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4th September 2017, 12:56 PM

I'm going to ask a question on how many times a person can switch accounts....I would like to know how certain slayers are able to switch accounts multiple times, you can call me picky or you can tell me I'm wrong here, but there are certain slayers that take over accounts frequently when they get to a certain size, then get sell offs to increase their SA to farm like crazy. They don't seem to sleep and I think they are breaking a rule....

3. Passing an account to somebody else is allowed ONLY ONCE with prior approval -- contact an administrator or moderator for approval.
Passing an account AGAIN is not allowed under ANY circumstance!
Asking for approval AFTER taking an account IS NOT ALLOWED!
Selling off to an account you are about to take over IS NOT ALLOWED!
Selling off to an account you previously owned IS NOT ALLOWED!

Maybe the trick is to get a different account each time, or maybe its that an account that was taken over was deleted and they just took over a new account that was run by the same person (i guess it is different after all)...... didn't say same person, just same account.

Please don't close this thread on me, I just want to clarify this rule. I've got another question after the reply.

Feril (not lord...lmao been a while since I've been here by the name ahahhaah)

4th September 2017, 01:37 PM
You missed the following:

We allow approved account exchanges because we know sometimes a LOT of effort has been expended, and sometimes circumstances lead to an individual no longer being able to play an account. However, due to the possibility of abuse, this is allowed only once per account per age. Furthermore, selling off to an account you're about to take over is also not allowed because this is an unfair advantage to basically combine two accounts into one (see rule 2).

When accounts are switched, an exchange is made. So if A and B swap accounts, A and B can't then swap accounts with anyone else.

4th September 2017, 01:38 PM
ahhh RL issues every age...yeah

4th September 2017, 05:02 PM
You are wrong