giant, Rakoth moved onward once more. At least there steps would be slightly masked by the river. That would also hinder them in hearing anything. They needed to be vigilant, Rakoth did not feel like being pegged with arrows, he had enough of that during the previous night.

This post has two parts, the second one will come when others have had a chance to notice that this thread is back to life.

4th January 2005, 11:12 AM
**Smacks Forehead** I knew I had missed something. I've been catching up ever sense Christmas and I totally missed this thread. Geez Rak, that post nearly brought a tear to me eye...I never knew you felt that way about Zadok... :D

**Zadok had followed in silence ever sense he had recovered. His mind continued to think upon the events that had occurred, the vile doppelganger speaking several truths amidst the lies he had spouted forth. He was a part of Zadok, no matter how much priestly training, Jedi meditation or prayer, there was still a dark side to everyone. It was only by personal choice that such evil was kept at bay. If that resolve were to crumble, there would be nothing keeping the most powerful of men becoming corrupt and evil in nature.

But for now...the tide remains in our favor...

**Zadok stopped as he heard Delita's voice, the sound nearly foreign after Zadok's experience within the void. Walking back over to the fallen paladin, Zadok smiled sadly and gently placed his hand upon Delita's forehead. Smiling and nodding with understanding, Zadok looked to the others and shook his head in disapproval, hefting the powerful lightning mage into his arms.

"Let me bear him. I can tend his wounds and his exhaustion while we travel."

**Without awaiting the others approval, Zadok fell into ine with the others, waves of Force energy radiating out from his body and into Delita's, the Force Revive flowing from Zadok as easily as the gentle flow of the stream nearby. As the Force continued to flow around the Jedi Master, Zadok whispered several words in his native tongue, words that he had prayed within the void.

"Chanan Echad 'umlal,
Echad Rapha' 'etsem bahal.
Shuwb Echad chalats nephesh yasha' checed.
Meveth zeker, shaowl yadah."(Prayer of Echad Rapha)

**Suddenly both Zadok and Delita disappeared behind a wall of pure white light that engulfed both within its warm embrace. The combination of the Force technique and the prayer would help both warriors, healing their wounds and reviving their spirits with renewed energy.

4th January 2005, 07:14 PM
Hay, I resent that ... Ingold's only half evil :tongue:

Zadok now took care of Delita, taking Ingold's old master off his hands, besides, the skinny lightning mage had done all he could. A lot of power he had only used and the battle hadn't even begun. But Ingold knew that there was still much more power he could use for he was now a master, the small creak that once represented the source of his power had by now grown into a mighty canal, easily splitting two masses of land apart and fooling the inhabitants that it was a sea. Ingold was far from defeated and although he was exhausted, he still held many more a trick on his sleeve.

But he was no fool and knew he had to act now, while he was still safe if he was to have the least bit of chance for survival. As he stood in line, Ingold closed his eyes once more, returning to the mighty flow of lightning bolts, quickly taking hold of one and following it out of his body in the usual way. Many times had Ingold's mind now left his body and many times more it would do the same. Performing concentration had become almost a habit, the changing surroundings, the rushing through the world around him as he followed his energy, the images flashing before his eyes as his mind rushed back within its fragile shell, all had become but a routine to the lightning master.

As his eyes snapped open again, Rakoth had already walked away, reaching the small stream that tricked down the mountain. Feeling his muscles being rejuvenated, his power growing and his senses increasing, Ingold was ready for anything. The one to attack would be foolish for lightning is an element bent on destruction and Ingold knew how to wield it well and in this enhanced state, he was back to his old self, as if nothing had happened last night.

6th January 2005, 05:08 PM

With a shock Darius seemed to get out of a trance. Though he had slept a little while only several minutes ago, it was as if he had been sleeping again. The lack of movement proved very boring to Darius and immediately his mind had started to repeat the dream he'd just had over and over again. He had been so gripped by the mysteriousness of it all, the whole dream being such a mystical occurrence, that he had totally missed any words spoken to him until Rakoth spoke to them again.

'..Watch out for anything suspicious?...What? Why?...How,...Where are we again?..'

With a slight feeling of amnesia, Darius looked around. All of his closest friends, so dear to him, seemingly broken by battle yet reluctant to giving up, were gathered at this lovely spot, a slight clearing, near a river. Then it struck him again.

'..The Quest...Malakoth, the ambush...Yes, yes, christ, there really is something wrong with me if I begin to show such far-reaching signs of dementia..'

Glad that he had remembered everything though, he smiled at the sight of them all. They were his friends, his most trusted companions and all worthy fighters. There was a lot of power and potential in this group. Some already were one of the greatest, if not the greatest, of their element and kind, others had the talent to become one of those. If there were any persons that could defeat Malakoth, most, if not all of these nine would be among the select few. The evil lord, father to Rakoth, had all the right to be frightened. There was one hell of an enemy knocking at his gates, despite the irony in that expression.

Zadok, of course, was the one most experienced. His abilities with the Fire Element exceeded that of any other Darius knew off, though the ones that actually came close were already within this group. It was this Fire Master, elven Priest and controller of the Force, that Darius had the most affection for.

Though Rakoth, Ingold, Delita, Ghorgrond and Tarcisus were also very good friends, if not so much as brothers to him, Zadok then was his father. It was him that he trusted the most, Ingold too selfish and Rakoth too dangerous, and it was him that he cared the most for, simply because he'd known the elf for a longer period than any of the others. It was the elf that had taken him under his wing in his Fire Dojo, where he had learnt his first spells as well as the first facts of life.

Walking over to his tutor, Darius was about to speak of the troublesome thoughts that heavily burdened his mind, but arrived just too late. Unfortunately the priest had taken it upon him to heal Delita a bit further and before Darius could open his mouth, both powerful Mages were surrounded by a blinding, white light.

'..Crap!...Just now that I was about to ask him about 'Echad Zarach' and 'Rishlak'...This would've been the perfect time, since we're all taking a rest...Hmpf, I guess I'll have to do it later on then, whilst we're travelling or something..'

With a sigh he turned away from the two again and simply stood there, observing the lot them. Besides the ones just mentioned, there also were Christy and Melanie. The first was an acquaintance of Tarcisus and the second one a relative of Alexis, though mad, so Darius simply trusted he could trust them both. Seeing the fact that he didn't know either one of them very well, this wasn't a very wise approach, especially not now that they were up against such a powerful and cunning enemy, but Darius didn't care. The others trusted them, and the ones that they knew were friends of his, so Darius deemed it not necessary to worry.

Taking up a position, Darius only guessing where it was he needed to stand for his daydream had distracted him so much that he hadn't heard Rakoth saying anything about positions, Darius took a position about fifteen feet behind Rakoth. He hoped he was in line, but otherwise he was sure the others would tell him where his place was.

Since there wasn't much happening as of yet, Darius decided to check out the enviroment with his Heat Sensing. The simple ability that used the spreading of a slight layer of Fire Magic in order to gain a very detailed sight of one's surroundings always seemed to be a convenient method to check for any ambush or trap or hidden enemy to lay ahead, but this time it proved futile. The density of the forest had something to do with it, but it was probably some sort of dark enchantment that now stopped Darius' inner eye after some thirty feet.

Hearing Rakoth say that Ghorgrond should look out and try to sense anything, the boy simply guessed that the Fey'ri had experienced the same, rare and annoying occurrence just now, and he felt like starting up a conversation about this awkward matter. But though time wasn't exactly urgent, it would probably prove to be a very bad idea, since such discussions were not uncommon to evolve into very long conversations that went on and on about all sorts of mysterious occurrence with spells and abilities, often straying off topic within moments. Thus abandoning that idea, Darius simply stood at ease and waited for the group to really get moving again, on Rakoth's command or not.

'..And as soon as I get the chance, I'll talk to Zadok about my weird thoughts I've been having lately...And, of course, my confusing dream..'

Christ, it's been too long. Sorry for my inactivity. It had a specific reason, too long to explain here. Back and ready to go now, that's all that matters.

Duke Manboy IV
7th January 2005, 06:23 AM
Ghorgrond's eyes shifted from the left to the right. The giant was in some sort of rapture where he was far more aware of everything inside the forest then he normally was; he recognized the bird high in the sky for a hawk, he could separate all different shades of green in the environment. He could smell the faeces of a predator far away and he could even tell it had been a fox. Even the ants working in the soil he could hear, with rhythm the little insects marched through their underground realms.

But then he snapped out of his focus and faced a long row of backs turned towards him. He noticed Delita had been taken away by the wise priest and it was time to move on. He was sort of dazed, for he had had a rare out of body experience, but not quite. He had been completely alert and had been up to date about everything happening in the forest, besides that what happened within a range of a few meters. Very strange and confusing all in all, but he could tell the forest was relatively safe, according to his knowledge. It was in a hoarse voice that he spoke, for he felt as if he hadn't said anything in weeks.

"sh... shall we move on?"

I'm back, my role-playing is rusty, but I'm fine. I have yet to be the awesome role-player I once was, again, but watch out... for that'll still come. I'm full of positive... things, right now.

19th January 2005, 05:22 PM
I'm back home now, so I'll be posting more frequently, sorry for slowing the quest up.

Delita let out a grunt and looked up to see a blurred version of Zadok over him with blinding white light all around him.

Delita: "Agh, damn.... those arrows hurt like hell..."

Delita muttered as he made sure all his limbs were in working order before attempting to move on his own.

Delita: "Thanks for the help Zadok, but uh, can you kill the lights, I apprieciate the help, but blinding me won't be a good thing I assure you."

Delita commented, jokingly.

21st January 2005, 11:07 AM
Ic: Christy's relaxed face changed suddenly and became quite tense.

'Tarcisus... I cannot keep my hold on the forest. I must let go or I shall die...'

"Let it go. Your friends are already leaving and are far away by now, I am sure they will be alright. Just let go."

He face turned white and sickly and her eyes became wide open, as if looking at some terror.

'Something comes!'

She jolted backwards, and flung her face downwards. It was hidden under her long hair that covered her face now. She looked back up.

"Are... you alright?:

She parted her hair. Her face was calm and only a bit lighter than its natural color. Her eyes showed she was distaught about something.

'Yes... There is nothing more I can do. The darkness has made it into the forest. We should hurry.'

Ooc: Hope it's not too much... just too busy to make anything amazing...

28th May 2005, 04:49 AM
Rakoth never started moving again, Christy's words had betrayed the ambush. And Rakoth lifted up a single arm, and with nothing more then a whispered warning he jumped into the trees to their left.

"Ambush, we are surrounded. Scatter and take them out."

Rakoth knew that they could take care of themselves. The darkness had started spreading, but he was sure these ennemies could be nothing more then human. The demonic presence was not strong enough.

Do they know nothing... They cannot dare harm us

The river to their right had managed to cover some of there sounds, and even in its weakened state, the party could not succumb here. No... Rakoth knew each member would find the human's and kill them. He had to find the mage behind the concelment spell. With him gone, they would easily pick out the would be ambushers.

"Just a matter of ambushing the predator."

Rakoth kept going into the forest, he unsheathed his blade in anticipation. A glimmer of light to his right and he raised his steel. The arrow that had headed for his heart split in two falling harmlessly to each side, but now he knew where the man was. Never halting, he changed directions and with a single cry he unleashed his fury on the impetuous creature. Dressed all in green, the man brought his sword up to counter the fey'ri's blade, but was driven off balance by the hybrid's charge. With a single thrust to the chest, the man lay in a bleeding heap at Rakoth's feet.

"Where is that mage..." It occured to him that they maybe more then one magic user. It would take at least 4-5 to insure that each element was undetectable. Rakoth spead once more through the forest, trusting his instinct to guide him.

This is crap, I know, but its to get everyone back into it. Yes we are being ambushed, and yes you get to RP the bandits AND the mage's don't forget its one mage each, as for bandits, well there are a few, so have fun. Welcome back to Father and Son, lets try to end it this time.(I know BK wants to )

28th May 2005, 06:35 AM
Melenie giggled, looking up from the corpse of the fallen ambusher, the warrior who'd jumped out at the young DragonLady. Rocking her head from side to side, she stepped forwards, treading heavily on the man's chest, before hefting up her Lance, the glittering twin bladed spear dribbling blood on the soil underfoot. Rocking down onto all fours, one hand holding up the spear, Melenie padded slowly forwards, pushing through the underbrush, her long tongue darting out across her full lips, blond tresses hanging in long bags either side of her heart shaped face and wending it's way down her back.

She rocked her head up out of the bushes and grinned broadly, the DragonLady's pale blue eyes narrowing as she spotted another ambusher, clad in a long dark robe. Giggling, Melenie ducked back down again, coiled her legs under her body and then bounded straight forwards out of the bush. The Lance of Longinious lashed out, the mage gasped and stared down at the points of the weapon protruding from his chest and simply died. Jerking the Lance free, Melenie snorted and giggled again, kicking the body violently, looking up as a half-dozen more ambushers stumbled into the clearing.

28th May 2005, 02:22 PM
Delita stood, Zadok's spell having restored the majority of his strength and vitality. At Rakoth's word he moved into the thick foliage of the forest, obscuring him from sight from the rest of the part, and hopefully the bandits. Such was not so, however, as two arrows whizzed passed the trees in front of him, clanging off his armor and falling harmlessly to the ground. Delita rushed forward, catching glimpse of the first bandit and lunging towords him, imbedding Draconus in his chest as he tried to parry the attack. The man fell over dead, his partner crying out in anger and charging Delita's back. Delita spun, crouching down low, the ambushers attack missing him overhead, and Delita's sword cutting into his legs. As the man fell he stabbed upwards into his heart, ending his pain.

Good to have ya back Rakoth, bout time we finished this thing ^^

31st May 2005, 09:17 AM
What form of foul necromatic power is this that summons forth a dead thread to walk and breath among the living? :D Let's get this baby rolling again!

"Ambush, we are surrounded. Scatter and take them out."

**Zadok frowned at the words as the Fire Master could sense no heat signatures around him, only the normal latent fire energy associated with a forest. But as soon as he noticed the lack of heat signatures, Zadok's entire body surged with a powerful green light and the priest instinctively held out his hands to his sides and lifted them upwards. Cries of disbelief and fear radiated from the undergrowth as two warriors suddenly floated upwards out of the bush and hovered nearly 10 feet in the air, a faint green glow surrounding each of their bodies as well. Looking from one warrior to the next, Zadok frowned and clapped his hands together directly in front of his chest. The floating warriors suddenly lurched towards each other and cried out before their bodies collided over head, the sickening crack of broken bones clearly audible even from this distance. Collapsing to the ground at Zadok's feet, the warriors did not utter a word or even move for that matter, the collision and resulting fall more than enough to clear their minds of all thought.

"Can't rely upon heat. Let's use the next best thing..."

**Closing his eyes, Zadok breathed in slowly and smiled as he felt a large pulse of Force energy radiate out from his body. Not powerful enough to cause any physical harm, the pulse had been exactly what Zadok needed. As the Force wave passed through the forest, each member of the ambush absorbed the wave and gave off a resultant pulse...kind of like radar and Heat Sensing, but with the Force. This was the true power of a Jedi Master utilizing Force Sense.

And now comes the fun part...

"Darius! On me!"

**Zadok raced off into the forest, making his way towards the closest Force signature, the priest weaving between the trees with nearly inhuman speed, his movements blurring together.

31st May 2005, 12:23 PM

"What ambush?"

But before Darius's bewildered question could be answered, the others were already gone. Rakoth, Melanie and Delita had all immediately stormed into the dense bushes, preparing for close combat. Being a Mage more than a fighter, even though he was still skilled with the sword, Darius's first impulse was to check if any magical attacks could be executed. But as he noticed his Heat Sensing wasn't picking up any signals, he figured that finding his targets in this almost impenetrable foliage would be impossible. Apparently Zadok did have some way of detecting their opponents though and Darius could only watch in awe as the elvish priest slammed two men into each other, killing them immediately.

Not long after that, the Fire Master charged into the forest shouting that his apprentice should follow him. Obediently obeying Zadok's will, Darius rushed after the priest. He completely trusted his friend and tutor and even though he saw not what or who they were running towards, he was sure this sudden rush would lead them somewhere. Drawing his sword while running, it was only a mere second later that the young boy saw a glimpse of what looked like one of their enemies. Not hesitating a single second, Darius's arm lashed out. Seconds later the agonized gurgle of the man died away.

"Here! Zadok! I got one! You spot any others yet?"

2nd June 2005, 10:47 PM
Last but not least, be warned though, I'm very tired, it doesn't really make for some good rping and it wreaks havoc on my typing skills

"Ambush, we are surrounded. Scatter and take them out."

As Ingold heard the words, he halted shortly, promptly turned to the left and, like the others, disappearing into the forest. His tred was light and slow, moving at a normal pace over the soft blackened forest ground. Skilfully he sidestepped any twigs, though looking at his figure, some might doubt these twigs would even snap under his weight. Despite the grave danger they seemed to be in, Ingold was obviously in no hurry, darkness had fallen and his cloak hid him quite well in this environment. Though even he was well aware of the danger they were all in, since no magical sight would reveal the enemies they now faced.

They are he hunters, we are the pray ... though the hunter who faces a pray stronger then him is in a big pile of sh ... er ... poop héhéhé

Hearing a rustle ahead of him, Ingold drew his katana and simply placed the blade in the ground, quickly after raising both his arms until his palms were on either side of the sword's hilt. A flash illuminated the small clearing and two bright orbs now hovered where once Ingold's hands had been, the lightning mage now gone. The thin lightning mage was now to be found hiding behind a nearby tree, having gotten out of there immediately after he had conjured up his spell. Though Ingold soon realised the ground was no safe place, activating his levitating ability and taking to the trees, their foliage providing a much better place to hide, after all, people rarely ever look up.

Spying from above, kneeling on a wide branch, holding himself to the trunk of the tree, Ingold could clearly see his blade and the two blue orbs next to them. They stood out like two cats eyes in the darkness, watching whoever would dare to approach them and soon enough, one of the bandits appeared. Ingold simply allowed him to approach, hoping to attract others to 'visit' this exposition. Very cautiously and very slowly, the first bandit arrived to examine the rarity, eyeing, the two globes hovering next to the blade, small sparks of lightning jumping between the many layers these globes held within.

Driven by curiosity, a second and third bandit slowly moved in, their eyes shooting back and forth as they kept a clear eye on their surroundings, anticipating a trap. Soon they arrived at the blade and their companion, all now observing their surroundings while whispering too each other, deciding what to do with this blade and it's 'guardians'

Guy1: "What do you think it is?"
Girl: "A blade with two shiny globes next to it?"
Guy1: "I know that, I mean, what should we do with it?"
Guy2: "This is obviously magical, we should go to the wizard and seek his advice"
Guy1: "So he can take this prize for himself?"
Guy2: "What makes you think this is a prize? Looks like an ordinary blade to me"
Girl: "Yes, my blade comes with two sparking globes as well"
Guy1: "All right, all right, but you can tell those globes are dangerous, so it must be guarding something good ... if it's not part if it that is, I once heard about a weapon whi ... ."
Guy2: "Just wait for the wizard dumbass, you don't want to get killed now do you? We got enough gold out of the last heist, besides, you're a bowman, you don't even know how to wield a blade"
Guy1: "I do to"
Girl: "owkay, you don't know how to wield it decently"
Guy1: "I d ... "
Guy2: "Thought so ... secure the area, the wizard wants a clear path ahead of him. He protects us, we protect him. Now go."

A wizard? Following behind them ... how interesting

Two of the bandits immediately sped off, going further along the path while one stayed with the blade, awaiting his master so to speak. It didn't take too long for the mage to appear, following quite close behind his henchmen. Yet as he saw the blade and the globes, he immediately recognised the danger they presented ... for he had scouted the area the day before and then, it hadn't been there.

"It's a trap, get out of there fool."

Right now however, the bandit was in the least amount of danger because like any good mage, Ingold takes care of his direct opposition first. Immediately the layers within the globes began to spin, each into a different direction, it now becoming clear these orbs are actually several globes within a globe. Both orbs created quite a strong magnetic field, influencing the blade between them and barely had the mage uttered those words, or the katana had already been pulled out of the ground, it's tip heading straight for the mage. A short yelp echoed through the clearing, little drops of blood like rain colliding with the many leaves of the undergrowth within the forest, a gurgling sound following soon after as the dark crimson liquid filled the man's lungs and throat, gradually suffocating him to death.

Above the corpse, two blue orbs danced happily, drawing the blade back seeking for their next victim. The bandit just stood their in bewilderment as things had happened quite fast, the blade now once more hovering in mid air, being directed by the two magnetic-field-generating-orbs. Though now the ambusher shot into action, knocking back one of his arrows and shooting it at one of the orbs, which he had figured out were directing the blade. The arrow narrowly missed the globe though, the entity jumping upwards as to allow the projectile to pass. Of course, it was Ingold high up in his tree who directed the motion of his own spell, spending all his concentration upon the magnetic fields and the way they had to influence the blade.

