View Full Version : Banhammer and other inactivities - Age 22

10th June 2017, 02:01 PM
As the title states....

Post 'not actives' here and mods will post vac mode/suspended/banned....

You cannot post anything else but Name and not active....

20th June 2017, 01:22 PM
Nouti (not active) other

23rd June 2017, 03:26 PM
KingConrad_LacN (Not Active) banned
Eric_LaCN (Not Active) banned
vampire_rfc (not active) other

17th July 2017, 02:36 PM
TheUnitedEmpire (not active) other
Orca-SR (not active) banned
SpiderGal (not active) banned
MadRedShield-SR (not active) banned
craigo (not active) other
Teacup (not active) active
Trecifer (not active) active
RuTz30 (not active) banned
Hjelmeyeti (not active) banned
Bloody-Ace (not active) banned
gsnaits (not active) other
lunallena88 (not active) banned
Rambo_KILLER (not active) banned
Trishya-SR (not active) other
kissmyaxe (not active) active
RyanSpikes (not active) banned
TAS-BoomSlang (not active) banned

2nd September 2017, 07:55 AM
Lera_Epar (not active) Deleted
Erdune (not active) Deleted
Reluctant_One (not active) Deleted
Stormy023 (not active) Active
Ragequits-SR (not active) Deleted
LordofShadows (not active) Deleted
Leax (not active) Active
Avenger (not active) Deleted
Neophyte_LoP (not active) Active
Jokers-shadow (not active) Banned
EpikGamer (not active) Active
MichielDeRuyter (not active) Banned
KantDestroyer (not active) Banned
Will (not active) Banned
IamTheOneWhoKnocks (not active) Banned
Damaged_Goodz (not active) Banned
Jdub (not active) Banned
Viralst0rm (not active) Banned
Insanity_b0nes (not active) Banned
DES_UmbrusRO (not active) Deleted
allwentblack (not active) Inactive
Metalbreath (not active) Inactive
Shade- (not active) Inactive
Th_one (not active) Active
ThisHeresDougie (not active) Deleted
Rekxar (not active) Deleted
Trishya-SR (not active) Active
TaneMahuta (not active) Deleted
anteraz (not active) Inactive
Brianimal (not active) Banned
HowieRox (not active) Banned
ImMeToo (not active) Deleted
JDeep (not active) Banned
Angery (not active) Banned
Deus_Vult (not active) Banned
JackRackham (not active) Banned
LongJohnSilver (notactive) Banned
bacon-tuna-fdk (not active) Banned
Sang (not active) Active
Ogotai- (not active) Banned
Caraguez (not active) Active
genie (not active) Inactive
sneemo (not active) Deleted
NashandrAaA (not active) Active
GalaxySt0rm (not active) Vac mode
shadowken (not active) Banned
wildcat (not active) Vac mode
Zak_W (not active) Vac mode
FloydMayweather (not active) Banned

15th December 2017, 07:28 AM
theArchitect (not active) other
DTR79 (not active) active
Mcow3333 (not active) other
HammerAndSickle (not active) banned
Thoumzy (not active) banned
trunkmonkey01 (not active) active
NashandrAaA (not active) other
Vegere (not active) active
Rightnut (not active) banned
Legacy-RL (not active) active
RL-Willass_Maximus (not active) active
jedi_nayr (not active) other
nangness (not active) other
Baston (not active) other
mister_poker (not active) active
JadeFalcon (not active) other
DeaTHR3QueST (not active) other
Zephor (not active) other
Funeralman (not active) other
Sigfiend (not active) other
Kujo_Eyes (not active) other
fred821 (not active) other
arlen_tektolnes (not active) other
Scagz91 (not active) other
dedoodpietje (not active) other
coffee (not active) active
Chez (not active) other
gothic (not active) banned
illkeyone (not active) active
Sheepz-SR (not active) active
Behamoth2012 (not active) other

19th December 2017, 09:14 AM
AvadaKedavra_LaCN (not active)