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23rd August 2017, 08:46 PM
Hi all!

First of all, i played on Ages 3-5 and, about two weeks ago, i create an account to play for awhile, for the old times.

I was playing today and made an attack. The player who was attacked send me a mail:


On the early ages, i never send that kind of mail on anyone who attack me... and i don't feel like that was a correct way to talk to anyone. My native language isn't English, and maybe i'm overreacting, but... it is correct to talk to anyone like that only for being attacked?

(the history continues [he sabotages me, i attack him and recover gold, and now he threat me to sabotage me all days and if i retaliate he will sabotage me with his clan.... LOL] but that is another tale...)


23rd August 2017, 10:43 PM
You are lucky to have only received that.... Some players are more threatening and some send offensive mails....

Although what you were sent was pretty lame you have the choice of setting the user to ignore then you will not have to receive another mail from them....

They sabb you and you can gain from attacking them do so.... if they get their alliance into it which is what these n00bs do your best bet is to find an alliance or someone willing to help you....

Otherwise dont attack them which is what they want....

Really this is not a topic that needs to stay open.... if you want to talk further or find like minded people like you click the forum link at the top of the KoC page and you can vent your frustrations to people in the channel ;)....