The thief now drew his blade though, the distance between him and the hovering katana being to small to be using a bow. Yet, it is very hard to kill an enemy you cannot see nor hit and his fate was sealed from the moment he had discovered the blade. Taking special care to keep the orbs out of the bandit's range, Ingold drove the ambusher into a narrow spot before finishing him off ... very slowly. First, the man was disarmed, simply by having his hand cut off, immediately afterwards, the blade sliced through the back of the man's knees, immobilizing him. Now he was completely at Ingold's mercy, his screams being heard through the entire forest soon after, a deterrent to other so called ambushers. Cut by cut Ingold stole a bit of this man's life, slicing off fingers, peeling of the face's skin, poking out an eyeball ... until the bandit's strength finally gave up. Needless to say, it was a cruel dead, though providing it at a distance, aided by nothing more but two blue hovering globes and a katana did require some skill and a lot of concentration.

Unfortunately for Ingold, he hadn't noticed the two companions who had been with the man previously and who had now spotted him, both of these assailants realising that the blade had to be controlled by someone else. The twitching of his head and the movements of his hands - as he had let go of the tree trunk - had drawn their attantion, both bandits now pulling back their bowstrings and releasing them simultaniously. A knock in his back brought Ingold back to reality, pushing him out of the tree as a carefully aimed arrow hit him right in the back. Immediately the blade and two globes halted, no longer receiving any orders from their master, who now landed flat on his face in the middle of the small clearing. Nervously, the two ambushers approached, not believing a man could be alive after being shot in the back and having fallen from a tree, though these days, one never knew.

The cloak, which had hidden them from magical sight however, had vanished with the death of the mage and Ingold could clearly see them within his inner sight. With but a thought, he sent the two globes previously 'guarding' his blade, to kill these two insolent attackers. The last thing either of them saw, was a sparking orb heading straight for their heads. A crackling and sizzling sound following soon after, the smell of burnt flesh now filling the clearing where a bruised mage now slowly crawled to his feet.

"Always the face, why always the face?"

Mumbling those words, Ingold dragged his feet over to his blade near the mutilated corpse, picking it up and, after whiping off the blood, sheathing it again. Seeing no more badits nearby with the help of his magical sight, the lightning master headed back to where he had left the others. His face and chest were still hurting like hell after that fall, all the air having been pushed out of his lungs for a minute and still it seemed to have problems getting back in. Luckily, Ingold's armour had caught some of the impact. The arrow in the back, his cloak had taken care of, leaving the mage with no injury as to that, the fabric being enforced with Gromrill strands, effectively protecting against backstabbing and back-arrowing too it seemed.

Arriving near the small creak again, Ingold set himself down on a stone and waited for the others, brushing some of the sand out of his hair and he tried to regain his momentum after his short and unsuccessful attempt to fly without any magical aid.

3rd June 2005, 01:17 PM
Ic: Tarcisus finished helping Christy stand up straight. Her face began becoming her natural color of her human form, but both her and her companion's faces became grim upon hearing her forecast become a present reality. Tarcisus pulled out his Sword of the Ancients. The sound of metal against metal sang from the sword as it awoke from its slumber, within the intricately-decorated scabbard. He could feel the bones within his arms tingle with a sort of satisfaction. The daemon-hunter ignored a stray ray of the sun shining in his left eye at an angle, and instead he concentrated around him, as if sensing his surroundings with his very thoughts. He ran carefully into the woods, looking around him as he went, searching for a target. He met his first unfortunate soul, who was still a distance off, with a crooked sword, wooden shield, and a peculiar helmet.

He motioned with his free hand and the man tripped, having been blinded by a simple spell. Tarcisus ran up to the man, and with one foul stroke, cut his head off with a powerful blow from his sword. Drops of blood splattered mostly down onto the ground, but a few splashed onto his face. Just as his foe’s head fell on the ground in a pool of blood, Tarcisus sensed someone nearly behind him, charging him. He pulled up his sword, and spun around, with the spear attack rolling harmlessly off his back and into the air behind him. With his right hand he wielded his dagger point down. He gripped his weapon with his left hand, and using his momentum, he slashed his surprised enemy with the long edge of his sword on the victim’s chest with all the force of his spin.

He pulled himself closer, thanks to inertia, and he jabbed the point of his dagger right into the man’s throat with the rest of his momentum. The man let out a horrified, gargled scream, and dropped his spear to grab his throat. Tarcisus ignored the many drops of blood on his face and right hand. His gaze was keen and intent, as if his look alone could pierce flesh with penetrating daggers. His face was firm; an unnervingly cool visage that looked untouched despite all the turmoil of the skirmish and the heat of the battle. His cape whirled around, catching up with his sudden movement, wrapped around him for a moment, as he regained his balance in preparation for the next onslaught. He harbored no ill thoughts for his enemy, but kept pressing on to defend his comrades and himself.

He ran forward into the brush to avoid an on-coming barrage of arrows. Only a couple managed to graze him as he rolled down to the ground, practically diving into a nearby bush. He could hear them scream as they cut through the air, one going by his ear; he could feel the hairs on the back of his neck move from the air created by the speed of that particular arrow. A second arrow bounced off his armor, creating a light clanging noise. He was, however, unharmed by any of the arrows, most hitting only his cape or thin air as he rolled.


Christy didn’t think twice, as Tarcisus, among others ran off into the woods to answer an ambush. If they could manage to catch them off-guard with what appeared to be a blind rush, then they would have a sever advantage. She summoned forth from the earth, her trusty staff which she had carried through many trials. She gracefully darted through the trees, keeping a caring eye on the others near her. She felt relieved now that she had let go of her hold on the forest. The mages here were interfering with the natural order of things and were attempting to poison the minds of beings still attached to the forest. She just hoped her friend was right about her sisters being safe. She felt ready for a bit of action, and convinced herself that it was time to prove her value. She was hardly as experienced as Tarcisus in the matters of battle, but she had her share of wars to fight, and knew a thing or too about defending herself and her friends, though she knew she did have much more to learn.

She suddenly stopped herself from mid-run, for she noticed one of the mages right in front of her about twelve feet away, behind a tree, looking at her, apparently casting his evil spell upon the area around him so as to mask himself and his group. Just as she stopped, an arrow went flying by her head in front of her. She was lucky to have stopped so suddenly, or else she might be dead, but upon second reflection, she had almost seen it coming and without any conscious decision of her own, she had reacted to it. She brushed away these distracting thoughts and aimed her staff in the direction of the archer. It was a short man, with a bald spot, but he was focused on another, more threatening target now. He was shooting at Tarcisus, who was taking cover. She concentrated on the earth and the plant life near the man, drawing upon their potent energies. The gem, within the top-piece of the staff, glowed an amber color and insect-sized green lights swirled around it, being absorbed at its very tip at the front. The gem itself looked as if the staff had grown around it. She clenched the wood shaft in her left hand, and with her right, she clenched her fist, while concentrating on the man. All this was being down very quickly, as this was a simple spell to cast in an instant. The trees moved their branches and roots, grasping onto the man’s limbs. He let out a startled yell, and at that, Tarcisus looked up, hurling a luminous ball of energy at the archer, who was now entangled and held to a tree. He fell limp, having had his bones crushed by the might of the trees and having received a blast spell from a master spiritualist.

Christy didn’t stop to watch her spell at work, for she knew it would be enough to finish her target. She directed her full attention to the mage who was now closer than before and was finishing a spell that made Christy dizzy, and made her vision fade a bit. She hadn’t taken advantage of her speed to its fullest potential that she could have, but she could tell he was not done with the incantation. She focused on the magic surrounding her and drew upon her inner mana supply. She fell to her knee, and kept herself steady by means of holding onto her staff, which was firmly planted in the ground. She managed to motion horizontally around her, and created a special type of magical barrier. She could see straight now, and her faded vision was returning to normal. She looked back up and saw the mage drawing in closer for the kill. She leapt upwards and forwards, ignoring a branch scratching at her side as she did so. It stung, but she didn't react to it. She could feel the muscles in her legs spring into full tension and lift her weight off the ground. She channeled magic into her staff, focusing more into its head. She would do as much damage to her foe as possible and stun him.

She gripped her staff with both hands, and whacked the now proximate mage in the side of the head. Blood issued forth from his jaw and his cracked head; it spewed from the ghastly break in his skull. His body was flung into a tree nearby, and he hit it with such force, that he broke his right arm and his shoulder blade. He instantly dropped his own wand, and fell in a heap on the ground, having been largely shattered by one of the proud members of the Forbidden One’s Army. She brought her legs down and landed quite majestically on a log. She stood up from a squat, and looked around her. The band in her area was dispersed, only a few remained in the other’s areas. She looked at the dead heap before her and sneered at it.

DON’T underestimate us. EVER.

She brushed her thin, red hair from her face and stood there, proudly surveying the damage she had done. She had defended herself well and had protected those around her. They had counted on her, and she had lived up to the expectation. For that, she was glad.

3rd June 2005, 02:02 PM
WOOT everyone is still back, and some seem not to have lost there form, well there is the matter of Greg... or whatever he calls himself now, can't seem to remember. Rakoth's post goes here once Tal has posted

Rakoth heard familiar cries that surrounded him in the forest. The ambushers had been taken by surprise and the mages would fall. Barely a minutes had passed since the group had scattered, but Rakoth knew that already the mages were expiring there last breath. The spells used to conceal them could not hold. In answer to his thoughts, Rakoth heard a bedragled cry from his right. Without a second thought, the forest was covered in a blanket of thermal energy, each warm being pinging back to him. The spell of concealement had failed and Rakoth could see everything.

Most of the bandits had been taken care of, the warm bodies of the fallen was defused and failing rapidly in his minds eye. Those that lived suffered violently, there body heat rising as the blood spread around them. Through the trees he could see the forms of a small band, the last to have survived. He could almost feel there confusion now that he knew they were there.

He was silent as a panther as he moved though the trees apearing before the man. The feeling of terror rose from them like a bad stench, Rakoth could not hide the rictus that had formed on his lips as he straightened. The mage was the first to recover, and discarding the foolishness of attacking this hybrid, he spoke, breathing reassurance in his band. His tone was almost arrogant.

"What do you want with us demon, if it were death for us, our corpses would be burning. Am I right?"

Rakoth laughed, this was a smart one, playing to his intelligence.

"Perhaps you are worth keeping alive. You will lead us to the village. We have business with your new overlord."

Rakoth's words matched the mages in tone.

The whole troop had seemed releaved that they would not end up like the rest of them. At the mention of the overlord, a fear stronger floated from the minds of the five men. This was a fear that had been beaten into them. The fear of the strong for one that makes them seem weak. Not the fear of death, but the fear of failure, and with it the death of one's whole family.

"I see, do not worry, we are not servants of the one you fear. We are here to relieve of his command, and if uncooperative of his life."

The mage spoke, more meekly this time, he recognised the magical flame in the fey'ri and those of his group that were converging on them. The battle was already over, lopsided and unfair.

"Let us gather out survivors. We are sorry to have tried to ambush you but clearly, you have been understimated. Even had the trap been laid, we would not have killed you all."

He licked his lips nervously.

"I will lead you, on the condition that you rid of us the tyrant. We wish only for peace. This is why we escaped from the armies. We are called outlaws, and were hunted, but we never meant to become pawns."

Rakoth thought a moment and resumed.

"It is a bargain then, but you need to tell us everything. We will try and save what men we can, but I doubt many would have survived. My companions are usually very methodical when it comes to being threatened."

Rakoth tossed the men his pouch, they shied away from it at first, but when he gave one exhasperated sigh, the boldest pulled the drawstring, revealing rations and water pouches.

"Drink and rest, while we await"

Rakoth sheethed his blade and strode over to the mage, sitting next to the tired man. The spell had been very powerful, and as the other links in the chain had failed, this one needed to support more and more. Rakoth simply sat there, waiting, his sword sheethed. The men looked at him as they chewed whispering amonsgt themselves. Rakoth ignored it, seeing his companions outlined by the heat vision. Raising his voice above the forest he called to them.

"On me brothers. The battle is won."

Carelessly, he raised his hand, and a piercing white light soared straight into the air above him, exploding in red sparks above the tree cover. The flare had been useless, but the awed scrambling of the man around him was enough as they tried to shy away.

6th June 2005, 09:18 AM
Zadok hadn't even answered his call yet, as suddenly there was a flare shot up into the air, immediately followed by Rakoth's voice. The call carried the message that the battle was over. Their victory had been swift and flawless, showing perfectly well how immensely strong this group was. Though their adversaries had certainly not been the least skilled of men, they hadn't stood a chance to scare the group away, let alone kill them. Smiling contently as he sheathed his blade again, Darius turned and began to walk towards Rakoth. His Heat Sensing had picked up the Fey'ri's heat signal as soon as the spell had been dissipated and now it was only a matter of minutes before the group would be together again.

'..I'll meet Zadok there..'

Coming up on Rakoth, Darius noticed he had several men held hostage. They seemed to shit bricks and were definitely not a threat any more. The only reason the young Fire Mage could think of as to why they had been spared was the fact that Rakoth didn't know the fastest route to the village and was now using these men as guides. Otherwise, they would have been long since dead. While waiting for the others to arrived, Darius softly patted Rakoth on his back and seated himself against the large trunk of a nearby tree. He exhaled loudly once or twice, before he let his head lean back and closed his eyes. No matter how short the battle had been, the adrenaline rush and short course of action had still fatigued him a little.

6th June 2005, 10:06 AM
"Here! Zadok! I got one! You spot any others yet?"

**The question went unanswered as the priest had suddenly vanished from sight. A few moments later there was the sound of a loud crack and a heavy sigh followed by a muffled thud. Zadok was visible once more, the priest standing over the unconscious form of a man. But this man was not armed with bow or sword, this was one of the mages, most likely a lightning mage as the man's energy signature spooke of one familiar with the ways of electricity. Shaking his head as he looked down upon the man, Zadok's Staff of the Chosen instantly vanished from sight as it transformed once more into thermal energy. With a soft flick of his wrist Zadok used the Force to lift the man's limp form up off the groud into a gentle hover roughly 3 feet off the ground. Seeing that Darius had moved towards Rakoth's signal, Zadok headed back to the groups original spot on the trail, mumbling words of apparent disgust and regret.


**Three bodies suddenly fell into the small clearing where Rakoth and the others were gathering; two warriors and a mage, all three clearly unconscious from some sort of attack. A closer look upon the warriors revealed the faces of the two warriors who had attempted to attack Zadok upon the trail. Stepping into the clearing, the priest glanced down upon the unconscious men and then to the band of warriors, whose expression astonishingly enough showed even more fear with each passing moment.

"Don't worry, they aren't dead. Though the two warriors will probably wish they were when they recover. From what I can tell their head on collision has resulted in multiple bone breaks in their upper body. Maybe they will think twice before attacking an unknown opponent. And as for the mage, don't worry...I merely knocked some sense into him is all. That large knot on the back of his head will remind him that some dangers are not seen until it is too late."

**Looking to Rakoth, Zadok frowned and shook his head, the priest obviously a bit perturbed from being attacked a second time in less than 24 hours.

"Who are these men, and what reason do they have for assaulting us?"

6th June 2005, 01:22 PM
"On me brothers. The battle is won."

Delita: "It's about god damn time. I'm sick of being attacked."

Delita said frustrated, still remembering vividly the beating he recived from the first band of assailents. Delita quickly strode towords where the flare had fallen, catching glimpse of Zadok and Darius with their prizes. Delita walked over to Rakoth and picked a tree to lean against and sheathed his sword.

Delita: "Looks lke you two had some fun."

Delita joked pointing at Zadok's catch.

6th June 2005, 06:06 PM
Ingold was still rubbing his nose, convinced it somehow didn't stood quite right on his face anymore. Cross-eyed, he tried to get a good look at it, but without a mirror, it was of course a futile effort. Rubbing his nose for the last time, deciding to let it go, the black cloaked mage got up and made his way into the direction he thought Rakoth's voice had come from ... of course, the flare helped a bit as well, the light it produced clearly seen through the forest's leafy roof. A few moments later, Ingold arrived, most of his companions had already found there way to this little encampment, safe for Tarscius and Christy, who most likely would follow close behind.

Ingold was quite surprised to see some of these attackers still alive, he was more ... ruthless so to speak and rarely knew mercy for those who laid a finger on him or even dared to think ill thoughts towards him. Little did he care for medicating circumstances, little did he care for motives, if anyone threatened him, they deserved death, and it was either he or they anyway. Up until now, few had survived the mage and most met a slow and cruel end. Ingold saw it as a way to discourage any others who would have chaired similar thoughts with the slain individual, though inside, he knew he gained pleasure from it.

"... sick of being attacked."

"We're on a journey to hell and one way or another, some of us will end up there anyway. So you thought this was going to be a pleasure ride? If you're tired now, go home, hell will be far worse, though it will more likely way heavier on the soul then on the body ... "

Having proclaimed his usual 'wisdom' with the rest, Ingold simply continued, walking by the group of captured men, three unconscious, the others greedily consuming the goods Rakoth had shared with them. Though as he passed, one of the men looked kind of funny at Ingold, or so the mage thought. Instantly he halted, the shadows beneath his hood now peering at the guy as the lightning mage focussed his gaze upon the unfortunate man. Immediately after, as was to be expected, Ingold threw his cloak back, a crackling globe of lightning energy speeding towards the man's face immediately after. There, the deadly charge halted, just holding still in front of the guy's nose, the pale pinkish colour of his skin now replaced by a bright blue glow. The bandit could feel his hair reacting to the lightning as it began to rise slightly, small bolts crackling only an inch from the man's face. He could do no more but stare straight at sparkling lightning energy in front of him, knowing one single move could prove to be a fatal one.

"Fear keeps you safe, it makes you realise that danger or even death is near. Do you not fear the snake for its venom? One singly bite could put you through days of agony until finally death comes and takes you away. Then fear me. Because I can make you relive those days before your death over and over again, making sure you can hear the screams of your close ones clearly as I do upon them ten times worse as I do upon you. Fear keeps you safe, courage will get you ... and your loved ones killed ... slowly."

Finally, the globe resumed its course, having been abruptly halted in it's trajectory by the lightning mage only seconds before, Ingold not caring for any reply this ambusher might have for his 'odd' look at the black cloaked figure. Being hit straight in the head, the ambusher was thrown back, lightning arcing over and through his body as his limbs convulsed violently. Finally all went silent again, Ingold now resuming his path as the man lay dead still. Though it may be deceiving to the eye, the man still lived, Ingold having only launched his weakest spell at this man. Though ruthless he may be at time, killing captured men was not really his style either. No, the ambusher was merely paralysed and though he could barely breath, still lived. Yet, his recuperation would be slow and painful, his hair scorched away and his face ridden with scorch marks.

Little did Ingold know though, two arrows were still sticking in the back of his cloak, they being the reason why he had received the odd look from the now 'punished' individual. It only proved how skilful these men were, for normally, arrows just bump off the cloak. These actually penetrated the Gromrill strains hidden within the cloth, which now kept them in place. The captured men could see this as comical, though seeing Ingold still walked, the captured ones better knew that the ones who had shot the arrows were now dead.

Thus, completely oblivious to the fact two arrows were still sticking from his back, Ingold sat himself down once more. On a dead tree trunk this time though, since no boulders were to be found and he patiently awaited the next step. Care he did not what the others would think of his actions. For him, it was clear, whoever threatened him or any of the others, they would die and if possible, suffer a cruel fate. Whether the mage actually cared for the individuals he travelled with or they were simply the means to an end, that was another question ...

You thought I had forgotten about those arrows didn't ya ... or not :tongue:

6th June 2005, 07:34 PM
Delita chuckled as Ingold walked away, sharing the same od look the prisoners had on their faces.

Delita: "Perhaps you wouldn't draw so much attention if you had the wits to remove the arrows sticking out of your back, Ingold, but then again, you can't really see them from your point of view."

Delita said, walking over to Zadok.

Delita: "Think you can help the poor fool Ingold fried, though it was funny, it wasn't needed, and seeing as you're the only one here with curative abilities, you we're the logical choice."

6th June 2005, 09:31 PM
**Zadok visibly tensed and his Staff of the Chosen was instantly in his left hand as Ingold unleashed the attack towards the man, the priest stopping mid-stride towards the lightning mage as he realized the globe had stopped. It was clear from the furious glare that Zadok did not appreciate Ingold's speech or his actions. When the sphere slammed into the man's face, Zadok's right arm tensed and a large ball of flame formed within the priest's palms, simply awaiting the priest's thought to launch it directly at Ingold. The others in the group may respect Ingold of his strength with lightning, but Zadok could barely tolerate the man's foul presence.

"Think you can help the poor fool Ingold fried, though it was funny, it wasn't needed, and seeing as you're the only one here with curative abilities, you we're the logical choice."

**Zadok did not move for a moment, as the priest continued to struggle to restrain his anger towards Ingold. Closing his eyes exhaling heavily, Zadok finally released his clenched right fist and allowed the fire energy to disperse, the priest's Staff of the Chosen also dispersing as well. Without so much as a word of acknowledgement to Delita, Zadok moved to the paralyzed man's side, kneeling beside him as the man's friends gave the priest room. Shaking his head in utter disgust, Zadok gently placed his right hand upon the man's forehead. Closing his eyes, Zadok softly began to murmur words in his native tongue.

