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28th September 2015, 12:53 PM
Hey lovely GUA people,

In response to Sir Bloodpirate and Sir GiantDave:

so, as i understand it .. TUE wants to continue??


some clarification would be appreciated

Yes there is no rush for this of course.

But when the vote is finished if you guys want to carry it on then you can't be in ROFL chain and you can't use their script. At least that is what I think.

Also if you do want to just get on with the age but someone like Kaoz wants to carry on, if he is out of chain and doesn't wear the TUE tag then he doesn't represent TUE, at least in my eyes

and to answer your question about RL, RL members never posted on GUA saying they will war forever but quite a few TUE members did so for now we assume you guys want to carry on. Now if someone from RL doesn't come on here and post within a day or so then we will have another issue, but we gave them some time to get things together. (as far as I know!)

Here are the poll results:

Surrender / Fight
Surrender to FOD. 0 (0%)
Finish what FOD started (Fight!) 6 (100%)
Total Votes: 6

I'm afraid the age won't last long enough to break our last age's record of 11 months of war between us, but 3 months and counting is a start :D

@LoP and the rest of RoFL, it was an honour to be inchain with you guys, thanks for the fun times together and good luck on recovering, you guys fought well!

@FoD, as usual you guys fight well, so good luck and have fun to both sides :D

Oh and don't mind our chain structure yet, we left LoP/RoFL chain and we're trying to regroup :P

Lots of love from the humble slaying alliance called TUE :-)