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3rd March 2018, 01:21 PM
Just an FYI, I currently am not running a script and have a buddy list. When I click the folks on the friends list, it continues to loop their names to the clicker, which, when clicked on the second time, prompts the timer for "You can't click this link again until..."

3rd March 2018, 01:29 PM
I clicked about 30 links now I keep getting
You've already clicked this link ONCE today. You may click again in
21 hours, 40 minutes and 14 seconds

Then about every ten of those I might get a link I haven't clicked and I have everyone checked.

3rd March 2018, 01:56 PM
I think it might be worked on right now (?). I am getting an error like 'you can't click this link for another 1 seconds' often which seems weird.

edit: Now it's working again, but when seeing clicks already clicked the game says 'There is no one left to click.' Yet when I go back, there are clickable links.

3rd March 2018, 02:53 PM
I'm now getting this Error
There is no one left to click. Try another link on the left?
Your recruiting preferences:

Only Me

and I have anyone marked....but I've only been able to click 124 links and there are over 400 players out there right now.

Also I have noticed there is no trickle is this on purpose or is it a mistake that will be corrected?

Ok got the click letter back but I still don't get to click the full list I do a couple of clicks and then it tells me I've clicked the whole list when I haven't.

3rd March 2018, 11:46 PM
I cant type the letters in recruiter or it says i entered the wrong letter. I am forced to click the letters one by one which is god awfully slow. how come you cant just build a decent recruiter right into the game that one is so slow anyway

4th March 2018, 12:02 AM
Ok this is really pathetic. The only way to get links to load after the first couple is to go page by page adding the accounts 25 at a time to your friends list, then click that batch delete them from the friends list then go and add the next 25 accounts. It is very slow and tedious just to click. Please tell me this is a bug that will get fixed!

4th March 2018, 01:13 AM
I can click about 5 links, after that it says there aren't any more links to click. 5 min later I can click 5 links again.
Clicked about 700 now.
Some people have 1000+tff and 500+morale without officers. :wtf:

Let's just say clicking isn't at its best yet :icon9:

4th March 2018, 01:33 AM
Clicking is now 10 x Slower and 10 x More Tedious than before.

If Keyboard clicking is going to be disabled at least make it so all the links load up to be able to click, without having to add 25 people as a friend at a time.

4th March 2018, 01:55 AM
The problem is being looked into....

4th March 2018, 09:30 AM
Still not fixed as I have only done ClickTotal: 737 times (17%) # 2
since the game started and there are 700 players times 3 I get 2100 clicks to do but I have gotten this again:
There is no one left to click. Try another link on the left?
Your recruiting preferences:

Only Me

4th March 2018, 09:49 AM
What recruiter issues?

Army Morale: 1,169

Took me 15 minutes or something to click them all. Took me 45 minutes to enter captcha after misclicks. the horror!