"Chanan Echad 'umlal,
Echad Rapha' 'etsem bahal.
Shuwb Echad chalats nephesh yasha' checed.
Meveth zeker, shaowl yadah."(Prayer of Echad Rapha)

**As the words of the prayer were spoken, a soft white light descended through the canopy of the trees and alighted upon the man, engulfing Zadok and the man within its gentle glow. Radiating from the center of the white light could be seen pulses of both green and yellow light, the priest calling upon all of his skills of healing at the same moment. Lasting for a few seconds, the light slowly began to fade, and when the man and Zadok came once more into view, the priest was slowly helping the man to sit up. It was clear from the look upon the man's face all pain and paralysis had been removed, even the man's hair had been restored to its previous condition. Both the man and his close friends stared at Zadok and he rose to his feet, unsure what to think about this warrior priest that could easily destroy life but chose instead to preserve it. Nodding to the man with an encouraging smile, Zadok glanced over towards Ingold with a glare of disgust before stepping in the other direction, choosing instead distance rather than confrontation.

6th June 2005, 10:15 PM
Delita was astounded at first, when he approched Zadok. There was very few instances he could recall Zadok actually becoming angry, and this was one of them. Delita moved towords Ingold when Zadok began healing, and tapped him on the shoulder, motioning for him to follow him away from the group.

Delita: "We need to talk."

He whispered to Ingold. He knew Ingold was not one to bow down to anyone, but something had to be done before the tensions in the group became completly uncontrollable.

7th June 2005, 01:14 PM
Christy turned around, about to hit whoever tapped her on the shoulder gently, in mockery, it seemed to her. She whipped around and there was Tarcisus, who grabbed the deadly edge of her staff with his right hand. He had wiped his face clean of most of the blood, but his shirt bore more of it, having used it to wipe it off.

"It's over. Let's regroup."

She hadn't heard Rakoth's announcement, having been in the midst of battle when he did so, but she had wondered what the feeling of heat was that had pulsed through the forest a second or two ago. Together, the two odd companions walked back to the opening, where the others all stood, shaking off their battle faces, while some still carried them, like Ingold. Christy didn't understand why Ingold would do something as unnecessary and perhaps even cruel as toture the poor man there. Noticing the different tensions between Zaddok, Ingold, and Delita, she was very tempted to use her magic to contain all of them there with summoned roots from the earth. The lightning mage could not be that effective against a mage who was learned in earth spells, now could he? She respected his power, but not his demeanor, and she wondered how Tarcisus dealed with that all the time. She closed her eyes and clenched her staff, casting a simple calm spell.


The area was filled a sense of peace and tranquillity when Christy came into the opening. Tarcisus wondered if now that the mages were, gane, if she held her strength over the forest again, but realized she was trying to ease the tensions before them. He did feel much calmer and his pulse slowed down, as did his breathing. He was glad at this slight relaxation before the plunge through the infernal gates. He shook his head. He knew that the more time they all spent so near hell, the more it would effect them all, even him and Christy. He had been to hell before, so he would be better prepared for what would come. He was told it was different every time, being far harder the next time one went there. He was lucky to have had the training that he had had, as a demon-hunter. They were taught to deal with such things, but he was still human, and as such, he was still as susceptible as any other mortal. He wondered how hell would effect Rakoth, if at all. Surely it would take its toll on him in a very different way, being so closely and unwillingly tied to the will of hell. He felt the need to speak up to all there. He trusted they would open their hearts to listen to him, having probably the most experiance in this particular rhelm.

"We must move quickly. The forces of hell do not rest and they do not stop until they have destroyed everything in their way, and now that they are aware of us, they will focus all their dark influences to slow us down or stop us. They know we can achieve victory and they will answer this threat in full force now. We must not give into the whispers of the shadows and quarrel among ourselves."

Then suddenly, his face changed. His look became long, empty, and emotionless, but somehow it looked bent on destruction regardless of his own safety, like he was willing to kill all of them there, even though he would have trouble fighting any of them there. If this were possible for a human to feel this way, he might appear cocky and arrogant, but somehow he disregarded his own power, trusting in what he could do through some hidden power. He gave a smirk at the fights there, as if he had been the one to give these alluded to "whispers of the shadows." When he spoke again, his voice was deeper but still seemed his own voice. His tone was sinister and sadistic. His hair was darker and straighter, and his features seemed totured, his gaze hollow and hateful. Any other spirit mage may recognize a bit of channeling the area's demonic influences into his thoughts. This was a very dangerous thing to do, but he had special protection from this very thing, that most were not aware of.

"Hell is far worse, weighing upon the very essence of your being, slowly torturing, corrupting your soul and bringing madness to you. There are voices you cannot silence, visions of pain within your mind you cannot avoid. And that's just a small part of what its like IN hell. When you leave, whatever is left of your sanity is exhausted from the struggle and your mind as you know it will never be the same if you give into the voices in the least bit. Even if you DO survive your trip and make it through with your mind and soul, it will have such an unspeakable effect on you, that I cannot begin to describe the horrific nightmares even when you are awake or meditating and that's not to mention the uncontrolable fits you may have and the numerous other trials you must face for months and maybe years after. The memories never leave you fully and they can torment you the rest of your life if you let them."

His face returned to normal and he shook off the still haunting images, grasping his head with both his hands, his vision becoming vacant and distant. He was out of breath and he was clearly fighting some internal war with his memories. He seemed to be struggling to keep hold of his soul, as he rocked back and forth a few times. Christy touched his shoulder with her hands, and he came out of that state. He looked around him, as if trying to remember where he was and who all these people were. Christy embraced him, and in order to win him back fully, she said,


He stopped and looked as if he was back, but obviously didn't remember he was the one who gave that little "speach." The recognizable look of the Celt returned and he bowed his head in appology to all around him, seeing at least a number of them looking at him (it was by this that he figured out that he had spoken to them).

"Forgive me."

He said, his voice cracking at the end ever so slightly.

7th June 2005, 05:55 PM

Grabbing his cloak so he could inspect the back of them, Ingold finally found the long wooden shafts with their black feathers, firmly stuck into the cloth. It only proved that the black fabric the mage always wore was as good a protection as any other armour and it covered his whole body, the only disadvantage of course was the burden it provided onto the mage's shoulders. Though he had coped with it for a year now and had grown accustomed to it. Prodding out the projectiles, he eyed the priest behind the shadows of his hood, smirking at the anger Zadok could barely control.

Don't be such a hypocrite, you're a murderer just like me, stop hiding behind your false god. It's so easy these days to push your buttons. Yes, give these 'poor' men the easy way out, they would have killed you not a moment ago had they had the chance. Show them how naive you are, how out of touch with the real world, which offers only pain and suffering. You just doomed them, congratulations to you o wise man, HAH.

Finally able to pull the two arrows out of his cloak, Ingold inspected the fabric and the bent Gromrill strains interwoven with the magical cloth. This was his armour and flaws he could not afford in it. Though, for a marksman to hit him in the exact same spot, he would need to be a very skilled one, be such things not unheard of though.

Only a dwarven master smith can fix this, but, first real damage in one year, not too bad a record. I guess I'll have to continue like this, the wholes are too small for a sword to penetrate and I still have my leather armour. It should be fine, though best fixed before I make my ... journey

Ingold had mainly ignored Tarscius, being absorbed with his cloak and the two arrows stuck in them. Though the demon-hunters speech about hell did caught his attention, though once more he could only smirk at it.

Hah, from what you say, I’m already there. Don’t think this will be a hard trip for me at all.

"Sure Delita, let's take a walk"

Finally Ingold answered the lightning master, having had Tarscius do his speech first while he had peen pulling out arrows out of his cloak. Throwing the fabric back, Ingold got up and simply walked into the woods until they were a good few feet away from the 'encampment'. High bushes surrounded them, the moving figures at the encampment now withdrawn from sight.

"What's on your mind?"

7th June 2005, 07:03 PM
Delita: "To be honset, I've never seen Zadok upset like that before. So it's a safe assumption that he doesn't take kindly to you. I know you've ben through quite some crap, I've had my fair share of it too, but for the sake of not starting something within the group, could you tone down the malicious tendencies you seem to have developed. The last thing I wanna see is you and Zadok going at it."

Delita said, wiping some sweat from his forehead and leaning up against a tree.

Delita: "I know they are nothing but brigands, and deserve nothing but a slow, painful death, but they are prisoners now, I don't know how you handle prisoners in the AotFO, but let them be. I'm sure Rakoth doesn't want his "guides" roughed up any either."

8th June 2005, 12:54 PM
I didn't see Rakoth mention anything to Ingold about guides :whistilin

"If the priest cannot contain his anger now, he's already doomed. If I really was to be 'evil' I'd have killed the man and there'd be nothing he could do. These man hunted us a few minutes ago and when they give me an odd look for whatever reason, or eye me for whatever reason, I will act on it. I do not care to be shot in the back for a second time once they regain their weapons. Knowing Rakoth, these men will most likely be released and will soon pick up their arms again. I'd rather they fear me and think twice then shoot me in the back again. My methods may not be understandable, but they are effective, if only Zadok would take his head out of his ass and realise the situation we're in. These men are not 'good', they are brigands and deserters and being nice to them will only lead to a knife in your back, it's his fate, but I will not suffer it. We're close to hell, over here, no one you meet is good. Frankly, I've already had my personal own hell and I live it everyday so I'm quite convinced whatever is thrown here against me, I'll survive. It's for Zadok that I fear, for I no longer fight my darker side and it no longer fights me, when the overlord of hell or whatever Rakoth's daddy's title might be now entices Zadok's more evil side, he'll be preoccupied in fighting that instead of aiding us. Like Tarscius said, this battle will lay heavier on the soul then the body. That your good side is strong matters not in the least, your good side will find no strength and only your darker side will feed here. I have been prepared my whole life for this, against my wishes I may add, and if he can't stomach my actions, he better get the fuck out while he still can. Evil only tolerates evil in its midst and none of us are welcome, though I will end up here anyway so I could care less, which makes me the strongest ally you all have, regardless on how you or anyone else sees it, Delita. But I will protect myself as well against petty nuances like that scum out there, because in the big battles, I cannot afford being distracted by the likes of them!"

At the end, Ingold's voice flared up, the mage realising it himself as he bit his teeth, the last tones hissing forth between them. Calming down for a few seconds, letting the moment of anger pass, Ingold spoke again, though less loud, it still held the same tone.

"I am myself and will protect myself when it is needed, be it against Zadok or this scum we have captured. If the priest wants to be judge and executioner, like he has been to so many before, and act like a hypocrite, so be it. But I already had this conversation with Rakoth, if he wishes me to go, I will leave, if not, I will stay. I do not care for Zadok's emotions, I do not scold him for the path he has taken or don't hold it against him he does not share my views and I do not fight him over it or become angry over it so maybe you should have a little talk with HIM instead of ME. So anything else?"

He just loves to hear himself speak ... monologue-ing is a trait of evil people right? :saint:

8th June 2005, 01:12 PM
Delita: "You don't think I know that, if it we're up to me, they'd be dead, but it's not. I'm not asking you to act like a saint here, I'm just asking for you to not act like such a heartless bastard. I don't know about you, but a fight between you and Zadok would be very bad for the rest of us, you know that. There isn't a single person amongst us that oculd hold either of you back if you two really wanted to fight. So help me, if he dies and my sister's heart gets shattered into a million peices, and I think you might have had even the most insignificant ammount to do with it, I'll hunt you down to the ends of the earth, you know that! Just swallow your damn pride at least untill we make it to the encampment where my men are waiting, after that, I don't give a flying fuck what you do. I'll talk to Zadok as well, but this is getting tiresome, you're polar friggen oposites, it's gonna happen, you know it, I know, every fucking body in the group knows it. It's wrong for me to ask this of you, but for the love of god, would you rather us all end up dead?"

Delita said, almost pleadingly, however retaining his dignity and refusing to resort to begging.

8th June 2005, 01:33 PM
"Do you see me bursting with anger towards Zadok? No. You don't see me instantly killing the guy again because Zadok healed him do you. If there is a fight, it will come from Zadok's end, not mine! So go talk to your priest, because in this case, I am not the one in the wrong. I did not kill, I simply warned them by paralysing one of them, if that is cold hearted, so be it. You know that was my weakest spell and you know I could have done far worse too. You have yet to see me truly cold and heartless so don't you dare call me that. I am only an opposite because you all see me that way, only difference between him and me is, I'll do anything to achieve a greater good and will commit 'evil' acts to attain it. I'm the extreme most of you don't have the courage to achieve, if that makes me an opposite to our 'good' priest so be it. But your sister's heart is shattered no matter what happens for only in the most dire of circumstances will you see a true man's value. I am always me and do not hide it, now Zadok shows his anger and hatred and we BOTH know where that will lead him. If he cannot face nor control it, he is doomed. So you go warn him how you will hunt him down and don't comment to me on it, because Zadok's downfall will be his own fault, not mine. I am here to kill Rakoth's father and I will slice through his henchmen as well. You know it and I know it, these men are the scum of the earth. Now I am not the one who's causing this, Zadok is, I simply treated them as what they are and I do not care about HIS petty emotions about it. I think we are through here now"

And you better heed the warnings as well for I will not hesitate to hunt down your loved ones either if you dare to come after me!

Giving one last stare at Delita, Ingold made his way back to the camp now, quite insulted that he was blamed for the priests inability to control his anger. His actions were no worse then what most here had done in the forest, if anything, he let him live. It was not his fault lightning was a destructive element and that paralysing one could not be done without inflicting some extra harm ...

8th June 2005, 02:20 PM
**Zadok heard a bit of what Tarcisus had said, though most of it was lost upon the priest. Slowly seperating himself from the rest of the group, Zadok sought a small amount of seclusion, the recent events and atmosphere within the clearing enough to drive the priest away from the others. Finding a small glade nearby, Zadok breathed heavily and collapsed to his knees, closing his eyes and bowing his head slightly. Taking several deep breaths it became apparent to Zadok hold angered he had been by Ingold's actions, his own reaction surprising himself. As he knelt in the clearing, calming his nerves, he heard a still audible voice speak to his soul, one he recognized well.

"What are you upset over, Zadok?"

**Breathing in slowly, Zadok thought for a moment before responding to the question posed.

"I am upset at Ingold."

"Why are you upset?"

**Zadok took another moment to collect his thoughts. The priest understood the One knew the answer, so this was not for his God's benefit, but for his own.

"Because of the way he reacted."

"Why does his reaction upset you?"


"Because you see in him what you could just as easily become?"

**At this point Zadok did not respond, his voice suddenly caught in his thoat by the sudden emotion that flooded his soul. Bowing over at his waist, Zadok's head touched the soft leaves of the forest floor as tears slowly began to course down his cheeks. Indeed, with all of the adrenaline of the sudden ambush, Zadok had not had a chance to truly think and meditate upon his close enounter with the doppelganger. Now, with his mind having an opportunity to process the events of the past 24 hours, Zadok suddenly realized how close he had come to losing it completely.

"Zadok, my son. Be at peace. You are not who you could be, but rather who you are."

**Gently lifting his head from the dry leaves, Zadok spoke through the tears that continued to fall.

"But I could...I could so easily become him. I could...could..."

**Once more the words refused to come as his mind filled with horrible images of devastation and destruction. Teta lay dead at Zadok's feet, the blade of the Staff of the Chosen thrust through her heart. Clouds of smoke billowed from the Temple of Mikda in the background and there was Reash, impale by a spear and left to rot at the temple gates. Images of his close friends in various stages of death flashed before his eyes and at the center of all the chaos and madness stood Zadok, no longer robed in white but rather black, fire radiating outward from his body and consuming everything the priest held near to his heart. But just as the visions of destruction and mayhem reached a fevered pitch, a brilliant light of untold glory shattered the darkness of the forest shadows and engulfed the prone priest. Lifted from his kneeling position, Zadok was suddenly suspended within a light far more intense the sun could ever be. And from this light spoke the same voice that had questioned the priest before, though now it boomed round about the priest, declaring with a tremendous authority the truth Zadok needed most to hear.

"ZADOK BEN MISGAB! Before I formed you in the belly I knew you; and before you came forth from the womb I sanctified you, and I ordained you a priest unto the nations. Give no heed to the voice of the enemy, and give not ground to his deceitful lies. Remember the promises I have spoken over you; recall the destiny I have placed upon your life. The strength and power that resides within you is not your own, and I shall not let it become tainted or corrupted. Remember Zadok, it is I, not you, that fights the battles. It is not your strength, but Mine; not your wisdom, but Mine. Rise up, mighty man of valor, and claim victory over that which torments you!"

**The light faded and the priest lowered to the ground, but as he did Zadok's began to speak into the shadows of the forest about him, his voice booming through the trees and causing those limbs near him to quiver with the intensity with which he spoke.

"Hayah Zadok Ben Misgab; Kohen Elyon; Qowl 'el Bachar; Zakar 'Olam Labbah; Ragliy Echad Raq; 'Owr 'el Choshek. Yalak 'achar, chamar ruwach...Hayah 'ayin 'achuzzah...

**As Zadok spoke the last two words of his proclamation, the priest reached out viciously with his left arm and clenched his hand tight. But rather than closing into a fist, the hand clamped down upon something invisible to the naked eye. As the priest's grip tightened upon the invisible object, Zadok opened his eyes. Suddenly a light radiated outward from the priest's eyes similar to the light which only moments before had encompassed his entire body. As the beams of pure white light struck the object the priest held, Zadok's left arm began to rock and flail about as if possessed, the air between his clenched hand and round about it began to vascillate like ripples upon the still water of the mountain lake. Still glaring at the unseen object, Zadok lifted his right hand to the heavens and instantly the Staff of the Chosen formed within his grasp. But unlike the typical wooden rod, this time only the thin rapier blade appeared and the normally clean metal surface radiated a similar light to that which radiated from Zadok's eyes.


**As Zadok shouted the words into the forest air, the priest thrust his brilliant white sword directly at the air above his left hand. Instantly the flailing of the priest's arm stopped and the vascillations ceased as an object suddenly came into sight which only moments before had been hidden. Held tight within the priest's vice-like grip was a foul-looking creature from the very pits of hell, a demon. Imbedded in the demon's skull was Zadok's rapier; the blade imbedded up to the hilt was no longer radiant white having transferred all of the holy energy directly into the creature. The image was indeed frightening and awe-inspiring at the same time, and it was this scene that remained motionless for several seconds as Zadok simply looked in disgust upon the creature he held aloft.

And so we meet the reason for Zadok's unusual behavior and rather violent reaction to Ingold...

Translation - "I am Zadok Ben Misgab; Priest of the Most High; Voice unto the Chosen; Child of the Undying Flame; Warrior of the One and Only; Light unto the Darkness. Get thee behind me, foul demon...I am not yours...BUT THE ONE'S!"

8th June 2005, 02:42 PM
Ooh, interesting now... EDIT: Edited. :)

Leaning silently against the tree, Darius was awoken from his meditative state of mind with a shock when Ingold entered the camp. Because of what seemed nothing more than just a glare, the Lightning Master got pissed off and decided to paralyse the man that had looked at him in a slightly awkward manner. The spell itself wasn't that strong, but its side-effects were a bit grotesque to have somebody overcome when all he'd done was stare at you. However, Darius knew the evil and sadistic side Ingold bore within him and it did not bother him. The man was nothing more than just some lowly ranked soldier or bandit of some sort, nothing to worry about would he die or otherwise be punished.

Shrugging, Darius was about to close his eyes when he noticed Zadok rushing over to the victim of Ingold's attack and heal the man in the same way that he'd healed Delita only hours ago. It was obvious that the priest was more than upset about his companion's course of action and would rather have it that Ingold would refrain from such unnecessary torturing in the future. Delita, the other Lightning Master in the group and long time friend of Zadok, had apparently also noticed this difference of opinion and the man walked over the Ingold, requesting a word in private. The two walked off and for several moments, all that could be heard was the discussion in the distance, though no sentence was comprehensible.

'..Oh boy, I hope this doesn't lead to fraction within the group or anything..'

Moments later, Ingold strode back into the camp. Though his face was hidden from sight by his cloak, it was clear from the leader of the Armies of the Forbidden One's stride that he wasn't euphoric about the atmosphere that had just come into being. Darius, being one of the lesser members of the group, had no clue what to do when an argument between Zadok and Ingold would arise. Suddenly feeling the need to express himself and his feelings, as several others had done already, be it in private or in public, Darius stood up and made sure to face everybody in the group. Save for Delita of course, who was still standing behind him, several feet outside of the camp.

"Guys, I feel the need to say something. Though I am no great orator, like Tarcisus here, nor a very powerful member of the group, like Zadok or Ingold, I do know that I am a valued member of this band of people. Not because I am so special, or because I have the one and only gift or destiny to destroy Rakoth's father, no, none of that. Simply because I am part of this group. Inside of this group, there is only talent. There is only masters, only heroes, and we all know that. We are the only ones that can defeat this enemy. Only problem is, where several masters are, there will always be an argument, because if you are the greatest of your kind, you can and will not stand someone else as great as you to overshadow you.

And that last sentence contains the mistake. You see, none of us overshadows the other at the moment. Not only because we are allies do we add up to our greatness, also because we are all the same in this group. I believe that if one of us would leave now, we wouldn't make it. If one of us falls in battle, then the consequences will be dire for both the slayer of such a hero as us ourselves. Please, let us not fight. Not out in the open, but even more so not repressed and behind our backs. We must and will stand together! If an internal fight begins, I will not be able to stop it! None of us will! Get a grip on yourselves and move the fuck on! This is about us! We are going to rid the world of an evil, so stop thinking about other things! Focus!"

