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7th June 2018, 04:35 AM
Hello Everybody,

its been going for few days now, Solace know why this is happening and they have their surrender terms

This is Law and Justice against terrorism.

Estimated sabs so far from solace: 130,000,000,000 Gold.

many accounts sold, many accounts deleted.

anyone who felt the pain from those playing smart in solace is free to join.

7th June 2018, 06:13 AM
Is TheFay an alliance or a chain??

if every rogue posted on GUA it would be Chaos

7th June 2018, 06:17 AM
Are their officers being sabbed or threatened?

7th June 2018, 07:19 AM
Afaik solace has had 4 people go rogue... of them 3 have sabbed solace as well... while I know that many rogues from an alliance is a bit much... we have been fighting rogues all age as well.
It was still March when we were first rogued... and the nature of the changes in the game makes rogues over powered... since then we have been dealing with rogues pretty much nonstop... many of which were from sr... he brands us "terrorists" when the bulk of us just want to be left alone... over powering rogues makes the game impossible to play as anything else though apparently. It also makes alliances stupid imo... when one person can get pissed off and do that kind of damage and be barely touched why would anyone want to be in one? For trickle? With the changes to clicking trickle is nearly worthless. For scripts? There are open scripts. For friends? The thing this game imo should be about... mih... when people put time in just to have there work ruined cuz some person decides to rogue someone you may have never even talked to and anybody loosely related to them?... people get tired of rogues I get it. We are just as tired of them as you. The fact of the matter is the game has made them overpowered and as such when people get fed up with them they do so themselves... case and point this stupid thing.

Law and justice against terrorism? Doubtful. More like terrorism in your own right. Even now I have 700+b spy and I'm not rouging on anyone despite the fact that I ruined my account just to be able to sab you a bit. We are not terrorists...

Cheers I guess.

7th June 2018, 07:52 AM
Closed.... 1 person against an alliance isnít a war....

If we allow player that chained an alliance calling it a war we would have to allow everyone to do so and this is a war thread not a a one man army against an alliance....