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16th May 2017, 06:19 PM
What if we had a secondary forum that required certain level/permissions to see? Basically something separate for council/leadership/non-peons.

16th May 2017, 09:54 PM
This would be helpful for sure, that way people can communicate issues without spamming/alerting everyone in the alliance while removing the hassle of adding people to a private conversation. Also gives more weight to your rank in the alliance - which is something some alliances do in forums not in game already...but why not have it here, too?

17th May 2017, 01:19 PM
This is a great idea. UW used to have their own forums with different permissions for different sections. It was a great way to communicate without feeling like you're spamming like sonata pointed out.

We also used to have spam games that would last for thousands of pages. This was around the time the game was still huge, so I'm not sure how those would flow now. I still think it's a good idea worth looking into. Might bring some players back to the forums, bring some life back to the forums. :starwars:

18th May 2017, 07:28 AM
If you could come up with exactly what you need or how it would work it would be easier to push it towards andy and shiggity....

Hash it out and when you come up with what you need any one of you can point andy or shiggity here to check it....

Glad to see this section is getting used ;)

18th May 2017, 09:32 PM
It's not often an idea from Canada has such a positive reaction so I'm pleased.

Basically my idea is to have https://ruinsofchaos.com/alliancemail.php duplicated so on the left side you have an option to view personal mails, alliance mail, and "leadership mail" (or whatever whoever decides to call it), with that form requiring special permissions to view (basically a 17th option on the alliance levels page); that way alliance owners can select which groups they would like to give access to for this second forum (trusted members, leadership, bfmods, meme experts, etc).

Right now when we have an idea that we want to talk about but only with certain individuals (like how bad someones meme is without hurting their feelings); we have to create a mail which is absolutely fine for the job, but that mail can be hard to reach if you're looking back for it after a while.

I'd hope it wouldn't be too much work, doesn't seem like it but what do I know beyond hockey. Appreciate the feedback!

25th May 2017, 07:53 PM
I was thinking add an option when creating alliance bulletins to post it to "all members" like it is currently, or you can check a box to automatically create a private message that appears in the "Alliance" section of your mail instead of the "mail" section, and all names that fit into the categories checked are automatically added as recipients of the message created. All alliance members not added will not be notified of the alliance bulletin, nor will they see communication in that bulletin.

Example: I'm not sure how many alliance "titles" there are that the alliance leaders can use, but we will say there are four. All new members start as "rookies", the next tier is "novice", the next tier is "knights", and the top tier is for "leader/owner". If an alliance leader is wanting to start a war, or discuss starting a war with only the "knights" tier in the alliance, he/she can click on alliance, and click the "New Thread" button on the top right of the page (this is how it is normally).

This link brings you here:

The only options on this page are "thread subject", "pin to top", the actual post text, and the button to post it.
Underneath the "pin to top button" add a section that says "Bulletin visible to:" and add 4 check boxes: "Leader/owner" (should always be checked, maybe keep it grayed out so they know the leaders will always see what is being posted)...then add a check box for "knights", a box for "novice" and a box for "rookies". The leader can UNcheck the "rookie" and "novice" box. Now all the names who are listed under "leader/owner" and "knight" will be added into a new message similarly to how you can manually send a message to any player in the game: Thisname; thatname; hisname; hername; yougettheideaname

But the other section of the alliance that was not checked will not be added to this list. Therefore only alliance members who are "promoted" through the ranks can see these more "secret" messages. Bulletins can be posted without fear of having "spy" noob accounts seeing what it said, and it can be done at the simple click of a couple buttons. These messages will appear in the "Alliance" section of their messages, NOT under mail.

A little lengthier than I wanted it to be, but hopefully I was detailed enough to not have any questions about it. Do the rest of you kind of agree that this is what you also had in mind?