Suddenly stopping, Darius caught himself having actually shouted those last few words as if he were the others' sergeant in an army and as if he had just held a final speech before the epic battle would commence. And in fact this was true, partially, for the epic battle was indeed about to start. Only problem was that Darius wasn't his friends' sergeant and all the young Fire Mage could do was hope that they wouldn't take offence to the slightly commanding tone of his booming voice in those last few sentence. The insecurity and fear or retaliations began to rise within Darius and the teenager immediately rushed back to the tree he'd been sitting against only moments ago and with an ashamed look he began staring into the distance.

Right then Zadok, who had left the group unnoticed some time ago, shouted the end of a prayer and with a dazzling display of might the elvish priest stabbed a radiating white light, which seemed to have materialised itself into a rapier, into thin air. A fraction of a second later, a demon's skull appeared, pierced by the weapon. With it came the rest of the diabolical creature's dead body, and it became apparent that Zadok had found a demon and killed it. This somehow triggered something inside Darius' mind and with a horrifying scream, the young boy fell to the ground, twitching as if having an epileptic attack. The twitching stopped soon enough though, leaving the young boy laying unconscious on the ground.

This might prove interesting for later on...

8th June 2005, 03:02 PM
Connection is limited at the time, but I have saved the files offline on a labtop, and will type the post I have out. I have the last 2 pages and its very interesting stuff, I will try and post as well as you guys do. Anyway, expect this by tomorrow night, I think another 12-16 hours I will be able to post again... Sorry, I am on the move and its hard to get connected.

alright, I am in an internet cafe in Rennes, France (Not a very big city) I am headed down to Nantes, then Bordeau then Toulouse, then etc...

Rakoth had closed his eyes and seemed to be resting. His mind was elsewhere, the powerful dark eye that mages of the black robes could aid him in sensing emotion. He knew this part would be a trial, these were the ennemy and he had just provided them with succor and aid. He did not care for them, he could find this village on his own, but he wished to save the time and energy for the more important trials ahead. These men would probably turn if they could, but Ingold had just sealed there thoughts, henceforth Rakoth only felt fear. The men who were still chewing had stopped in mid-chew, almost chocking themselves trying to spit out the food. It was given to them by there ennemies thus it could only prove to be poison. Rakoth knew they would serve, and to tell the truth whether they did it in fear or in benevolence, it did not matter. Rakoth had another use for these mortals, they were to be the trigger, the catalyst of emotions that this group needed. Rakoth was taking them into the open arms of his father, and he would not be one to fight them on there terms, he would be pervasive and seek to use his realm against him. Tarcissus was right, the battle that lay ahead was not one in body, or not entirely. The worst part would be the domination of there own souls, the evil that could seep into you as it tried to turn you against yourself, destroying you from the inside.

Now we shall see if we can even hope to be strong enough

If they couldn't hold out, what good was it to make it to Malakoth, he would simply laugh and tear them limb from limb like cattle to the slaughter. No, Ingold's reaction had been expected, the whole lot of them were tired and sickened by the ordeals of the previous night. An ambush that had finished to soon had only stroked the fire that was in him. He wanted them to fight so he could exterminate them... Someone deserved to pay for the torment they were going through. And yet Rakoth had not acted on this, he had learnt to control himself, but to what extent, only the depths of hell would reveal. He vowed he would not let his father take control of him, but if he replaced the deamon lord instead of killing him, it was all the same in the end. This was why Rakoth had brought his friends. They were powerful and he could always trust Darius or Delita to strike him should he turn.

His thoughts skimmed the outburst of Ingold and Delita's argument. He could feel Ingold's frustration, not uncalled for, but far to passionate. It was as if the lightning mage was enjoying himself, and he did not even seem to know it. His mind then roamed to Zadok, where he was completely blind. Rakoth opened his eyes in surprise, he expected not to feel much, the priest was adept with his mind, but to be completely blinded wasn't natural. It made him stand out. Rakoth raised himself in time to see Darius collapse apopleticly, but by the time Rakoth kneeled beside him, the tremors had stopped, and the young man was motionless. Rakoth looked up at Tarcissus, the unvoiced question screaming in his eyes.

What the hell is wrong with him

10th June 2005, 05:26 PM
Delita's caht with Ingold did not go as well as he had hoped, instead it only served to anger Ingold. Delita let out a long sigh as Ingold walked away and shook his head. He walked back to the camp in time to catch Darius collapse on the ground and go into shock, or so it seemed. He stoped momet's later, Rakoth was already at his side. Instinctivly, Delita scanned the area for Zadok, knowing he was the only member of the group capable of healing.

Delita: "Zadok, get over here! Darius needs help now!"

He yelled out, dashing over to Darius' side. He knelt opposite of Rakuth, and removed one of his gauntlets, and checked him for a pulse.

Delita: "He's still got a pulse, so he's alive. Damnit Zadok get over here now!"

17th June 2005, 08:13 PM
Ingold set himself down on his tree trunk again, still quite enraged by the talk he just had. Yet, barely was he seated or Darius on his little rant. It wasn't really appriciated by the lightning master to say the least. After the lecture he got from Delita, a reprimand from this little upstart, or so Ingold saw him, was the last thing he needed. Powerful they were indeed, was this the cause of all this, not really, they just differed. the lightning master put in quite the effort to subdue the sudden urge he got to blow Darius into oblivion ... or at least administer severe pains to the boy. But seeing the resent tensions, he opted not to act on it and keep calm ... that and another lecture of Delita would just be too agonising to bear.

Ah, drop dead

Yet, barely had Ingold spoken these words or Zadok's voice rang through the forest. From where they were sitting however, the priest's words could not be heard. For a few seconds, a white light vanquished the darkness of the night, penetrating the green leaves with ease making them seem all the brighter, before dulling out again. Promptly after, Darius seemingly obeyed his command and dropped indeed ...

Owkay, I don't know what just happened, but I'm sure I'll be blamed for none the less

Ingold did not rush to the boy's aid though, neither to Zadok's. Not because he didn't want to. Though others might think he's evil ... and he could very well be, Ingold realised all too well everyone here was needed to complete this mission and for that reason alone, he would aid his fellow companions. He did however realise that rushing about without thinking things through wasn't really ... professional either. After all, they had an audience as well to look after and right now, the squabbling, arguing, magic throwing and 'dropping dead' most likely didn't leave the best impressions.

"Zadok, get over here! Darius needs help now!"


"Tarscius, could you see if Zadok is alright. Whenever he starts mumbling and making white flashes, you just know something is wrong. He might need some assistance to get back as well if you know what I mean. Whatever he was mumbling at, there might be more then one. I'll keep an eye on out guests here while the others take care of the boy. Christy I would appreciate it if you kept an eye on the immediate surroundings."

Although Ingold very much realised he wasn’t in charge of this group, seeing every one else was occupied and he was leader of several armies, Ingold just took it upon himself to create some order among the chaos. He could only hope they would be followed. Walking over to the prisoners, he just raised his hand again, a small orb flashing into life right in the palm of his hand. Slowly, the amber pulsing orb was seemingly pulled away from Ingold's skinny hand and it started to circle around the lightning master's body. Four others followed soon after, the void beneath the black cloaked mage's hood staring intently at the prisoners.

"Don't try anything, this time, the others are occupied so no healing will follow."

Ingold now slowly encircled the group of prisoners, his gaze concentrated on them as five globes, containing a deadly charge circled around him. He didn't glance at Darius, knowing Delita and Rakoth and soon enough, Zadok probably to would be taking care of him. He did take a moment reading od his surroundings every few minutes, seeing he was now quite sick of ambushed ...

17th June 2005, 09:39 PM
Tarcisus had been whiping off whatever blood was on his face and hands, but he ignored the stains of it everywhere else, tending only to these parts of himself and to cleaning his weapons for the next enemy they would undoubtably face. Just then, a bright light eminated from the side of the forest that someone let off. It appeared to be Zaddock, judging from those here. Just as Tarcisus saw Darius collapse, he looked directly over where the light came from, and where he sensed his presence to be.

Among the talkings-to between the members on behavior, Tarcisus was silent after he gave his advice on the matter. He had said everything he wanted to, and he left it to each of them to discern the rest. Afterall, they had the rest of their lives to learn things he had, though they may be short lives, he pondered to himself. He tried not to think too heavily on what entering hell a SECOND time does to a man... he knew some here lived under almost similar torture, but in hell it was a different sort, being not self-inflicted... and it was said it was equally as bad experance each time. He could think of one person to have been to hell twice and LIVED through it, but that man's mind- if he could still be called a man- was long gone, as was his will and the rest of his humanity. Tarcisus knew his chances of getting out again were slim, but he didn't want to dwell on that. Just then, Ingold spoke to him, apparently wishing to distract their thoughts with giving some of them something to do. Tarcisus thought this was a good idea, even if that's not what the lightning master intended.

Tarscius, could you see if Zadok is alright. Whenever he starts mumbling and making white flashes, you just know something is wrong. He might need some assistance to get back as well if you know what I mean. Whatever he was mumbling at, there might be more then one. I'll keep an eye on out guests here while the others take care of the boy. Christy I would appreciate it if you kept an eye on the immediate surroundings.

He knodded at this, and walked off in Zaddok's direction. He went faster than he intended, although his pace was hardly a hastened one. Finally, he saw the priest there, kneeling down, with some lesser daemon's skull for a trophy. It had been pierced by a weapon the man had in his free hand. He dropped the skull on the ground and his very spirit seemed to let out a sigh of relief. Tarcisus sighed. He wondered what it would have been like had he taken that very same road instead of the one he had taken, the order of the templar, and a specialist at that, a demon-hunter.

"This templar awaits his brother, the priest."

He paused, allowing this acknowledgment to settle in a second. He knew he had been away from the religion a while, but if any time was time to come back, this was it. He also knew that his "templar" and its faternally adopted "priest's order" had many many differences now and they could even be seen as nearly opposed, since they were always on different terms and quabbled much. However, Tarcisus remembered the days of old, and his duty as one of the ancient order to protect the priest, himself, and his people. To work with the other order to do these things as well. His order was created for the safety of the priest, first, though they were not a part of the priests, they still protected them, and saw them as different orders of the same religion, since they once believed the very same things.

"That's right... I used to be of your religion many decades ago."

He seemed lost in thought and remembrance at those old days of hope and real joy. He even made a real smile, which was rare for him indeed. Many did not understand religion, but... he think he was finally remembering what he had forgotten too many years ago. He had been away for so long... and wished more than ever to quiet his soul and return to the one. He turned, looking for hope.

"Are either of us ready for this? ...I have a feeling old differences between the old orders should be forgotten ...For each has its own, differring strength to compliment the other's weakness, and it would benefit to rekindle such a bond, would it now?"

Tarcisus turned to the priest, not quite realizing he had gone off like this outloud and revealed so much of himself all in one sitting. He regained his serious look, though this time, it was quite different than it usually was. He was showing emotion and did not hesitate to show it. He had the look of hope, like the uncertainty a child, asking for Zaddok's friendship, yet he was quite serious. He knew many would look to the man's strength and perhaps even to his own, if his training proved enough to withstand hell enough. Somehow, he had the feeling it would not be enough, so that was why he turned back to his fogotten religious ways. He had once been holier...

But... why did I wait until now to do so? Did it have to take such circumstances for me to see the light..? I had a weakness I had overlooked or denied. Tarcisus, you stubborn immortal.

He stopped talking as he thought this. He realized he had shown his emotions, and to a mortal none-the-less. Somehow, this didn't bother him despite his inner stubbornness. He had lost faith in mortal friendship and had only recently rediscovered it, only to shy away from it. He kept coming back to it though, and this surprised him, for he had received many hurts in the past for lost (mortal) friends due to death. He hoped Zaddok would rejoin the group. He could use his strength, just as everyone else depended on everyone else. No one could afford to drop out now... they would get through this, despite what everything else said.


Christy saw Darius collapse, and assumed it to be the work of hell's minions. she quieted Deltia.

"I too, am a healer, warrior."

Then Ingold asked her to use her magic to keep watch for more ambushes.

"I will do my best, young master Ingold."

She blushed at the word young. Who was she to say that to anyone? So she was immortal. So what? What right had she to seemingly belittle people like that? She knew how mortals often reacted to things like that, and she was ashamed of herself and this was clear, from the way she hide her eyes, if not from her emotions.

"I... I... forgive me."

She could say no more. She didn't know what to say, though she had planned on saying more. It just didn't come out. She turned to Darius and waved her hand over his head, sensing his mind as best she could, and attempting to heal it with a full-strength healing spell.

"Hum. He seems to be alright physically... Though my spell will have rejuvenated him a bit. As for mentally... its healed some, but for the rest... It feels like something he will have to heal himself."

Being a dyrad, this made perfect sense to her: a decision to be healed, to no longer be affected by something, that you alone chose. Darius would have to give it time, and he would know what she meant by this. She knew of no better way to explain it, so she let it be at that. Besides, if this was due to a demonic influence, Tarcisus would know what to do far better than she would. Then suddenly, she felt very different. No. She FELT. She surveyed the area, keeping a magical, open eye on the forest. She turned away from the others as she shed a single tear. She didn't want them to see her, as she wasn't sure how they'd react to this. She had forgotten what it meant to FEEL something, and this was almost overwhelming. She had nearly forgot her desire to get out of this curse, and of the strong feelings she once possessed. She remembered it all and she cried quietly.

"Tarcisus... how did you...?"

She wept tears of joy as she said this very quietly, as if to thin air, hoping he would receive the message somehow. She remembered love... something she had not remembered feeling since... she couldn't remember when. Something was blocking her memory and she could recall nothing further. But she remembered love and that is why she wept more.

18th June 2005, 06:27 PM
All this commotion just for me? Aaaaaw, you guys are too sweet :p

After his body had stopped seizing, Darius lay numb for a while. Though Christy's healing spell did rejuvenate the young boy quite a bit, his mind was still fighting an inner struggle that was not measurable in the physical realm. What was going on inside the teenager's mind remained a mystery, yet apparently it was a tough opponent in battle, for Darius wasn't regaining his conciousness. Instead he just lay there, flat on his belly, leaving several other people in the group quite worried. The only possibility that could eventually come to mind, was that Darius was having another meet with Rishlak and The One again. But nothing was less true. No, the young Fire Mage was simply having a prophetic dream.

In this dream the group had finally arrived at the gates of hell. They had struggled hard to get to their destination but when they had finally reached their location, it hadn't quite turned out to be what they had expected. All were fatigued and had prepared themselves for yet another tough battle against some guardian of the gates. Yet there was no guardian. There was absolutely nobody in sight and in fact even the gates weren't really gates. They were plain simple doors, standing on the middle of the road. There was nothing strange about them, except for the fact that they were standing in the middle of the road then.

One could walk around them, only to find the same environment behind them. If one would touch the wood, it would just feel like a normal door, proving that it was there. A magical attack, as Darius unleashed in his own dream, was of no use, as the spell was simply absorbed by the wood. In the dream this was not considered a strange thing and with a reassured look Rakoth opened the so-called gates and walked inside. The rest of the group followed and soon they had all entered hell, the doors closing behind their backs as soon as the last one had walked through them. It was dark around them, but suddenly lights were lit and the whole room was illuminated.

Again the group was totally unsurprised as they turned out to be standing in a bar. The main theme of the room was obviously stylishly metal, as most of the chairs and tables, as well as the bar itself, was made of a sort of metal. The designs were unique, a bit alien to say the least, but the furniture was still recognisable as such. Inside the bar, there were people drinking, eating and chatting. The whole atmosphere was so relaxed that one could easily believe that this was just any normal bar, and not hell. Emotionless and almost apathetic, Rakoth lead the group on towards the bar. They sat down and the Fey'ri ordered seven drinks. They were served by a waitress.

Looking around, Darius frowned as he noticed that the waitress was the only visible personnel around. She poured their drinks, served them, then graciously accepted the three gold coins that Rakoth paid, before she moved on to the next customer. It was almost unbelievable but she seemed to be able to handle the whole bar, which was quite full, with ease. This fact seemed awkward to Darius at first, but the more he thought about it the more he came to the conclusion that it was actually impossible. His curiosity rising with every second, he finally decided to ask the waitress how on earth she was able to manage the pressure. Strangely enough, she apparently had the time to answer.

"First off, boy, this isn't earth, but hell. Secondly, who do you think I am?"

Right then, Darius' eyes opened again and the dream ended. Waking up was a shock to Darius, and the first thing he did was hastily get up and quickly take a few steps back, still confused about his whereabouts. When he finally realised where he was again, he shook his head as if he was trying to get something out of his head. He remembered the dream, but had no clue what it meant nor why he had fainted earlier. The only thing he felt was that there was that the dream had a deeper meaning and that that meaning had to be found out. Looking around though, he noticed several pairs of eyes on him. Blushing, he spoke.

"I am alright guys, thank you for your concern. It's just that I had the weirdest dream ever."

What do you mean plot? ;)

19th June 2005, 12:46 AM
"This templar awaits his brother, the priest."

**Zadok finally moved, the priest suddenly realizing he was no longer alone within the small forest glade. Zadok's first gut instinct was to explain to Tarcisus what had happened, but the greeting had caught the priest off guard, causing Zadok to stop and think about what had been spoken. Even though Zadok had spent extended amounts of time with Tarcisus on this journey and when Tarcisus had joined the Jedi, still the priest knew little of him. In truth, this greeting offered Zadok a hint of understanding he never fully grasped. The elven priest had always sensed a kinship between himself and Tarcisus, even though such a bond could not be explained. But with the simple lacing of words Tarcisus exposed the root of the unusual bond.

A templar? That explains things a bit more...

**Though the Templars did not exist within Hagian culture, Zadok had spent most of his life outside of his homeland, and as such he had learned of the bond between priest and templar, an uneasy bond to say the least but at the same time a nearly unbreakable one at that. As Zadok attempted to muster a response, Tarcisus continued speaking, silencing the priest.

"That's right... I used to be of your religion many decades ago...Are either of us ready for this? ...I have a feeling old differences between the old orders should be forgotten ...For each has its own, differring strength to compliment the other's weakness, and it would benefit to rekindle such a bond, would it now?"

**Again the comment brought a gentle smile to Zadok's lips, for Tarcisus was speaking from a perspective of a templar, a templar unfamiliar with the ways and manners of Hagia. But rather than correct him, Zadok simply smiled. Looking into Tarcisus' eyes, the priest could see that the templar's heart was truly in the right place, and that he sought reconciliation for past misunderstandings, even if those grievances lay not with Zadok but with other priests. In truth, this exchange was more than a simple conversation between Zadok and Tarcisus, but a reuniting of two siblings birthed from the same truth. Gentle tears of relief and joy trickled down the priest's cheeks as Zadok slowly nodded affirmatively, the sudden emotion choking any possible attempts at speech.

**Perhaps it was the emotional connection that had just been made, maybe it was Zadok's powerful grasp of the Force, or maybe it was a act of the One Himself. Whatever the reason, Zadok suddenly heard Tarcisus' voice within his own mind, the priest clearly hearing the templar inner thoughts and struggles as if he were speaking them forth.

But... why did I wait until now to do so? Did it have to take such circumstances for me to see the light..? I had a weakness I had overlooked or denied. Tarcisus, you stubborn immortal.

**Stepping over towards the templar, Zadok placed his right hand upon Tarcisus' shoulder, looking compassionately into the man's eyes.

"Some times we have to be surrounded and nearly overcome by the darkness before we can appreciate the beauty of the light."

**Again the priest smiled, though this time it came more as a soft smirk; the priest revealing the fact that the words were actually spoken from a close personal experience...very close indeed. Stepping back over to the fallen demon, Zadok grabbed the body and slung it over his shoulder, pulling the blade from the creature's skull and allowing it to once more transform into flame before vanishing into thin air.

"Come, brother...the priest is ready."

19th June 2005, 07:43 AM
Once Christy had done her healing, Rakoth got up his mind at ease. This was a battle that the young fire mage would need to fight on his own, and there was nothing he, nor anyone but Zadok could do. He had looked at Ingold and smiled, the cattle was being cowed, and even in the momentary laps into chaos, Ingold sought to impose order. Something he had not done.

He could not lead them into Hell if there minds weren't ready. There bodies could probably take it, they had seen worst, it was the sheer strain of the outside struggle, the perfidity of the evil seeping into your thoughts. Some would use that as a strength. His eyes went to Ingold.

Who am I kidding, I know I will give in, I know I will spring the trap my father has lain for us, I just hope I can pull myself out.

Others would battle, and that was the reason they came. Zadok, Tarcissus and Christy had fought off there inner demons, they would be the first to see the evil, and recognize it. Ingold would laugh as the spell washed over him, and so would Rakoth. They would both fall, and not because they were ignorant of their inner demons. No they would fall because of who they were. They would recognize the strength, they would grasp it and they would wield it. Rakoth could not tell if Ingold knew all this, he seemed darker then he had ever been, he could only hope that Ingold would let go when it was over.

He will let go, I cannot believe he is that far gone

Rakoth dismissed the thought and looked to Christy, she was clearly feeling something, it was written in her face, her eyes, even her body language.

"Do not worry, I feel it to, I do not need a guide anymore, but these will server there purpose. I believe what you are feeling is the effects of the portal. I fear that it will be open soon, and if we do not bring the battle to Malakoth, he will bring it to us. I will not allow the world to become a battle field."

That's when Darius woke, speaking of a dream. The poral would affect them all differently, as time and space was breached thinner and thinner. It was another reason he wished haste. He wanted to breach the portal, not the other way around.

"Tell us of it as we walk, we need to move out."

Rakoth then turned around to Ingold.

