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4th April 2017, 08:10 PM
When my friends and I first started playing KoC during Age 3 Beta, we were kids, so naturally, we named our Alliance the "Pantless Legions". Silly names aside, we took the game seriously, and, throughout the years, we aligned ourselves with a number of clans including Striker Clan, LaCN, SR, and Phoenix Rising, all the while being fairly active not only in-game but on the forums as well. The point being, the admins were well aware of the existence of our clan, and of its name.

We've only just gotten back into KoC a few weeks ago, and naturally we decided to revive our old Alliance for nostalgia's sake. However, about a week in, our Alliance was deleted with no indication as to why. In all honesty, we never considered even for a moment that it was because the name of our alliance was offensive, so we recreated it under the same name a couple of hours later -- we concluded that it must have been a mistake. It wa. S shortly thereafter that one of the admins addressed the issue with a terse and, in my opinion, rather threatening message telling me that the alliance name was in fact deemed inappropriate, and that I was to not create it again.

Despite the impersonal and unwelcoming nature of the message, I complied with the command, and I replied to the message, respectfully explaining the origins of our alliance, that we meant no insolence, and apologized for offending them. Regrettably, I received no reply, and have to date seen no guidelines governing the naming of alliances, or what is considered inappropriate in that arena.

Following this distasteful encounter, we shrugged it off and made a new alliance with a new name. Figuring to take the task of naming our new alliance to the opposite end of the spectrum as before, and so as to avoid any more conflict, I titled it the "Modestly Clad Alliance". Yes, this certainly was meant jokingly, as a commentary expressing our communal displeasure and confusion regarding the whole debacle; but we certainly meant no menace or impertinence toward anybody; and we certainly did not imagine that the new name could possible offend anybody.

Apparently though, it did. It's been at least two weeks since we created the Modestly Clad Alliance, with no word from any admin regarding its appropriateness, one way or another. Today, the alliance was deleted without warning, and, just as before, I have received no explanation for the deletion, and no guidelines to help avoid such clashes in the future.

I was originally intending on PM'ing one of the admins, but I am uncertain as to which one to contact, and this rant ended up dragging on a bit longer than I thought it would -- too long to send in a PM at any rate. So I'll post it here and hopefully catch someone's attention and hopefully get some information, and to avoid future problems.

Also, if anyone else has had a similar experience, please share.


5th April 2017, 01:46 AM
Alliances can be created but due to previous abuse, we allow only country specific and legitimate alliances and remove alliances that we deem idiotic/ridiculous in nature....

You might think we are being hard on you but what you fail to realize is that you are not the only one that has an alliance removed for this reason....

You sent a return response to the admin message you received yet failed to ask what was allowed and what wasn't and since you did not ask you did not get a further response.... if you wanted further info you just had to ask :)....

As to the first alliance you created it had some sexual innuendo attached to the name which is why it was removed and you were sent the warning.... and then you created a 2nd alliance along the same lines so that was removed....

Hope this eases your mind....