View Full Version : Entire Office Banned :( Same IP?

8th December 2016, 02:55 PM

About a week ago I came across KoC (I used to play it YEARS ago) and decided to start playing again.

I work at a Software as a Service company, and invited my fellow colleagues to join in. There was three of us here in the office playing, and just yesterday two more people decided to join after watching us play, but had yet to get started as they were waiting for the confirmation email.

This morning when we came into the office, all of us were banned.

I'm assuming this is because we are sharing the same IP? It says that I had multiple accounts, which I did not. All three of us had logged in from our own personal IP addresses at home after hours as well, proving we're all separate accounts. I even had an old friend sign up under our alliance who does not work here and lives in another province (Canada, Eh!).

How can we get unbanned and continue to play, or if that's not the case, does anyone have a recommendation for a similar text based game we could try?

Thank you.