"We are moving out, they are to walk ahead of you, and they are to move quickly."

He then raised his voice over the shuffle of the fearful men picking themselves up.

"Zadok, Tarcissus, we need to move."

19th June 2005, 09:43 AM
Ic: Tarcisus looked up at the elven priest, and as he told the man these things, he seemed to shed tears of joy. He knew not how to react to this, but somehow, his heart was moved all the more. Zadok was clearly choked with emotion, but the notice of this teeming experiance of the mortal actually helped to strengthen the hidden bond he and his brother held. He knew there was a personal, inner purpose to joining the jedi. He knew that what they exchanged now was not simply that of padawan and master. It was indeed of two lost brothers finally found.

Just as the templar spoke to himself within the confines of his mind, Zadok spoke up as he finished his thoughts. Tarcisus looked up at him, from looking at the ground in uncertainty, and never would he remember anything better than that look on the priests face. The Celt swallowed the huge lump in his throat as his friend gave gentle words of encouragement. His voice was soothing and it hid the promise of reconciling himself with his religion.

Some times we have to be surrounded and nearly overcome by the darkness before we can appreciate the beauty of the light.

Tarcisus didn't move or wince, though that is just what he had wanted to do. He kept his now softened look at Zadok. This is just what he wanted. He wanted to reconcile his past, come back to the light, and strengthen his brother. He had gotten a good start on all of these, he thought, and this encounter effected him far greater than he would ever have planned for, but he was glad at it and he rejoiced upon it. He felt strongly, within his heart again and this made him feel truely content. It was an overwhelming feeling and Tarcisus was embracing it, something he never would have expected himself to do. Then the priest spoke again to him, smirking at his thought as if relating it to being an experiance very close to home. The chieftain was relieved at this and he rememebered that he himself was man, though he may be an immortal.

Come, brother...the priest is ready.

Tarcisus didn't know if it was everything that was happening that caused him to do so, but he suddenly turned and went to the priest. With his own two hands, he embraced the priest's right hand, clasping it firmly in the templar fashion of greeting his priest in the old days when fraternity was something the oders shared between their members. He shook it heartily and knodded, turning off to go to where the others were. Surely Ingold and the others would be wondering where they got off to. At that moment, as he walked, Rakoth's voice could be heard addressing them,

Zadok, Tarcissus, we need to move.

19th June 2005, 10:08 AM
Guarding the prisoners, Christy's tears went unnoticed by Ingold though for even during his occasional check of the surroundings, he didn't pay much attention to his comrades. Darius' recovery, well, he didn't really care about either though, just seeing it as one of the boys quirks which would most likely get them all killed.

Sleeping on the job, how typical

"We are moving out, they are to walk ahead of you, and they are to move quickly."

Ingold did not even turn to Rakoth as to acknowledge the words, though he did halt and in his usual fashion, started spouting orders around.

"Alright you bums, you heard the man. Get to your feet and start walking. Pick up those two with the bleeding heads unless you want them dead of course, which can easily be arranged. You ... lightning mage, stop pretending to be unconscious, you cannot deceive a master. The lot of you better not stray either because we know where we are going so you're actually quite expendable ... and it would be my pleasure to rid this planet from your existence. Now if for some strange reason any of you come closer then within a feet of me, you die and beware, I'm a fast walker ..."

To 'encourage' the prisoners a bit and put some power behind his words, Ingold quickly formed another pulse orb and launched it at their feet. A cloud of pebbles and dust shot in their direction, irritating their eyes as their bodies were treated to a barrage of small stones. Ingold would have little mercy on these men and before they would venture into hell, he would probably kill them all. For although one might ee Ingold as short sighted, he did always look at the future, the fact he always assumed the worst of possible outcomes was another matter. But when they would all venture out of hell, the last thing he would want to meet were a few vengeful men with drawn weapons, eager to pick on those who had literally just gone through hell and come back.

Like sheep, be they dusty sheep, the former ambushers obeyed though, quickly scrambling to their feet and hurrying towards their village. The lightning mage among the prisoners seemed to have undergone a miraculous healing as well and now carried one of the two still unconscious men. In a very quick pace, Ingold followed behind them, the prisoners occasionally looking behind them to make sure Ingold did not get within a feet's distance, the lightning master speeding up every time they did just for fun ... and of course to make good time ... yeah ... sure, that too ...

19th June 2005, 04:01 PM
Delita jumped back as Darius launched himself to his feet, drawing od looks from most in the camp. Delita stood up and quirked an eyebrow at Darius as he spoke of his dream, but payed it no mind as Rakoth had just ordered the group to move, and he complied. He quickly caught up to Rakoth, and surveyed Ingold's brutal efficiency with their prisoners.

Delita: "So, how long do you suspect it will be untill we reach this town? It's been quite some time, and the men I sent for are probably getting worried."

22nd June 2006, 04:39 PM
BK has asked me finish this, and I shall, I am now at the other end of Canada, and on Vacation. I have been struck by the desire to see my story told, and for BK to able to finally write his story. I am sorry I have been gone so long, I thought I would be quitting GUA forever, but BK pulled me back, and I miss it.

Rakoth shrugged, looking towards Delita, and then back towards the line of men following them he shrugged again.

"It all depends on how well these men will hold up. The fear Ingold has put in them will keep them moving quickly, but once spent, we are going to see some dead men or we will need to stop. I don't want to start a war with these poeple, I believe that there was a reason they ambushed me, I am still trying to puzzle it out. They are all warriors, but they must have known it was suicide. Look at us Delita, does any of us look at all like he doesn't know what he is doing."

He let out a breath, trying not to get angry, it was not these poor soul's faults, it couldn't be...

He raised his voice, and turned his head towards the front of the prisoners.

"How far is it to your village? Will we be there by nightfall?"

The man in front's eyes grew wide with panic.

"Please... Don't hurt our village, only the women and children are there, we are the only men left..."

Rakoth raised his arm and a small glimmer of red flames shone in his flat palm.

"Answer my question!"

The man lowered his head, tears now streeming down his face, his feet barely supporting his weight.

"Yes, we will arrive by nightfall."

Rakoth turned to Delita again, predicting the objection that Delita could raise.

"A little more fear will keep them in check, do not worry old friend, I do not intend to harm the village, I believe they have had enough trouble, and we will be able to help them."

22nd June 2006, 05:31 PM
IT LIVES! YES, MUAHAHAHAHA!!! Good to have you back Rakoth, we missed ya.

Delita, upon hearing Rakoths assessment of the situation let out a sigh. Fear is a useful tool, he could not deny that, but he still detested it. He listened as Rakoth questioned the man, and was about to protest to his methods when Rakoth spoke again, laying his worries to rest.

Delita: "*sigh* Well... at least we'll get there by nightfall... Hopefully the women and children don't revolt against us, I don't care to kill women and children."

Delita said, thumbing the hilt of Draconus as he spoke, ever wary of their surroundings.

24th June 2006, 01:56 PM
I be here, I be here. Now walk my captive slaves, WALK :whip:

Ingold's mind was on the men before him, hurrying them along, a constant crackle of small sparks jumping back and forth within the palm of Ingold's hand reminding them to hurry up or face the consequences. Yet, such a thing does not mean his ears weren't elsewhere and especially with Rakoth addressing the men he was hurrying along, the lightning mage could not help but hearing the words spoken and having his own little thoughts about it. Even though he kept those to himself, a very wise decision probably.

We look like we know what we are doing? Hah, we all almost died in that ambush, if not from the ambushers than from our own troubles. That fool boy Darius with his constant bouts of insanity, Delita was his cavalier like attitude, he'll let enemies live to stab him in the back another day. Foolish the lot of them, foo-

"hurry up you!"

A blast of lightning crackled forwards, it was but a mild charge, but enough to send a very uncomfortable feeling to the one Ingold perceived to be falling behind. You know, the crying sobbing man, pleading to spare his village and such, that guy. That it was less then an inch of course didn't matter in the slightest, it was reason enough for Ingold.

Bah, not even to start about that holier than thou Zadok ...

And as such, Ingold's mind trailed on and on with nothing but positive thoughts.

27th June 2006, 04:53 PM
Rakoth ignored the cackle of lightning behind him, Ingold wouldn’t slow them down by crippling one of the men, he was aware of the need for hasty travel. Rakoth glanced sideways quickly to see how Delita had dealt with the punishment. His eyes quickly resumed their scanning of the forest. He did not wish to be caught unaware again, if these men did not lie, their was no opposition left, but this close to the rift between planes, who knew what terrors would escape from the pit of hell. Rakoth felt the nagging worry at the back of his mind, maybe Ingold would harm the men, and this was no way to treat prisoners.

They deserve every flinch and welt, every bruise and cut…These men almost killed you and your friends, how would you have liked to give news to Delita’s sister that he had died, or to the men of the Armies that the forbidden one had been killed by a stray arrow.

His anger swelling up inside him, Rakoth let a small devilish smile filter to his lips. The darkness of Ingold’s thought had taken easy roots in his mind, changing his thoughts. He was unaware of the infection, a hybrid demon-elf, it was almost his nature. Evil, he had breathed and bled it for years before meeting his current lord, and the friends that now followed him. They were walking towards the last battle, his last battle, and ultimately his freedom. Meant as a weapon, meant as the key to the domination of this plane by his father, Rakoth had very recently cut the bonds that seemed to attach him to his father.
It had not been that simple, and now they were on a quest to finish it once and for all. A war between Father and Son, a war between Hell and Men.

Rakoth shook his head and resumed walking. The darkness lifted from him like the morning mist at dawn first light. He had even forgotten Ingold’s treatment of the prisoners, and resumed scanning the trees.

“Another hour I think, and we will be there. Then we will see what drove these men, I do not look forward to it…”

27th June 2006, 05:29 PM
Delita cringed at Ingold's harrassment of the man, he was only distraught because he was worried for his family. Family... That word held more meaning to Delita than would a normal person. He understood what it meant to worry for your kin, those who you would die to protect. Yet Ingold had no sympathy, true they were the enemy, but they were still human. Delita grit his teeth and fought back the urge to snap at Ingold, knowing that the group did not need anymore confrontations now.

Delita: "Only an hour? Good.... I'm not sure how much longer I can deal with having prisoners in our midst."

27th June 2006, 06:14 PM
“Another hour I think, and we will be there. Then we will see what drove these men, I do not look forward to it…”

"I think I have an idea..."

**The response came from the woods to Rakoth's right. Accompanying the voice were the sounds of movement and finally a face which emerged from the foliage. Zadok nodded to Rakoth and Delita as he held out the carcass of the small demon which he had slain. Though by far nothing to be truly intimidating to any of the warriors, the creature would have probably been quite frightening to the villagers, especially if it were more than one.

"And I think this one is only one of the small ones..."

**Zadok's voice trailed off slightly as the implications of the comment sank in, the true gravity of the group's situation becoming clearer with each encounter. Tossing the corpse to the ground on the side of the path, Zadok looked to Delita and frowned, the priest seeing clearly the look of just-contained anger seething beneath the surface. Without speaking, Zadok reached out with the Force to Delita's mind, connecting with his friend and addressing his concern so only he and Delita would know.

"What troubles you...aside from the obvious?"

27th June 2006, 06:26 PM
Delita let out an aggitated sigh as Zadok spoke to him through the force. Delita knew that letting Zadok know what was bothering him would just upset Zadok and possibly cause another confrontation with Ingold, yet at the same time he knew Zadok to be far more cool-headed than him.

It's Ingold's mis-treatment of the prisoners... lashing at them because they are worried about their families, claiming they had slowed their pace when they clearly hadn't... I don't want to cause anymore strife, but I just can't stand how he is treating them because they are worried for their families...

Delita let out another sigh, more of relife than aggrivation, and kept walking with Zadok and Rakoth.

28th June 2006, 03:26 AM
"Another hour I think, and we will be there. Then we will see what drove these men, I do not look forward to it…"

The real test is yet to come and yes, we have already been defeated once, it sure was no victory. If only I had more time to meditate, gather more strength, I've wasted too much energy already. This will be a test of strength, power, will and character indeed, more so for Rakoth then me even. That will be ... interesting, to say the least.

As Zadok re-entered the group though, Ingold could do nothing but scoff internally, not giving Zadok or his dead impling any more recognition of their presence then a sideward glance.

"I think I have an idea..."

Ooooh, and it's such a big one too, mister smarty-pants, pah

Keeping his comments to himself once more, Ingold diverted his concentration back to the group of prisoners, ignoring the others while at it. It was probably a wise decision though for they would only cause more frustration with him due to their goody-ness and high standards. Instead, the lightning mage just reverted back to his 'happy' thoughts.

C'mon, cry again, I dare you! Weep damn you, WEEP! It'll only conduct the lightning straight to your eyes héhéhé. Weep for your family, bah. What about the hundreds of families which live under my rule, kept safe only because anyone who dares to invade knows I will know no mercy and my powers exceed their own. What about them? What if I was dead, what would stop them from invading and killing thousands. Your family be damned, you ambushed us, your lives are forfeit and I'll be damned if I'll let you, any of you, life to stab me in the back once I return from hell.

Sadly enough though, the example Ingold had made had set in with all prisoners rather well. Non of them even dared dropping back or shedding another tear for that matter.

28th June 2006, 05:48 PM
Fernis ~ "Does it hurt?"

Kelly ~ "no Fernis, no, its more like a pleasant tickle." her words oozed sarcasm

Fernis ~ "alright, alright, no need to get all upset with me, I didn’t do it to you.
how bad is it? do you think your going to be alright?"

Kelly ~ *cough* "I honestly don’t know Fernis, kinda depends if this is my liver or my spleen"

*Kelly thrust a bloodied mass into Fernis's face, it had probably been an organ at some point. Fernis simply leaned in for a closer look, he carefully smelled it and poked it before giving his professional opinion...*

Fernis ~ "hard to tell, its small and the right smell for a spleen, but it feels more like a liver to me. I dunno, could go either way I guess."

*unable not to see the humour in that Kelly laughed, apparently the action reminding her of the pain. flinching Kelly just lent back againced the old tree that was serving as her hospital bed. Kelly lifted her right had an inch to take another look, she soon wished she hadn’t. her lower gut was torn to shreds, the warm soft things she was holding down were her intestines. her guts were literally hanging out. moaning Kelly banged the back of her head on the tree a few times. it didn’t work.*

Kelly ~ "Fernis..." ...Kelly’s voice held a rare touch of fear. it was enough to make Fernis very concerned... "what if that.... thing comes back?"

Fernis ~ "I honestly don’t know Kelly, I've never seen something that big move that fast. what scares me is that it moved so quietly."

Kelly ~ "ha-ha... owww... yeah well.. you would say that you big pussy cat."

Fernis was about to give an equally whity retort when his gaze shot to the near by road, and quickly waved Kelly quiet...

Fernis ~ "some ones coming, if we stay quiet they might just pass us by..."

Kelly ~ "Fernis..."
Fernis ~ "shhhh"
Kelly ~ "Fernis!"
Fernis ~ "What!"
Kelly ~ "something just popped..."

*Fernis gave Kelly a strange look, just in time to see her eyes roll back in there sockets as she feinted. eyes wide he suddenly realised that Kelly was bleeding profusely from her gut wound, the dirt around her turning a deep crimson...*

Fernis ~ "Scheibe. Scheibe!!! HEY! HEY SOME ONE HELP ME! HEY! OVER HERE!"

good to be questing with you again too Rak.
PS: not sure where to fit this in with my personal time line so i havent botherd to try, if you want your charicter to know them (and your charicters met them before) feel free to, you know, KNOW them... i dont mind either way...

28th June 2006, 05:53 PM
"Scheibe. Scheibe!!! HEY! HEY SOME ONE HELP ME! HEY! OVER HERE!"

Delita looked up, clearly worried, trying to figure out where the cries came from. Looking off to the side of the road where he belived he heard the sound, Delita darted into the woods, sword drawn and waving for Zadok to follow him. What he came upon was most disturbing.


Delita placed his sword on the ground and knelt down to get a closer look when he realized that he knew this person.

Delita: "K... Kelly? ZADOK MOVE IT!!! Ah damn, I don't know the first thing to do here... what happened?"

28th June 2006, 08:44 PM
**Zadok heard the cries and his eyes instantly turned towards the noise, his inner Heat Sensing reaching out through the forest foliage towards the source of the sound.

"...ZADOK MOVE IT!!!..."

**Zadok's Heat Sensing had finally locked upon the source, aided greatly by the retreating form of Delita. Using him as a reference, Zadok vanished into a flash of smoke and flame, reappearing right next to Delita. Looking down at the rather grizzly sight, Zadok grimaced and knelt down beside the woman. Instantly he reached out his right hand towards the wound, pouring into her body massive quantities of Force Energy to begin the Force Healing process. At the same time, he reached into his robes with his left hand and pulled out a small pouch which he tossed in Delita's direction. As the pouch went airborne, Zadok moved his left hand towards the woman's head, placing it gently upon her forehead and whispering softly words to an ancient Hagian prayer he had learned as a child and re-read recently within the Book of Paga.

"Chanan Echad 'umlal, rapha' 'etsem bahal.
Shuwb Echad chalats nephesh yasha' checed.
Meveth zeker, shaowl yadah."
(The Prayer of Echad Rapha)

**As the last words of the prayer fell from Zadok's lips, both his right and left hand were engulfed in brilliant white light which intermingled with strands of green, the Force energy and life-giving effects of the prayer merging into a healing canopy which quickly enveloped the woman's body and steadily began to grow outward to envelop Zadok and anyone nearby as well.

28th June 2006, 08:55 PM
Delita caught the bag as Zadok began the prayer. He opened it and removed a pinch of the inscense that was within and hel it under the womans nose, his hands then became engulfed in flames, burning the incense, allowing it's curative aroma to waft up for the woman to breath, to allieviate the pain, and hopefully bring her around.

Delita: "You're a handy guy to have around Zadok. The One knows Ingold and Rakoth wouldn't be able to help."

29th June 2006, 02:16 AM
Hoax, since you can't use the ß use the double s, because scheibe sounds very strange to me :tongue: ... and er, Ingy's bio secondary so he could help ... if he wanted to

Scheisse. Scheisse!!! HEY! HEY SOME ONE HELP ME! HEY! OVER HERE!"

Ack, what now?

It didn't take long before Delita sped off and Zadok went up in a puff of smoke and flame, always going to the rescue when someone cried for help.

Yeah sure, we're not close to the gates of hell, it couldn't possibly be a trap could it, bah, showoff do-good-ers

"Don't even think about stopping scum, just keep on walking lest someone dies."

Actually ...

It was swift, whether it was painless, Ingold seriously doubted, but regardless, the man didn't live long enough to experience a lot of it. Marching on, they left behind the charred carcass of a rogue lightning mage, the closest thing these prisoners had to a leader or a person who might be bold enough to stand against Ingold. If this mage would have gathered his men around him, Ingold would have surely needed to kill them all and they still needed them as guides. No, best to kill the leader now, just in case. That this particular - now dead - man was scared shitless and would have never even tried to gather his men to overcome Ingold was but a detail. He could have and that's all that mattered.

"Dies just like that. If I even suspect something wrong, someone dies. If you can't read my wishes, someone dies, if you falter in your step, someone dies, delay us, cross us or even think about harming us and everyone dies and I do mean everybody"

They're big men, they can catch up to us, I'm done waiting, sitting here will just make us easy targets anyway.

29th June 2006, 10:34 AM
The cries of desperation resounded through the woods, the words bouncing off the trees around them. He knew the sound wouldn’t travel too far due to the density of growth, but if it was far enough, whatever was lurking would be drawn to them like a moth to the flame. Rakoth stood, silent and frozen, and listened. He could here the muffled sounds of Zadok’s prayer. He blanketed the area with fire energy, his heat sense picking each individual up.

The injured had lost a lot of blood, its warmth was still pooled around her, not entirely eclipsed by the figures of Zadok and Delita. He felt the heat of Ingold’s attack, and turned to face it, but the man was already dead, a small bloom where his heat signature had been. He was a steaming corpse. Rakoth opened his mouth to say something, but checked himself, he would not second guess his commander, even in this. The man had to have deserved it.

Slowly making his way to the small circle that had formed around the girl, Rakoth listened intently for any movement, or even a hostile presence. He approached the man who had yelled, his right hand on the pommel of his blade.

“If your friend can be saved, she will be saved. Zadok is the absolute best at what he does. Now, tell us what happened here.”

He had gotten close to the man, and his voice was a whisper. He did not want to bother Zadok in any way.

29th June 2006, 11:03 AM
It lives!

Darius had been deep in thought for a moment, but as the shout came he was brought back from his reveries. As Delita rushed off into the forest, Zadok disappeared and Rakoth ran after them as well, Darius did not hesitate to join them. Even though Ingold's repulsive act had not been lost on him, he had payed no heed to it. The Lightning Master and leader of the Armies of the Forbidden One had his ways and Darius knew what happened if you questioned those ways. He knew all about it. Soon, he too reached the circle that had gathered around what seemed to be a wounded girl and her friend. Though the girl looked messed up, Darius knew that Zadok was a masterful healer. Suddenly, his senses sharpened.

“I think something's coming. I can sense it.”

29th June 2006, 12:46 PM
NO BK!!!! NOT THAT BUTTON!!! Oh damn >.< this is gonna get ugly :p

Delita let out a sigh of relife as Zadok worked, sure that he would be able to save the girl, however his heart sank when he felt a surge of electricity, and then the leader of their prisoners lightning signature being snuffed out. Delita stood up slowly, picking up Draconus, and walking out on to the road only to confirm his fears. Ingold had killed one of the prisoners, and yet Rokath said nothing, even Darius said nothing. Delita knelt next to the man, hoping against his own better judgment that the man would be alive, but he wasn't. Delita's breath quickened as he tried to control his anger, but there would be no control, no peace this time. Ingold had become for too arrogant and evil to be left unchecked. Delita's signature flared, arcs of energy shooting around his body, his eyes flashing a vibrant yellow and white, signature of his Perfect Concentration.


With that, Delita took off down the road, charging Ingold. As he approched, Delita vanished, using his Thunder Clap Rush Attack Delita charged at Ingold, back to front, and then left to right. At the end of the attack he lept up over Ingold, sword held down, aiming to drive in through his right shoulder. As much as he did not want to fight Ingold, there was only so much he could take.


29th June 2006, 01:07 PM
**Zadok sighed softly as he removed his hands from the woman's forehead and abdomin. The wound had closed itself up and the bleeding had stopped. But before Zadok could smile and offer his normal bedside manner, Delita's scream of defiance against Ingold snapped Zadok's head towards the road from which he had left the prisoners upon. Too busy with the healing process, Zadok had not noticed the electrical discharge that Delita had sensed. But even without actually knowing the definite reason, Zadok could infer enough.


"...Now, tell us what happened here.”

**Zadok was gone instantly within a flash of smoke and flame, leaving Darius and Rakoth with the woman and the stranger. Though he would have not normally done so, Zadok knew he had to act and act quick if he were to intervene. Reappearing on a sideways collision course with Delita, Zadok was airborne almost 10 feet in the air, his body completely parallel to the ground, his shoulder lowered and aimed to impact directly into Delita's side.


29th June 2006, 01:28 PM
Lol, role reversal much?

Delita was too preoccupied with handing Ingold his ass on a platter that he didn't even notice Zadok until he had rammed him. Due to the speed at which Delita was moving, it only made sense that Zadok's attack would throw him horribly off course, and into a tree. The velocity of the impact splintering the bark and nearly knocking it over. Delita staggered back, face now good and bloodied, and fell back on his back.

Delita: "What.... hit me...."

29th June 2006, 01:40 PM
Pffft, i didn't even break a sweat

Ingold simply walked on, driving on the prisoners as if he had not noticed the immense outburst of energy coming from behind it. He knew it all too well, after all, he had learned such things from the very man as well.

Of course the booming voice screaming his name did give a clue as well.

Yeah sure, way to maintain a low profile, Delita

Yet, unlike his former master, Ingold was prepared to do what needed to be done and apparently, had a very good grasp on his emotions. Either that, or he had discarded them entirely. Ingold could hardly believe this man was so caught up in the 'idea' he had of good - for Ingold doubted Delita had a real grasp on what was true good - that he was blind to everything else.

Bah, fanatics

Never the less, Ingold remained utterly calm and kept his pace strong, still hurrying on the now scared shitless prisoners, them lot not daring to stop as long as Ingold didn't. Though whether they were scared of Ingold or Delita remained to be seen. In any case, they knew the price to pay for disobeying Ingold’s unspoken wishes.

As a result, Delita simply rush over Ingold, one side to the other, behind to front, striking at an utterly calm and serene skinny frail mage. Before the blade got too close to the lightning master though, its wielder got thrown away. It was strange to see Zadok suddenly standing there, but even so, Ingold didn’t seem to care, he had not even embraced his lightning powers. Most people would most likely think him over-confident, stupid or slow for that.

"Swayed? Who is striking at who? Who has let his emotions get the upper hand? Who is wasting energy which should be conserved for hell? Who has blown what little cover there was?"

The questions were left open in Ingold’s mind and even though the answers was obvious, he kept it to himself. The lightning mage’s facade only emphasised this state of mind for it looked like his face had been laid in stone, no sign of distress or passed anxiety showing at all. Not even giving Zadok a glance. Ingold simply continued hurrying on the prisoners. These men had no clue what had just occurred, they only saw Ingold approaching once more and non of them wanted to be too close to him at all, especially not after this.

If you don't understand my reasons, what's the point of you knowing them to begin with?

He mused to himself, apparently extremely confident that nothing Delita would do could possibly hurt him.

29th June 2006, 01:54 PM
**Zadok lay panting upon the ground about five feet away from Delita, the exertion of trying to stop Delita combined with the impact had taking Zadok's breathe away and the priest merely stared up at the sky above trying to regain his bearings.

"What.... hit me...."

**Taking a few more breaths to regain his composure, Zadok finally rolled his head to the side and glanced at the rather battered Delita.

"I...I...I did."

**Swallowing heavily and panting a few more times, Zadok sighed heavily and shook his head from side to side.

"As much...as much as he deserves it...I couldn't let you do it...It would make you...no better than he...and he isn't worth that..."

**Zadok rolled his head to look up at the sky once again, the priest sighing frustratedly as he thought about the whole situation. Zadok felt the same way Delita felt, and it was a feeling which would easily pull the group apart. Ingold's blatant disregard for humanity was tearing at the group, and would probably continue to do so until either the group was destroyed or someone left. Even as he considered the two possibilities the priest could only shake his head from side to side in frustration before slowly pulling himself upright and turning to look at Delita with a half-hearted smile.

29th June 2006, 02:59 PM
Delita's eyes snapped open as he came to his senses again. He quickly got up and glared at Ingold.

Delita: "No, even if it damns me he can't be allowed to continue, he's not even human anymore! No emotions, no nothing, he rules using fear and that is no way to rule! I WON'T SIT BY ANYMORE! STAY OUT OF MY WAY ZADOK OR SO HELP ME I'LL GO THROUGH YOU!"

Delita shouted, and charged Ingold again, this time stopping between him and his prisoners. Delita turned his head to the side, to address the prisoners.

Delita: "Any of you even think of running and I'll skewer you."

Delita turned back to Ingold, Draconus held up, pointing at him.

Delita: "Ingold, you've lost your mind, I don't know what happened to you, but this is not right, these men have shown no signs of hostilities, and you even threaten their families, perhaps if you had a family you would know what it feels like to fear for them, but you don't, you're too heartless for your own good Ingold, I'm going to stop you even if it kills me!"

29th June 2006, 03:41 PM
"Whatever are you talking about, I didn't threaten their families and it was you who just threatened to skewer them. Ruling throuh fear much? Look to yourself before looking to me Delita. My mind is solid and will prevail in hell, can yours withstand all the evil it will meet when you cannot even stand against me? You think me evil? I have no need to explain myself to you Delita, but if you cannot see further than your nose is long, that is not my problem. Now if you'll excuse me, there's a village I need to be at, preferably within the hour"

Ingold's voice was as cool as his face, completely relaxed, even though it was all just a mask. He had learned that it is most innerving to those mad when their opponent stays calm and the calm one usually wins to. Momentarily after having spoken, Ingold simply moved to go around Delita, ignoring him and his little sword. Hardly seeing the enraged lightning mage as a threat. The prisoners simply moved on again, knowing that nothing would really stand within Ingold's path.

29th June 2006, 03:46 PM
Oh... this is so bad >.<

Delita just stared at Ingold as he spoke. The calmness of which he spoke was irritating to say the least. The fact that he belived his own evil to be a bastion in the pits of hell astounded him. True, Delita was prone to emotional outbursts, but he had endured worse, and he belived his faith would protect him from the evil's of hell. When Ingold tried to move past Delita, he spun, Draconus held out and aimed for Ingold's waist.

Delita: "I'm not through with you yet! You're wrong Ingold, there is no sanctuary to be found within your twisted mind! you would be first to fall prey to the wiles of hell, and there would be no salvation for you! I will not risk that! If I have to kill you then so be it, but your evil will not walk on this earth, you have much to learn of life, and no time to learn it!"

29th June 2006, 03:52 PM
Rakoth sighed and only had time to turn towards the sound now screaming through the forest before things were already out of his hands. His question floated, and Rakoth lazily let everything come to his sense. With another sigh, Rakoth lifted his hand to stay the man’s answer and his physical form faded, the colours darkening until he was gone. The travel was far from being instant, but time was different in the shadow world, and one could take two hours, and be a weeks distance away, and at a distance this trivial, it would seem he had teleported next to Ingold.

The lazy sun was setting slowly, and the shadows were longer on the path they were following, it was from one of these pale shadows that Rakoth stepped out from, his face impassive, and his composure unruffled. He stood next to Ingold, slightly behind him, and away from the prisoners. Ingold had some explaining to do, and Rakoth would allow him to answer Delita’s wild accusations. He could not see what Delita was driving at, but he had heard the words even in the shadows.

… you're too heartless for your own good Ingold, I'm going to stop you even if it kills me!"

Time was not on their side, Rakoth wanted to deal with the village by nightfall, so they could have a rest and launch their attack on the seat of his father’s power. They needed their rest, and they needed to be stronger then ever. Their was something out there, and the commotion would bring it to bear, if the earlier cries for help did not.

Yet, he stood there, unmoving and unyielding as a stone, his breath coming regularly. He did not wish to choose sides, but he could not let the group be torn.

Ingold's calm echoed his own as he answered the knight. He had twisted around the words, and yet to Rakoth, it had seemed a sensible answer. The seed of doubt had been planted by Delita's accusation, but he had been a long time friend and general under Ingold, and the fortress of loyalty he had built was impregnable.

I will not risk that! If I have to kill you then so be it, but your evil will not walk on this earth, you have much to learn of life, and no time to learn it!

Rakoth had stayed in place when Ingold had moved, but now he took a step forward and spoke to Delita.

"Delita, enough. Clearly the lightning mage had crossed a line that we had not seen. We have entrusted these men to Ingold and he had their watch. Who is to say that the mage hadn't taken the confusion for a sign of weakness to lead a revolt against us. These men tried to kill us, and until they we have a better explanation then they have given us, we must assume they are the ennemy."

He hoped this would prevent the sundering of the group, they had two more problems waiting for them in the woods with Darius, and another one on the loose. This was the last thing they needed.

29th June 2006, 04:05 PM
"I'm not through with you yet! You're wrong Ingold, there is no sanctuary to be found within your twisted mind! you would be first to fall prey to the wiles of hell, and there would be no salvation for you! I will not risk that! If I have to kill you then so be it, but your evil will not walk on this earth, you have much to learn of life, and no time to learn it!"

Ingold did not notice Rakoth's prescense behing him though, nor did he care all that much really. It looked like he believed he was invincible and that everything which had happened up until now was all under control and happened as if he had wished it. Simply because he had allowed it to. Either he had, or he was simply acting.

"You are pointing your blade at a man who has not made a single attempt to defend himself or strike back simply because you percieve his action to be evil. Look to yourself Delita, if you cannot take this, you best turn back, because in hell, it will be you who will strike at his fellows, not I. You have proven it already, the first true test has been laid before you and you have failed. Want to strike me down? Go ahead, your passage to evil will be complete, if not, move aside. Your actions have already doomed us anyway most likely"

Once again, that calm voice went silent and with it, Ingold simply moved forwards, letting the blade press against his armour. Of course, the parts of his cloack hanging over his chest took some of the pressure off of Ingold as well, Gromrill steel having been woven between the silk.

"Delita, enough. Clearly the lightning mage had crossed a line that we had not seen. We have entrusted these men to Ingold and he had their watch. Who is to say that the mage hadn't taken the confusion for a sign of weakness to lead a revolt against us. These men tried to kill us, and until they we have a better explanation then they have given us, we must assume they are the ennemy."

Step aside fool, lest you want to risk it all

29th June 2006, 04:23 PM
Delita stopped his swing from actually peircing Ingold's armor, but he let the pressure stand for a few moments as he thought about what Rakoth and Ingold said. Was he truely wrong? Ingold had killed a man, be it enemy or not, for no reason, yet they accused him of wrong doing.

Delita: "If I am wrong then how did it come to pass that the man in the road back there deserved to die? Enemy or not he had not made an attempt to defend himself either, so how would me killing you be different than you killing him Ingold? You lose yourself to your evil intentions and black heart, at least my motivation is not black as yours. I will stay my blade, but you are no longer in charge of these prisoners Ingold, I will not have you slaughter them senslessly."

Delita placed his sword back in it's sheath and looked at Ingold, glaring at him.

Delita: "You are not the same man I knew before Ingold. you have progrssivly lost yourself to madness over time, I suggest you take a good look at yourself. I would not attack my "allies" unless they were in the wrong as you are."

29th June 2006, 04:33 PM
Rakoth visibly relaxed but the seed of doubt was now a small sprout, would it grow to maturity and tear down the walls of loyalty he held on to, or would it be uprooted, for now it was there and Rakoth was unaware of it. He shook his head, and looked at his lord both men's words echoing in his mind.

Both of you are wrong, and right. Within Hell, we will fight the darkness within, as well as the darkness without, and it shall be an ongoing battle, but for those of us who have bathed in the shadows for long, as well as those of us who have lived in the light, we will battle the same darkness, the one we have battled since the beginning. We are all going to need everything.

"Delita, I believe we have a wounded women and a man to deal with, as well as the thing that might have done it in the first place. Leave Ingold be... He must have had a reason... He must..."

He spun towards the woods, his gaze towards the two newcomers. They needed a few questions answered.

29th June 2006, 04:33 PM
"Or whatever hunts around in hell makes you believe they are, I did not say you were evil Delita, I said you were weak. But very well, the prisoners are yours, enjoy. In the village by the hour though, best drive them on."

With that, Ingold simply turned around and gave a nod to Rakoth, the first person he actually acknowledge as to being there. Though him to Ingold passed by, yet stopping for a single moment as to softly whisper something to the half-demon.

"Fine bunch here Rakoth, fine bunch"

A smirk appeared on his face, the sarcasm so thick in his voice it is a wonder it didn't actually materialised and dripped out of his mouth. though as quickly as the mask of serenity had broken from the lightning mage's face, it returned as he simply moved on to the back of an imaginary line. He would cover the rear once more.

29th June 2006, 04:39 PM
**Zadok sighed heavily as Delita charged after Ingold, shouting forth further accusations. And though the words Delita spoke were truth, his conclusion was flawed. By threatening Ingold, Delita had become no better than the stoic lightning mage. But Zadok would not intervene a second time, and this fight was completely and totally inevitable. Slowly rising to his feet, Zadok moved to a position so that he was not in the middle of the fray but still able to observe the confrontation. The priest said nothing, for much of what Delita said Zadok felt to be true, save for the part of killing Ingold. And as Ingold responded, Zadok could only click his tongue and shake his head in surprise at the utter arrogance which Ingold appeared to exude with every word and action he made. It was an arrogance which turned Zadok stomach to witness, one which he had never expected to come from even Ingold.

Leave Ingold be... He must have had a reason... He must..."

**At this point Zadok finally moved forward, his face showing that he did not agree with Rakoth's conclusion.

"Do you really believe that? Do you honestly think Ingold's actions have warrant? No Rakoth, if you truly believe that then you are either blind of a fool. Look into your heart and tell me you think these men are the enemy. Look into your soul and tell me you honestly feel Ingold's actions are reasonable. If you can say this, then we part company here, for I will not be associated with the barbaric torturing of yielded prisoners nor will I condone the senseless and inexcusable slaying of a surrendered man. I will not continue on while you turn a blind eye to the whims of that shell of a man, no matter how powerful he may be. I will not be party to his madness and arrogance."

29th June 2006, 04:48 PM
You guys post too much. Way too much. I can't keep up, so I'll have my own adventure in the woods. At least that way I can not pay attention for half an hour and not miss half the action in this whole damn Quest.

As the others immediately faded from the scene again, Darius was left with the wounded. He thought it extremely rude of them to come pay attention and then all disappear again. With a smile he tried to put the wounded girl and her companion at rest, though he seemed to be unable to speak for there was something threatening in the woods that silenced him. It was as if its aura forced people to become as silent as they could and watch out for any sudden attacks. Slowly scanning the area with his Heat Sensing, Darius could find nothing of significance that was immediately recognizable as such. Keeping his eyes open, as well as his senses sharp, Darius thought to be prepared.

'..If only they would stop shouting...I would be able to concentrate more..'

But despite his desperate attempts to find the cause of his urgent alertness, Darius was still surprised when suddenly a black shadow came rushing at him. It was completely silent but the force of the impact with Darius still made a sound loud enough to mimic that of a tree slowly falling to the ground. Darius was flung against a tree, the bark splintering and some small pieces entering his back. He groaned and fell to the ground, several ribs bruised, if not broken. Strangely enough the sound of the impact had not been a completely correct indication of how hard the collision had been, for Darius still lived the sound still echoed through the valley. Slowly, the young Fire Mage rose to his feet.

“What on earth are you?”, he whispered to himself as he watched the black shadow hovering right in front of him.

It appeared to have no interest in the wounded woman at all, but Darius didn't trust it one bit. He guessed its plan was to knock Darius unconscious and then go for the more easy kill. But that would not come to pass as far as the young boy was concerned. With lightning speed, his arms lashed out. He stretched both limbs to their full extent and pushed his wrists together, his palms facing towards the thing. Instantaneously thereafter a huge beam of Fire Energy raced towards the black, ghostly mass. The Fire Cannon hit the creature not a fraction of a split-second later, the speed of the spell making a hit inevitable. However, instead of harming the creature, the spell bounced off an invisible shield and shot into the forest.

Several trees exploded and a large fire started, that would soon spread. Realizing the danger a fire held in this environment, Darius could only hope that Zadok would extinguish the flames as soon as possible, whilst he himself still battled the black mass. For as soon as Darius' attack had harmlessly bounced of the thing's shield, it commenced a counter-attack. This time Darius was prepared for his adversary though and as such he was able to disappear just before he would be hit again. His energy was draining quickly, especially because of the surprise hit he had taken earlier on, but for now he could manage. Hopefully the others would come and help him out soon enough.

29th June 2006, 04:57 PM
You are right Wolve, but that is the posting I expect from you not that short paragraph you wrote up there. I think you and Hoax can RP the Black Mass, since you saw it first 8D, it will give you time to finish off your school year.

Rakoth sighed, he had hoped to distract them from that train of thought, but Ingold's actions had been too important to ignore. He felt he was walking a thread over a chasm he could not see the bottom of, and at any moment he might fall.

Hell, I am probably falling now.

"As always, you are right Sensei… But what am I to do, Ingold is my lord, The Forbidden One, and as his general I cannot but turn a blind eye, and hope he has a reason for what he is doing. Ingold would never betray any of us, not Delita, his one time teacher, nor myself, his general, I cannot believe him capable of that. The lightning mage could have been a danger, only Ingold was present, but the treatment of prisoners is a concern, and he has given the charge up.”

Rakoth could only stare at Zadok hoping the man would see the difficulty in his eyes.

What am I to do, we need his strength in the pits of Hell, you know that Zadok, Delita knows that, and I know that. I lead this expedition, but I flounder like a man drowning, I wish to be rid of my father’s oppression, once and for all, but things have gone south since we have entered these lands.

Pstr, you have permission to read my mind, but its up to you. God I missed posting with you guys, you roleplay your characters so damn well, I still feel I am trying to find Rakoth again. Its coming back

29th June 2006, 05:07 PM
Delita turned to Rakoth, appalled.

Delita: "He may be your leader, but if I were to err as he, I would hope my subordinates would stop me. And that mage was weaker than my sister, what threat did he offer to Ingold? On a whim any of us could eradicate these men, there was no reason for Ingold to kill these men other than the fact that they were enemies and he felt like killing him. Tell me that he is right in that, tell me he is not wrong and I will take my leave of you as well. I wish for you not to venture through hell alone, but this strength you claimed Ingold had is faulty and not as sure as the strength Zadok would present in the very bowels of hell."

29th June 2006, 05:35 PM
"As always, you are right Sensei… But what am I to do, Ingold is my lord, The Forbidden One, and as his general I cannot but turn a blind eye, and hope he has a reason for what he is doing. Ingold would never betray any of us, not Delita, his one time teacher, nor myself, his general, I cannot believe him capable of that. The lightning mage could have been a danger, only Ingold was present, but the treatment of prisoners is a concern, and he has given the charge up.”

**The words carried the twinge of desperation, the sounds of a defeated man struggling to hold everything together. Even Rakoth's eyes carried the same look of struggling desperation, the look of a leader who was watching his army turn upon itself. Such was the burden of leadership, especially leadership reluctantly taken. But something else within the hybrid's gaze caused Zadok to dig a bit deeper, extending his focus to Rakoth's mind where the Force created the bridge over which Rakoth's thoughts could travel without having to be spoken.

What am I to do, we need his strength in the pits of Hell, you know that Zadok, Delita knows that, and I know that. I lead this expedition, but I flounder like a man drowning, I wish to be rid of my father’s oppression, once and for all, but things have gone south since we have entered these lands.

**Zadok nodded slowly with understanding, knowing all to well the reasoning behind Rakoth's reluctance to confront Ingold. Were Rakoth to truly hold the lightning mage accountable for his actions, it was likely to create further division between the leader of the Armies of the Forbidden One and the rest of the group. But in Zadok's mind that division was already made and complete, the arrogance and blatant disregard for human life evident by Ingold's behavior more than adequate to drive a stake of seperation between the priest and the lightning mage.

"He may be your leader, but..."

**Zadok's eyes never left Rakoth's, the priest maintaining the connection with the Force in order to communicate silently to the groups reluctant leader.

"He may be your leader in any other area, but in this expedition, you are his. And it is your responsibility to hold him accountable for what he does. His actions throughout this journey are under your command, and so whatever he does you condone. I realize you do not want to lose his strength at arms, but by compromising your integrity, you compromise the very reason for which we rode forth to begin with in the first place. If you do not stand up for what you truly believe is right, then you will surely fall before your father, not by his hand, but by his words. For surely he will try to seduce you before this journey ends, and if you are not firm in your beliefs, you will break at his deception."

**Zadok paused for a minute to let the words sink in before adding a final thought.

"An army divided against itself can never stand, no matter how stonger its individual components may be."

29th June 2006, 06:46 PM
*surprised at the speed at which help had arrived Fernis was caught of guard, first there was one, then another just appeared, then more seemed to show up as the ones who had arrived left again. it had all left Fernis rather shell shocked, by the time he had opened his mouth to try and reply to some of the questions given him when half the people were gone again and the one left who seemed interested was indicating for him to shut up!
sighing Fernis turned back to Kelly, although she was healed she still hadn’t moved. giving her a gentle nudge with the toe of his boot. when she still didn’t move Fernis knelt down beside her and opened one of her now closed eye lids...*

Fernis ~ "should have known. cant wake up some one who’s pretending to be asleep. you ok now?"

Kelly ~ "ha, yeah, fine now, my gut feels bruised but that’s about all. what happened?"

Fernis ~ "we were gona stay quiet when you told me "something popped". the hell does that mean anyway? long story short, you were bleeding like a stuck pig and this priest guy healed you."

Kelly ~ *pointing to Darius* "him?"

Fernis ~ "what? no, the guys who helped you buggerd off. hey. Kelly. do me a favour, don’t ever do that to me again. you really scared me."

Kelly ~ "awww ya big pussy cat... tell you what, you pay more attention to me next time I call your name, and ill try not to pass out from lack of blood."

*for a moment the pair forgot they had an audience of one and took the time to gently rub noses, both a greeting and a show of affection from there culture. standing together, with Kelly leaning on Fernis, the pair was about to ask Darius about the priest who had helped them then vanished when they too were taken by surprise by the large black shadowy mass. as the young man engaged in hist first skirmish Kelly and Fernis exchanged glances, they both nodded then, with a roar, Fernis changed.
Fernis was already a large man, standing 6'10 he could cast an impressive shadow as a man. in were-form though, Fernis was walking tank. werebears were naturally taller, bigger, and stronger than other lycanthropes, but even for a werebear Fernis was large, standing 13 ft from toe to shoulder. Fernis was big, and he knew how to throw his weight around in combat. timing his entrance into the brewing fight Fernis lunged at the shadowy mass, catching it mid air with his shoulder and slamming it back to the ground.
as the shadow beast and Fernis duked it out in melee Kelly hobbled over to Darius, still obviously feeling weak...*

Kelly ~ "I sense that this thing will only beget more violence, we need a plan, Fernis can only hold it for so long. can you break that shield thing on your own?"

damn you guys post a lot. And I see you have an apatite for drama.
Err, you know Deltia it would be so much easier not to be evil if you didn’t leave such big shinny buttons for us to push…

30th June 2006, 02:10 AM
I do find it odd though, that someone evil is described as someone looking to himself first. Egotistical maybe, but evil? Hardly; However, someone of chaotic good alignment who'll do whatever it takes, even commit evil for the greater good, is still called good ... maybe I should call Ingold good then ^.^

A rumble erupted to Ingold’s right, as if someone had made a hard impact with some wood, a blaze of fire setteing alight the trees shortly after. Ingold couldn't help but grin, if he couldn't knock sense into the heads of this group, showing them how foolish and weak they were, whatever was causing this surely would.

Fool boy Darius, always going with brute strength first ... ooo Zaaaadoook, yet another problem for you to meddle in, c'mon, you know you can't resist it. Go help out, if you still have strength left in you that is.

The lightning mage simply set himself down on the side of the road though, right next to the charred body of a former lightning mage and drew out a scroll of parchment. It was the ‘ye ole' weekly Sunday’ scroll he had picked up from the village where they had set off and he simply began reading up on recent events, waiting 'till they would all get a move on again. Though seeing - probably because Delita had been foolish enough to go all berserk in the name of goodness - they were now under attack yet again, it would not be very soon.

C'mon, go and fight, get weakened a little more, that's the only reason these hurdles are laid on our path, not to stop us, simply to make it easier to be squiched in hell. Pah, misters black and white, obviously, they're no rulers. Few dare to besiege my lands, attack my villages, murder my people simply because of my reputation, so my people can live in peace because of that. But if misters black and white can't comprehend it, it must be evil, pah. So quick to judge what they cannot understand, so narrow minded to everything around them if it does not fit with their ideology. You're wise to leave the affairs of your country to another Delita, for you would surely lead it to ruins. Indeed, a commander does not think, simply obey, I'd be surrpised if you had any brains at all.

... huh, a farmer cultivated a 10 pound turnip, that's innovative of him ...

Harsh teacher yes, Darius can vouch for that, not that he learned much, wood headed boy. Merciless to my enemies indeed, if I give clemency to one, others will come. They will be defeated, but the cost would be too high. I have my reasons, Rakoth knows this, it is you who plant the seed in his mind, the seed that will break him when he needs to be solid. It's amusing how 'goodness' sabotages its own plans before they're well on their way. So narrow minded indeed. These men are weak, do not think evil will not use them as a tool to strike at you. Believe a man defeated, believe him broken, don't see him as an enemy any longer, let your guard down ... just don't be surprised it will be his hand you find holding the dagger which has been trust between your ribs.

... Cat killed family of five? Interesting, must look deeper into that one when this is over ...

They easily forget it is me who thwarted the first ambush to begin with. Pah ...

And such, Ingold went on and on and on, not really caring for the ruckus to his right. The others would be able to handle it easily enough, meanwhile, Ingold half meditated, slowly further regenerating the power he had lost before. There was much to regain.

30th June 2006, 01:52 PM
The sound of Zadok embracing his mind was a relief, and the soothing wisdom that he proffered was a blessing to the flailing hybrid. Rakoth visibly relaxed, his eyes shinning with new determination.

"An army divided against itself can never stand, no matter how stronger its individual components may be."

His eyes cleared as he focused once more on his surroundings, his focus returning on his master, his teacher.

“I do not know how I could go on without you, and I thank you for your support.”

Rakoth was interrupted by the sense of a huge amount of fire energy being wielded back where they had stood, moments ago. He smile at Zadok, then let his gaze fall on Ingold, lazily hanging out by his most recent friend, the corpse of the lightning mage. He could not help feeling he was still standing on a tight rope, the same chasm rearing to each sides of the strand of sanity.

This was all so much easier when I was evil…

He grinned at that thought, and then released all thoughts and let them melt into the sounds of battle. His wings spread as he crouched low to the ground, and a cloud of dust and leaves lifted behind him as he exploded towards the sounds of Darius. He had his Azerphale’s Fury unsheathed, and with a cry he threw himself into the melee with the monstrosity. He did not try to comprehend the giant bear that was fighting with him, but he could only assume it was the man he had so unceremoniously cut off in his attempt to pacify the warring factions within the group.

The wounded had been on her feet, and Rakoth did not hear the words she was saying, to the young fire mage, he had put his whole body into the slam, his sword in front of him. He needed only to give the bear a few seconds respite before he could retreat and ask Darius what this thing was, and how the hell they were going to beat it. He knew very few demons, apart from the smell they had, and he could not be sure about this … thing. It was most likely an escapee from his father’s kingdom.

30th June 2006, 06:09 PM
You guys go hay and fro. Stick to one place, please! :tongue:

Luckily, the companion of the wounded girl turned out to be some sort of monster himself as well. Darius could not exactly make out what kind of race he was, but as the large creature was on his side, he didn't really mind either. As the bear-like figure clashed with the black mass, the wounded girl came to ask him about his capabilities and the possibility of him taking down the invisible but clearly apparent shield the black mass had about him. Before Darius could answer though, Rakoth joined the fray as well. This posed a problem, because now the scene was too crowded for Darius to be able to target solely the black mass. But as always, the young Fire Mage had a plan. In his mind, he called out to Zadok.


“It's too crowded now. Wait a moment.”, Darius answered the girl's question. “GET OUT OF THE WAY EVERYBODY, THINGS ARE ABOUT TO GET REAL HOT AROUND HERE!”

The shout was not only to pull away his two allies from the black mass, but also to let Zadok know that Darius was aiming for a dual attack. Though he had not yet mastered the famous Dual Flame yet, he was sure that combined with Zadok's prowess, the shield of the surprisingly strong demon would be taken down. As Darius began to gather the Fire Energy within his body, he could feel his spirit lift up. This was completely him: in the midst of combat, a second away from blasting the fuck out of some sort of strange opponent and sided by his friends, who also were the greatest fighters around. Truly, there was no kind of situation Darius enjoyed more than this one.

'..God, I love my job..'

1st July 2006, 05:37 AM
*Kelly sighed, it was obvious to her that there was nothing she could do to help that some one else couldn’t. and as much as she might have liked to have jumped in and help Fernis she knew that he wouldn’t approve of her joining in an already crowded fight after being wounded so, the fact that the priest had healed her would matter little. not that she really cared what he though, she just knew he would be right. despite the fact that she looked healed Kelly knew that she should at least rest before testing the priests handy work, that and the fight was crowded. 2 fighters and by the way the young man was yelling, soon to be 2 casters.
a quick look around found Kelly a guy reading a newspaper, or this regions equivalent. with nothing better to do Kelly walked over, sat herself down next to him and casually asked....*

Kelly ~ "...would you mind if I took your crossword puzzle?"

*for Fernis on the other hand things were getting complicated, the beast he was fighting matched his own strength, perhaps even bested him. although he knew it would be hours before it would tire him out he was unsure if he could hold his own for that long. his prays to Hircine were answered though when Rakoth entered the fight, taking off some of the pressure...


Scheisse! this is all I need, this cant be good. doesn’t he realise if I stop fighting it that it will be free to attack who it likes?*


sorry for the generic fight description, but honestly no one has described it, no one is actually playing it, in fact I still have to refer to it, as an IT. >.o

1st July 2006, 07:32 AM

Sigh, yeah sure, set the woods alight, waste your energy, you won't need it in hell, nooooo. But above all, scream your lungs out, don't let anyone know what you're doing, demons don't have ears, they don't listen. Pah, kids

Ingold delighted in sarcasm, especially in his own mind, made him feel all superior and stuff. He wasn't going to meddle in this little quarry to begin with and if he was, it would be with minimum power and maximum effectiveness. Something the youth or fire mages in general still had to learn for that matter. Pah, fire mages, he despised them so and for good reason at that.

Though, he was quite surprised when he saw a woman approaching him, coming from the general direction where the battle was taking place. She walked with a certain grace he had rarely seen and for a moment, he didn't know whether to prepare himself for battle, or to simply make a curtsy for when looking at her, he saw both a beautiful woman and a deadly predator. One's eyes can tell people a lot.

Not knowing what to do though, Ingold simply did nothing and would take matters as they came. Potentially a deadly mistake if she was one of evil's tools, then again, she was a nice looking one. As she sat herself down besides him, the lightning mage prepared for the worst, torn between readying himself for battle or simply stammering out some fool words.

"...would you mind if I took your crossword puzzle?"


"erm ... eh, sure ... knock yourself out."

With that, Ingold tore the crossword puzzle from the bottom of his scroll and as casually as possible, handed it to the woman besides him, still not knowing what to think of it. This close, she could put a dagger between his ribs ... if his clock and armour weren't in the way of course, they gave some comfort, but not much at that.

"Name's Ingold by the way."

Though little time did the lady next to him have time to react. Encouraged by the fact that they weren't under Ingold's constant control anymore and that this fight in the distance had undoubtedly distracted the others, one of them had made a run for it. Of course, Ingold could not let such an opportunity go by, he enjoyed making fun of others faults anyway.

"Oooh Delitaaa, one of your prisoners is getting away."

Strangely enough, the man actually ran into the forest behind Ingold, towards the lightning mage. Either he was completely nuts or he would think the lightning mage would not notice or maybe that Delita would 'protect' him from Ingold.

1st July 2006, 07:32 AM
*sighing and glad to be relaxing, if only for a moment. Kelly smiled and accepted the crossword puzzle... this should keep me busy for a few days…*

"Name's Ingold by the way."

"Kelly Daxter. pleasure to meet you I’m sure. hummmm.... 4 letter word for hunted animal or quarry..."

"Oooh Delitaaa, one of your prisoners is getting away."


*dropping her newly acquired crossword puzzle Kelly pounced on the fleeing prisoner, only just realising as she did how hungry she was. Half morphing as she crashed with the man fleeing towards her Kelly waisted no time tearing into him. She truly cherished moments like this, times when she could just let go and allow her bestial side full reign. The man’s cries for help were quickly silenced as his wind pipe was crushed, vampire like teeth biting deep into his neck. Kelly sighed and threw back her hair after the first bite, her chin stained red from the mans jugular vein, her eyes glazed over like a hungry shark. She showed no control at all after that, bones crunched, flesh tore, she even popped the rib cage on the still warm carcass open so she could eat out his heart and lungs. To any one looking on it, it was probably the sickest most disturbing sight they had ever seen, a woman eating another man like a hungry dog. But to Kelly it was the most natural thing ever. She could give this man no more thought than any human gave the cow in their burger...*

few notes, any one who knows Hoax would probably know his last name (Daxter) and Kelly is NOT currently a werewolf, she’s half morphed, sharp teeth, werewolf like claws, but otherwise human ;)

1st July 2006, 07:44 AM
"Kelly Daxter. pleasure to ... "

Slowly the words sank in with Ingold, his brain processing them as he was shouting towards Delita with much glee that one of the former ambushers had made a run for it.

Daxter? Wait

Quickly turning around to face the woman again, mouth open as to ask the question which lay heavily on his mind now, he only found an empty space with a crossword puzzle in it next to him. A rustle in the foliage behind made him turn around further, half catching the transformation Kelly had gone through as she disappeared into the forest.

Is it me or is that kind of hot? whatever it was.

A tad intrigued, both by the girl's name and transformation, Ingold followed and did not have to walk far to find a gruesome scene before him.

Ok, that's kind of … not hot ... yet ... natural and fitting.

not giving it much of a second thought, Ingold went back to his spot, not really knowing what to do though not wanting to interfere either. The prisoner was already dead so it was not like he could kill it, though if it had been alive, he would have just let it suffer anyway as it was being devoured.

Well, glad it's not me ... Daxter she said ... can't be, must have misheard

Sitting himself back down, Ingold picked up the crossword puzzle again and filled in number 7 vertical, prey.

1st July 2006, 02:37 PM
Delita would have stopped the man, but Kelly had other plans for him, and seeing as the man did try to escape, he really didn't care, however his death was less than favorable, not that he would try to save him.

Delita: "If you thought Ingold was bad you're in for a rough ride with Kelly. Might I advise not trying to run?"

3rd July 2006, 02:31 AM
Rakoth 33 | Bad_Kharma 33 | ~Delita_Hyral~ 30 | Wolve 29 | Pstr2blvia 28 | Talhathier 26 | Duke Manboy IV 23 | Absolution 15 | Hoax 4

^ see, at least you can count on lightning mages to keep a quest active, then again, we're lightning fast and all that. Those fire mages just BLOCK things up, yeah, that's right. You be slooooooooow ^^ ... just felt like dissing the poor little fire peeps there ^^ )

Bah, hypocrite. First accuse me of reigning through fear then doing it yourself. Sure, the were-girl can brutally maim and devour someone but I give someone a quick zap and he's all in arms about it. Talk about two standards, so far for that whole righteous knight crap

It seemed the fight was still going strong not to far from where he sat though. Maybe he would need to intervene after all, it became hard to concentrate on the newspaper with all that noise around. But if such a little hurdle - and it had to be little since they didn't even reach hell yet - needed the full strength of those gathered here and even then they could not vanquish it. They might as well turn around and go home. Then again, the guys fighting 'it' were fire mages so it wouldn't be that big of a surprise if they lost. For now however, Ingold was quite content in reading the scroll, not really caring about the battle. It at least allowed him to keep an eye on those pesky little prisoners and Delita.

3rd July 2006, 03:15 AM
*slowly Kelly regained control, the frenzied look in her eyes fading as she finished with her meal. siting back on her haunches Kelly quickly licked her hands clean like a cat does after it's finished with a fish, careful to make sure all the blood was gone from her hands. oddly though she didn’t clean her mouth of the blood, preferring to leave it stained with blood as it might seem. standing Kelly dusted herself off, inspected her cloths for any blood stains, then walked over and sat beside Ingold again.*

Kelly ~ "mmmm.... good stuff... tasted almost as good as a vegan but still with some hints of animal products, Id venture a guess and say he was an athletic vegetarian. low fat but with good muscle content on his bones, its been a while since I've had a meal THAT good...
Say, got my crossword puzzle?"

agreed, lazy fire mages! there holding us back! :-p

3rd July 2006, 04:20 AM
We who have chosen the better elements shall take it upon us to keep this thread alive then ... and annoy you lot with a shitload of posts ghéhéhéhé

Ingold couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the description Kelly gave of her meal, though the thought in his mind wasn't exactly one of disgust.

I must taste bloody terrible then

Who could be disgusted by such a beautiful woman with blood smeared all over her face anyway. The blood around her mouth just made her lips come out better. When she spoke to him though, he did notice a piece of skin left between her teeth and being a true gentlemen, he couldn't help but pointing that out while he handed her the puzzle.

"... er ... you have something stuck between your teeth. Anyway question ... you said your last name was Daxter, would you by any chance be related to a mage named Hoax? I mean, he's never talked much about his family to me so I always though he had none. Then again, he was kind of annoying so I never spoke much with him at all ... I'll stop blabbering now."

3rd July 2006, 06:05 AM
*Kelly was settling down to start work on her crossword when her new 'friend' mentioned something stuck in her teeth. vigorously rubbing her front teeth with her index finger produced a thin sliver of sinew, casually flicking it into the grass Kelly was once again about to focus on the crossword when the question was posed...

Anyway question ... you said your last name was Daxter, would you by any chance be related to a mage named Hoax? I mean, he's never talked much about his family to me so I always though he had none. Then again, he was kind of annoying so I never spoke much with him at all ... I'll stop blabbering now

stoping Kelly shifted and stared at Ingold for a moment. cold and calculating she seemed to 'scan' him, as though assessing just who he was, or even if she should answer him or not...*

Kelly ~ "Ingold wasn’t it? Hoax, that’s the persuado name my father used in his adventuring days. yes I'm his daughter although we don’t talk much any more. long story... basically when daddy wanted me to take up the life of a scholarly book worm learning silly parlor magic tricks I had to politely decline.
so you knew my dad? how?"

3rd July 2006, 06:18 AM
The girl's gaze was piercing to say the least and though Ingold did his best to retain his posture, it became quite difficult not to blink. Standing up against an enraged Delita was quite easy, simply because he had all seen it before. The gaze of a woman, one who could partly change into a wolf at that, was an entirely different matter. But it seemed he was worthy enough or had been determined to indeed be of bad taste, then again, she didn't have to eat him to kill him.

"He joined my armies some time ago, though annoyingly enough goes his own way ore often than obeying orders. He does have the off moment of clarity though and he leads the spirit legions so he comes in handy I guess. Anyway, you learn more through practice than theory anyway so good choice on your part I'd say. Hoax's little girl, well, good to see someone in the family has some brains on them."

And a body at that, héhéhéhé, you dirty old man ... wait, I'm only 22 damnit!

3rd July 2006, 07:05 AM
...Hoax's little girl...

*the pencil Kelly was using for the crossword snapped in her hand, the paper itself crumpled. a manic twitch found her eye for a passing moment and once again she slowly shifted her gaze back to Ingold. but this time her eyes blazed and a smile that had made little children cry greeted him...*

Kelly ~ "Hoax's... little... girl...

AHHHH... ahhh... you must be THE Ingold, the notorious leader of the forbidden one's army. yes of the few things we've talked about you might be proud to know you have been a semi re-occurring TOPIC when it comes to discussions of power and politics.

Hoax's little girl... you know I shan't forget that one...."

*Kelly kept her gaze sternly on Ingold, she wanted him to feel VERY unconfutable for what he just said. even if it was just a slip of the tongue Kelly had worked hard to make her life what it was, and she prided herself on being very independent of her father. although some days she felt she could not run far enough from his shadow...*

3rd July 2006, 09:07 AM
Yeah yeah yeah, you try pulling down 90 hours in a week and make time for a post. Sheesh!

**Zadok followed Rakoth's retreating form and nodded slightly before vanishing within a burst of flame. The fire from Darius' first attack was beginning to spread quite rapidly, the flames growing in intensity and size within a matter of moments. And just as the flames were reaching a fevered height of activity, they stopped moving and then began to retreat inward to a central point. This was obviously an unnatural movement of the fire, but those fighting the creature would not have probably noticed it as their attention was else where at the moment. Continuing to gather and pool, the flames melding into a single sphere of flame over 15' in diameter floating roughly 8 feet in the air. This sphere was located som 30' behind the battling warriors and appeared to have a mind of its one, slowly shifting forward and approaching the battle almost unseen. Finally the stange sphere made its presence known just as Darius was about to unleash his own powerful attack. Erupting from the sphere, a column of pure flame almost 10' in diameter rocketed across the open air towards the group and at first it appeared the blast was aimed at the creature. But the angle was all wrong and would easily miss the target if someone did not intervene.

3rd July 2006, 02:01 PM
I don't get paid by the hour ;_;

Delita kept one eye on his prisoners and one eye where the battle was going on. He would have went to help, but he didn't trust the prisoners or Ingold, so he didn't have much choice in the matter except to stay put. He thumbed the hilt of Draconus as he waited for Darius, Rakoth, and Zadok to finish up whatever they were fighting when he noticed Ingold.

Delita: "You know Ingold, you could do something constructive... like go help them maybe?"

3rd July 2006, 03:30 PM
Rakoth’s mind had changed in the space it had taken him to go from the path to Darius, and the transformation had been complete by the time he hit the strange demon. Rakoth had let battle lust take over, and his instincts now played a much greater role in the decisions he needed to make. A battle could be changed in a fraction of a second, and he could not rely on his synapses, not entirely at least. He didn’t wish to unleash himself, to use too much of his strength was a beacon to the forces of his father, of exactly where they were, and he did not wish to make it easy for the paternus.

His blade had stayed coiled, and using it as a long sword, he slashed at the thing, it seemed to merely absorb the impact, and go on, its tendrils of black streaking out to strike at him, and the huge bear. Dodging and parrying, he bid his time.

The fire energy gathered behind him was increasing, and Rakoth knew the attack was eminent, whatever shielded it needed to be crushed in order to destroy the demon. His wings spreading, Rakoth knew that he himself and the bear would be caught in the crossfire. Rakoth slashed horizontally at the demon, and he almost saw the misty face of the creature smile. Rakoth smiled back, as the blade never found home. Instead, it uncoiled like a snake, wrapping itself around the creature. With a powerful thrust of his leathery wings, Rakoth lifted himself into the air. The creature was tethered to him, and it was with great difficulty that he lifted it above the bear’s the demon howling at him, tendrils dark as night slowly reaching out to grasp his leg, and pull him down.

Someone had better do something… NOW

3rd July 2006, 07:28 PM
Before I don't have time again.

His Fire Energy began to rapidly heap up in front of him. He let the magical substance flow into his arms, where he pushed it outside. It mingled and mixed and combined itself into one large portion of Fire Energy that was invisible at first, but as it grew bigger and hotter and meaner, there just appeared flames licking the air every now and then. Would Darius have been as good at fire magic as Zadok, surely a growing ball of pure Fire Energy would have formed right in front of him. Though he was a bit ashamed of himself that he had not yet reached that stage of mastery, Darius was still excited to be combining his powers with those of his great example and tutor. Finally, he commanded the Fire Energy to go.

Closing his eyes to concentrate and make sure the huge beam of Fire Energy did not miss its target, Darius could not see Zadok, but he sure felt the heat of his attack. Being very concentrated on his Fire Energy, his Heat Sensing had sort of automatically been turned on and as such the young boy was able to perfectly time the collision of both his as Zadok's attack. With a devastating blast, both beams combined into one intense, magnificent beam. It was truly a wonderful and impressive sight to behold, even for those whose heart did not necessarily lay by the fire. The demon, Rakoth and the were-bear now had a beam of pure hot fire, twenty-five inch in diameter, to handle. When it would hit, it would hit big.


Impact is either Hoax's or Rakoth's to RP. Depends on who gets to it first.

4th July 2006, 02:48 AM
Only too late would Ingold realise the error of his words, but the sounds of a pencil snapping and paper crumbling were a good sign of things to come. Almost hesitant, Ingold turned to look at Kelly only to be greeted by eyes lit afire, capable of burning the soul of any lesser man. A wicked smile stretched across her face, one Ingold himself had not dared to use, not even when stealing candy from the children ... we all have our hobbies.


"Hoax's... little... girl...

AHHHH... ahhh... you must be THE Ingold, the notorious leader of the forbidden one's army. yes of the few things we've talked about you might be proud to know you have been a semi re-occurring TOPIC when it comes to discussions of power and politics.

Hoax's little girl... you know I shan't forget that one...."

Ingold far from wanted to make an enemy out of Kelly, poking fun at Delita had become just plain fun, the student surpassing the master fun and all that. Kelly however, well, he kind of liked her. Whether that was due to her being a woman, a kind of hot semi-werewolf transforming woman, someone not being afraid to boast about her eating habits or Ingold having a few screws loose was another matter.

Ingold did not have much experience with women though. If he had, he would have known well enough that when you say something wrong, don't say anything else because you'll just dig a deeper hole for yourself. But men are quite stupid like that and often forget the general rules like: 'If you have done nothing wrong, don't apologise to appease them, because that will just piss them off more'. Unfortunately, men are generally clueless of what they've done wrong and will try to set right without knowing what was wrong to begin with. Mix all of that together and you have a recipe for disaster.

"Ah, eh, I didn't mean to offend, it's ju-"

Luckily for the frail and cornered lightning mage though, Delita intervened, unknowingly saving him from a very tight spot.

"You know Ingold, you could do something constructive... like go help them maybe?"


All to gladly did Ingold lunge at the opportunity to escape from Kelly's glare ... and spout sarcasm in Delita's general direction once more of course.

"Yeah, good thinking Delita, let's step into the middle of Darius, Rakoth and probably Zadok unleashing their spells of doom upon a insignificant demon most likely. They are fire mages after all, I doubt they know any other spells. Sure, I have enough power to spare to get all the way through hell and back, I'm sure the nice demons will have set up a nice lightning storm for us to leach power from along the way, maybe they'll even just go lie down. No thanks, I'll just read my news-scroll in pleasant company over here and wait for them to be done with their little pet project over there"

And let's hope that pleasant company doesn't rip my head off


"Shouldn't be long now by the sounds of it anyway."

4th July 2006, 07:08 AM
*Kelly's gaze shifted to Deltia. For a moment she just stared at him as though dumb struck by the shear stupidity of what he had said, turns out it was for a totally different reason. smoothing out the paper and retrieving the writing half of the broken pencil Kelly quickly scribbled something down on her crossword while muttering to herself....*

Kelly ~ "6 letter word for a fanatically committed person. ZEALOT!
...and Ingold makes a very good point Deltia. There’s already 4 people in that fight, I mean its one 'creature'. How bad could it be?"

*turning back to Ingold with an altogether more pleasant look this time, Kelly couldn’t help but grin at his discomfort. For a moment she considered teasing this out a little more, but felt slightly guilty for the idea. It was now, obviously, a slip of the tongue and not INTENTIALY meant to belittle her and he had called her pleasant company. But that wasn’t going to save him from her mini lecture....*

Kelly ~ "your apology by the way, is accepted. for future reference though, I've worked hard to be who I am today and in future I will not take kindly to comments that be-little this.
I am NO-ONES 'little girl' and I do not appreciate having some arrogant jerk casually call me one in general conversation."


*for Fernis time had both slowed down and sped up at the same time, ‘clarity’, a trait inherent to most lycan’s. It allowed the were' to move with unnatural speed and react to things faster than normal, it also allowed for a unique 6th sense most were’s referred to as “situation awareness”. Although he wasn’t attuned to in any magic way to the battle going on around him Fernis knew with out having to look what most of the participants were doing. He could feel the 2 fire mages building up and then launching there attacks, he could feel Rakoth lifting the demon creature into the air with his chain sword. He could also feel something the other’s seemed to have missed…
Rising up on his hind legs Fernis raised a massive paw; he seemed to charge his impending attack with something super natural. Magical but not traditionally elemental in nature, perhaps spiritual though? In any case it connected with the demons head, not dealing the final blow, but rather stunning it to ensure it would not escape the final blow.
Dropping back down on all fours Fernis ducked as the 2 fire attacks hit…*

sorry Rakoth but fire attacks aren’t really my thing and I'm really tired right now (BK made me stay up to finish this)

6th July 2006, 10:21 AM
Waiting for me?? I am so sorry!

Rakoth felt the creature shudder through his chain blade, and he looked down to see the staggering blow the mighty bear had just delt. He did not care to look at Darius or the fiery orb, but he felt the fire energy coursing through towards the demon. They struck at the same time, the flames curling upwards on the invisible shield the demon had woven around itself. He felt the heat on his legs as it was absorbed by the newly made visible wall. The shield was now an incandescent white taking in as much of the sizzling heat that was blown onto it.

Rakoth then heard the creature cry, and the white shield winked out of existence. The fire attack exploded into it, burning a hole into the large creature. Rakoth also felt his blade sink into the creatures flesh, finally tearing at it. It was torn in half, a huge hole where what the eyes were. With a cry the creature collapsed to the ground, melting into the soil like a liquid.

Rakoth landed, a smile on his face.

“Nice to see we can work as a team, good job. We need to get a move on, whatever else is out there will have heard us.”

He turned to the bear.

“I think the girl you were with is over with Ingold and Delita, Ingold might have said something stupid by now, so we might expect to see a few hand marks on his face.”

6th July 2006, 03:04 PM
"6 letter word for a fanatically committed person. ZEALOT!
...and Ingold makes a very good point Deltia. There’s already 4 people in that fight, I mean its one 'creature'. How bad could it be?"

Unlike the Ingold Delita had faced a few moments ago, this time, he shared his sentiment freely, not feeling like keeping up a mask simply to annoy Delita. Staring straight into the warrior’s eyes, a grin stretched from one side of his face to the other. Seeing Ingold did not grin like that very often, it distorted his way in a most insanely looking way. Never the less, Ingold was having fun and it showed, though soon, he lost all interest in Delita as Kelly spoke to him once more.

"your apology by the way, is accepted. for future reference though, I've worked hard to be who I am today and in future I will not take kindly to comments that be-little this.
I am NO-ONES 'little girl' and I do not appreciate having some arrogant jerk casually call me one in general conversation."

"My thanks and I understand completely, it shall not happen again Kelly D-, Kelly."

Unknowingly, Ingold had now just admitted he was an arrogant jerk at that of course. Women and their little tricks I tell you. Ingold just settled on his newspaper again, continuing to read what fascinating things might have happened to that little village they had been in not too long ago. As if those things were much more important than actually venturing into hell. Never the less, Ingold was still watchful of his surroundings, then again, a ear piercing shriek of a dying demon is not easily ignored, not even by the deaf.

"Sounds about like they're done over there. About bloody time."

Though that still didn’t stop him of reading his article.

A pregnant virgin? My, my, you don’t come across that every day … more like once every 2000 years

12th July 2006, 07:34 AM
*Fernis got to his feet, slowly morphing back into a man. Broad shouldered and muscular Fernis stood slightly taller than Rakoth at 6'2, built like a heavy weight boxer Fernis was a small sight to behold on his own. His clothing was decidedly tribal, the only clothing on his upper body being a kind of bone vest, the kind commonly seen on Native American warriors. His pants were made of some kind of leather and his boots were something similar. Fernis carried himself with an almost royal air, despite what his appearance might have suggested about him. bowing his head in recognition of Rakoth and his deeds Fernis smiled, the comments about Kelly being amusing to him for some reason...*

Fernis ~ "I'm afraid Kelly is not really one to slap, if there are any marks on Ingold they will either be claw or teeth marks. *sigh* I just hope that if anything stupid WAS said to Kelly that she has managed to stay civile.
Hummm, by the sounds of your friend Ingold and my knowledge of Kelly, I would suggest that we go see what’s happened with both of them.

I’m Fernis, by the way. Good team work there indeed."


"My thanks and I understand completely, it shall not happen again Kelly D-, Kelly."

*Kelly gave Ingold a quick sideways glance, a slight smirk confirmed her victory if only to herself. Hiding behind her crossword puzzle Kelly pretended to work away on it. Like Ingold she too heard the death cry of the demon thing, and also like Ingold she pretended not to care. Truth be told though she did care, that thing had tried to kill her and almost succeeded. so it was that Kelly took a certain amount of pleasure in the creatures death wail, even if she had not had a hand in its destruction she knew Fernis had, and that was almost as good...*

Kelly ~ "now that the little random encounter is over perhaps I'll get to meet my saviour.
no offence Deltia but I doubt it was you, I kind of remember some one panicking that they didn’t know what to do in said situation..."
*Kelly gave Deltia a funny sideways look...*
"Was it you who healed me?"

*right about now Fernis appeared from somewhere behind a tree, smiling broadly at the sight of Kelly in rather good health and being civile in good company...*

Fernis ~ "you’re looking better, made some new friends or met old ones?"

Kelly ~ "bit of both and are congratz in order?"

Fernis ~ "we slew the beast if that’s what you’re asking. Hey *pointing to dead and eaten prisoner* you've eaten?"

Kelly ~ *:laughing:* "they have prisoners!"

Fernis ~ "can I have one too?"

Kelly ~ "dunno, that one was running away, you’d have to ask whoever was in charge of them I guess..."

my description there of Fernis isn’t as good as Id like, basically imagine The Rock dressed up like a Indian brave
oh yeah, you’ll notice I don’t bother with the messy stuff of torn clothing and what not during morphs…

12th July 2006, 11:45 AM
**The floating sphere of fire slowly contracted inward upon itself as the attack poured forth from it in blazing glory. Yet as the attack finished, the sphere was still not exhausted completely, but still contained a tremendous amount of fire energy, as if the attack had not actually taken any of the fire energy from the sphere. With the demonic creature now destroyed, the sphere approached the group and slowly began to morph from the perfectly curved sphere into an ellipsoid and then slowly transforming into the shape of a man. Then disappearing behind a flash of smoke, the fire was gone and replaced by the smiling image of Zadok, nodding to Darius approvingly.

"I didn't know you had learned Dual Flame. Very impressive show, Darius."

"...I would suggest that we go see what’s happened with both of them..."

**Zadok turned towards the man who had moments before been the powerful were-bear and nodded in silent agreement before dropping in behind the others with Darius at his side, commenting about something regarding advanced fire skills.

12th July 2006, 06:03 PM
Delita shook his head. It wasfar too much for him to bear.

Delita: "I'm not going to subject myself to this anymore. Ingold, after you find your humanity again, you are free to come speak with me, until then, I never want to see your face again."

Delita said, pulling out another mettalic cyllinder and scribbling a message on it, before sending it off to the men he had called for.

Delita: "Tell Rakoth that I'm sorry, but your disgusting fetishes are more than I am able tolerate."

Saying this, Delita took to the air and flew off back towords Parague. The men he had called for recived the message and also packedup and departed back to Parague.

Sorry, I'd continue, but I'm a little strapped for time.

13th July 2006, 03:15 AM
Casually reading his newspaper, Ingold pretended not to listen to what the ones around him were saying, though he couldn't help but grinning at half the things going on around in. Delita's departure being of course the thing which produced the biggest smirk, but the conversation between Kelly and Fernis produced some smiles as well. People who had read the ‘ye ole' weekly Sunday’ knew nothing written in there was THAT funny though.

"I'm not going to subject myself to this anymore. Ingold, after you find your humanity again, you are free to come speak with me, until then, I never want to see your face again."

"Tell Rakoth that I'm sorry, but your disgusting fetishes are more than I am able tolerate."

Humanity will be one's doom in hell, it is broken easily enough. Monsters however, they survive easily enough down there *snicker* ... wait, fetishes? What's so disgusting about apples?

Ingold didn't bother to send another warning to the prisoners though, with all that had happened, he was sure they were terrified enough. Delita had actually helped to achieve that pretty well. Though he finally did realise he was being a tad impolite just sitting there and ignoring everyone else. So he now quickly stowed away his scroll and stood up, dusting off his cloak a bit while approaching Fernis and Kelly.

"Unfortunately, the thought of defenceless humans being killed in one swift strike horrifies the people around here, they don't seem to have a problem with one of them being torn open and eaten alive though. So who knows, you might get lucky, I'm sure one will try to escape along the way or be made to. The name's Ingold by the way, nice to meet you ..."

The silence at the end of his line clearly meant for Fernis to fill in his own name.

14th July 2006, 08:19 AM
“Well, actually I hadn't yet, Master Zadok.”, Darius replied to the compliment his tutor had just given him.

Fact of the matter was that he knew of the existence of the spell, had it seen performed, but had not yet learned it. In the heat of the moment though, he had guessed that Zadok would be able to understand what Darius was trying to do and as such would be able to perform the Spell. Apparently Darius' talent was good enough for this move to come automatically when someone else pushed him, but he would still like to learn the true spell one day. When they got back, Fernis had just introduced himself and Darius noticed yet another dead prisoner. He didn't really mind. Though he was far from evil, this was serious business here and people died when things got serious.

“Nice to meet, Fernis. You seem like a strong ally. Care to jo..”

But Darius' smooth introduction which would surely have lead to the were bear and his female companion joining the group was interrupted by Delita leaving the group. This was somewhat of a surprise to Darius, for he had always known the Lightning Master for his diplomacy and had never expected Ingold to be able to pester him away. After the initial shock, Ingold introduced himself as well and Darius got back to earth a bit. He saw the female they had saved before sitting on the ground. She was what a man would call hot. And as Darius was of the masculine sex, he did indeed wanted to tell her she was hot. Instead, he went for the more subtle approach, reasoning that if her friend was a were bear, she might be too.

'..And you don't want to upset those..'

“Hello there, as I said I am Darius. And you might be?”

19th July 2006, 02:06 PM
Rakoth’s gaze followed Delita’s retreating figure up into the firmament where he quickly disappeared into the clouds. He banished all doubt from his mind before they could even have time to form in his mind. Delita was a powerful ally to loose, and in the struggle against his father, he would need all the strength that they could muster, his eyes refocused on the group. He interupted Darius's question without meaning to:

“Welcome to my merry band of travelers.”

Rakoth was smilling to the two newcomers, Lycan’s they had been, his smile was genuine, but his voice held a thin edge of sarcasm.

“You are free to walk with us strangers, but I want to know how you came into the woods around here, and how this creature managed to inflict so much harm to one so beautiful?”

He paused, looking over the group of prisoners.

“I am afraid they aren’t for snacking, but if one of them should try and harm us… Then again, where we are going, there will be much dinning, meat that I do not enjoy, but mayhaps you have a taste for demon flesh, and coward’s bones.”

“Let’s walk, you can tell us why you are here in the meantime. Make sure the story rings true, I am afraid some of us are quite suspicious.”

His smile faded with the last sentence, it was quite clear that Rakoth spoke of himself, a second passed before his face grew softer.

“I am sorry, I am weary, and you deserve a better greeting, but please tell your story.”

The apology rang sincere, and Rakoth turned and indicated the prisoners need march again, he hoped the newcomers would follow, and answer his queries.

20th July 2006, 08:30 AM
The name's Ingold by the way, nice to meet you ...

Hello there, as I said I am Darius. And you might be?

Kelly ~ "I'm Kelly..."
Fernis ~ "you may call me Fernis..."

*there introductions made again Kelly and Fernis dropped in step with there new friends, happy to make conversation and walk at the same time..."

Kelly ~ "we have nothing to hide, our story is fairly straight forward. we were travelling though the area when that thing, or one of those things ambushed us, tore into me, then disappeared back into the tree's. I didn’t think it was to bad and was just going to sit back and let it heal over before moving on but apparently it was deeper than I thought..."

Fernis ~ "were not as invincible as some legends would make us out to be. while silver is the most deadly thing to us blades, silver or not sill hurt us.. and claws and fangs fall somewhere between silver and blades as far as lethality is concerned. the demon didn’t get a very good shot in at Kelly and she’s usually very good at calling those kinds of things...
we were going to stay quiet and not draw attention to ourselves but once she started bleeding like a pig I knew the regen wouldn’t be enough, so I called for help..."

Kelly ~ "it was a demon? your sure?"

Fernis ~ "positive, it had the right stench and moved and fought like one. you know, if I was to venture a guess Id say where was a rift somewhere in this area..."

*it slowly seemed to dawn on Fernis, the connections coming together... Rakoth talk of demon and cowards flesh, the demon attacks..."

Fernis ~ "there IS a rift of some kind and its were your going isn’t it..."

Kelly ~ "huh... demons, I dunno, nice, but very spicy, to much and it gives me heart burn."

Fernis ~ "...gives me gas..."

Kelly ~ "sounds like fun though, count us in..."

24th July 2006, 02:35 PM
It seemed they were all ready to go again and Ingold had acquired the name of Fernis, though with the arrival of the others, it also seemed none had time to spare on him. Both Fernis and Kelly now walking off with Darius and Rakoth.

Filthy fire mages, but I guess I'm in charge of the prisoners again then, héhéhéhé, stupid Delita

Thus, Ingold set on again, casually approaching the prisoners, his eyes fixed on tight on them, as lightning could shoot from his pupils at any moment now. The prisoners, having seen enough death, hurried forwards as they saw Ingold coming, hopefully guiding them all straight to their village. Ingold merely followed them, it shouldn't be too far now.

31st July 2006, 08:15 PM
Consider Darius present but non-active for three weeks. Not that we're moving that fast.

As their prisoners started walking again, Darius simply followed their lead. Surely they would not try anything stupid, after all they'd seen the past few moments. Fernis and Kelly sounded alright as they told their story. Believable and not a big enough threat would they turn hostile. Darius was pretty confident of the abilities this group had. Perhaps those abilities would prove inapt at surviving hell, but only time would tell. First, they would have to get to this village.